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  1. what about Coronism and Climatism , what about saudi pharaos Slaveownerism and holy sharia Haremism , imperial habsburgs rothshcilds Oilism , fake Democratism , or classdiscriminative genetically prior aroman caesars imperial dictate forever Monarchism , savilian Caligulism , lolypopes pedophilian Cathedralism , naked kids and nuns raped by priests in jesuitic vaticanish Sexorcism , what about epsteins orgy holy temple Solomonism , j.p morgan ships full of blair- clintonian Narcodilerism & oversugared Coca-Colonialism , what about global production of weinsteinian Lolywoodism ? .... guess who imperial sold some corona vaccines and took working class money and then financed Nazism and Terrorism , ..... its all united slaveowners imperial private oil gangster business attacking slaves and robbing working class , ... its all predesigned like 911 , ... its empire Corona 007 ....
  2. ... is that united slaveowners imperialist oligarchy german cross of Weimar or maybe its fallen aroman empire venetian jesuitic lolyholy oligarchy German Austrian Empire Cross on her stolen diamonds oligarchy crown which genetically related to bling bling king solomanian had great caesars golden tradition apetite to enslave human population and occupy every land and every town ? ... its very same company patriotic SS symbolization just like private royal saudi habsburg oil business ISIS Corporation , .. private genetic imperial ideologies of pyramidization , pharaos private monetary printing crime and genetic moneypulation , ...... after all it was venetian nobility Royal Navy building ships for secret agent Hitler 007 ,..... its all together same idea of genetically prior team , united slaveowners pyramidal dream ,...... imperial crown caesars heaven ,..... like aroman empire agent brusellian habsburg Leopold in Congo or Saudi Caesar Solomon Suleiman in Yemen , and hitlers top nazi warcriminals in Europe use to wear that imperial cross symbol all the time while doing their imperial dictate and worldwide crime. https://london-medals.co.uk/germany-imperial-austria-empire-great-war-iron-cross-patriotic-pin-badge-commemorating-the-union-of-austria-and-germany-with-the-busts-of-kaiser-wilhelm-ii-of-prussia-and-emperor-franz-josef-i-of-austria-gilt-disc-with-suspended-iron-cross-device
  3. Native Indians are still waiting for a career oportunity and job in America , but foreigner prince Harry doesnt have to wait , .... he must be by birth some kind of natural expert like Greta Berg Swedenstein , .... like a aroman emperor saudi genetic right defined by savilian children fairytale , its media time for new episode of Harry Potter in Lolywood.... , while using royal millions from wealth that british imperialists achieved by forever enslaving and robbing working class and british nation , just like aroman empire brussellian habsburgerian emperor kaiser caesar Leopold commiting warcrimes in Africa and then exploiting african slaves just like Saudi Pharao Solomon Suleiman bin Salman today exploiting children in his private savilian epsteinian sex slavery harem , but hei , it was in late night show with St. James Cordensky and weinsteins sexretary Operah Winfreystein , and while not doing nothing all his life but surfing on working class labour and Fuckingthem Palace royal millions , he said : he is not using his royal imperial privilege , and they are suddenly now concerned about their royal right because of colour skin racism and logically you can tell by tradition they are always concerned about rothshcilds banking business profits weather climate of course , but he is not concerned about saudi kingdom warcimes in Yemen , or imperial monarchy dictature in Britain , he is not worried about Freespeech rights and genetic priority imperial oligarchy nazi terror construction SS-ISIS coalition agency inauguration and it was him just like ISIS wearing advertiser of Swastika SS Corporation , he didnt say nothing about saudi crown sharia raping european population , he didnt mention class discrimination , maybe Harry didnt have to have any real education , he is not concerned for freespech right of journalist Khashoggy or freespeech for Asange because Asange exposed that it was prince Harry training in Apache helicopter while shooting civilians and journalists in Iraq and Afghanisthan , but hei what about those raped womans and girls by Epstein and prince Andrew , and how come those girls dont get a job in Lolywood America or air time to speak to public at James Corden or Oprah Winfrey show , or what about royal savilian criminal Tony Bliar , maybe thats not racism or maybe thats not class discrimination .
