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  1. 3 hours ago, rideforever said:


    He might have done a lot of harm.

    But there are no crimes against humanity.

    Human beings their main problem is that they spend so much time pointing the finger, that they never fix their own problems - they don't even know how many problems are inside them.  If they were more honest and tried hard to fix their own problems, then all the problems of the world would vanish.

    But they have invented this game where they don't fix their own problems and instead point their finger.



    you think you whos life is good is right and you know what you are talking about  and all those who were attacked by Jimmy Savile monarchy pedophilian oily banksters  empire  ,  or all those  millions of   raped , attacked and tortured victims are not right and they dont know what they talk about  and they shouldnt have right of free speech and Asange should be arrested it really doesnt matter all the evidence he provided which expose crimes against humanity commited by those who you defend  ,  because by your claim  its all those raped kids and attacked victims who have a problem and they desreve it and  its  not those  rapists , agressors and criminals who are guilty because they provide you good life .

  2. On 2/22/2021 at 8:21 AM, rideforever said:

    This is all rubbish.

    I am 50 and live in the UK ... the law and life here has been just fine.  Good even.  Perfect, no it's not perfect ... but people lived pretty well and were pretty positive.  That was until about 2005.


    Globalism/Corporatism/Internet these are the main things that are destroying everything.


    It's nonsense to say everything is wrong.   Of course there is corruption and there is always corruption, and there is always the overcoming of it.  That is why there are the 4 estates who function independently.   And there is an opposition to the Government - there is meant to be.  That is why there is tradition, that is why there is monarchy and Government.

    All these things exist to keep some sense of checking on each other and balance.

    And it has worked ... reasonably well in an insane world.


    Yes you can find every idiot on the planet is corrupt in some way.  But this world is at least 50% dark and this is a reasonable way of running the world here.  There is none better.


    If all this is destroyed the result will not be paradise, it will be death meaning the majority of British people will die.  Of that I guarantee you because that's what happens when society collapses.


    The society as it has been was built by people who were practical and were smarter than you.  At least some of them were honest and tried to do things that worked.


    And it is easy to slag everything off, you have to see that.

    Why not try to help the situation by making the system work.

    Well ... in a dark world it is difficult to know what to do.



    ... Rideforever , you say you are 50 years  old  and law and life was just fine until saudi monarch Solomon Epstein & The Holy Harem of the Lolypopes  , Jimmy Savile and Prince Andrew got caught raping working class children . And now problem is such operating system digitalization globalisation and internet censorship which doesnt allow raped victims to have right of  free speech . You say life is good , while Julian Asange is in prison crucified like a Jesus for exposing crimes of your genetically prior class discirimination business neighbourhood .

  3. people from other dimensions , Jimmy Savile &the oligarchy Friends from dimension with no limit and no border , they do it all the time and they really like working class children  just like aroman lolypope likes naked nuns  ,  while inside naturaly infinite universe enslaved humanity is captured into prisons known as states and theres are plenty predesigned limits and the borders , its all about limiting and bordering humanity as the slaves ,  each limit and the border is dimension. 

  4. Oprah Winfrey  is the weinsteins  lollywood  Pimp for the elite ,  thats how she makes money  like a epsteins Ghislaine Maxwell party harem organizer for United Nations  , or just  like BBC-s Jimmy Savile and the ancient unreplacability of criminal monarchization .




