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  1. On 9/22/2020 at 11:57 PM, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Basic Summary:


    - After Tesla died, a (Communist?) nephew he hated all his life tried to forcibly get hold of Tesla's Documents

    - The U.S. Government moved in, fearing that the AXIS powers may get hold of the "Death Ray"

    - Donald Trump's uncle - a scientist at MIT - was the first expert to examine the huge troves of documents seized

    - There wasn't much new there, Trump reported, apart from a method to send Electricity through the EARTH'S CRUST using RESONANCE

    - But a young SCIENTIST named FITZGERALD, who was a CONFIDANT OF TESLA in his last years, contacted the U.S. Government

    - FITZGERALD knew things about the DEATH RAY from talks with TESLA


    - TESLA claimed that his Death Ray "COULD MELT THE ENGINE OF AN ENEMY AIRPLANE FROM 250 MILES AWAY" before dying


    https://vault.fbi.gov/nikola-tesla/Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03



    i think you might dont know what you are talking about , you have to check the time , ....

    Tesla died in 1943 , ... and communist Yugoslavia is formed 1945 ,.... before that it was Yugoslavian Kingdom ..

    .... and i dont know if Teslas  cousin was US  citizen  but he was from capitalist oligarchy Kingdom of Yugoslavia  which was  under conduct of imperial Britain and roman jesuit vatican bank runned by habsburg Rothschild ,  ....... same  just like there was time when US was puppet of imperial Britain  ,

    and same as what Britain today is , so its roman empire oligarchy , ...   its not communists , it is imperialists capitalists  ,

    ..  Teslas cousin was from oligarchy Kingdom of Yugoslavia and not communist ,  

    but  Tesla cousin maybe possibly might had some simpathy for socialist ideas because Kingdom just like Britain was exploiting and robbing  the working class and nation so maybe he didnt like a Kingdom   

    .... but then   you could say same way that teslas cousin might also had sympathy for roman imperial capitalist dictatorship  and genetically prior class discriminative Kingdom... and thats why then Tesla didnt like him ... ,

    however ,  Tesla as scientist had bit of modern future thinking (which you could find even in future  social and communist  elements ) in ideas to provide free energy to humanity , its purely scientific idea for benefit of humanity and planet   ,  

    you can find those kind of ideas  in John Lennon too , maybe thats why they killed him.


    ....... and then , romansolomanic imperial oligarchy banker  rothschild puppet J.P. Morgan  didnt like Teslas free energy  idea  because  western United Slaveowners Empire and their criminal bankers wanted to keep humanity enslaved and make money out of Free Tesla Energy supply invention

    and when they couldnt make money out of it  they attacked and bombed Tesla Free Energy  Tower  transmitter  invention  and they killed scientist Nikola Tesla , 


    .... so you see ,  its united slaveowners roman-solomanic  empire imperialist capitalists oligarchy who killed Jesus and Native Indians ,.... its not communists ,..... Jesus was communist ,thats why they killed him , ..... 


    communist Yugoslavia was formed later  in 1945 when european working class fought war against slaveowners and against roman empire capitalist habsburg monarchistic oligarchy imperial dictate agent Hitler terror (Virus Corona)  who  was financed  by imperialist oligarchy bankers to attack and occupy Europe and secure imperial dictate power over Europe and european working class  , ....

  2. 13 hours ago, Kais_1 said:

    Serious and non racist replies only please.


      i came here in peace  ,  .. but guess what i find .... it seems  you are not in peace with your mind  .

    ...  would you like  to be a judge in here  maybe and define who is who and what is what ? ... maybe you should decide and say who is guilty for what ,  .... and  of course forget your own crimes and let your own  ego  think that you are not . 

     , ... you could also execute people on basis of your judgement , and then when people in selfdefence return you back , you could as logically related to your imaginary brain accusse them of agression.

    dont you see that  your comments are not polite , ...

    on your question initiative  people start friendly in peace communicating with you telling their story

    and right away you are accusing and blaming other people  for something  that only your ego  psychologicaly falsely  imagine ,..... and really dont worry you are not that important  that anybody should practice racism 

    .... and  it must be voice of your unsecurity for some reason only you know   , maybe its psychological  , you should check yourself  because its good for health

    ......  and it must be your ego which thinks that there is something  connected to Quran  in your name while Quran is talking absolutely about other person and other persons name  and you have nothing to do with it , except that you maybe was reading a book that somebody else have wrote ,... then your ego starts to imagine things and then you take a egotrip which has no connection to reality

    , just as your broken imagination  find racism somewhere where it doesnt exist  and your accusations of racism have no connection to reality ,   just as  question you asked has no connection to reality , and there you get answer what you asked for in this thread .

     ....  and  i dont really  understand where did you find racism , and why do you feel like that ,..  why dont you say hello and communicate with people  and maybe answer a their simple question ,.

