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  1. No I agree my children and grandchildren will pay for this shitshow! But not through taxation. They will pay with a complete destruction of their standard of living and civil liberties! They will pay but if you think it's got anything to do with money then you sir are the fucking idiot.
  2. The population of the first world has been in decline for a long time now if you take out the effects of migration. Population growth is in the third world. IMHO I think we will see mass death this winter in the jabbed (blamed on a super variant spread by the unvaxxed) however I may be wrong. I think the economy will implode in the next 9 months and would say the mass kill off will be complete by 2025-2030. By 2030 6 billion will be dead IMO.
  3. They are not using tax payers money. UK Gov has borrowed (conjured) ~£500,000,000,000 to pay for covid measures. This is money conjured from thin air never to be repaid. I guess there is no hard and fast "evidence" that i know of as we have not seen what the effects of this mass jabbing programme yet. But IMHO it doesn't tae a lot to work out what the game is. Time will tell i guess but IMO the depopulation theory just fits and explains a great deal of what is going on with the sheer desperation to jab as many as fast as possible. Because when the jabbed start dying in droves you don'y want millions of healthy unvaxxed running around making the genocide obvious.
  4. We are not an asset. We are on the cusp of AI and robotics making human workers obsolete. They do not need 7 billion of us. A few million chinese to supply them with their luxuries would be enough. What exactly do you think the elites need us for? Especially in britain LOL what do we make/produce? Fuck all. They want us DEAD.
  5. Depopulation and a highly controlled technocratic society is what is coming. For those that survive it will be a dystopian world of social credit, 24/7 survailance, digital id's, digital currency, carbon credits, ubi, mandatory medications a truly frightening future with no freedom. Before we get there billions must die to halt the "climate emergency".
  6. It may look that way but only because you won't open your eyes. If it was all about the money they would be selling you the "vaccines". Gov is supplying them with monopoly money conjured from thin air. Inflation is sky rocketing. The elites already own all the assets "real stuff" as you call it. Any assets still in the hands of the plebs can be easily confiscated using inflation to wipe out any "wealth" the useless eaters possess. Sorry but this is the problem. Too many refuse to believe that what is going on can be as sinister as it is. But it is. Here is a meme that sums everything up nicely...
  7. The way I see it is this... There is IMHO no other reasonabe explanation for the jabs than depopulation. You talk of TPTB profiteering from the vaxxes as if this is about money. They already have all the money. Theses people own the world with wealth in the trillions. You think a few billion more of your monopoly money makes any difference to them? The answer is no! When you have all the wealth in the world what is left to strive for than ultimate power and control. These people are going to save the planet from the virus that is the human race. To them we are a disease on this earth and nothing more than livestock to be culled. Tell me what explanation do you have for the jabs because as I have said it ain't about money...
  8. Noticed that also. My take was it was a logistical decision to not transport it but other items instead seeing how technically everyone has access to supposed drinking water from the tap at home? Prioritising space on the lorries for other more "essential" items?
  9. This 100%. No one/very few people actually fear covid or believe we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic. I think we confuse the compliance of the majority with them buying the narrative or being asleep. I think the majority of those who got vaxxed did so as Prometheus said to "get back ton normal" not because they are covidian cultists or lockdown fetishists. Those who actually SUPPORT this nonsense are IMHO in the vast minority. I'm hopefully that when that majority finally realise their sacrifice will not get them back to normal as promised that they with revolt. I do see it slowly happening day to day. People are starting to get very pissed off with TPTB and with the ridiculous situation we are in.
  10. I'm defo not saying it's not going to happen and it's not the plan. I'm just optimistic that not even the moronic sheep will accept it lying down. The transition to the brave new world cannot surely be seemless. And if there is resistance is there not hope to stop it? My greatest fear with the climate agenda is that the Jabs are the final solution. End of the day the driving factor in the climate narrative is overpopulation. If the jabs cause a huge death toll this winter in the hundreds of millions worldwide blamed on a new variant of covid then all bets are off. The jabs being a bioweapon of mass destruction is the only thing i can see that would crush resistance to the climate hunger games society they want to install.
  11. Perhaps your right. I'm just clinging to some optimism as I do think I they push too soon on the climate agenda that will be the wake up call that will trigger resistance and cause the whole pack of cards to come crumbling down. One can hope.
  12. The tricks used for covid will IMO not work for climate. Fact is the sheeple have been made to fear covid on an individual level. This was rather easy as covid is a virus and viruses can and do actually kill people. But even with 18 months of covid fear porn in my personal experience 80%+ of those who have took the jab did so not from fear of covid but to be able to travel. I would say the vast majority of people i know still have no fear of covid. How will you convince the masses to give up their cars, travel and meat? I just can't see it happening without massive pushback. Fact is we had to literally pay/bribe 6 million + people to comply with the covid lockdown. Very little of the compliance is borne from fear of covid. Compliance has been IMHO based upon convenience for the most part. Who wouldn't want a 9 month paid holiday? Wearing a mask is not a great inconvenience to most people. Take a jab to travel? Again not a great inconvenience and I want a holiday. When you look at compliance to rules that do inconvenience people most don't comply. The only way I can see these things coming to pass is through mission creep of the vaxx passes. Even then I think there is bound to be massive push back. The plebs still think after their third jabs they are getting a holiday LOL I honestly think if TPTB play the climate card now and the masses realise they ain't getting the old normal back ie travelling we will finally have some resistance.
  13. We have been bombarded with climate fear porn for decades and the plebs took no notice. Then we had covid and the only thing the plebs cared about was travel/holidays. They have dangled the carrot of travel to get compliance with the covid agenda. Travel is not compatible with this climate agenda and as stupid as the sheeple may be I honestly don't see them falling for this. If the plebs discover their much vaunted holidays are no more permanently then I think we will see a lot more rise up. I just don't see the masses accepting this hunger games society yet. TPTB are at risk of overplaying their hand here IMHO. No one really gives a rats arse about "the climate emergency". When the plebs wake up to the sacrifices they will be forced to make for the zero carbon agenda they will revolt surely?
  14. I'm inclined to argree. They need the to be able to spread their propaganda. The internet will become more and more censored but will never go down. I'm also starting to doubt the food shortages. As a poster said earlier "bread and circuses" is the only things keeping the sheeple in line. Why would they create shortages of food risking revolt or pull the plug on the internet? It makes no sense.
  15. I feel like they are setting up the narrative now with this talk of a bad flu season. There is not enough support for the vaxx passes. I think that a new scariant will appear in autumn that when combined with FLU is going to "put pressure" on the NHS. This will be used to announce another national lockdown which Gov know will NOT be tolerated by UK PLC. So a comprimise will be brought fourth by BoJo... Instead of a lockdown we can roll out the VaxxPasses for ALL public spaces including shops "for a limited time" to spare us another disaterous lockdown. UK PLC will lap this up and the vaxx passes will be rolled out in jig time with full support of the sheeple.
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