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  1. Hello, i got one question here, cause i saw David first time some months ago again in a video on a website of a german Anthroposopholigist, where he talked about MK Ultra and Corona. I was since i can think a fan of The Beatles and especially John Lennon, for me he was the best songwriter i have heard about in this life. So i was really sad like maybe the whole world about his death on 9.12.1980, i was 10 and i was always fascinated of Johns Voice also. And i thought about that maybe Mark Chapman was also a victim of this CIA Program, cause
  2. Hello,

    i am Lothar from Germany and i heard some month ago first time of David, i heard about some things 20 years ago but maybe i was too young, i think i can handle all those informations now much better.


    I like Music, i did some semi-professional Psychedelic Dance-Music, and always like to play guitar, and making new Tracks or Songs.


    I thank David again very much for his work, it´s really the right time for me cause i also went deep into the Anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner, and others.


    Greetings from Munich/Germany


    1. Fluke


      Welcome mate from UK. 

    2. TFH


      Welcome to the forum, Lothar! 💚

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