    .. but at same time  in here you actually expect people to answer your question  , isnt it ? ... the way you react to things it does look like you have some ego problem ,   

    the way your imagination found racism in place where is racism not , it is a same way where you found that  Quran is mentioning your name ....,

    .. are you aware that Quran is mentioning absolutely someone elses name  , and that is other person and not you at all  ,.......  you should really explain that to yourself  before you properly communicating with others . Because we all are here communicating openly for friendly reasons promoting peace , .... we are not accusing anybody or promoting racism like you do ..... when you accuse somebody or blame for racism without  real reason or evidence ..... than its you who attacks other people and starts agression  ...  and you have to know and be aware  for every your agression people will return with even more powerful selfdefence , .....  and then thats how you destroy yourself ,.....  its your responsibility  to live in peace ... or  if you  think that you are entitled to be a  judge to blame or execute others ... than you cant expect any better in return . 

  3. On 10/1/2020 at 1:59 PM, oz93666 said:

    Jorden Maxwell ..." It might be a comet , it might be a woll war (world war) ...it's going to be horrible , horrible , it will effect the the whole Earth , it's going to be like 9/11 was for NY , but for the whole Woll"


    We shall see . 


    We already had a thread on this , it was suppose to happen Sept to Oct 




     Jordan knew something  then ,  because whole woll is in trouble now  ,.... we are dealing with whole wars of whole  wolls 

  4. 11 hours ago, Woodsman said:

    Hello all. I think the UK GOV intend before this weekend to vote on extending the Lockdown Legislation and introduction of Protest Regulations. Unsure if this is Parliament / House of Lords? Links to this welcome ASAP as several people I told said need real evidence. I also understand new fine of FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS to those who wish to travel abroad on HOLIDAYS. WTH!! Lunatics. 

    ... they have to save their fallen empire and savilian class monarchy private discrimination genetically prior  business  ,

     Fuckingthem Palace , for them its been a  big profitable business by doing nothing for long time  

    and lot of preselected organized crime castle  politicians live very luxus life by robbing working class plus raping working class children 

    and its all secured by their  private  police and their imperial private  law  ,  

    it must go on united slaveowners show 

    now they have  to increase their private  security measures  and attack working class by letting out  prepaid nazis , terrorists and viruses 

    such oligarchy  criminally printed money and then  designed national debts by their pocket stimulative credits 

    they created national minuses 

    so they have to  now censor freespeech  because truth shouldnt come out , 

    they have to arrest everybody who speaks truth and have evidence about royal empire warcrimes around the world  ,..... 

    so working class people now cannot even get out of their homes , because  people could then  unite , protest and someone could see it

    everybody must be in prison like Asange and wear a mask to be silent like  epsteins and prince andrews victims  . 

    Those who dont obey the dictate order will be punished , tortured and killed like Jesus  or journalist Khashoggy ,..

    its Aroman Vampire Empire like Saudi Britannia  or Unelected Brusselian  Union of Eurabia ,

    ... you  know , its a  clintonian Solomons Temple Harem sexslaves  orgy party  at Virgin Islands  St. James, , Lolita Express  Virgin Intergalactic , 

     Weinsteins Lollywood & Holy Lolypope Sexorcism Knightclub  Cathedrals with naked nuns and kids on their knees , its  fantastic , 

     or Terramar Project Ghislain Maxwell organizing paedophilian orgies for United Nations

    they have to demonstrate their savilian power  and  let people know who is really  in a charge ,

    its a global  evil empire as unelected private business corporation .

  5. On 3/18/2021 at 3:00 AM, Clarissa said:

    This thing is The Matrix. It's down the road from my house in Holland. Big story here coming & I'm very keen to expose exactly what this is. I know most people here are men but it's not the men who've got a problem with this, it's women. We're all DNA trapped in it. Mother Earth anybody? It's all the way from 1 to the 33 degree line is this. It's absolutely horrifying to look into it as well. There was 8 men attached to it @ Soul level called Hehs. Its programmed by the Book of the Heavenly Cow which has 330 pages for the 330 levels for women's bodies. There are also 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry & 10 degrees in the York Chapter which multiplying equals to 330, down at their Mother Lodges. 


    Its got a name... 




    On the other side of the road is a strange black cross the size of a cradle. 


    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World. 


    Just to be sure, there's sign 500m away saying The Matrix. 









    Clarissa ,....  what is that building and place exactly from that photo with King Solomons table , and what that table is used for in there , .. did you shot that photo by yourself ...?.