  4. Virus is Corona , and Corona translated means a Crown and Crown is the caesars private roman empire saudi solomanic agency of Great Pharao & United Slaveowners in town , such capital virus is enslaving humanity , exploiting environment and keeps attacking slaves and working class , its a Godfathers mafia business , its a Pfizer Corporation ground with orwelian cameras and sound , to secure Don Babyloandawn virus Savile Epstein Weinstein attacking humanity all around .
  5. its the secret ancient babylonic solomanic united slaveowners selfdeclared genetically prior oligarchy imperial monarchism which runs global modern slavery through criminal banking and criminal money printing and through planets energy resources occupation and privatization , such operating system enslaving every generation of all human population , they corrupt every human environment progress and job opportunity , they corrupt every science and human education ,.. its United Slaveowners Private Business Corporation ,... NATO is united slaveowners private army , ... and then when slaves and working class realize what is going on and start to protest against corruption and against united slaveowners Savilian Saudi Harem Virgin Islands Epstein Solomanic Temple Sex Slavery Production , Clintonian Weinsteins Lollywood Conduction & Aroman Lolypope Vaticanish Sexorcism Naked Nuns Knightclub Satisfaction and further Global Climate project & Save The Oceans ghislaines maxwels pockets budgets sex orgy instruction , united nations criminal agency of corruption , ... and then when someday united slaveowners monarchistic caesars empire start to fall , in order to save the caesars Fuckingthem Palace empire , ... united slaveowners always organize attack on slaves and working class . Through history roman saudi habsburg eurabian empire oligarchy have financed criminals and designed mafias, SS nazis , Ku Klux racists and ISIS terrorists to atack slaves and working class and destroy working class political power and economy , and today their latest invention is Virus which just like nazis and terrorists is attacking slaves and attacking working class , and then after crises , united slaveowners criminal banking systems builds stronger private police and army infrastructure again takes over rule by imperial dictate and lives hedonistically their parasitic lifes for a another century while criminally printing money and designing slavery , raping working class children and robbing working class . Virus is their invention to attack and weaken humanity and that way protect the ancient old united slavweowners pharaonic babyloanic romansolomanic paedophilian monarchism agency of caesar holyloly empire just like saudi sharia harem vampire . Its United Slaveowners Oligarchy Union and their products like nazis , terrorists and viruses , and those imperial criminals , nazis , terrorists and viruses have killed journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange , and its nazis , terrorists and viruses which organize global censorship of freespech . That way they try to spin media subjects into another focus and that way they always attack humanity , United Slaveowners Monarchists are leftovers of Roman Venetian Saud Solomanic Suleimanic Leopoldian Habsburgerian Imperialists , they designed viruses , nazis and terrorists , that way they desperately try to save their fallen Fuckingthem Palace Aroman Empire . United Slaveowners are monarchists , genetically prior classdiscriminationists , they desperately need to create crises and design slaves , because that way imperial crown Jimmy Savile oligarchy can get private servants and exploit working class and kill , accuse and arrest innocent people, impose dictature laws and keep robbing working class , bomb peoples homes and steal peoples lands and rape working class children . here are info links : https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3w45kKSSHY0/
  6. theres are politically designed limits and borders around humanity senses , what you are allowed to hear and see is not what it is , because if you opened your eyes and ears and got someday awake and start to hear and see what is really going on across those limits and the borders around you that they framed you in , then you will start to understand their secret operating criminal united slaveowners oligarchy system and how they manipulate and limit humanity senses and that all those laws as limits , differences and borders are there as someones private interest laws strategically created to interrupt , destabilize , slowdown , limit , border and destroy your business and destroy your economy possibility and capacity . And all those their laws are also there to interrupt , destabilize , slowdown , limit , border and destroy your freedom and right for free speech . And while humanity is victim of Jimmy Savile , Tony Bliar , Prince Charles Monkey Andrew , Saudi Harem Slaveowner , united slaveowners political environment of royal paedophilian society , Knightclub of Aroman Lolypope , Lolita Virgin Galactic Express by Clinton - Epstein , Weinstein and the moneypulative genetically modified movies made by Lollywood , ... and then theres are all those laws and limits and borders predesigned to interrupt your intelligence and senses , so united slaveowners criminals oligarchy can destabilize your and destroy all working class prosperity and science development , destroy your freedom of movement and freespeech and stop you from having possibility to reach real and true justice and expose them criminals and tell the real truth to the world , if you realize whats going on and start to talk , complain , protest and become dangerous for their operating united slaveowners oligarchy empire system , they will attack you and crucify you on a cross and throw you to their wild animals , snakes , lions ,racists , nazis , terrorists and viruses . And its a truth that they are afraid of people finding out , and truth is humanity is captured by united slaveowners oligarchy spiders web and spider is like an reptilian extraterrestrial empire using internet to scan and steal all humanity information intelligence and then use that for spiders pharaonic private interests and design artificial extraterrestrial intelligence against humanity , and then implement global digitalization and because with global digitalization is easiest way to corrupt , blackmail , destroy every individual independence and further dictate someone elses private interest laws and criminal monetary printing , and then forever control and moneypulate humanity for benefits of only united slaveowners mafia pharaonic vampire empire capital few .
