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  1. Hi Jikwan , ... your question is good question ,.. and good questions are most difficult to answer because i use to know lot of good things , proper answer would take longer writing , maybe a book. ... but to make it short , answer is , ... i had a quite very detailed impossible life story experience and then did investigative study and careful research ,.. and yes , i can see through telescope and microscope .... there is a lot of good things , .... but all those things are corrupted , ...:) ... and theres are things wich really make me scientifically and mathematically to wonder ,.... have you noticed that humans are eating mostly good friendly nice innocent animals because its easiest to catch them ,... and schools are teaching people to be good and wear the mask and stay quiet as Khashoggy or Asange in prison , and Pharao thinks he is God very good and holy and genetically prior , and Pharao is teaching people to be good slaves and build him pyramids , .. and then religions are teaching people to be good and pray on their knees and be good to obey and listen religious order commands as good sheeps to do what they are told by Lolypope Sexorcism Knightclub masturbation satisfaction dictate , so when people are taught and graduated as good sheeps then slaveowners empire can have ready slaves and castle servants waiting to do all the work , and when people are taught to be good as good sheeps , then wolfs can have good sheeps bordered and ready for easy food waiting to be slaughtered for Macdonald barbecue and someone elses profits or sex slavery harems . .. and its evil which mostly really likes to masquerade and integrate into lot of good things as cathedrals and palaces because good things make evil look good, ... and there is really even politically lot of good advertising ,.. and money is advertised as good because united slaveowners prints it privately and then they can do lot of evil things . even prince Jimmy Savile was advertised as good philantropist and humanitarian who helps people and children with their problems . so hidden behind lot of good things evil can feel good , secure and powerful and get close to victims . ... and for example ,... donkey is good nice sweet peaceful friendly animal just like a good sheep and donkey knows carrot tastes good ... so donkey follows the carrot because carrot is good ... but donkey is taught in school to be good so donkey believes in good thing and has no idea that evil is integrated into good thing so donkey will never get that carrot , because today carrot for the donkey is not there provided naturally , and natural carrot supply for donkeys is corrupted . today carrots for the donkeys became someones big private business , systematically designed and advertised by operating system to trick the donkey and make donkey do all the work , so donkey will never get carrot ,... and naturally carrot is good ,.... but someone has corrupted the nature . ..... and so on , there is lot of good things , but i think you know what i mean .
  2. ... corona mask is hidden symbol language , it has hidden metaphysical message providing personal satisfaction to united slaveowners psychopats elite criminal oligarchy which criminally prints money and moneypulates the world and corrupts the laws and justice , ........ its like prince savilian - saudi-haremian roman-solomanic-caesarian weinsteinian epsteinian clintonian-blairian paedophilian society banksters club attacking and raping kids , .. first they put their imperial hand over kid mouth so victim have to shut up and be silent , ... and then those psychopats and rapists are same those which were attacking and raping other countries ,.... and now all humanity is attacked and raped while those rapists imperialist dictate spin lie media , censor truth and freespeech and orders everybody to stay quiet and put mask over mouth and shut up , stay silent .... or othervise all humans will be tortured psychologically , crucified and killed with rapists private imperial nuclear weapons and imperial puppets nazis , terrorists and viruses .