    oprah weinstin plenty.jpg

    oprah weinstein blonde.jpg

    oprah clinton bill.jpg

    clinton lolitas 2.jpg





  5. aroman lolypope knightclub  pizzeria   , brainless sharia , or savilian fuckingthem palacerria , ...  some form of  criminal mind attacks your child and try to kill your child and then  you defend and protect your child , and then they accuse you for agression , Saviles & the   royal pedophilian fuckingthem palace drops uranium bombs on you , Savile and the BBC media will tell to people what is true . Recommended criminals give themselves nobel selfawards  , and you who protected people and defended your child  , its you who end up in prison being accused for agression and they accuse you for genocide while those sharias and paedophilian nazis criminals who attacked your children and then later even attacked ,  raped and killed plenty europan children , and those rapists  were actually yesterdays hitlers partners conducted by Roman Ceasar Habsburgeria and  Saud Static Solomanic Harem of Sharia   and Holy Naked Nun Knightclub of the Vatican Lolypope whos  cathedral is famous for have sex with underaged kids .  And those criminals still walk free and celebrate and declare independent states on your children home playground ,  clintonian -epsteinian weinsteins hollywood produces  movies accusing you of agression and crimes , and then suddenly  there is global mafia planet state and further such system digitalization  , it became someones Private Business Corporation , Epsteinian  election  Joe Bidenization . So , humanity travels backwards into crises and the slavery  , orwelian system bravery  , sharia saudi leopoldian harem , lolita express and virgin island solomanic template  , brussellian  Eurabia private advertising as the Leopold The Great , criminal monarchist pocket interest rate , all elections  prefixed elections , murder of journalist Khashoggy and then  roman vampire empire arresting Jesus and Asange , with no free speech , no democracy  , only criminal moneyprinting aristocracy and venetian oligarchy coca-colonial  hypocracy . There is lot of nobel crimes and  bills ,  silicon valleys & holywood hills  , as time goes by and closer and closer is the day , people say , someone will eventually have to pay .

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  6. if there is plenty international security agreements violated and peoples constitutions  and peace states attacked , law  ignored and broken  and then  if there is plenty evidence presented and exposed who really organized leopeldian warcrimes and agressions and financed international nazism and terrors and there is many innocent children attacked , raped and dead  while criminals still walk free and have their own newly  independent mafia empire states  , sex trafficking orgy harems and cathedrals and  sharia dictates and genetically prior class  discrimination kingdoms , evil  axis of unequality and no  human rights for free speech  , while innocent people who fight against criminals and expose evidence and truth are arrested and kept in prison for a lifetime ,  then we can say that our world is runned by mafia  and mafia is attacking working class society with weapons ,  nazis  , terrors and the viruses .  It is  the place where   political establishments are only preselected preengineered  instruments and cover makeups to  implement  criminal empire and legalize advanced organized robbery and hide  , corrupt and interrupt the truth and justice  . International Crime Tribunals are prepaid mafia oligarchy  theatre   making sure truth and justice never have a chance .



  7. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    So the New World Order is actually the New Old World Order, which was the New New Old World Order, and before that the New New New World Order?


    Reminds me of an episode of Doctor Who where they travelled to the future to the New New New New New New New York (or something along those lines anyway)

    ...  Dr Who is good example , and even   Monthy Pythons got it right  about travelling  backwards into new new  future where there is always same old of  what prefixed engineering is going on :




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  8. 5 hours ago, Basket Case said:

    The NWO is the OWO coming out into view again, no ?

    ... absolutely ,  it is nowdays out  in view more than ever before ,  in many different forms  , ..... starting with view of mainstream media spin  moneypulation and  then maintenance of business as usual by royal class knight  Savile & genetically prior prince Andrew will come on white horse  in  children fairytales  and everything will be great forever after that , then lollywood marwel  weinstein , epstein , aroman knightclub lolypopes via  Lolita Expres  to Virgin Islands Intergalactic  with Solomanic Orgy Temples  at St. James .   I think all signs  are showing truth that  that we are dealing with secret society of United Slaveowners  which through their ancient crimes and organized slavery became wealthy oligarchy and some kind of criminal bourgeoisie aristocracy , today  they control worldwide moneyprinting and international debt designs   and they have private nuclear weapons , nazis , terrorists and viruses to be used against slaves and working class .  It was also exposed how monetary system works , United Slaveowners own a world bank and print money as much they need to pay slaves and castle servants  and buy anything and anybody  they want , with printed money they run slavery system .  People are just more and more helpless , censored and kept disinformed brainless and manipulated to be naive to think that problems are made by socialists , communists , religionists or capitalists  , but truth is that religion , socialism , communism and  capitalism are just different masks and are just like any other car brand running on same gasoline and they all run on same source energy supply and that source is  money  privately printed by a few , so basically they all whatever they would call themsleves are actually  working for  same Corporation  .  And then what is the goal of United Slaveowners Order and their   NWO ? ... NWO  = OWN 

  9. 8 hours ago, Basket Case said:







    ... yes it is ,  but i think name is not proper to be New World Order  , more  proper is  to be named  Old World Order  (OWO) , because all it is doing it is driving humanity backwords into  primitivisms of middle age and stone age  so from there it  is easiest to rule , enslave and robb humanity   .