  7. united slaveowners crown agency banksters orgy union private harem holy sharia communion with a latest hit criminals and mafia forming independent states on every street plus savile weinstein epstein solomanic temple with a penis guns sex cathedrals with naked kids and sexorcism with naked nuns very religious like a saudi family isis dope , hitler and aroman oligarchy empire nazi lolypope Ghislaine Maxwells helicopter , submarine and periscope united nations sex orgy budget lotion greek crises goldman sachs package , project climate , sell the vaccines , save the ocean Virgin Islands , St. James & Lolita Express Virgin Intergalactic recommended dynasties in fairytales , all very forever genetically prior and fantastic its politically windows automatic working class advertised as lower class , its there for castle slavery , as defined by a birth , prince Andrew and Jimmy Savile royal knighthood bravery and then pharaos empire will send nazis , racists , terrorists and viruses to punish the slaves Che Jesus Guevara killed , no Khashoggy , Asange in prison , no free speech , charles darwins monkeys in cages and the caves
  8. genetic priority of mafia commercially advertised by fairytale saud solo-manic sulei-manic venetian babylonic pharaonic oligarchic new world order horns & tail low quality product in every shop on sale royal award Savile Jimmy will fix the knighthood plus royal award Weinstein of Lollywood them all so very nobel selfawarded source in every children book is story prince will come on white horse Andrew Epstein at express Virgin Island intergalactic Lolita Harem of course naked nuns and kids in Vatican with Lolypope democracy unelected , Arkansas Billy & clintons coke & dope Tony Bliar providing iraqi tips payed by oil harbour and J.P.Morgans narco ships with a spicegirl Ghislaine Maxwell organizing orgies for United Nations profitable crises packages for The Secret Private Corporation save the planet , save the oceans , save the climate , save the banks and banksters lotions says Greta Rothschild Bankberg & Clintons Initiative Foundation international criminal organization increased sales by global vaccination prefixed casino royale Godfather cardinale oversugared atlantis coca-colonial genetically prior extra terrestrial reptial imperial
  9. its been like that for last 1000 years and plenty more , and sure such criminal empire business for them is good so they dont wanna change a thing , absolutely everything is carefully globally designed , programmed and engineered so United Slaveowners Monetary Printing Criminal Empire & crown Pharao can dominate over slaves and working class forever and ever , and no court can prosecute the Pharao because Pharao owns all the courts and with criminally printed money pays salary to judges to hide pharaos crimes , its predestined by genetically prior pharaos private business birth , Pharao politically sitting in office doing nothing while forever keep exploiting working class and designing working class debts plus implementing his private laws to interrupt other peoples business and corrupting cosmic space motion by imposing all kinds of limits to humans , its a operating system like Microsmooth Microwave Metaphysics of billys Windows and its logical that such united slaveowners operating system is afraid of system crash caused by external viruses and woke up slaves and awaken working class . Such operating system smooth operation is that politically preselected recommended savilian royal imperial college slaveowners oligarchy & brainless harvard aproved business managers interviewing slaves for a pyramid construction job and eternal castle servantry . And if slaves , servants and workers complain and protest against crown Pharao & Savilian Team Lollywood Pyramid Group , then crown Pharao will kill those people who complain and pharao will kill also journalists like Khashoggy and Asange and then Great Slaveowner Pharao through his orwelian international company department will censor public voice and speech , ignore peoples voting results , spread media lies , arrest , torture , crucify on cross and throw slaves to bloddthirsty lions , nazis , terrorists , viruses and other snakes . Think , Hitler was agent hired by fallen roman empire oligarchy known as venetian banksters habsburgeric mafia which is todays packed in format of plenty genetically prior classsdiscriminative monarchies like famous international warcriminal belgian king Leopold of Brussels or Saudi Pharao King Solomon Suleiman of Harem and its a same Lolypope company as Empire of Caesar Vampire . Hitler and Nazi SS were designed and hired just like sharia extremist terrorist ISIS to attack humanity just like they are now attacking humanity with Corona Viruses , they all are slaveowners empire weapons and were designed , produced and hired by united slaveowners roman empire oligarchy monarchistic operating system to attack working class intellectuals and destabilize europan working class social prosperity and equality development and destroy independence of working class economy in Europe . Think , they advertise carrot for a donkey as a great product , and donkey will forever keep working for slaveowners but donkey