  6. On 5/23/2020 at 2:01 AM, Kais_1 said:

    Surah Najm - chapter 53, states there are 3 pagan goddesses






    al-lat = allah 


    only letter that differs is the T to a H


    which are both 8


    this chapter is also known as the satanic verses...you should google this.


    i was also born on the 8th of august



    i dont know what this means...


    all i know thus far is that this is the matrix, i am inside , maybe its just me, and you people are Ai


    the quran came from my parents, i keep thinking that this is about me and someone i know like my parents must have wrote it ,because its so close to the truth.


    like a software program like in the matrix....im talking about religion here...


    im not6sure what the significance might be.....if its just me then it dont mean anything.....if there is more than me then only time will tell....


    after posting this thread....i have already seen someone i lknow watching a video called "stabbed in the back"






    On 5/22/2020 at 11:38 PM, Kais_1 said:

    My name is Mohammed....i have recently discovered that my name, date of birth, street name and house number is coded into Surah Najm 53 and Surah Mohammed 47.

    i have tried posting my findings....no one seemed interested though....or maybe you are all bots, and i am in fact conversing with AI.

    hei Moe  , ...  here we are  in this place on planet Earth ,  somehow  i am born at same day and same time as Jesus was born , and i had no idea where i am and whats really going  in here  ,  ..  and then my first  lucky girlfriend was beautiful adriatic blond Virgin Mary whos uncle was emperor Roman Caesar of Vatican and he was nazi ...  and for some  idiotic nazi reason her uncle Roman Caesar Nazi of Vatican started to atack me  ...... and then  ...  there was no other choice  left but to  start the war against Roman Caesar because he was nazi ,.....  and i had to win the war against nazi Roman Caesar  of Vatican so i can  later live in peace and love with my girlfriend  , .... but international media moneypulated and   lied everything and said that i started the war , ...  and truth  is it was selfdefence , ....... but imperialist media   accused my innocent army generals  who protected kids from agression of Nazi Caesar of Vatican ,.... .   i mean its a really long story and there was lot of things hapenning and it still does .......  but however  i  know country where every second mans name is Mohammad ,  and i met plenty of them ,  its neverending story ,  lot of them are my friends , everyone of them is born at different date and some are born at same day ,   and if you calculate the numbers just in one place there is at list 20 millions of them just in one place  , sometimes when i call them by name i dont know  how they know to who i am talking to ,....   there must be some kind of secret connection  or meaning , and to tell you truth , .,,  i have  been researching  and thinking littlebit  lately ,  .......  i find connection between Moe &  Moe , .. because lately when people say Moe i started to  wonder do they  mean Mohammad  or they mean Moses .... , .... because both of them are Moes  , ... and then i realized that ...  and even if you look in Spain or Mexico they have Hoses or Hesus  , Jesus , ....... and then i was thinking  because even some words looked familiar or almost  same ...... it looked to me there is connection between words Quran  , Koran , Torah  ...... even my name is almost same ,...   and there is connection between Babylon , Babyl , Bible , Vavilon ...  its a basically same word written by different way by maybe different people and different  type of letters  but still its actually pointing to same thing ,  .......  have you noticed this ? ... i think there is some connection ,...  i dont know , its very complicated  , if somebody could help me with this , ..... it seems its like same thing but written with different letter codes  .... ,  and then there is Moe & Moe ,... but it  could be actually same person we are talking about .

  7. 11 hours ago, novymir said:

    Infinite LOVE Is The Only Truth.

    Anything else is just Matrix generated nonsense.

    Many use the word "truth" and "reality" falsely.

    The Real cannot be harmed or killed. Might want to get in touch with That, it's Within and Everywhere. Waiting.


    He Knew The Truth. And demonstrated It.





    .... he knew truth but he destroyed it , and thats what his enemies exactly wanted ,    .....  most likely he knew truth and  faced unjustice ,.... agression is act of his enemies and he does extends agression move  against himself ,........ selfdestruction has nothing to do with infinity , love , freedom or justice ,  its false believe  and teaching taught  by those who manipulate , program and enslave humanity  to gain private interests  ,   ..... i do like humans and dont like to see human suffer for their basic rights like truth and freedom , ,.... people should help each other , this planets land doesnt belong to anyone but to all ,  naturally cosmic space doesnt have identity race  or a border and cosmic space doesnt need religion writing story  ,  every morning should be every human equal glory , .........  he sends his last communication message trying to expose a prison and pain that he found himself in .... , .... and there is one and only truth and that is that no story starts in a middle of a story ...... but in middle of every story starts another and another story ,..... its neverending human struggle against empires of criminals  and evil minds ......

  8. On 3/17/2021 at 7:47 AM, Michi713 said:

    “The Judgement of the Sun In the Feasts of Saturn”


    Hence it can be pestis omental? reigning rise

    Where? the number of the minuil to man, through all the zones,

    The reasons that it is; celeslia yews

    In which the beauty of this death?  The name of stomach disease.

    State report flies, this is bad because of the sins of the world sent mortal fl.igelium. However, these do seems small mullets responsio2, when he have rendered to the cause of the good reasons for taking the four one, and the to generate the special or proximate cause;

    So whatever he is, he will have ceased, these terms can be laid flat response.

    All things that go down from the highest pinnacle of things.

    However, because it is cruel to do that? It means that the celestial constellations through , a mirror, a heavenly read;

    This book is large, this page is the largest cell contains 4Hisloriae, the kings and potentates;

    The Acts of the will of a pure excepï whom the causal Libera, which would not be forced by the law of nature is,

    All things of the past, present, or things to come

    Of which are in the nature of the object.

    We have already seen that God Himself is rex, moving the horn on which the source and the cause of the origin of Primaque suslinet world, Amen 

    All that matters am on the second,

    For example, the four seasons are caused by the sun

    The times, in which Segel and that all the plants, I now florcnl.