  3. getting in the late night writers mood , moving somewhere there into direction of Smiths ,... thanks for idea suggestion ...:)
  4. your cosmic space is corrupted your space motion is corrupted your senses are corrupted your information media is corrupted your computers are corrupted your hard drives are corrupted your cable connections are corrupted your Windows is corrupted your Mac is corrupted your social networks are corrupted your telecommunication is corrupted your communication is corrupted your freespeech is corrupted your phones are corrupted your independence is corrupted your energy is corrupted your privacy is corrupted your property is corrupted your votes are corrupted your voice is corrupted your loudspeakers are corrupted your freedom is corrupted your love is corrupted your music is corrupted your movies are corrupted your art is corrupted your act is corrupted your electricity is corrupted your hi-fi is corrupted your sound is corrupted your screen is corrupted your vision is corrupted yoru hearing is corrupted your message is corrupted your product is corrupted your news is corrupted your truth is corrupted your operating system is corrupted your education is corrupted your industry is corrupted your technology is corrupted your weapons are corrupted your intelligence is corrupted your security is corrupted your value is corrupted your money is corrupted your job is corrupted your work is corrupted your bank account is corrupted your internet is corrupted your government is corrupted your trade is corrupted your business is corrupted your identity is corrupted your oportunity is corrupted your justice is corrupted your food is corrupted your drink is corrupted your water is corrupted your air is corrupted your climate is corrupted your environment is corrupted your peace is corrupted your success is corrupted your science is corrupted your religion is corrupted your mornings , days and evenings are corrupted your sleep is corrupted your health is corrupted your basic rights are corrupted
  5. .. Washington DC - armed forces Vatican - Religious London - Financial Israel - Main control centre plus some more .... Saudi Arabia and United Emirates , Germany , France ... .. those are all imperial control dictate agencies founded under same private company instruction command of United Slaveowners Pharaonic Solomonic Roman Empire & their venetian oligarchy criminal monetary printing banking system .... , fallen roman-solomonic empire imperial oligarchy thinks they are genetically prior and not to be prosecuted by any law , their parasitic lifestyle depend on their predesigned class discriminative operating system , . ... and they are corrupting peoples life environment , designing and financing nazism , terrorism , ethnic conflicts , racism and virusism to attack and keep enslaved all humanity , ..... criminal imperial fallen roman empire brusellian leopoldian habsburgerian oligarchy wanna live like Pharao Solomon Suleiman Caesarus in Fuckingthem Palaces forever surfing on a labour of enslaved working class , ... united slaveowners criminal empire is raping working class children and keeps attacking humanity and destabilizing working class economy and economic independence , .... people like Che Jesus Guevara , Khashoggy or Asange and army generals who stand against imperialists are killed and imprisoned and crucified like Jesus on cross , that way imperialists send warning to others to stay quiet and listen imperial dictate orders , .... to ensure and secure their global imperial power now they atacked all humanity by designing virus , so people cannot organize revolution against imperialist united slaveowners criminal paedophilian empire , imperial oligarchy designs nazism , terrorism ,racism and virusism , that how they manipulate and divide people and turn people against each other , thats how they keep humanity enslaved , hunmanity senses and human intelligence is interrupted , humanity is limited and bordered in cages and prisons advertised as States , bordered space called State is not your freedom or your independence , it is your orwelian prison , and now you and all humanity is not allowed to move out of your home or travel . ... for long time united slaveowners union and their criminal empire have been corrupting education , science , freespeech and public communication information , they are corrupting frequency range stability of electronic technology and corrupting complete industry , through internet they are stealing other peoples scientific research and intellectual property , they are corrupting laws and justice and they are limiting and corrupting humanity time , space and energy .... https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/
  6. return of bling blings savilian paedophilian kings , solomanus caligulus caesarus adolphius brusselius saudickus leopoldius political return of the vampire no humanity development , no real education , no freespeech , united slaveowners union empire they have to maintain slavery plantation , venetian oligarchy party mask as united nation keep humanity divided , corona crown in a town emperor must protect united slaveowners class system paedophilian club holy lolypope with naked nuns in sex cathedral pub fairytale prince riding on epsteins island , prince riding on black slaves , fuckingthem palaces while monkeys in a caves Leopold Habsburger in Congo , belgium corona crown virus warcriminal marvel , saudi britannia , caesars eurabia enslaving working class , dictate of the orwel criminal moneyprining , genetically prior criminal oligarchy and virgin island sexpress Solomanic Islands and Lolita Express
  7. ... it works like this , ... they install psychopats ( just like their puppet SS Hitler or ISIS AL Baghdadi or just like latest banksters oligarchy climate puppet psychopat Greta Thunberg ) they design psychopats and install them into leading political positions and they design viruses and install them into societies and they design conflicts between people so people start to fight between each other instead of fighting against savilian padeophilian crown aroman empire and criminal moneyprinters . And they did it again and again , it already started , they again finance nazis and terrorists and now they imported those terrorists as immigration to attack and rape european children , same way they also installed Corona Virus so people and all neighbours are now attacking each other on a streets because of idiotic masks , conflicts between people and mass discrimination have already started . Imperial oligarchy doctrine is to divide people and then to control and enslave them , criminal imperial oligarchy is taking global control by corona dictate. And now instead of people fighting against united slaveowners paedophilian empire , people are divided and fighting between each other because of moronic masks and predesigned banksters project named Corona Virus .