  10. 9 hours ago, Basket Case said:

    Can you expand / explain further ?





    Hello Basket Case and nice to meet you ,   .. here i will try to explain now in  few words  and expand further in later continuity   ,  ...  that story is really long , its hard on human beings and  it is complex and  worldwide censored because it  goes deep into secret structure of what is going on  but  there is simple mathematic numbers  that can explain it all . As due to my personal research investigation , i think or can maybe better say i know  there is obvious connection between silencing  and murder  of journalist  Khashoggy  , silencing and murder of Dr. Kelly and silencing and arrest of Julian Asange  and thats only beginning of the story  ( and there is  lot plenty more of silenced people yesterday , today and tommorow  ), you can  look at what they were standing for and what they  were talking about , who did they expose and who silenced and killed them  , and even that story starts much earlier in solomanic Jerusalem  with murder of peoples messenger Jesus Christ  who tried to tell something to people  and some  at power positions didnt like it  ,  you can also look what was going on before World War 1 and what was World War 1 about , what was Roman Empire Weimar  and Naval Jack symbol about and then who organized His Majesty Ships  and payed  imperial monarchistic oligarchic agent  Hitler for new attack and extension of World War 1 in Europe as World War 2  to return european power back to  united slaveowners oligarchy unions and roman -imperial venetian monarchistic oligarchies  which run today banking system and monetary printing.  And  then who is  really  attacked by all kind of viruses and Corona Virus and who was really attacked and silenced in World War 2 ,  it was working class who were attacked and  it was antimonarchists who were  attacked and it was young new equal class economy intellectuals who corporation agent Hitler attacked because  working class was fighting against imperial dictature corporation  ,  unequality and against roman empire monarchistic oligarchies founded on slavery  and against  genetic priority of castle ellite and against class discrimination  .  SS Hitler was monarchistic agent of habsburgs jesuit oligarchy  brusellian leopoldian and british monarchy empire just like ISIS was agency of Saudi Caesar Empire ,  those monarchistic oligarchies they are all  are private agencies  of Roman Oligarchy Empire  and just like Saudi Solomanic Genetic Priority Oligarchy Arabia Harem  Kingdom  attacked journalist Khashoggy , or just like British Solomanic Genetic Priority Oligarchy Kingdom attacked Dr. Kelly and Julian Asange .  And just like roman oligarchy empire attacked mesenger Jesus , It was and it is still united slaveowners imperial genetically prior bourgeoisie attacking working class  because working class are their private castle slaves  not allowed to talk , global message is slaves and working class must shut up and be stopped form exposing the truth about saudi harem slavery and human trafficking  , epstainian weinsteinian solomanic sexslavery orgies with children  , vatican knightclubs of the lolypopes and pedophilian castles oligarchies  and international NATO  warcrimes  , global message is  dictate that slaves and working class must shut up and wear corona mask on their mouth or othervise will be murdered as journalist  Khashoggy and Dr. Kelly or crucified as Jesus or arrested and imprisoned as Julian Asange  , while imperial agencies of selfdeclared genetically prior crowned warcriminals constitutions gave themselves prosecution  immunity and cannot be prosecuted by  any justice system  in the world .





    .. and here is these documentary links bellow which touch the subject and explain well what is ancient strategy designing world problems and who  is attacking humanity and is  in a root  of secret story :















  11. its they who got caught

    operating through  International Monetary Printing Fraud

     here is who is behind attack on humanity

    its a united slaveowners genetic priority

    aroman vampire pyramidal private imperial oily dream

    and their coca-colonial oligarchy parasitic banksters 

    epsteins , weinsteins , saviles , lolypopes and pedophilian unions team

    financing nazis , terrorists , racists and coronas

    to keep producing cheap labour and castle slaves 

    by predesigning crises and presenting dictature law authority 

    traditionally  destabilization of working class  economy and prosperity  







  12. On 1/12/2021 at 1:42 AM, Prince Arthur said:

    A Sandwich Short of a Picnic - Covid: Women on exercise trip 'surrounded by police' - PROPAGANDA?




