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  1. They must vaxx everyone before they release the virus that in conjunction with covid vaxx will kill you. The desperation is there because you cant have 40-50% unvaxxed as then when the mass deaths occur only in the vaxxed you have a correlation. With everyone vaxxed you have no basis to correlate vaxx with death and then they can wheel out the mutated strain bullshit. End of the day we can speculate the fact is we will find out what the end game is soon enough.
  2. I am of the opinion that the vaxx will cause ADE when said vaxxed person comes into contact with “wild” virus. This is the second pandemic Billy Gates refers too. The jab will prime your own immune system to kill you and when the masses start dropping like flies in their millions it will just be blamed on a “variant” and another round of lockdown and vaxx programs will ensue ad infinitum until the elites reach their goal of a population of number easy to control.
  3. I will bow out of this conversation with an apology to my awake friends. Yes I have lost hope. The conversations with utter moronic sheep have utterly defeated me. I can’t see the light. But of course I might be wrong and ffs i hope I’m wrong. When TPTB are being so brazen as they are now and still the masses sleep it just staggers me. I had another bad day today. Every day dealing with fucking morons is a bad day. Sorry friends. Perhaps a few days away from the sheep/news is needed.
  4. The great many believe the vaxx is going to save them from the rona or give them their freedom back.
  5. And hence why a great many will take the vaxx. Why? For pointing out where we are? I will fight. Maybe you will too. Unfortunately the vast, vast majority will capitulate. The war was lost when we gave away our rights without a whimper. Where is the riots? They are blatantly messing with the goalposts and goading uk plc with threats to vaxx their kids and yet no fucking push back??? Sorry if I’m being too realistic for you but the war was lost.
  6. Neither does completely tanking the global economy over a virus with a 99%+ survival rate. But it’s being done. Money as we know it will be devalued to the point of worthlessness soon anyway. You only need to accept that this is bigger than asda profits. We are dealing with a paradigm shift in society of epic proportions imho. Common sense is out the window.
  7. Why not? If your aim is depopulation then you will want to do it relatively quickly and with as little resistance as possible. If the vaxx is death juice then its probable that all those who take it will be dead in a few years time.
  8. You won’t have that option once vaxx passes are rolled out. Doors will only open upon presentation of your QR code proving your vaxx status. Without it you won’t get into the store.
  9. The desperation we see by elites is being miss construed here i feel. I think the desperation is just that we are in the home stretch now. Everything the elites have dreamed of is within their grasp and they are sprinting to the finish line. This vaxx is the end game IMHO that is why there is such desperation. If enough of us take it then it is very much game over for the masses.
  10. My prediction - 60-70% vaxx uptake without coercion. This will be deemed not good enough and lockdown extended. Vaxx passes rolled out to incentivise uptake. Employers and businesses eventually demanding proof of vaxx. By year end 2021 95%+ will be vaxxed. Vaxx passports will be hailed a success and expanded to digital id etc. Unvaxxed isolated until they agree to vaxx. Then the elites sit back while the death juice works it's magic and by 2030 uk pop will be reduced by 95%. Yes there will be mass unrest as this happens but it won't matter as once your jabbed death is assured. GAME OVER.
  11. Sorry but no. We already have "safety marshalls" turning non maskers away from supermarkets. It is not a big step to turning away non vaxxed. Those non vaxxed will be the minority and business won't give a monkeys. The vaxx passports ARE coming and if you aint vaxxed you ain't accessing any modern day essentials.
  12. I'm with you 100%. My anger has turned to smugness every time the morons suffer another setback and are all surprised! I do take solace in the fact these morons are in for a very, very rude awakening.
  13. There is an air of desperation i agree centred on vaxx uptake. Why so desperate for max vaxx uptake? Get everyone jabbed before the mass deaths start? If the vaxx is genocide/death juice then I think the plan will succeed. I reckon they can easily achieve 90% uptake. If it kills off all those people over the next 5 years or so then they have nothing to fear once the jabs are in people then its just a waiting game.
  14. I wish i shared your optimism but from my own workplace experience a large minority of employee's are demanding company to enforce vaxx and when that is the case it will make it easier for employers to justify. Besides no employer will "force" you. You will have a "choice"... take the vaxx or get another job... best case for you, you win an unfair dismissal case after 12 months of fighting and get 1 year salary compo. But you will still be unemployed.
  15. As soon as employers/shops demant vaccine then it's game over. I would say at that point 99% of those against the vaxx will take it. There is no fight in UK plc as evidenced so far during this scamdemic. I believe only a tiny amount will resist to the end and the numbers will be so small as to be easily managed by the police/gov.
  16. I think it will become mandatory by the back door via employers and I believe uptake will be north of 90%. Those who refuse will be unable to access food etc and will either succum to pressure and be vaxxed or end up interned/imprisoned in an isolation camp until they relent or die.
  17. This is exactly the reaction I get from even fellow sceptical colleagues. People are beaten and fed up. The brainwashing and fear porn has gave the entire nation PTSD and most I think would do anything whether harmful or not just for this to end. Which of course it won't. I have lost all hope of a happy outcome to this. I'm prepparing for unemployment, life on the fringes of society until my inevitable imprisonment/jab/death. It's OVER WE LOST! The masses will not awaken until they are gasping for their final dying breaths.
  18. This will be the excuse for the immune disease and deaths caused by the "vaccines" then? I mean turning your own cells into viral protein factories surely was never going to be a good idea?
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56097088 What a pandemic we have folks... There's a deadly virus running rampant that has neccesitated the complete removal of your human rights and freedoms. One which requires the vaxxination of the entire UK population in order for normal life to resume. A virus soooooo deadly they have managed to find brave souls willing to be injected with it for a meare £4000 over the space of a year... LOL!!! Honestly couldn't make it up!!
  20. I was thinking more along the lines their little table at the bottom showing covid vaccine development timeline... if it was telling the truth all those bars would be squashed into Y0-Y1 not Y0-Y3. Obv done so it doesn't look so suspicious to the sheeple.
  21. This is slide 1... Anyone see the glaring inconsistancy/lie in the company peddled propoganda?
  22. It's the same minset that forces those at little risk of covid to be under house arrest. Their mentality is obviously "If I have to have one then so should you". Divide and conquer. Have the sheeple police themselves. It has worked a treat! We are now a nation of brainwashed/braindead bed wetters. The Elites have won, the final moves are being made, checkmate is around the corner. I have lost all faith of a happy end to this Orwellian tale.
  23. Agreed 100%. I have tried to be a voice of reason when the topic moves to covid but all you get is "I want a holiday" "if you don't get a jab you should be locked down" "why should you be allowed to risk my health by not getting a vaccine". Even young colleagues in their 20s are saying they want a jab and I just stand there speechless at why. When i question why it's the same "CaUsE I WaNnA gO on HoLiDaY InIt" utter morons!!! The dumbing down of the human race over the last few decades has been a blistering success. We are in the endgame and I think we have lost we are not the 99% we are the FEW.
  24. Work in manufacturing. Just received an email from HR explaining how they have a duty to employees blah blah blah "encouraging" all staff to get the jab and offering time off to go and get a jab when called for one. This was sent along with a slidepack of covid jab myths/facts (propoganda basically) and so it begins! Whats worse is that majority of colleagues are actively demanding company provide jabs and support the no jab no job rhetoric. Bad times. Guess i'm going to be unemployed/homeless soon.
  25. Would be better filling it out as Was - Asleep, Now - Awake! it would be more fitting
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