    Among many others confess  Nature rests,

    Which is near the beginning of the cause, in which only a miracle takes place

    Praeler course of nature, which the most high from the sea is

    Ut Aulhidemon guide his wagon curbs rein.



    Нгес their "wonderful reveals the five elements in the stars or the like of their deeds.

    Since He is God from the citadel of the father into the world of the flesh, the ones which in apparel came, the king of the birth of Himself signifîcavil means of the star; be seen in the passion of Christ, by his death, to weep for, it seems for the An eclipse of the. ïalibus actions are not pressed his case, but the signs as a picture of a lion;

    Either as words or letters of the words.


    But God does not have such kind and pious, her ways that her heavenly sécréta see through a glass, reveals it. With which the waters of the world, and overwhelmed him, that when God was living cuncla On account of peccata maculatus, is alone the cause of this was not in the stars, the stars of the chasm, by means of this, although the weather is fuerit2 of evil is sealed. For example, this, and the pestilence, among them, which was the breadth of the Circuit of the whole of the world with a terrible countenance, celeslia the signs of things are revealed. We believe that the kind of crimes which God has brought to this lethal scourge. However, because it did not know the arguments;


    For those who have been washed he judges the world and am going, so that the judgment of the great deep; of which the depth of the. Either by nature or God show this fall, even though its image is displayed in cells;

    Heaven letter which large areas of skin

    The poison of portrayed a mortal teaches that our human race under the stars, heard of the coming years.

    The quality of the image of ail these things, which is the sayings of the poets, as much as possible, I will teach that he wholly followed the figures portrayed. Help me to give three and one who rules.



    Sun is Ra  and Ra is  Sun

    Sun is Sol , Solo-man ,

    Solomon , Solei , Soleiman , Suleiman 

    Solarman , very hot like Saturnian

    Sun is Sol , Sol is Ra , Sun is Star

    Ra is Pharao , aroman ceasaria  ,

    united slaveowners  union harem by Imperia 

    Sun is Sol , Sun is  Ra , 

    Sun has crown , coronation crown name  is Corona 

    Ra , shiny like Pharao who thinks that he is God

    wild animal pyramid ,  International Monetary Printing Fraud 

    slaves are trained to be praying on their knees ,  

    if they dont obey imperial  dictate order 

    theyll be attacked and given to disease.

  9. 17 hours ago, chud said:


    I don't mean hens or fishes that don't even know where they are and why not unlike today's people, but living beings that got a mind and feelings so I propose another solution for the mankind to at last improve itself : quitting killing for food because the better you feel the better you are...




    .... animals need our help just like humans need our help ,  ... animals are hunted and tortured just like humans , ...  living in evil empire  of torture and  fear , animals  had to become predators and  fight back to survive ,  ...  but their genetic code is  creation of life  ,  like humans , it has senses , emotions , intelligence to be developed  ,.....



  10. 14 hours ago, novymir said:

    Untruth imprisons and generates nightmares.

    The Truth Sets Us Free

    ... novymir ,.... i can agree with meaning of other statements ,... but i do find bit of controversial elements in meaning of those last two lines , ..... how you would apply meaning of those sentences above  to case of journalist Khashoggy  or case of Julian Asange ? ....  because when i think about it ,  ,.. they were guys  who told truth and then Khashoggy was urgently silenced and killed ,  and Julian Asange is imprisoned because he told truth and exposed  legal evidence  that imperial governments are organized mafias preselected and not elected at all  ... , .... you can also find plenty people or  army generals imprisoned for life because they knew truth and tried to protect truth and protect people from evil empire .  What do you think  did truth killed Khashoggy and did truth arrested Asange ? ..... and even if you take example of religious story , it seems Jesus was guy who tried to tell truth , and they tortured and killed him , they crucify him on cross to warn other people  to stay silent ,  and now for thousands years people had  to look Jesus tortured and murdered on cross to remember to stay silent and obey empire dictate others or evil empire will kill all people who speak truth  like Jesus , Khashoggy or Asange , ..... now evil empire  is  silencing all humanity and threatening to attack again with letting their puppets evil servants nazis , terrorists and viruses out ,  ... thats how lot of people were killed in first and second world war ,  ....... and also  thats how journalist Khashoggy was killed and Asange arrested  , isnt it ? .... .......... and those who stood against such evil empire and fought for truth , if they didnt tell and stand for  truth in  the world would they be now alive and free ?