will never reach the carrot , plus absolutely everything is carefully designed to create growing conflicts and interrupt and limit human senses and denounce access to cosmic space capacity and slowdown , limit and destabilize prosperity of human individual economy and humanity freedom. Humanity is caught in united slaveowners spiders net and cages as the borders designed by selfdeclared genetically prior oligarchy few who nowdays through global internet spiders web are scanning and sucking and privatizing all humanity energy and intelligence and then by using all of that they right now trying to design extraterrestrial intelligence to attack humanity and keep humanity enslaved and keep suck blood , and energy juice out of humans . https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3w45kKSSHY0/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IKzeqPDzSo
  10. ... not while ago i realized that book libraries are leaded by people which never wrote a book, those so called leaders of dealing other peoples work declared themselves of bigger importance than writers of all books in their libraries , you can imagine when you meet that kind of leader interviewing you at job audition and its you who is writer ,....
  11. you know when they declared war on terrorism 30 years ago just like today they declared war on corona , it was just to collect working class tax money and then actully design and finance terrorism to keep robbing other peoples lands , gold & oil ,.... its all part of design , and those criminals and attackers doesnt have to be foreigners at all ,.... they are just bunch of preprogrammed political mafia robots , foreign or local criminals psychoegoists and maniacs who commit crime and then fingerpoint to other side and do everything politically to escape justice and that is suitable to Deep State because deep state governments are criminal organizations corporations , and criminals are politically strong , censoring truth , attacking people and spreading fear ,... basically , Corona Virus attack on people is organized by mafia just like ISIS muslims and SS nazi catholics were attacking people under conduct of same business company , ..... Isis sharia muslim extremists and SS nazis are same so called religious order empire dictate product in different package designed by same united slaveowners oligarchy monetary printing empire and gold & oil stealing company , .. to explain further , once upon a time , there was working class peace unionstate named Yugoslavia , in that country all people of many different religions and ethnicities were obliged to live under same equality law for all , and just as any other peace state Yugoslavia had own police and army to protect citizens , but then when some roman caesars empire leftovers extremist jesuit catholic nazis in Dubrovnik and local criminals sharia muslim populists in Sarajevo attacked people and killed serbian kids , it would be normal that police protects people and it was police and army which were protecting yugoslavian people and protecting those serbian kids who were attacked by croatian SS nazis and bosnian ISIS muslims . But then germany , british and american government helped SS nazis and ISIS muslims and bombed Yugoslavia and Serbia , and then with help of NATO extremist nazis formed SS nazi state of Croatia which is under command of religious dictature Vatican Roman Oligarchy Lolypope , and extremist muslims formed ISIS terrorist state of Bosnia which is under command religious dictature Saudi Pharao Solomon Suleiman bin Salman , since then in last 30 years nazism and islamic extremism were rising more and more and growing in Europe and after islamists and nazis were attacking yugoslavian citizens peace and killng serbian children , then nazis and muslims continued to kill and rape people all over Europe , and it was Great Royal Oligachy Britain and United Slaveowners American States in cooperation with German puppet government who were financing terrorism and nazism and created and helped spread nazism and terrorism in Europe , just like they arrested innocent Asange and killed innocent journalist Khashoggy , it was Western countries and NATO who killed and imprisoned serbian police and army generals who were protecting kids and people . US and UK slaveowners oligarchy private military NATO under command of Clinton - Blair - Weinstein -Epstein coalition have created islamic terrosim and catholic nazism to rape and kill european kids , and they want islamic terrorism and nazism to keep attacking, killing and raping people in Europe
