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  1. 2 hours ago, zArk said:

    yup. people turning up to protests without gas masks and  body armour are losers

    taking children is just stupid

    when seeing the horses coming.... gtf out the way quick.


    at all these protests at some point it becomes war. anything goes under the guise of 'self preservation'. 




    Stupid perhaps but could be just what is needed. Showing cops beating up protesters armed with gas masks and body armour would be a wet dream for TPTB it would in one fell swoop legitimize their actions in using force in the sheeples minds. However show even sheeple pics and vids of grannies and kids and normal helpless schmucks like them being beat up and you would think it might red pill a few. Hence why journos are not allowed in as the police round up the truckers and why there is little to no footage in the mainstream press.

  2. 16 minutes ago, ar55 said:

    I don’t see Van-Tam’s resignation and Boris’ situation cause for celebration.


    All it seems to be doing is making lockdowns trendy again amongst the woke mob.


    Seems like the foundations are being laid for an imminent next stage.


    Yes these are my thoughts also. At the end of the day the covid "emergency" was never supposed to be permanent IMHO. You cannot maintain the lie that long. I'm of the opinion that the covid scam has achieved it's goals (vaxx passes/totalitarian laws/safetyism) and so now the dialing back begins while still maintaining the "live with covid" line requiring ongoing restrictions.


    Van Tam resignation I couldn't care less about I don't think it says or means anything. The Bojo saga however i see as a convenient distraction for the masses to direct their anger at while the Plan B regs get qietly extended/expanded.


    In summary the end goal always was digital ID/vaxx passes and that has been achieved. TPTB have advanced the agenda massively and probably beyond their hopes/plans if 2030 is the big year we are probably well ahead of schedule.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    know what pisses me off.

    when a diet truther who says the media is nothing but lies

    then uses the same media as point of fucking reference.




    Ok so victory for truth it is then? While the VAST majority of Joe public comply with all the moronic mandates and rules you want to declare the narrative is failing? LOL When the VAST majority still believe jabs are the way out of this and are happy with vaxx passes you want to declare the narrative is failing? Jez I wish I had set such a low bar for victory. 


    Shut the forum down its over Van Tam is stepping down in 2 months Covid is over just remember and keep your vaccine cert up to date just in case it comes back!


    BTW I hope you are right but sorry just can't see it. I'm being realistic theres is a long way to go before this narrative fails.


  4. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    going to plan my arse


    The plan was digital ID. We have digital ID. It is being quietly expanded. MSM full of circuses in time for the renewal of plan B regs. IMHO it is going to plan. As a previous poster alluded TPTB realise that opposition was building this narrative in MSM is allowing a controlled release of anger directed at scapegoats whilst the plan rumbles forward.


    The narrative ain't collapsed until we have ZERO restriction and arrests IMHO or at the very least visible and massive public dissent/disorder.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    whitty and vallance next and the black pillers will still be "its all part of the plan"


    So if the narrative is collapsing where are the riots? Why is Sturgeon doubling down on vaxx passes? Why are vaxx passes not scrapped? Why is the demonisation of the unvaxxed still all over MSM?

  6. 2 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    Hmmm, but is this just lulling us into a false sense of security? Making it look like they're shitting it when it's all part of their plan? Just playing devil's advocate Bam, I hope you're right though. 👍


    I'm in agreement. It's all going to plan. While the sceptics get exited over this bull the vaxx passes remain as does the demonisation of the unvaxxed. The fact is the majority have now accepted the digital ID and with the dialing back of the covid narrative in MSM perhaps they feel confident now in the numbers that they can now push on to the next stage of the plan. The refuseniks are too few. 90% of those I know are fully supportive or at least apathetic regards to vaxx passes and mandates. Now begins the rounding up and elimination of the dissenters IMHO starting with medical apartheid.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    van tam pon quitting.

    the cards are starting to fall


    He has served his purpose. The cards are most defo not falling. We cannot be complacent if MSM putting this narrative out then it is for a purpose. Fact is covid narrative has achieved it's goals IMHO the vaxx passes are here and from here on in will be slowly expanded to cover all areas of life. I will believe the cards are falling when the moronic sheeple rise up and these traitors are in handcuffs.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    so you need two jabs and a booster to access large events.....so just don't go to large events! Boycott them


    if everyone did this then the whole thing would fold.



    That is fine and I will however underneath the headlines was the thinly veiled threat of passports being extended to more settings.... pubs, restauraunts and shops. Completely unjustifiable and yet the sheeple refuse to see.


    England will go the same way. While everyone is distracted by parties and calls for bojo to go the plan B restrictions due to expire will be renewed and most likely extended without anyone taking notice.



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  9. After Sturgeon's announcement yesterday I'm not sure the tide is turning. The UK Gov's are going to double down on the vaxx passes. Up here in Scotland Sturgeon will extend them by diktat as she knows the Scots are too meek to fight back. Wales has fallen along with NI and Scotland already. England will fall that is why we see the No 10 party outrage and boris bashing all over the media. It is a distraction. Diverting the English sheeples rage away from the main issues of Plan B/Restrictions. Come 26th Jan when Plan B restrictions are to expire the MSM will be chock a block full of parties/boris bashing and other scandals as the Plan B restrictions are quietly renewed and possibly extended.