    Is it the Police or the general public who were a ‘Sandwich Short of a Picnic’?






    The two friends were told their cups of takeaway tea counted as a ‘picnic’

    Luckily a cameraman was around to capture this dangerous COVID breach.

    A staged event?







    mainstream  news media is united slaveowners oligarchy radiation public  masturbation , 

    those rich Dicksy Chicks are hired by  Venetian Oligarchy Corona Profits  Corporation

    and then  after  recording coffee advertising material  for mass moneypulation ,

    together with their bosses they sit upon  on rothschilds horses 

    and went to hunt helpless foxes .

  13. be aware of advertising  said carrot to the donkey , ... electronic industry is  electromagnetic environment frequency manipulation weapon in hands of United Slaveowners to be further developed and used too enslave , control and eventually organize advanced artificial intelligence attack as criminal selfdeclared genetically prior  pharaonic oligarchy extraterrestrial technology against rest of humanity . Todays human  independence constitutions are ignored , complete humanity  life affairs depend on corrupted electronic industry  which is runned , developed and installed as spiders network  by those who wants further attack,  limit , enslave  and corrupt every  human  . Today  they brought you and every human to  have only choice to connect and pay monthly fees to any piece of  electronic equipment which function by custom  preselection  , different classes and groups will have access to different information ,  pre-enginered for further  class discrimination and new world slaves education , it is already  manipulated limited and interrupted and  electronic performance is constantly more corrupted , and any human connection  can be at anytime disabled by tele-remote control and updates , electronic products can be broken  very simple by receiving instruction by tele command  and then working class has no any choice and will even have to extra pay and pay to  electronic design criminals  for repairs of products which became broken by transmission of tele command and thats why all preselected & prepaid governments implemented Digitalization , tommorows Orwels Corporation  . It is well known that digital dictature is going on as big business ,  Apple was already making profits by  interrupting and corrupting their customer devices and slowing  performance  of Apple products , Microsoft and Global Internet caught humanity in spiders web and are more and more dictating human life through internet banking leaving no choice and  blackmailing with new net contracts which you have to whatever-accept  to acces any  information , account  or service that you already have payed for ,  you cant even read the news without accepting terms of banksters  and world  gangsters crown pedophile oligarchy networks cookies spying and following other peoples  children ,  and there is no at all justice system which support human beings in fight against this Global Corona Virus  . 



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  14. mathematically yes , its united slaveowners  union & business control 

    engineering humanity senses  limitation ,

    cosmic  time , space , energy  sold by gangsta  privatization

    predesigns of crises and  slavery by destabilizing  working class economy

    corrupting energy & environment supply  capacity , prosperity degradation ,

    but hei , you have to adore genetic  priority  class of moneyprinting monetizers 

    pay your monthly fees for  free speech censorships , low quality products advertisers  , 

    connect yourself to artificial brain connectization ,

    cyber microchips and vaccines 

    people owned by  Instruction  Corporation 

    new extraterrestrial attack oligarchy  operation 

    its a their mental state , they will provide you further update 

    by mouse click  they just block you and  off your  switch 

    no access to time , space and energy ,  all  humanity ends in ditch  

    clap your hands for inauguration ,

    every human independence destabilization


  15. there is an ancient babylonic pharaonic solomanic interest corporation

    human time , space and energy degradation 

    aroman oligarchy vampire financing nazi empire , 

    swiss banksters & saud caliphatornia  gangsters terror office 

    did you notice , secret patent organizing international corruption 

    caviar & cognac on the rocks , hunting helpless fox ,

    humanity moneypulation , working class children as sex slaves & castle servants , class discrimination 

    no free speech , truth &   intelligence destruction ,

    artificial intel microchip for better brain separation , fake education

    advertising prefixed casino royale foundation,  organized robberization  ,

    moneyprinters selfdeclared nobility ,  genetic priority

    nobel selfawarded hypocracy ,  The Godfather  democracy ,  undemocratic static domination ,

    united slaveowners golden chairs & satanic horns as crownization ,

    cosmic time , space and energy privatization , rest of humanity economy  limitation ,

    environment & weather  destabilization

    entertainment  make slaves as  gladiators fight for life by calling them The Different Race or Nation , 

    bordered products package inauguration ,

    plenty Orvellian Windows Prison installation ,

    United Great  This & That business navigation 

    designing operating systems crash & vacuum  production

    crashing humanity like proton particles in Large Hadron Collider construction 

    political fraction , surfing on design of debts and bills by fairy pyramidal pharaonic static hill 

    making extra office profits selling fairytales & vaccines , carrots to the donkeys , solutions & conduction