  11. 10 hours ago, Jikwan said:

    Start with education

    Of course you are right

    You realize that to properly educate the kids to be wise, decent adults takes 5 to 10 years

    We havnt the luxury of time

    If nothing big is done in the next 6 months we are totally fucked

    Every thing going digital..your money goes digital

    Standard basic income will be issued shortly

    Social credit score is on the horizon

    Millions, probably hundreds of millions will be homeless due to unemployment, rent and morgage payments not met and ruinous food prices


    We need solutions that have massive effects NOW! ...OR NEXT WEEK...THIS MONTH


    10 hours ago, Jikwan said:

    Start with education

    Of course you are right

    You realize that to properly educate the kids to be wise, decent adults takes 5 to 10 years

    We havnt the luxury of time

    If nothing big is done in the next 6 months we are totally fucked

    Every thing going digital..your money goes digital

    Standard basic income will be issued shortly

    Social credit score is on the horizon

    Millions, probably hundreds of millions will be homeless due to unemployment, rent and morgage payments not met and ruinous food prices


    We need solutions that have massive effects NOW! ...OR NEXT WEEK...THIS MONTH

    ... i realize that what you say ,......  you do  ask most difficult question in a world and answers for those are not easy and you know ,  ... its really something i should  littlebit think about , because it needs  proper answer ,  .... solution is based always  on some kind of proper scientific format concept 

    and to implement scientific format concept is a process , .......

    and those organized corruptionists who we should prevent in getting their system dictate  further enslaving  humanity globally  ,

    they have been developing , stealing other peoples intellectual propery  and hugely  investing for a long time exactly to destabilize human mind and corrupt human  time , space and energy ,

    ....... i see that you know what is situation  and i understand your asking for a quick magical  scientific formula , effect or martial trick  to  override and destabilize their  power . I am aware and looking and researching for a same .


    ... at this first moment i can say theres are  only few theoretical possibilities ,... and you asked earlier is there one good thing ....... and yes i think that there  is one good thing ,... this might sound bit science fiction now ,...... but believe me some most complicated things are in real sometimes  very simple ,......... through my scientific interest research i found out that there is always new miracle in nature and it can become one practical possibility , .....  there is one hidden secret force or process that you have to know how  to  stimulate or initiate  ,.... its like when scientist discovers something new , a new phenomenon in nature  and then starts to research deeper ,.... ,   there is one good thing about  nature law  and when its used  properly it becomes a secret  force  of unlimited power ,..... that force is foundation of cosmic space expansion and infinity , and i think that force must be foundation of proper future world development ,............ and power of that nature law and force is that no matter what is force infront of you ..  you can always beat it ,........  i have only touched the little surface of that force and  did bit of private study of  that for long time  so i do  know something about  it  , capacity of that is unlimited  and i think no matter how much i know  i know stilll very little , ....... and even that knowledge helped me hack and understand present operating system ,.......  but those people that we have to deal with might know that force  too , its just matter how much they know about it , .... what i know is that if theres are some knowing about it there is no too many of them knowing properly about it ........, i am thinking now  really how convert and integrate  that force into present situation , ......

    however internet and websites are not proper places to discuss such important strategies  .


    ... you also mentioned time factor ,... and that is that we might not have enough time ,

     mostly you are right about it    ,.....  its another thing to think littlebit ,.... those people we are dealing with have mastered time , space and energy ,  ..... 

    and  they are politically organized in limiting and corrupting it  for rest of humanity .


    i will try to think for a moment about some kind of idea and quick process  for solution.


    ... and to tell you one good thing ,.... i can tell you that humanity have already woke up and done a  lot in interrupting and exposing present corruption system ,..

    ... do you see how coruptionists are nervous and desperate  nowdays ,

    their operating system is already crashing  and they  had to invent virus to attack people back , they are  now openly  demonstrating their power dictate .


  12. 9 hours ago, Jikwan said:

    Youre spot on but stuck in just pointing out problem after problem.

    And thats what most people do here is pointing out whats wrong with the world


    What we havnt got is people giving formulas for solutions

    If your great energy would be directed toward solutions.....you, all by yourself could spearhead us all into paradise


    You couldnt, like, direct your mind onto feasible formulas for lets say just 5 minutes?


    9 hours ago, Jikwan said:

    Youre spot on but stuck in just pointing out problem after problem.

    And thats what most people do here is pointing out whats wrong with the world


    What we havnt got is people giving formulas for solutions

    If your great energy would be directed toward solutions.....you, all by yourself could spearhead us all into paradise


    You couldnt, like, direct your mind onto feasible formulas for lets say just 5 minutes?

    ... yes , ... you are right and i know exactly  very well what you are talking about   , ... but i also know that first rule of proper  and good  engineering is to identify the problem ,  and thats really ugly investigation research  , very difficult and not  really  nice work to do but its most neccessary first step into proper direction ,.... and people should know and be told what kind of problem we are facing ,.......   to find solution first  you really have to know whats going on  ,  and thats what they dont want people to know  , because then people can interrupt , demand change and crash their operating system ,  ...  and their criminal operating system is already caught in crime and now having difficulties to further operate  same way , .. and they have no idea how it was possible to detect and  find out and completely  hack their criminal operating system , but now they realized that  something is going on and people start to understand and know  .... So , now they are censoring , destabilizing truth and corrupting everything and  again designing nazis , terrorists and viruses to attack humanity to  save such  criminal operating system  which ensures them hedonistic lifestyle without doing any work .