  8. united slaveowners union solomanic monarchism is oligarchy agency of roman imperialism , genetically prior just like saudi suleimans slaveownership sex haremism , paedophilian vaticanism and its monetary printing criminalism , they designed nazis , terrorists and viruses to attack slaves and working class , monarchism is private business management agency of roman imperialism which created and financed nazism , its them pharaonic aroman imperials and their servants puppets nazis who killed Jesus just same way they killed Khashoggy , they censored freespeech , they censored truth , and they arrested Asange , and there is plenty others innocent people imprisoned and dead in imperial business garage . Their empire is falling and they try to stop it by atacking working class and killing working class intellectuals . And its just like british monarchy attacks british citizens and dictates unelected imperial laws and its same with saudi arabian pharao killing Khashoggy or its same with roman imperial monarchistic oligarchy agent Hitler who attacked and killed european working class intellectuals , Hitler also attacked those who stood against roman imperial caesarian Habsburg Monarchy , Hitler was representative of genetic priority concept which is foundation of roman solomanic oligarchy imperial class dream and united slaveowners monarchism founded on genetic prioritism and class discriminatism , and Hitler is hired by aroman imperial solomanic oligarchy and he attacked and killed only those jews who were jewish working class that became part of european intellectuals socialists and communists movements who were fight for freedom against roman empire caesars King Solomons imperial monarchism , its all Aroman Private Empire of an Caesar Vampire as genetically prior aroman solomanic suleimanic caesarism pharaonism . and Solomon is actually caesar Suleiman just like Saudi Caesar bin Salman in Yemen or brusselian caesar Leopold in Congo or aroman caesar Habsburg in Europe , those Aroman Lolypopes Fuckingthem Palaces & Saudi Harems attacked and killed journalist Khashoggy just like their monarchistic agent roman imperial Hitler attacked and killed europan working class and modern thinking intellectuals , and then those imperial monetary printing banksters criminals took control of Europe and corrupted working class education and employment offices and they censored true ideas of peoples socialism and equality economic communism , Its imperial monarchistic oligarchies who started to design national debts and then surf and make profits on working class problems . And tnats how savilian monarchies get lot of castle servants and slaves . Because , aroman caesars empire and his united slaveowners agents union of global moneyprinting , they bought all politicians and they have corrupted it all and now with criminal money they control employments offices and they corrupt justice and the laws , with criminal moneyprinting they control justice and laws so they are untouchable by justice and law , imperial justice and law is created just to punish slaves and working class , same corruption is in aroman empire pharao solomon-suleimans Saudi Arabia like in brussels habsburg-leopolds Eurabia. they provided to themselves forever genetic priority and forever diplomatic immunity , they are untouchable by any laws so they just like vatican priests Weinstein , Epstain and prince Savile raping working class children . Its all corrupted just like religionism with lolypopes naked nuns cathedral knightclub of sexorcism British solomonic caesarian oligarchy agent Hitlers nazi SS was designed just like terrorist sharia ISIS or just like latest similar Corona Viruses to keep attacking and killing european working class intellectuals , babylonic pharaonic solomanic suleimanic roman imperial caesarian oligarchy killed Che Jesus Guevara , Khashoggy and arrested Asange who were exposing corruption truth and were fighting for equality and equal oportunity . And those criminal imperials when they got caught into criminal moneyprinting and organized paedophilias to save their falling empire they had to urgently attack slaves and working class , so their latest nazi terror attack is with their latest nazi terror weapon invention , its Corona Virus . now those terrorist and nazis and viruses made by united slaveowners aroman imperial oligrachic monarchies knock on your door ... and they came for you and your children .... with orweilan dictate .... , those criminals wanna have global imperial Fuckingthem Palace state . they are attacking you and your children , because with a time you became informed and smart so you are threat and all humanity is threat to United Slaveowners