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  1. 8 hours ago, Frankieboy said:

    Bill Gates name is

    William Henry Gates III

    William 474 = 15 = 6

    Henry 420 = 6 

    Gates 312 = 6

    Bill Gates = 666 


    The End of Times & The Anti-Christ Revealed by HIS Number 666 and HIS Mark!  https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/


    the-end-of-times-the-anti-christ-revealed-by-his-666-his-mark Remove the space to access website. C  3 O 15 R 18 O 15 N 14 A  1 = 6 letters adds to 66 = 666 V------tion = 666 V------s are not drugs, they are biologics. Bio implant = 666 Anti-Christ calculator. Type any word to find its number. http://antichristcalculator.tripod.com


    /?fbclid=IwAR3E4ckloSP0SOcePzHkRbUEYwFmXT1hWibaB13HxgsP1MR8xzvw0AW9QY8 B GATES TED TALK REDUCE WORLD POP-U LAY SHUN WITH NEW WHACKSINES WATCH https://www.bitchute.com/video/zub1bMQKyqwk/


    'Bill Gates' is also 33 in pythagorean numerology

  2. 10 hours ago, Prometheus said:

    It can't be destroyed like Polio, a vaccine was never the answer and I think drug companies took advantage of the fear and desire for a magic cure. Just like the flu they surely know its never leaving and will serve their control measures during this the great reset.


    Corona viruses make up 30% of common colds.


    The Common cold is a type of Coronavirus

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