  12. the electromagnetic manipulation thats why they need global digitalization secret industrial design standard corporation consumers of donkey carrot advertising get your updates into electronix orwel windows installation electromagnetic place , invisible case elephant is in the matchbox by hunters of the fox , with oligarchy cognac on the rocks they are distorting reality and corrupting human time, energy and space long time that is their business book & face interrupting unlimited capacity of cosmic field and destabilizing human senses so humanity brain cannot acces energy resources and natural frequencies , planet of arrested development and censorship of free speech highly recommended education , BBC & Savilian Harvard spreading disinformation brainless aka-demix and own crap that they teach epsteins-weinsteins solomanic temple and sex slaves on Virgin Islands , Imperial College united slaveowners union organization monetary paper printing & slavery exploitation saudi brussellian Caesar Leopold & Solomanic Castles , genetically modified priority class , aroman lolypope & venetian mafia oligarchy monarchization , banksters banking inauguration , nobel selfawards and business internationalization rest of humanity intel caught in spiders web and net by extraterrestrial reptilian genetic priority Mengele Corona Crown threat and modulation , quick solutions provider crashing humans like particles in Large Hadron Collider Joe Bidens pedos on latest humanity attack producing extra immigration Clintons Global Initiative orgy party Lolita Express Intergalactization LolyPopes & Naked Nuns , with plenty Monicas Levinskys and prince Andrew royal operation like a Rothschilds & The Habsburgerization , plenty Oil occupation destroying families by alrerady united people separation , planting conflicts , empires of vampires to increase blood & oil profits swissbanksters holy patent , criminal foundation its a wild animal dream , pharaonic ideology team pyramid & sphing and then there is only one more thing secret industrial design standard ancient corporation , electromagnetic manipulation .
  13. i think understanding slaveowner Pharao private business swisspatent is the key to understanding what is going on , its Pharao who thinks that he is God and he is always elected no matter what is outcome of elections , slaveowner Pharao has his own private army of slaves and Pharao lives in great magnificent architecture castles and thinks that he is God while other people are there to be his servants , this is by his order already predestined by his birth , all religions are actually different operating systems teaching people to obey Pharao , so all religions in their concept teach people to be slaves , to be good slaves and listen the orders and have lot of of enthusiasm for work , with lot of patience and not complain and of course to always bow & kiss ass to slaveowners and such great crown oligarchs who think they are genetically prior like System of Pharao . Generally , pharaos private business have spread around the world globally and to organize easier management Pharao had his own monetary printing agencies which we know as Pharaos Empires , while Empererors were Pharao Company Agents and then later when great empires failed because of mass corruption where slaves didnt get satisfaction , Pharaos army attacked slaves working class and installed more of his agents and those agents were running different enslaved sectors , those enslaved sectors s were named as Kingdoms , something like habsburg monarchy where by pharaos empire tradition working class was lower class , all those kingdoms were runned by pharaos agents , those slaveownership agents were not elected democratically and people cannot replace them democratically , Kingdom is private slaveowners agency based on Crown(Corona) Dictature Pharaos agents owned all lands and all slaves , automatically because those agents were working for Pharao they got title to be genetically prior just like Saudi Pharao Solomon Suleiman for example who have private harem with sex slaves kind of same lifestyle as prince Andrew , Epstein , Weinstein Epstein , Aroman Caesar Lolypope as great slaveowner Solomon of Vatican , and now we have to understand that these pharaos caesaronix empire vampire agents guys had their private empire jesuit banker Rothshcild and Venetian Oligarchy Club which runs monetary printing and banking system globally and with printed paper money they pay slaves to do as they are told and they design and pay nazis and terrorist to attack and punish the slaves when needed . And now as we mentioned earlier that great slaveowner oligarch Pharao thinks that he is God and all religions were different operating systems teaching people to be good slaves and obey Pharao & The His Empire Crown Agents . And now , United Slaveowners have decided that best model for global operating system will be based on religious operating system teaching of Saudi Arabia Slavery Union which operates on concept by Pharaos Dictature and Punishment , thats why today we have brusselian pharao solomon habsburg leopoldian Eurabian Union and of course Great Saudi Brittania and none of them is democratically elected just like epsteins friend Joey Biden was not elected at all , and by ancient tradition it is Pharaos Curse which is international law and that means that those who complain against savilian royal knightclub system by slaveowner Orwel Pharao will be censored , punished , imprisoned , and thrown to lions and the snakes , and by that ancient pharaos curse and tradition slaveowners oligarchy Pharao Empire was already training their private armny of nazis, racists and terorists to attack and punish slaves and working class , and thats how slaveowners oligarch Pharao was maintaining and securing his private United Slaveowners Business and