    .... when it comes to formula , ... yes , thats what i was investigating , researching , sacrificing and working on for a really long time ,.....

    i had my personal reasons why i did all that ,.... as very young person born in ordinary working class  but  respected family  i was  living quite innocent good life  and then through some innocent greatness of life , love and good  luck i also unexpectedly  found myself  in a place of world truth  i really wouldnt wish to anyone , .......  

    .... my girlfriend was cousin of roman caesar ..... and then caesar declared me as a guy from the other side  ..... and then caesar and me started the war ....... , media manipulated everything and never told a truth about that war , ..... in that place now they made movie Game of Thrones .


    but however ,  you are really curious guy ... with some good vibes ,...  and i happen to know the formula  you ask for .

    .. formula is matter of proper scientific law  in relationship to understanding nature laws because nature has capacity force  to work in good direction for benefit of environment and all .

    , but  It all must start with complete reform of present education  system  and systems of power.



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  13. 18 hours ago, Jikwan said:

     Hey jupiter, im curious....

    Is there even 1 single thing on this planet to have a good word to say about?

    Your statements, they all point to a future destination....

    We are on the superhighway to hell

    The vehicle seems to be the latest farrari formula 1 model


    18 hours ago, Jikwan said:

     Hey jupiter, im curious....

    Is there even 1 single thing on this planet to have a good word to say about?

    Your statements, they all point to a future destination....

    We are on the superhighway to hell

    The vehicle seems to be the latest farrari formula 1 model

    Hi Jikwan ,   ... your question  is good question ,.. and  good  questions are most difficult to answer because i use to know lot of good things  ,   proper answer would take  longer writing , maybe a book.

    ...  but to make it short , answer is  , ...   i had  a quite very detailed impossible  life story experience and then did  investigative study and careful research ,..   and  yes , i can see through telescope and microscope .... there is a  lot of good things , ....  but all those things are corrupted , ...:)

    ...   and theres are things wich really make me scientifically and mathematically to wonder ,....

    have you noticed that humans are eating mostly good friendly nice innocent animals because its easiest to catch them ,...

    and schools are teaching people to be good and wear the mask and stay  quiet as Khashoggy or Asange in prison  ,

    and Pharao thinks he is God  very good and holy and genetically prior , and Pharao   is teaching people to be good slaves and build him pyramids , .. and then religions are teaching people to be good and pray on their knees and be good to obey and listen religious order commands as good sheeps to do what they are told by Lolypope Sexorcism Knightclub masturbation  satisfaction dictate , 

    so when people are taught and graduated as good sheeps  then slaveowners empire can have ready slaves and castle servants waiting to do all the work ,

    and when people are taught to be good as good sheeps ,  then wolfs can have  good sheeps bordered and ready for easy food waiting to be slaughtered for Macdonald barbecue and someone elses  profits  or sex slavery harems   . 

    .. and its evil which mostly really  likes to masquerade and integrate  into lot of good things as cathedrals and palaces because good things make evil look good, 

    ... and there is really even politically lot of good advertising ,..

    and money is advertised as good because united slaveowners  prints it privately and then they  can do lot of evil things .

    even prince Jimmy Savile was advertised as good philantropist and humanitarian   who helps people and children with their problems .

    so hidden behind lot of good things evil can feel good , secure  and powerful and get close to victims .

    ... and for example ,... donkey  is good nice sweet peaceful friendly animal just like a good sheep and donkey knows carrot tastes good ... so donkey follows the carrot because carrot is good ... but donkey is taught in school to be good so donkey believes in good thing and  has no idea that evil is integrated into good thing so donkey  will never get that  carrot ,

    because  today carrot for the donkey  is  not there provided naturally ,  and natural carrot supply  for donkeys is corrupted .

    today carrots for the donkeys became someones  big private business , 

    systematically designed and advertised by operating system to trick the donkey and make donkey do all the work ,

    so donkey will never get carrot  ,... and naturally carrot is good ,.... but someone has corrupted the nature . 

    .....  and so on , there is lot of good things , but i think you know what i mean  .







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  14. ...  corona mask is hidden symbol language  , it has hidden metaphysical message providing personal satisfaction to united slaveowners psychopats elite criminal oligarchy which criminally prints money and moneypulates the world and corrupts the laws and justice    ,

    ........ its like prince savilian - saudi-haremian roman-solomanic-caesarian  weinsteinian epsteinian clintonian-blairian  paedophilian society  banksters club attacking and raping kids ,

    .. first they put their imperial hand over kid  mouth so victim have to shut up and be silent ,

    ... and then those psychopats and rapists are same those which were attacking and raping other countries ,.... and now all humanity is attacked and raped  while those rapists imperialist dictate spin lie media ,  censor truth and freespeech and orders everybody  to stay quiet and  put mask over mouth and shut up , stay silent ....

    or othervise all humans will be tortured psychologically , crucified and killed with rapists private  imperial nuclear weapons  and imperial  puppets nazis , terrorists and viruses .