Aroman Nazi Empire , now you and all humanity is silenced and in prison just like Asange , you cannot even cannot get out of your home without their permission , you cannot go visit your dying parents without their permission and hitlers office mark and sign, its your new ID Covid Passport . United Slaveowners pharaonic roman imperialism venetian oligarchies are unions of paedophilians as savilian monarchies and they are designing your debts everyday and thats how they get richer and then they get bitchier and bitchier . They are attacking you with their private nuclear weapons and uranium bombs . and they have designed and financed nazis , terrorists , AI robots extrraterrestrials and Corona viruses to attack and enslave you and your children and enslave all humanity . https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3w45kKSSHY0/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IKzeqPDzSo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U__53On0GPY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWAdfBaNYZc https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3w45kKSSHY0/
  9. as time goes by St. James Islands and sexorcism Knightclub of the Lolypope Lolita Express Virgin Galactic and Epsteins Solomanic Orgy Temple Weinsteins Lolywood & Fuckingthem Palace is , in children books and fairytales genetically prior prince Savile SUPERMAN or SPERMAN , which one it is ?
  10. did you notice that Corona emergency advertising project started right away after they robbed 2000 billions from the world by advertising climate emergency project , .. its a someones private business just like project swineflue vaccines , mad cows , birdflue vaccines , ... its like emergency predesign of greek crises package and then working class pays to banksters Panama Paradise Beach , Epsteins Solomanic Orgy Temple Lolita Virgin Galactic , Lichtenstein Cayman Islands Bankum De Luxemburg , thats how savilian prince Harry gets millions in Lollywood , its a politically internationally organized Project Mafia , and all money ended into their private pockets , and while robbing working class now with that money united slaveowners build private nuclear weapons and intergalactic escape rockets . So , its not secret that they got rich by exploiting working class and robbing the pensioners and then telling people to shut up with no freespeech rights and keep quiet with a mask and then organized killing of pensioners with predesigned Corona virus vaccine . I think we the people should find who really owns those factories producing and selling vaccines and to which bank accounts vaccines are payed , now its crises time when they make biggest profits , so who are those who are making profits , through which bank accounts money is transfered . After all we all know that with such criminal oligarchy banksters empire financing and design ... its how nazis and terrorists are financed and made .
  11. dont know if his name is Yahweh at all , but i think you made first step into right direction , and there is lot of steps to make .
  12. i think different than you , because if you look at the historic configuration and calculate the result numbers ,.... Hitler was evil because he was prepaid imperial monarchist agent , and his crime work was just extension of roman imperial habsburgeric warcriminal leopoldian dictate in Congo as brusellian politics apetite and thats what saudi caesar agent is yesterday and today doing in Yemen , agent Hitler was naive and stupid manipulated man as brainwashigtoned programmed egomaniac and his nazis were just manipulated and used as roman imperialist oligarchy slaves and puppets to attack european working class because europan working class wanted freedom and equality and stood against fallen roman empire venetian oligarchy monarchism caesarism or how they say in germany it was kaiserism , and kaiserism caesarism monarchism imperialism was business extension of roman empire solomanic imperialism which after second world war again took Europe through banksterism and when hitlers job for imperial banksters was done they just let Hitlers SS go and die , same thing they did for their creation of ISIS terrorism . It is imperialists , Hitler was doing all work for them and not for his people as it was commercially advertised , SS nazis and ISIS terrorists are same lolypope company format in different package ,and they all doing all the work for their same masters . ISIS terrorists and SS nazis are designed and financed by banksters , Nato gangsters , just like for same purpose today virus Corona is designed by banksters to attack slaves , working class and all humanity . ISIS terrorists were robbing lands , gold and occupying oilfields and