his genetically prior parasitic castle lifestyle. However , that slaveowner Pharao Empire oligarchy liked to watch slaves fight between each other so they were always loking for many different ways of making people fight against each other like slaves gladiators , and that became United Slaveowners Oligarchy Entertainment and Private Business known as Aroman Oligarchy Empire Entertainment Olympics . And United Slaveowners had great global concept through different religions and cultural teaching to always make people hate and fight between each other , that was good for Pharaos Business because that way slaves and working class were always fighting between each others (even on television competition programming) and then slaves and working class couldnt fight against Pharao . So , to maintain such business Pharao & The Crown Oligarchy only had to invent eternal sources of conflicts between people and thats how they establish Pharaos Empire Solomanic Kingdom with eternal conflict being coded through different religious programming of the slaves , and then conflict was globally planted and transmitted from Jerusalem, its a operating system doe . In that time there was one smart man who understood pharaos secret operating system patent business and that smart mans name was Jesus Asange Khashoggy , but as due to ancient order of Pharaos Curse , pharaos crown agents captured and arrested Jesus Asange Khashoggy and then Jesus Asange Khashoggy was censored , tortured , thrown to lions and snakes and then crucified on cross to be symbol to show example how all other slaves and working class will end up if they complain and fight against pharaos empire crown agents and against Great Genetically Prior Slaveowner Bankster Pharao who thinks that he is God . And now today we have case that Pharao & United Slaveowners wanna make their private globally Pharaonia Empire Union by global private concept of Saudi Pharao Caesar Leopold Solomon Suleiman Planet Eurabia , and its now all about that all white people must integrate with other slaves to make Global Pharaonic Operating System eternally function and by ancient tradition make private pocket profits by global humanity slavery exploitation . thats why there is global operating system digitalization , humanity integration , global orwelian control windows installation , virus elimination and then global enslavement of all human population .
  14. humanity limit and the border product package engineered by new world order its been on top of charts for a long time every morning on magazine cover , i just couldnt miss the rhyme yep , moving there from time to time someone said , at our best we shouldnt let the evil order rest we shouldnt let them getaway with a crime @Basket Case thanx for moving it to right place
  15. by the order of new world order , .. working class will get the vaccines and pay for vaccines because of great corona threats .... just like governments are making money by organizing always extra debts .... plus someone elses interest rates .... , ... worldwide sales and who will share the profits , lets try to guess who will get the money ..... , politically hedonistic lifestyles by climate section , project mafias & honey honey ,...... Panama Beach & Virgin Islands , Lichtenstein Cayman Luxemburg Tax Heaven , 007 ,....... banksters paradise it is , .... global crises packages .... like advertising for greek crises solutions on sales , banksters transfers , gangsters pockets growing money money, ..... traditionally classic extra business must be great & funny . https://www.goldmansachs.com/insights/topics/covid-19.html https://actions.sumofus.org/a/goldman-made-450-million-euros-from-crashing-the-greek-economy-it-should-return-the-profits https://medium.com/@conspiracytalk3/baron-david-de-rothschild-indicted-for-embezzling-british-pensioners-61507ee9dcab
  16. ... thank you for this comment , ... in some of your previous comments i can find disagreements ,.. but this is the different and its the proper comment , .... am religious and through scientific research i believe in Gods Creation , my church is open sky without limits and without borders ,.... but i also find some controversial facts in mainstream religious stories as they are today presented to masses ,........ you know , through history of church there was also dark age of church corruption and church was not always on side of people and poor people suffered , .. even today i became very dissapointed with commercial church leadership and find iritating that church doesnt say a word about arrest of Julian Asange while Asange was presenting evidence and spreading word of truth to help gods people who were victims and suffered because of unequality and unjustice ,...... so i find todays comercial churches involved in killing of the Christ and its just like saudi slaveowners fake islam religion and then they kill messenger Khashoggy , ..... , and since arrest of Asange now is the second year that i stopped celebrating Christmas by commercial church calendar , ........ and i do agree and cherish last sentences of your comment , it is something which should and must be done . There is no time for other time and other day but today .