    asange mask.jpg

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    your cosmic space is corrupted 

    your space motion  is corrupted 

    your senses are corrupted 

    your information media is corrupted 

    your computers are corrupted 

    your hard drives are corrupted 

    your cable connections are corrupted 

    your Windows is corrupted 

    your Mac is corrupted

    your social networks are corrupted 

    your telecommunication is corrupted 

    your communication is corrupted 

    your freespeech is corrupted 

    your phones are corrupted 

    your independence is corrupted 

    your energy is corrupted

    your privacy is corrupted

    your property is corrupted 

    your votes are corrupted

    your voice is corrupted 

    your loudspeakers are corrupted  

    your freedom is corrupted 

    your love is corrupted 

    your music is corrupted

    your movies are corrupted 

    your art is  corrupted 

    your act is corrupted 

    your electricity is corrupted

    your hi-fi is corrupted 

    your sound is corrupted 

    your screen is corrupted 

    your vision is corrupted 

    yoru hearing is corrupted

    your message is corrupted  

    your product is corrupted 

    your news is corrupted  

    your truth is corrupted 

    your operating system is corrupted

    your education is corrupted 

    your industry is corrupted

    your technology is corrupted

    your weapons are corrupted 

    your intelligence is  corrupted 

    your security is corrupted

    your value is corrupted 

    your money is corrupted  

    your job is corrupted 

    your work is corrupted  

    your bank account is corrupted 

    your internet is corrupted 

    your government is corrupted 

    your trade is corrupted  

    your business is corrupted 

    your identity is corrupted

    your oportunity is corrupted

    your justice is  corrupted   

    your food is corrupted 

    your drink is corrupted 

    your water is corrupted 

    your air is corrupted

    your climate is corrupted

    your environment is corrupted  

    your peace is corrupted 

    your success is corrupted

    your science is corrupted

    your religion is corrupted  

    your mornings , days and evenings are corrupted 

    your sleep is corrupted

    your health is corrupted 

    your basic rights are corrupted  





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  16. On 1/24/2021 at 9:27 AM, makjagger said:

    Nicely packed information 👍


    People have to also accept that all major elections are rigged. They appoint who they want as leaders of the USA, UK, etc - the countries that pull the strings. 


    I think it missed one tiny addition:


    Washington DC - armed forces

    Vatican - Religious 

    London - Financial 

    Israel - Main control centre




    Washington DC - armed forces

    Vatican - Religious 

    London - Financial 

    Israel - Main control centre


    plus  some more ....  Saudi Arabia  and United Emirates  , Germany , France ...


    .. those  are all imperial control dictate agencies founded under same private company  instruction command of United Slaveowners Pharaonic Solomonic Roman Empire & their venetian oligarchy criminal monetary printing banking system 

    ....  , fallen roman-solomonic  empire imperial oligarchy  thinks they are genetically prior and not to be prosecuted by any law , their parasitic lifestyle depend on their predesigned class discriminative operating system , . ... and they are corrupting peoples life environment  , 

    designing and financing nazism , terrorism , ethnic conflicts , racism and virusism to attack and keep enslaved all humanity  ,

    .....   criminal imperial fallen roman empire brusellian leopoldian  habsburgerian oligarchy wanna live like Pharao Solomon Suleiman Caesarus  in Fuckingthem Palaces  forever surfing on a labour of enslaved working class , 

     ... united slaveowners  criminal empire is raping working class children and  keeps attacking humanity and  destabilizing working class economy and economic independence   ,

    .... people like Che Jesus Guevara , Khashoggy or Asange  and army generals who stand against imperialists are  killed and imprisoned  and crucified like Jesus on cross  , that way imperialists send warning to others to stay quiet and listen imperial dictate orders  ,

    .... to ensure and secure  their global imperial power now they atacked all humanity by designing virus , so people cannot organize revolution against imperialist united slaveowners criminal paedophilian empire  ,

     imperial oligarchy designs nazism , terrorism ,racism and virusism , that how they manipulate and divide people and turn people against each other ,  thats how they keep humanity enslaved , hunmanity senses and human  intelligence  is interrupted , humanity is  limited and bordered in cages and prisons advertised as States ,

    bordered space called State is not your freedom  or your independence , it is your orwelian prison ,

    and now you and all humanity is not allowed to move out of your home  or travel .

      ...  for long time united slaveowners union and their criminal empire  have been  corrupting education , science , freespeech and public communication  information ,  they are corrupting frequency range stability of electronic technology and corrupting complete  industry  , through internet they are stealing other peoples scientific research and intellectual property  , they are corrupting  laws and justice and they are limiting and corrupting humanity time , space and energy 
















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  17. ... it works like this , ... they install  psychopats ( just like their puppet SS Hitler or ISIS AL Baghdadi or  just like latest banksters oligarchy climate puppet psychopat Greta Thunberg ) they design psychopats and install them  into leading political positions and they design viruses and install them  into societies  and  they design conflicts between people so people start to fight between each other instead of fighting against savilian padeophilian crown  aroman empire and criminal moneyprinters .

