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  1. So after yesterdays inevitable backtrack from easing due to india variant here is my take on the sheeple from experience - After yesterdays announcement and the ramping up of the inda variant scaremongering I took much pleasure in doing the "I told you so" to my work colleagues the response was typical and I think is the primary response of the "sheeple". Personally I now believe most "sheep" are somewhat if not fully aware they are being conned and something sinister is afoot. They are just far too scared to admit it to themselves. Denial is a powerful human coping mechanism. The majority are at this stage in denial IMO. I think that as discussions pointing out the obvious flaws in the narrative are no longer met with sneers but with despair. I see it even with my wonderful OH who is in total agreement with me and is fully awake. People just can't/won't face up to it and would rather bury their heads in the sand and hope it goes away. TBH even I sometimes am in denial and question my own sanity it's the beauty of the whole psy-op. I can't hate them anymore. Most of the "sheep" that i know seem to be somewhat aware but are just terrified and are in denial. I don't see any solution to what is happening and am just going to try and enjoy what little freedom I have left before the SHTF big time in the coming months. There is no painless way out at this point.
  2. Your kidding right? I mean you didn't expect the pigs to go all robocop when dealing with "that" crowd LOL no coppers woulda been sh*tting it! They only tough when they outnumber people or are dealing with peaceful protesters or pensioners thousands of tanked up male football fans nah they will let that one slide.
  3. Easy. it will be paid for in digital currency and will be barely what is required to survive. Once the elites confiscate whatever property and wealth the proles have left UBI will be little more than ration tokens. You won't be buying holidays, booze and luxuries with it thats for sure.
  4. I have to chuckle at posts like these. In a real SHTF situation what use is gold or silver going to be to you? When the NWO digital currency is in place who will you trade with? Thats if your hoardings are not removed from you by force. Not a stretch to imagine ownership of precious metal will be made illegal. If TSHTF i feel much better having a 6 month supply all of goods/food i need to survive. When the looting starts and the shops are bare what the f#8k are you gona do with gold and silver? Eat it? LOL. If your worried about hyper inflation start with stocking up on things you will NEED to survive IMHO. During the transition to the NWO economy the gold and silv er markets along with everything else will most definately NOT be fine IMHO.
  5. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/569957 I know it makes little difference to government but if it gets enough signatures maybe it will awake some sheep. Any evidence to counter the narrative that the masses want these passports can only be a good thing.
  6. After seeing sentiment online on twatter and seeing how quickly the petition against vaxx passes is gaining signatures you must be right! I was imagining a non vaxxed person being refused access to food and what that would lead too and my only conclusion is violence. Surely the end result of any vaxx pass is going to be massive civil unrest! I’m feeling optimistic today that this country could be likened to a tinder box just waiting for a spark. Will this be the summer of discontent? I fucking hope so...
  7. Also with various articles pointing to a slow down in vaxx rates (conveniently blamed on supply) do you think now the low hanging fruit (70+) are vaxxed they will struggle for arms to jab? Without some form of coercion do we think vaxx rates of 80% of entire population will be achievable?
  8. So with TPTB doubling down on the vaxx passport idea to make vaxx mandatory do my friends here think it’s feasible at this time or another psy-op. Anywhere i see comments on article and on twatter there seems to be a substantial push back. is this the straw that broke the camels back? Was this just testing the waters? Govey make a climb down and boris act as if they were never going too anyway if the pushback is strong enough? Whats the opinion here? Are they just testing the waters?
  9. That sucks mate. I'm not sure how I would deal with that situation. I feel very fortunate that my Mrs at least seems to be against all this rubbish and supportive of my views. Although if/when push comes to shove I know the Mrs will take the vaxx but like you it won't make me change my mind.
  10. I hear you. I despair at times too. I did have a refreshing conversation with a sheep today. I pointed out a few inconsistancies and showed how yesterdays announcement amounted to an EXTENSION of lockdown and not an easing and it was very satisfying to watch the penny drop. I genuinely believe i woke this sheep up. Maybe they will go back to sleep but in that moment of awakening I did see anger bubbling to the surface. Maybe im too negative and pessimistic as I do see plenty of people out and about which is technically illegal so people afre not exactly sticking to the rules. I know for a fact the vast majority of people i know wear masks only to avoid conflict not for fear of the rona. Perhaps when the better weather is here and we are no closer to the end of lockdown the penny will drop en mass. I do think a decent number of sheep pinned a lot of hope that vaxxing the vulnerable was going to end this charade. The vaxx passports for domestic services i.e. pubs and shops etc if rolled out soon will be a step to far for a lot of sheep. I think it could turn a few more anti-vaxx. I guess time will tell.
  11. 1,600 sites in england. So Say 2,000 whole uk. That would mean 10 per hour per vaxx centre to achieve the 17,000,000 total which doesn't seem too unrealistic tbh. I'm not sure. I think it will be an app for those with a smart phone QR code or maybe a paper printed cert with QR code for the oldies. It is scary times indeed. What i find when talking to those who a pro vaxx pass is they don't think passed the first jab. If this rolls out and the first jab doesnt kill you then its a ticket for the PTB to jab you over and over whenever they feel like it until your dead.
  12. This is what i think as well. I do believe we have past the point of no return. There is still an opportunity to fight but we will never get back the world we had Pre COVID. Even after a successful rebellion the world will be a very different place and unfortunately few of us will be alive to see it. Vaxx passports are the final nail in the coffin. The last "hope" is that TPTB have over played their hand and the sheep reject the vaxx passes. I don't think they will tho' i think they will be willingly accepted by the majority and the minority who hesitate will capitulate due to peer pressure and want of normal life.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56169616#comp-comments-button I know people say and may be correct that comment sections are full of 77th but fuck me it makes for some grim reading! Vaxx passports are coming folks 100% guaranteed.
  14. So to summarize up north of the border we MIGHT/COULD/MAYBE be down to level 0 just in time for end of August at which point the next scamdemic wave hits and straight back into lockdown pmsl. Its so blatant FFS the public are fucking morons and will get every fucking thing they deserve for allowing this shit!!
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-56170916 So there you have it folks... Scotland to remain in lockdown for another 2 months before moving onto tier 4 ahem sorry LOCKDOWN on 26th April!! You just could not make this up! Where is the outrage? WTF is going on??
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