  17. Hello to all , i found some common and interesting subjects that David Icke talks about so decided to support and share opinions . When it comes about Covid , 911 and Vaccines , i think that stories are not at all as they are told and presented by mainstream media .
  18. @Basket Case .. if i understood properly , your comment was about you or maybe people you know being annoyed because some people using fireworks whenever wherever they want and there is no law control over that or governement is not doing enough to have better order over that , and its something that i think also that fireworks can be annoying and it is bothering other people because without proper law timing act and without control it appears more and more to be agressive , loud and dangerous especially for children and old people , and in that video link provided in my comment is what has happened in streets of Sweden and how fireworks can be used by different interest groups to disturb citizens peace and security , However , my comment is related to example how improper law and no control over other peoples agressive behaviour towards other people can cause damage in society and grow into bigger criminal actions and conflict , and then mostly innocent people pay the price of it , and when that happens then people see that there is never enough to prevent it .
  19. ... some friends told me that at beginning of year 1990 , it was muslim mafia who started agression and attacked peaceful citizens and serbian children peace in Bosnia / Yugoslavia , and then it was british government who helped muslim mafia criminals and british government bombed Yugoslavia and killed serbian children , and then muslim mafia was allowed in middle of Europe to form first islamic extremist independent sharia ISIS state of Bosnia ruled by turkish empire and Saudi Arabia . After that with help of NATO muslim extremist mafias started to attack , rape and kill people and children all over Europe .
  20. @rideforever i agree about what you say that Jimmy Savile was sick person and psycho related to his childhood environment where he grown up in , but that is envronment where you say that law and life is good so how come Jimmy Savile became what he is , there is major media BBC in it and Savile seems like quite primitive uneducated person who thinks raping kids is cool and somebody powerful allowed him to think that way and do what he did , still Savile & masss rapist Weinstein got Royal Knighthood Award and then there is Epstein and prince Andrew , and despite british intelligence service , royal security and orwelian monitoring tradition which is one of best in the world still Jimmy Savile was allowed to do what he has done and he was not alone , and its not only Savile , there is Hollywod Weinstein , Virgin Island Saudi Harem Solomon Temple of Epstein , american elite sex slavery cult NXIVM torturing young girls , sex trafficking and Saudi Harem monarchism , even Vatican is all over naked nuns and kids as sex slaves , theres are even international royal oligarchies elites in it and its not even small number , its massively organized political pedophilia at top of british elite whos wealth is coming from slavery and imperialism and still their bills are payed by british working class , and dont you understand that for all those generations of victims whos lifes and careers are destroyed for 50 yers or forever more to fix their problem they have to arrest and prosecute those who attacked them and created problems and those problems are criminals that you are actually protecting or trying to say its ok and they should just be let go with their crimes and still keep to have working class paying their criminal castles bills and Jimmy Savile monarchy should still have genetic priority for class discrimination and all power to corrupt justice and rape working class children and have nuclear weapons to continue attack , enslave , rape , exploit and torture humanity. heres are some links for your info :
  21. you think you whos life is good is right and you know what you are talking about and all those who were attacked by Jimmy Savile monarchy pedophilian oily banksters empire , or all those millions of raped , attacked and tortured victims are not right and they dont know what they talk about and they shouldnt have right of free speech and Asange should be arrested it really doesnt matter all the evidence he provided which expose crimes against humanity commited by those who you defend , because by your claim its all those raped kids and attacked victims who have a problem and they desreve it and its not those rapists , agressors and criminals who are guilty because they provide you good life .
  22. @rideforever i know people whos life was good until Jimmy Savile monarchy dropped rothschilds factory uranium bombs on those peoples children , Jimmy Savile monarchy was never prosecuted for its crimes against humanity .
  23. ... Rideforever , you say you are 50 years old and law and life was just fine until saudi monarch Solomon Epstein & The Holy Harem of the Lolypopes , Jimmy Savile and Prince Andrew got caught raping working class children . And now problem is such operating system digitalization globalisation and internet censorship which doesnt allow raped victims to have right of free speech . You say life is good , while Julian Asange is in prison crucified like a Jesus for exposing crimes of your genetically prior class discirimination business neighbourhood .
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