    The fact is the passports are now here and here to stay and will gradually be extended. The Rona narrative IMHO seems to have served it's purpose. That being said the current APPEARANCE of a shift in narrative in MSM could well be setting us up for another false flag. As a tool to further discredit and demonise the filth that is anti-vaxxers.


    Anecdotally I'm known at work for my outspoken views regarding the rona and have had sheeple there ask me questions recently. However I've come to accept that they may be asking but in reality they really do not want to know unfortunately. At the end of numerous exhausting conversations the general take away from the sheeples point of view was "why won't you just take the jab and we can then get back to normal" or "I'm not fussed about vaaxx passes as Gov can track your phone anyway I have nothing to hide" LOL


    Truth is IMHO any awakening from the majority of sheeple will be short lived. As soon as they cannot go to work or go out etc they will buckle and accept whatever is required of them.

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  10. On 12/30/2021 at 8:29 PM, Seeker said:

    I feel some of the jabbed subconsciously know there’s a chance that something is dodgy and very wrong with the jabs, and they want everyone to be in the ship sinking with them, so they don’t feel like the only fool on the ship


    This is exactly the impression I get from those who are jabbed that are vocally against us unclean anti-vaxxers.

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  11. 35 minutes ago, 78ast78dgyad said:


    You are a non physical being


    You chose to enter a human body to experience a brief life on Earth, because you wanted the challenge


    What better time to experience life than now?


    We are here for the experience, not to change it.


    So what is the challenge if not to change things or make a difference?


    Wtaf is the point if we are just here for the ride like some sick movie? Nah i'm not buying it. Yes there is more to life than we know but i'm not writing my life off based on nothing but belief fuck that!

  12. 55 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    It won't happen and you know it won't. Pipe dreams never changed a thing. 


    I apologize for mentioning balls. My advice is to stop wasting your time and that of 'our brave boys in blue'. Nothing is going to change, just get used to it and comply with your rulers. "We are the Borg. You have been assimilated." 


    All this talk is a load of bullshit. We are all FUCKED. You did it your way and it had fuck all effect, why not admit it, sit back and enjoy your slavery for as long as they allow you to live.


    If you have brains, you KNOW that the restrictions are going to get tighter and tighter. The new generation already born will grow up as uneducated laborers whose sole purpose is to obey and comply. This will probably be the last generation of White people because the vast majority will be sterile.


    In not very many years (failing WW3), anyone not complying will be summarily executed. As the race die off, pat yourselves on the back for helping your rulers to save you from the deadliest pandemic ever known to mankind.


    If you are lucky enough to see your children queueing with their Ration Card for their weekly food allowance, be happy your rulers allowed you to live this long 




    We are FUCKED! Go out fighting or get under your bed hoping vibrations or jesus or positive vibes will save you while you are carted off for extermination. But ultimately go out you will. As far as I am concerned the battle is not over but the War is lost. You will submit or you will die.

  13. 2 minutes ago, CarpeDiem said:

    The BBC, Sky etc are acknowledging the Moronic variant is mild. What is going on? Are they backing down because they can see the numbers of people questioning/ seeing through this latest ‘variant’ bs? Or is leading up to something?


    Que the triple jabbed dying/getting ill in droves as they are in the 2 week dip in immunity following euthanising and the sheep shout for more and harder restrictions. Psyops. Tell the sheep it's mild. Sheep see death and the fear factor is multiplied a hundred fold.

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  14. 6 minutes ago, Mr H said:


    Yeah and there are plenty of ways to skin a cat. Not for one minute suggesting to go out and do this, but just as one example. Just look at our supply chain - it's totally wrecked. You get the unvaxxed folks who have to make deliveries to suddenly not make deliveries, you get the unvaxxed who work in the meat and the veg factory and farms to suddenly, whoopsie not do that anymore, oh look and the unvaxxed postmen just went on strike too.........


    Or as I suggested earlier, there are 5 million of us! Imagine if ALL of us turned up in a mass silent week long protest - would be quite hard for the media and politicians to ignore


    Really not difficult to bring the country to it's absolute knees in it's current fragile state or get the required attention to further action without any violence......


    And all that would happen is that the media would use said disruption/chaos to completely turn the jabbed against the unjabbed! It really is a terrible idea and I'm sure TPTB would absolutely love the unjabbed to do just what your suggesting! It would in one fell swoop destroy the unvaxxed cause.


    We must remember that the VAST MAJORITY have been jabbed and do not agree with our point of view. They already see us as the enemy. We must show them who the real enemy is. We won't achieve that in the way you suggest.

