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  1. 18 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


    A book with a monkey & a little girl next to a monkey with a dildo hanging between his legs..how can they say its not about grooming & sexualizing young kids to steal their innocence.

    Isnt that what predators are really about stealing children's innocence & ruining their lives.

    They want to groom young children in school who would never think about anything sexual.


    Its not transgender its transexual & everything to do with sex & mental illness..if not then why do 40% of trans have AIDS in the USA? They are promoting these weirdos to very young children.


    They have sexual predators singing they are coming for your kids on the media.


    Used to be a tranny on the old forum called fairy who would go into meltdown if you mentioned transexual..then the mods would delete your posts.


    UN BBB agenda 2030 Sex education guidance:









    Teaching children 4 years old about the pleasures of masturbation.


    1.3 Why should sexuality edu-cation start before the age of four?In this document sexuality education is – as men-tioned before – understood in a broad and ho-listic way and is based on an understanding of sexuality as a positive human potential. A child is understood to be a sexual being from the begin-ning, although a child’s sexuality differs from an adult’s in many ways, for example in its expression, its content and its objectives. In each age group and development stage, specifi c questions and ways of behaviour occur (e.g. mutual discov-ery and investigation among peers – playing “doc-tors and nurses”, enjoyment of showing own body parts and looking at others’, showing shame in front of others, etc.) which need to be reacted to in a pedagogical way. Psychosexual development during childhood means the development of sev-eral physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills characteristic of the child’s age level. Please refer to Chapter 3.2 for a detailed description of the psychosexual development of children.




    Pure f#cking evil; there Huxlian nightmare has begun, feel so sorry for children today .........

  2. Motor racing ..."thirty three" cars are significant here and that number has much particular significance in Freemasonry, indeed the sport of motor racing is Freemasonically controlled, that pattern being on its cars and flag;      there is certainly no space here for consideration also of every individual popular music/movie 'star' who has appeared on this flooring, let's just mention that even 'Betty Boop' has; it is suspected that very nearly every elite-level pop star and every Hollywood film is Freemasonically connected.  
    [pic : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sillitoe_tartan ]

    PART 3

    I do so hope that the reader now has grasped the given thread that the chessboard pattern indicates, and especially particularly when in flooring, indicates the presence of Freemasonry.  I do so apologize however, if this is the case, for what I am about to bring your attention to next may profoundly shock and disturb you.  It does me.
      You see, this pattern was on the floor of the Nazi gas-chambers : [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz8ge4aw8Ws 
    (minutes : 20:06)- vid]

    So then, lets get this straight.  I don't want this to be right, but in all probability then, the Freemasons, that's those chaps that have their fingers in just about every pie in the shop, who just about are the

  3. Sillitoe tartan
    PART 1

    This piece is presented as a possible revision of history.  The history in question is that which has been accepted regarding the relationship between Nazism and Freemasonry.  It is taught as fact today to those who would want to know that Freemasons were amongst the groups persecuted by the Nazi's.  There are reasons to take issue with this claim, however.  The claim being that they were persecuted in the same way the Jews and other groups were.  
      There are problems with this idea.  In the case of the other victimized groups, it can be known how many of them were placed in the concentration camps, and how many of them were targeted because they belonged to the group they did.  
      In the case of Freemasons however, no such records exist, so the evidence then that anyone was targeted by the Nazi regime solely for their Freemasonry simply isn't there.
      It is true however that they were persecuted into not being Freemasons openly.  The Police forcibly closed many lodges.  The remainder were dissolved and their assets confiscated.  So overtly, publicly, Freemasonry was the enemy of Nazism.
      Masons who did not leave Freemasonry could not join the Nazi party as such.  Exceptions were made later on however, when Freemasons were also allowed back in the ranks to become armed forces officers and SS.
      So basically, this "enemy" was allowed to become very much part of the regime.  While Masons commanded German boys to murder and die, Nazi propaganda generated fear of a 'Jewish-Freemasonic conspiracy', belief in which continues to this day; but that is another story.

    PART 2

    Before we reach the unfortunately revelatory conclusive part of this essay, it would do now for the reader to consider the significance of symbols.
      It is like a stamp of Freemasonry, the draughts/checkers/chess board.  The alternating-black and white-square-pattern is a mark which has great occultic significance in Freemasonry.
      It is certainly worth noting that in every Freemasonic building there is a room with that pattern on its floor.  Strange, ancient rituals of arcane-mystical significance may sometimes be performed on it. These may involve the magickal transition point between life and death.  Please bear this in mind for later.
      Freemasonic-occultic healers/clairvoyants even imprint this pattern on to the etheric-mental planes, or believe they do. [ source : http://fountaininternationalmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Introduction-Fountain-International2.pdf ]
    I could go on about the very interesting ways they use, or just believe they use, this pattern, but it would be a digression.

  4. 2021

    So here we land
          here we stand
    at the threshold
    of the dawning of
    the new day
    or we teeter on the brink
    of the darkest yawning
    chasm of no greater despair
    here or there
    a night so long
    a negation of light
    of constant fight
    against sanity
    their new order
    so we stand on the border
    between the two places
    this year-twenty twenty one
    so then-do we feel fear
    and run ?
    Or do we stare into
    the heart of the sun ?
    Do we again find
    our hearts and our minds ?
    Do we build the new freedom ?
    Or give in to their terrorism ?
    Doesn't matter whose elected
    can't wait for saviours
    to be resurrected
    the choice is simply
    with humanity
    we must decide
    what we get
    people have to wake up
    before they press reset

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