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  1. Good. Hopefully this gets accelerated and rolled out nationwide asap. Should stir the sheeple a little. Remember this was a conspiracy theory. LOL
  2. Yes protected sex. Why? Because who wants to survive and not have sex and asking for proof of vax status before the act might be a mood killer Thankfully tho Mrs Covidiot is unvaxxed so not an issue.
  3. He will be alive in a few years time?
  4. So did i have convid? The LFT said so? And I certainly was ill for a few days. Probably made worse by my anxiety yes but ill none the less.
  5. I'm unvaxxed and was ill 2 months ago. 3 days of fever and headache and a week of feeling a bit naff. Took an LFT at the start of fever was positive for convid. Missus also unvaxxed took no precautions and she didn't even get ill! Did I have covid? I don't know. Why did i even test? Because my anxiety got the better of me! I'm a sceptic and non believer in the psy-op but not immune to the fear porn unfortunately.
  6. Then why go through the trouble of injecting anyone at all? Why not just release a bioweapon virus? Surely if self spreading "vaccines" are a thing we must admit that "viruses" must also be a thing? That being the case and having a self spreading "virus" or "protein" why bother with a mass vaccination campaign? And if depop being the goal why a slow burn? If you can inject ~80% and have them "shed" to the other 20% why not go for maximum lethality and get it over with rather than risk angry masses as they slowly wake up and die off? My opinion is that the vaxx is the bioweapon. Shedding I don't believe in. Could it be that the vaxxed are now harbouring more colds etc that they could be passing on to the unvaxxed causing minor illness? Yes I believe so the vaxxed immune sysytems are probably trashed. If we believe that the vaxxed are walking around and going to kill us via vax shedding then we are ultimately black pilled and there is literally no point in even discussing it as we are done for. I refuse to believe it but if it's true fuck it least I won't have to live in the hellish dystopia planned for the survivors!
  7. I'm not convinced shedding is an issue. That would make the bioweapon impossible to control. It's injected and appears to cause issues first and foremost via the blood/heart. Hence the clots. Not sure how they could shed to infect a non jabber's bloodstream unless through tainted needle or blood transfusion. I may be wrong but heck if shedding is a thing we may as well just kiss our asses goodbye log off from this site and enjoy the time we got left no?
  8. I don't agree. But what I will concede is that I do genuinely hope that you are right. In the end... Time will tell.
  9. No it doesn't. I would go as far as to say what the article says is an complete fabrication to drum up hatred/distain for anti-vaxx loons like said fictional nurse. As for testing yes that was nonsense but we all knew that anyway. Perpetual lockdown was going to achieve what exactly? There is no vaccine. Do you actually believe that this "vaccine" fucked up the elites plans? Your kinda all over the place with your thought process here.
  10. Why would TPTB plan for a 100% uptake? Even in a real deadly pandemic there would not be a 100% uptake. Covid 19 existed only in the media. It was a psyop. There's no vaccine shedding. TPTB took normal flu/colds and labelled it covid 19 then ran a huge advertising/fear campaign to convince the sheeple it was a deadly pandemic. The next super variant will be a psyop also. It won't exist. It will be a cover story for jab deaths. I know it's hard to accept but logically if the jabs are a depop weapon then EVERYONE who took one is as good as dead. Denial doesn't change that. Don't blue pill yourself.
  11. Your gonna use an article from the Guardian about a nurse who "had aired sceptical views about vaccines in social media posts, police investigators said." an obvious propaganda piece as evidence of mass scale saline injections? I mean seriously? Covid went exactly as it was supposed to. It allowed the injection of poison into 80% of the useless eaters. It established lockdowns and tyranical restrictions as an acceptable public health policy. It destroyed SME business. It allowed for the printing of enormous sums of fiat in preperation of the collapse of the current economy. It also introduced the idea of digital id/passes to an accepting sheeple population. What part are you saying has failed? As even now there are vaxx mandates and lingering restrictions and the threat of lockdowns and other restrictions are forever now hanging over our heads. They will return.