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  15. IMO protest regardless of size will change nada. We have seen huge protests all over the world already. What difference has it made? Don't get me wrong I support protests and think we should have much more but I just don't think it is the solution IMHO. No tyranny has ever been overthrown by peaceful protest that I can think of. There is as far as i see 2 options... Violence or mass disobedience. I'm just hopping we see latter before we see the former. But in all honesty I think we will see neither.

  16. 9 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    It's reasonable points you make, @Morpheus, as always. I'm sorry. I'm just dejected and bitter the last few days. Sick of all the bullshit. I hope you're right and the case fruits something good that we can use against these bastards.


    Don't apologise.


    It's past time we stopped the doublethink here.


    The points made make no sense. Either the MSM are complicit or not? If TPTB can conjure a fake Joe Biden and get him into office then they would not allow Maxwell to get to trial if there was anything of substance to come from it. If TPTB can orchestrate the Covid Scam on such a global scale managing to get many nations in lockstep then THERE IS ZERO CHANCE Maxwell will reveal anything of any threat to said elites!


    Honestly DI said it about Q-Anon this is just another psy-op to make you sit back and watch and not take action as Maxwell will soon reveal all. Utter pish (in my opinion).


    Meanwhile as we sit falling out over Maxwell. Medical apartheid runs rife and Mandatory death jabs loom as Depopulation goes into full swing.


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  17. Just now, Morpheus said:

    I'm not implying this will be the spark of the great awakening or anything, far from it. However, I do think something interesting will come of that case. I do however find it very amusing that people have inserted words and outcomes into my mouth which I never expressed. I never mentioned Q, I never said shit all about any awakening, all I said was forget the noise and see what happens with this. It may come to fuck all, probably more right on that than wrong. I just think it's big news and we might well be more shocked than we think. 




    Tip of the iceberg with these sickos



    All i said was anything that comes publically from this is just part of the circus. Yes there will be scapegoats and sicko's who will go down and we will all cheer. But no one of any REAL consequence will go down from this. If it's reported on the MSM then it's what someone WANTS you to see. If it plastered on MSM then IMO it's not BIG NEWS its part of the psy-op. You can't have MSM being 100% in on Psy-op but suddenly think they are telling the truth with this. It makes no sense.

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  18. 7 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

    muist be easy for you to prove joe biden is the real joe biden then. 


    So TPTB can muster a fake Joe Biden and make the public believe it's the real one and get him into the most powerful office of power on planet earth but can't stop the trial of a british socialite who could blow the lid off their entire operation? 🤔


    Yeah that makes perfect sense sorry your right i'm wrong.

  19. Just now, Morpheus said:

    He he ha ha, he he ha ha, something to laugh about isn't it. Fookin hilarious situation we find ourselves in. But let me guess, you've got it all figured out and are merely mocking us mortals. Well wouldn't be so super to be you and your infinite wisdom and the all-seeing sage that you are. Don't respond, I'm not interested in further dialogue. 


    No it's a fucking shit situation we find ourselves in. An extremely frightening and dangerous one. But the trial of Maxwell in a corrupt, bought and paid for legal system is not going to free us from it. Trying to alay our fears by pinning such hope on a public trial is as i said in my opinion counterproductive.


    How can you on one hand say... "MSM total lies/PSY OP" then say "Maxwell case total truth" if TPTB can control the entire worlds media for this PSY OP you think they would let a trial go ahead publically that could thwart their entire operation?

  20. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    you said it, "just you OPINION" nothing more


    Your point being?


    Yes my opinion but tbh it's far more plausible than a fantasy that Maxwell is gonna blow the lid off a worldwide peado ring that is gonna collapse the elites plans for the great reset LOL


    Remember Q-ANON? Draining the swamp and all that? The arrests and executions that were defo happening? LOL


    I get we are all into conspiracy but we must try and be realistic at the same time... In my opinion of course.

  21. 10 minutes ago, DarianF said:


    I don't know man. I wouldn't put too much faith in this case. Even if names come out, the sheep don't care. They names are already out of all the people poisoning them and stealing their kids futures; and they don't care. So why would they care about another list of names?


    100% Correct.


    How long have we known that Randy Andy raped a trafficked girl? Where was the backlash? No one cared. He even did a trainwreck interview all but proving his guilt PMSL where were the angry mobs? There were none people just laughed it off PMSL


    If Maxwell could or was going to blow the lid off of this shit she would have disappeared after Epsteins death rather than been arrested... FACT!

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  22. 8 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

    At some point, there'll still be a line and the gates are still open currently. Keep your eyes on the Maxwell case and ignore the noise. Some big people are going to be named and when they do, await the backlash. 


    As one of the cartel said (can't remember which one, I think Kissinger) if the public were aware of what we'd done, we wouldn't be able to walk the streets. That day is coming. 


    LOL IMHO just another circus to keep the truther placated. You honestly think that Maxwell is gonna blow the lid off of this satanic shitshow? LOL


    Anything that comes out of that courtroom is all part of the plan. Yes they may give you a scapegoat but it is just another fucking circus/con.


    PS Backlash LOL

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