  16. dont you think Michael Jackson was a kid from hollywood and he was killed because he knew about what was royal savilian going on in epsteinian weinsteinian lollywood  fuckingthem palace .  Michael Jackson had own money  , mind independence and power to candidate for president and  go against them , Jackson was friend of Diana and he tried to help the kids , then united slaveowners   weinsteinian-clintonian-epsteinian solomanic temple sexual slavery  orgy club was faking  movies about Michael Jackson while Jackson was innocent and tried to expose them , the holy aroman papa caligulas naked nuns  nightclub empire and american banksters mafia , guess who prints the money and owns the police , law and media ,  do you remember it was Michael Jackson who was first wearing Corona mask long ago before everybody ,  they tried to blackmail and blame Michael just as they blame Asange because Asange was exposing them , Jackson was exposing them too ,  last tour of Michael Jakson was called They dont care about us  and he was going to talk publicly and politically to people  at his concert  about what is going on ,  so they quickly urgently took care of him before concerts started and before Michel gets politically involved ,  It was same case of political silencing when they get rid of Lennon . They were silenced because they were standing against  genetically prior  static establishments  and ancient parasitic united slaveowners capitalism  which corrupt life  environments , robb workers and abuse working class children . Have you notice how life is changing very fast but certain  political circles never change , preselected political parties and  prepaid people constantly remain at their positions  and static jobs forever doing same things over and over while actually its them producing crises and corrupting peoples oportunities and job places , but they are demanding you to keep looking for the job running  like donkey for their carrot , and they make profits and keep getting their sallaries  by manipulating humanity   . They design crises to make profit by selling you solution . They bombed Nikola Teslas Free Electricity Tower , and they are sending you the bills you have to pay . They talk about democracy but its them which never change  , they only want others to move so they can stay ,  it must be genetically prior class discriminative royal right by birth , its interesting that roman empire oligarchy  agent Hitler  SS was paid  just like saudi sharia empire  ISIS to represent such genetically prior corporation royalty aroman empire  ideology  and attack working class  and slaves . And of course Corporation designs the media spins and wanna talk about corona , while  savilian-weinsteinian -epsteinian victims , working class and slaves must shut up and be silenced just like Jesus , Khashoggy , Asange or Jackson .

    michael mask 3.jpg

    asange mask.jpg

  17. Venetian Oligarchy Savile  Royal Knighthood

    swedish rabbit king caught with sex trafficking  mafia having striptease , lunch and food 

    global moneyprinting in Microsmooth & Mindows operating system mood

    unelected brussellian leopoldian habsburger is  Eurotic Unionis anus  good  

    rest of goyim everyhwere around Tavistock & Frankfurt School  ,

    they  paid the Hitler Terror and the Virus  to attack the working class and slaves  , dont be the fool  

    they killed  journalist Khashoggy and  got Jesus Asange  because they  presented evidence and the other truth & cool , 

    genetically priority class wannabees traditionally controlling Europe

    Bob Geldof with Live Aid buying clintons drugs  and prepaid narco Bono advertising Zoorope  

    plenty nobel selfaward   with sugar Kylie singing : i cant get enough of your love 

    Fairy Prince will come in Fairytales by Weinsteins Lollywood  ,

    nightclub of aroman Lolypope  with naked nuns and kids on their knees in the Holy Cathedral positionhood 

    epsteinian saudi harem fuckingthem palace

    Virgin Islands intergalactic St. James

    Solomanic Sexy Holy Temples 

    via  Lolita Express ,  Prince Andrew , Rome ,  Monaco , Monte Carlo , World Bank Think Tank , Very Royal Dynasties & Extra Virgin Oil Dallas 

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