  12. Says who? What are you basing your belief on? If TPTB have gone through the trouble to create a jab to depop the planet why would you think they would run the risk of a mass trial where those given placebo rise up and smell the coffee and deal with them? You clearly have not accepted that depop is the agenda. Genocidal maniacs don't give some of their victims placebo's that is just silly stop kidding yourself.
  13. No citations, no sources. Based on my opinion only. If you want to believe in benign batches, saline jabs and cures for mRNA injections please feel free but I don't. You either believe that there is a depop agenda or you don't. TPTB don't tell you a ~80% pop reduction is required to then go and jab ~80% of the population but decide oh fuck it just give some of them saline. No! If depop is the goal any who took a stab are done!
  14. Most definately I agree. I do think however than in order for it to be successful then depop must be achieved first as it is the mass deaths of the jabbed that will allow TPTB to enact the "great reset" without rebellion. The panicked sheeple will demand the digital id's and vaxx passes. They will demand UBI and they will frogmarch the unvaxxed to accept it with them. But ultimately yes I agree with everything you have said here.
  15. I agree. The idea that only some of the jabs were poison and some were salt water is just stupid. We know the desired population level for the elites and that is a ~80% reduction. They have jabbed ~80%. People want to believe that some were saline because they have loved ones who took the jab. They delude themselves. If you or your loved ones have taken a jab then IMHO you are dead. It's only a matter of time. There was no saline. No benign batches. And there is no cure for the jab. If you took it you are done.
  16. I'm not so sure. The whole Ukraine thing i'm starting to think is just another psyop. An excuse to explain away the move they are making to implode the economy ready for CBDC's. It is also a great way to kick off rationing controlled by digital QR codes starting with energy. TPTB right now are trying to do 2 things quickly before the deaths start to spiral. 1 - Get the masses to accept Digital ID's. These will be the tool used to control everything from vaxx passes, travel, energy rationing, carbon credits and money/social credit. This will be the shackles that enslave the survivors. 2 - Destroy the current economy paving the way for CBDC's and UBI whilst allowing inflation to wipe out the wealth of the masses and the elites to steal the plebs assets. I'm not sure I see the need for a planned massive war so long as the jabs do the dirty work and kill enough. Any war will be limited to advance the technocratic globalist agenda.
  17. And that is the issue. Many are waking up. What will TPTB do to regain control? What has covid shown will work? FEAR! When people really do start dying (remember deaths are running higher now than when the sheeple were panicking about the rona) and TPTB launch the psyop all those waking up will be put straight back to fear town where they will fall straight back into line. Just picture it... Daily updates from all MSM about the mysterious excess deaths happening now. People dying everywhere including the young and healthy. Ramp up the fear. What is going on?? And suddenly theres a new variant discovered in one of these victims. It's bad and as the vaxx deaths spiral people start to see those they know get sick and die from vaxx but they are convinced it's a new virus. The panicked masses will buy it hook, line and sinker. It's the only way TPTB can frame the coming mass deaths without a revolt of the sheeple.
  18. It was always the plan. It's what the covid psyop was designed for. Get the lethal injections into people and depop the planet. The vaxxed are dead. The ones left will live shit highly controlled lives with everything dictated by AI. A technocratic prison where you will own nothing eat bugz and be extremely unhappy.