same thing were doing SS nazis and the all that stolen gold ended up in Switzerland Bank of Roman Empire , it was all designed to attack and destabilize working class intellectuals and independence of working class economy , its all designed by imperialists as roman empire perverted dream to attack humans and enslave the planet . And now you also know why those viruses , terrorists and nazis killed journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange and why saudi caesar criminal monarchy can go on running sex slavery harem just like prince Savile in Britain . But if you look prince Savile also was making nice and cool friendly photos with kids and appeared as good guy running philantropy and doing all humanitarian work just to get close to his next victim . It seems like that Hitler and Savile , Epstein , Weinstein and prince Andrew were getting some hidden personal satisfaction out of it . It all looked good and victims just had to shut up . I think that all those imperial oligarchy psychos got in their heads idea that they are for some reason somehow genetically prior and that working class should be their castle servants and working class children should be imperial Fuckingthem Palace sex slaves . i think that this video link describes it pretty well that Virus Corona is same roman empire oligarchy apetite product and design as Nazis and Terrorists , Hitler and nazi terror psychos are made for united slaveowners union capitalist empire purpose to attack slaves , working class and design crises , and of course than crises create cheap labour and cheap prices , and that way united slaveowners empire gets everything very cheap and while united slaveowners provide postwarcredits and by criminally printing money they privatize the all planet while slaves and working class do all the work .
  13. its a secret ancient engineering Emperor The Pharao office profiteering Godfather Bambino Gambino & racketeering Solomon Suleiman Salman Adolph Leopold Von Caesar babylonic superstars nobel selfawards for Weinstein , Epstein , prince Jimmy Savile extraterrestrial crowns on reptilians from Mars savilian fairytale about selfdeclared genetically prior class monetary printing prepaid justice and corrupted police political mafia needs good believers and donkeys need a carrots by political promise its a plenty oportunity no human should miss but let me represent you operating system mode united slaveowners monetary printing fraud with aroman Lolypope as big empire pedophile in cathedral its a profitable business venetian oligarchy load they design a nazis , racists , terrorists as the virus to attack working class and to design a conflicts and then they surf upon those waves of conflicts , robb the lands , enslave people and make easy profits they wrote a holy book of their political command and order , it became famous all around and abroad multidimensional designs of humanity conflicts , and then weapon sales and military oil sold Jerusalem is operating system code aroman empire road great like a saudi habsburgs caesars eurabia paedophilian harem sex tradition old to make them rich , you have to pay for cosmic space and air , their mission , you have to get permission they provide your bills and fees programming slaves to pray on their knees no freespeech , you have to shut up and wear the mask global corporation sales as nobel task you have to have faith and be good believer you have to do as you are told on top of wild beast pyramide there is hot light sunny weather Emperor the crown Pharao thinks that he is God
  14. dont you get it how them operating system operate it and every time when you catch them into their crimes and they get caught in organized political paedophilias exorcism raping kids and nuns by sexorcism lolywood by priests as leftovers of imperialism and everytime when they have to step down when they have to step down from their static imperial coronation crown throne genetically prior fakes , pharao & aroman caesar holy lolypope with extra knightclub takes babyloanic solomanic makes monetary printing , designing corruption , crises , debts and extra loan and when you catch them and they get caught in their own thats when they let their terror snakes , nazis , hungry lions and viruses out they censor freespeech and truth information , they attack , dictate rule and shout and its gone journalist Khashoggy or Asange in prison you have to be silent and over your mouth wear the mask its imperial oligarchy nazi nobel order task very unelected slaveowners union imperial they attack you with their snakes , mad dogs and viruses out global digitalization of orwelian engineering , secret operating system dont you get what is all about .