  19. The danger facing the unvaxxed comes not from some organised force i.e. UN Force IMHO. The danger facing purebloods comes from the vaxxed. I think that as the vaxxed start to really die off it will be blamed on a new variant of covid or some other virus. A massive psyop will be launched to convice those dying from the vaxx that they are in fact witnessing and dying from another pandemic. The sheeple will panic as many die. TPTB will roll out a vaxx programme to save the day. It will fail as there will be no pandemic. The sheeple however will be easily convinced that it's the anti-vaxxers that are the cause of the programmes failure. Gov and TPTB will come back hard with vaxx mandates and restrictions and the sheeple will accept, no sorry DEMAND that the unvaxxed be dealt with. This is what awaits. Those stupid enough to allow themselves to be executed by lethal injection will ensure the unvaxxed suffer the same fate or at the very least end up fully signed up to the digital gulag. Vaxx passes will 100% be back very soon IMHO. As a pureblood you will be excluded from society and eventually rounded up and imprisoned until the vaxxed are dead at which point your just a slave to the system with no hope of defeating it anyway.
  20. It does not matter how high rates were in the past. That is totally irrelevant to today. Uk has a national debt of 2.8 trillion. People and gov cannot affort historic rates. All part of the plan to collapse fiat for replacing with CBDC's. The public are utter debt junkies. Watch for louder and louder calls for Gov to "do something" to help mortgage holders or indebted sheep. And do something they shall... Once the CBDC's come there will be a "debt reset" by which all will have their debts wiped on condition of giving up any assets you have.... You will own nothing and be happy!
  21. I'm not sure. It depends. The elites have IMHO 3 main goals - 1 - Depopulation to more "sustainable/managable" numbers - This will be accomplished thanks to the jab. 2 - Utter control of the survivors with a technocracy. If you survive the depop but sign up to a slave subsistence existance via the digital gulag then you will be ok until deemed a useless eater and disposed of. 3 - Steal and maintain total wealth and power. Wealth they already have. I agree if you stand firm against the agenda this is where you will be dealt with harshly. Ultimately you may well survive the depop purge and defo ore likely if un stabbed. The world you will be living in however may not be one you want to survive to see.
  22. Yeah. I am of the opinion the vaxxed are toast. The next 2-3 years could very well be brutal. I'm expecting excess deaths to accelerate from here on in. It will of course be blamed on a super rona in all probability leading the panicked sheep into accepting more poisonous jabs and accepting more and more restrictions. Hope i'm wrong but the stage is set IMHO.
  23. Anecdotally in my own social sphere I would say ~80% took first and second stab. Maybe 50% took third. Very few admitting to further boosters. So i would say the figures probably are accurate. Hard to believe I know but the vast majority did fully sign up to the bullshit unfortunately.
  24. Setting the stage for mass vaxx deaths IMHO. Once the prion diseases and deaths from the jabs become impossible to hide due to sheer numbers you need a good cover story. A mutant strain of covid with massive mortality would be a perfect cover story that the sheeple will fall for. Of course it won't actually exist it will be a psy op to explain why people are dying en mass.
  25. Either the sheep you interact with are that little bit more intelligent or you give them too much credit. I have actually had similar conversations and it always ends one way... with the sheep laughing telling me to fuck off (as im just a nutjob/idiot) with no further dialog. Any attempt to discuss further is met with a refusal to engage. They don't want to hear the truth. In my experience 90%+ of the normies will march straight to the slaughterhouse and are just too far gone. You could literally stand them in a "vaxx" queue and let them watch 50 people in front of them collapse from said "vaxx" and they would still take it! The other 10% I have encountered who are open to reason are resigned to helplessness and profess "there's nothing we can do" "fuck it" etc etc They still cling to the lie of pre 2020 life and are in denial as to how serious this situation is. They still fear being labelled as nutters by the sheep and so go unnoticed and blend in. Nonetheless I shall be the thorn in the side of the sheep I must engage with daily, much to their annoyance. They all hate me for it but I think it's because deep down they know i'm right. I'm accused of delighting in the shit and misery unfolding purely because I call a spade a spade and refuse to sugar coat the shit we face. But tbh I don't do it to wake them up they are beyond that. I do it purely for my own entertainment now. I do enjoy that split second of realisation and fear in their eyes before the cognative dissonance has a chance to kick in and make their world rosy again.
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