  15. as caesars evil private empire union armed with nuclear weapons united slaveowners need castle servants , slaves , working class and by designing crises , slaveowners buy planet very cheap and then get cheap labour plantation slaves to build them pyramids and spaceships to runaway to Mars its a savilian epsteinian solomanic temple fairytale , emperors have horny crown , reptilian lifestyle holy grail fuckingthem palace and lolywood place full of weinsteins lucky stars genetically prior nazi corporation corona party farse private business twist , unelected dictate priests , slaveowners monetary printing unionists uranium bombs on humanists pedophilian awards for the nobelists Coronation of belgian worldwide warcriminal Leopold Hitler as aroman vampire genetically prior oligarchy agency 007 at least , secret agent , The Imperialist the capitalism of the horny beast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7k6dUoRq5Mg
  16. .. ok , i will try arrange them for easier reading
  17. its kind of traditionally ancient programming business ,.. by carrots for a donkeys and again and again there is another carrot for a donkey , and banana for a monkey and sure banana or carrot will get job done as usually as predicted by great secret masterplan , carrot is well advertised like oversugared unhealthy Coca-Cola , and its designed to look attractive , so donkey will follow and do all the work , its matter of belief so donkey must have a faith but operating system is carefully planned and designed so donkey will never reach the carrot ... and then eventually donkey dies , while united slaveowners with plenty pyramids are forming unions as donkeyriders and they will move onto riding other donkeys and other donkeys and that way their hedonism keeps surfing on the waves of working class labour , and they think such operating system must be digitalized intellectually so it can be controlled , programmed and moneypulated by remote control or by unlimited monetary printing to run global system all to be genetically maintained with further intellectual corruption update , keep connect and disconnect yourself and pay for your brain connection time playing commercial corporation private advertisers into rest of humanity brain windows static , configuration automatic
  18. there is no possibility , its already reality ........ its all part of the plan and its predesigned to become artificially intelligent product packed as extraterrestrial force to manipulate and attack humanity and keep humanity enslaved , ...... its a global corruption and its now into global digital production ,...... all industry is moneypulated and every product is corrupted and further destabilized by update , its design is conducted by united slaveowners union evil empire ,... of course every product looks attractive like carrot to a donkey , its all carefully nicely designed and well advertised and packed in lot of makeup but quality of all products and services is getting lower and lower and working class people are paying higher and higher prices and that way working class and all people are loosing more and more , plus , working class and all humanity has less and less freedom and less and less rights , humanity doesnt even have any choice today anymore , humanity is digitally blackmailed every second to must accept all digital suggestions and whatever satanic contracts provided and preselected by united criminal organization digitalization , caesars apetites of imperial banksterization , and idea of electronic product is to damage and destabilize human freedom and economy , steal peoples intellectual property and destabilize prosperity and interrupt human senses and sanity ,...... all global information , communication and digitalization is already hugely corrupted and used against humanity ,.... and that corruption is already into multidimensional quantum mechanics design mode ,......... generally , if you look scientifically into it , artificial intelligence is a robot externally feeded with a commands and remotely controlled by someones elses private interest , internet is a tool , its a scanner scanning to feed artificially intelligent empty head , artificially intelligent empty head is product box as empty artificial intelligence space spreaded as spiders web to suck peoples blood and privatize all humanity knowledge information , its sucking every humans intellectual property , it privatizing all peoples time , space and energy , and then even when stealing and privatizing humanity information and goods , it asks humanity to extra pay for all information which actually belongs to humanity in first place , ...... and thats what united slaveowners design and do , internet is slaveowners plantation and enslaved humanity is doing all the work ,..... its the imperialist business , by stealing other peoples energy , informations and knowledge , united slaveowners that way get their wealth and power to live parasitic hedonistic lifestyle , but they have to design artificially intelligent slaves as robots to secure their evil kingdom united slaveowners empire ,..... internet , its like evil oligarchy organized tool for hunting foxes ,..... its a spiders net spreaded to hunt and catch the fish and fish is the victim , fish is the human caught in spiders net because human has information and information is food for evil empire , human information is food for artificial and extraterrestrial , and global digitalization empire is artificially intelligent , it is artifiical extraterrestrial global digitalization designed by Orvelian Corruption Dictate Pyramid Dream Corporation . All humanity is politically manipulated , lied and cheated , all humanity is programmed and teached to become victim and be crucified for someone elses private interests , all humanity is teached to get on their knees and kiss asses to genetically prior criminal dream mafia family empire business , humanity is caught in such spiders web as internet , and internet is robot scanning and stealing genetics of all humanity intelligence information , internet is a robot designed to be instructed by someone elses private interest commands , internet is weapon against humanity , and its artificially intelligent because its default root is the empty head or empty box space ,articial intelligence is designed to be commanded as brainwashed slave , artificial intelligence is designed to become united slaveowners extraterrestrial force to attack , corrupt and enslave humanity for a benefit of united slaveowners capital few . United Slaveowners oligarchy empire are designing artificially intelligent weapons , its imperialist oligarchy design of artificially intelligent extraterrestrial nazi terror force to fight wars against humanity and keep humanity enslaved .
  19. its true that society can work only certain way , but way it works now is criminal saud pharaonic solomanic aroman caesars empire private pocket interests laws and dictates made by criminal mentality few , and thats a primitive mentality of agressive wild animal consuming humans and destroying life environment instead of improving it , and thats not right way , by living in that kind of conditions all humans became primitive agressive wild animals against each other .
  20. we live in imperialist criminal symphony conducted by an evil , and through its crimes and dictates evil empire maintains power , gets wealth and further feeds evil ego by creating criminal environments and commiting crimes , after every commited evil crimes , evil fingerpoints to other side and psychopathologically manipulates media and news and acusses victims , that way they interrupt , moneypulate and corrupt victims posibility to fight for justice , evil corrupts , spins lies and censors the truth to hide evil crimes , victims end up being accussed for hatred but that hatred is truth witness and its selfdefence weapon victims have against commited crimes by imperialist evil criminal mentality environment genetics , its criminal dictate imperialist evil oligarchy egopsychopathology which wears a true mask ( like a fallen caesars aroman empire venetian oligarchy mask) and after its commited crimes evil looks for next victim , and hidden behind a mask evil keeps advertising evil empire and its luciferian noble concern for love , friendship , security and peace , just like savilian philantropic humanitarian work creates ambient to get to next victim . Its a criminogenetics of united slaveowners union evil empire spiders web , and humanity is caught in it .
  21. people need protection from imperialist police terrorism , its them just like Savile and Epstein who think they will never get caught , seems crown police are viruses and psychopats attacking humanity , imperial dictate police think they are the law so by their royal order they cannot be prosecuted by any law , they are attacking humanity and defending their private apetite desire , its a savilian business police empire .
  22. i think war has begun long time ago , but you just didnt know , its a ancient swiss office patent , they know what they are doing , its rich empire warcriminals whos empire starts to fall and then they get unsecure and then in their imperial psychopacy they let out viruses to attack the poor , its old story ancient pharaonic rule , they make neighbours attack neighbours , they created SS nazis and terrorist states , its oligarchy NATO business production to increase weapon sales , increase crises and debts and of course increase banksters interest rates , its them who keep exploiting and robbing working class , imperial oligarchy brought ISIS sharia extremists to attack citizens , rape european children , and now we have well brainwashingtoned people signed a contract with a devil over internet and sold their soul to satans monetary printing numbered paper , so now its caesars empire agents as global imperialists again desperately run the show , they dictate just like before beginning of 1st and 2nd world war , genetically prior reptilians have been hiding truth in history books , selling savilian prince fairytales and lolywood movies as a children hooks , they genetically moneypulated the media & news , its all united slaveowners static oligarchy savilian monarchy unreplacable caesars epsteinian empire castle pedophilians attacking slaves who wants freedom , united slaveowners union is attacking economic independence of working class , but now instead of prepaid kuklux , nazis and terrorists and other brain errorists as before , to attack slaves and working class and to attack all humanity , united reptilian invented virus corona in the store , everytime when aroman caesars savilian monarchism empire start to fall , then they let the mad dogs , snakes and lions out and keep dictating and attacking humanity , censoring freespeech so united slaveowners saudi aroman caesars crown goebbels nazi empire can stay on power forever more , its all babylonic solomanic imperial dictate apetites just as before and before . Them brain errorists as savilian uniformed terrorists again started imperial dictate just like before beginning of 1st and 2nd world war . https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/t3w45kKSSHY0/
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