    And they did it again and again , it already started ,  they again  finance  nazis and terrorists and now they imported those terrorists as immigration to attack and rape european children , 

    same way they also installed Corona Virus   so   people and all neighbours are now attacking each other on a streets because of idiotic masks , conflicts between people and mass discrimination have already started . 

    Imperial oligarchy doctrine is to divide people and then to  control and enslave them , criminal  imperial oligarchy is taking global control by corona dictate.

     And now  instead of people fighting against united slaveowners paedophilian empire , people are divided and fighting between each other because of  moronic masks and predesigned banksters project named Corona Virus  .




  18. as time goes  by St. James Islands and sexorcism Knightclub of the Lolypope 

    Lolita Express  Virgin Galactic  and  Epsteins Solomanic Orgy Temple

    Weinsteins Lolywood & Fuckingthem Palace  is   , 

    in children books and fairytales genetically prior prince Savile SUPERMAN  or  SPERMAN ,   

     which one it is  ?






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  19. On 11/24/2020 at 3:36 PM, Diesel said:

    I am convinced the God of this realm Yahweh is really Satan. Reading again the story of Genesis I think Yahweh is judgmental, insecure, jealous, vengeful, egotistic and tyrannical. He bears no relation to the God of Jesus who is unconditional love. I believe that we have been tricked into worshipping a false god and this world is a copy, an imitation of the real one where our true God resides. This is hell. 

     dont know if his name is Yahweh at all , but i think you made first step into right direction , and there is lot of steps to make .

  20. On 2/26/2021 at 9:00 AM, rideforever said:

    Why should Hitler have been evil?

    From this footage and others he was a nice man wasn't he.  Family life, family dinners ... all good.  Rarely these days do we see such pictures of happy people with their families.  Can you imagine half the children staring at the brainwashing photos, the others talking about how many "vaccines" they injected.  Christ.


    Anyone who is said to be "evil" by historians means what ?


    Basically the absolute c***s of the world write history, write the news.  They are slimey vermin scum, who's only talent is to twist everything and blame everyone and paint people in the worst light and lie and lie.  That is their talent.  To be soulless delusion c***s.

    And these people are the journalists and "writers" of the world.


    What should history have written?

    Hitler was right, but he lost the war?

    He loved his country, but so much was against him it turned out bad?

    That he could have love his country without blaming it all on "the jews"?

    That the British monarchy had been taking it from the banks for hundreds of years ... and they lived in fear of the debt repayments?

    That Churchill was an asshole who had killed 250,000 men in Gallipolli and wouldn't rest until he had cleared his name - something he could only do by winning a war?

    That Hitler offered Britain peace 3 times during WW2 ... peace including returning to the starting positions and giving up all the territory the Germans had gained.

    That so quickly after WW1 the idiots and frauds and c***s who run the world organised again and mass murder of innocents throughout the world ... and blamed this one guy, when those leaders ... all of them should have had their heads loped off for the good of the world.

    That nationalism is in fact natural-ism, it is a society that is sane ... and not invented by assholes on their whiteboards.

    That humans are insane in general, and the less they go to church the worse it gets.

    That this world is frightening idiotic and if you want a better world go and find a good teacher.


    Just look at human beings ... everyday every where.

    All they talk of is ... who is bad ... who is good.

    Who did it.

    Always something outside of you isn't it.

    He's evil she's a hero.

    Never you.


    People should be forced to sit in front of the mirror 1 hour everyday so they can see what they actually are.

    And that is pretty much the point of spirituality.


    Yeah let's all unite for peace and march for peace.

    Meaning ... if I can hide myself in this other herd then I don't have to "wake the fuck up" and blame myself.

    And unfuck myself so that I can be a little bit better tomorrow that I was today.


    i think different than you , because if you look at the historic configuration and calculate the result numbers ,....   Hitler was evil because he was prepaid  imperial monarchist agent , and his crime  work was just extension of roman imperial habsburgeric warcriminal leopoldian dictate in  Congo  as brusellian politics apetite and thats what saudi caesar agent is yesterday and today doing in Yemen ,

    agent Hitler was naive and  stupid manipulated man as brainwashigtoned programmed egomaniac and his nazis  were  just manipulated and used as roman imperialist oligarchy slaves and puppets to attack european working class because europan working class wanted freedom and equality and   stood against  fallen roman empire venetian oligarchy monarchism caesarism or how they say in germany it was kaiserism   , and kaiserism caesarism monarchism imperialism was business extension of roman empire solomanic  imperialism  which after second world war again took Europe through banksterism 


    and when hitlers job for imperial banksters  was done they just let  Hitlers SS  go and die  , same thing they did for their creation of ISIS terrorism .


    It is imperialists , Hitler  was doing all work for them and not for his people as it was commercially advertised , 

     SS nazis and ISIS terrorists are same lolypope company format in different package ,and they all  doing all the work for their same masters .


    ISIS terrorists and SS nazis are designed and financed by banksters ,  Nato gangsters , just like for same purpose  today virus Corona is designed by banksters to attack slaves , working class and all humanity  .

    ISIS terrorists were robbing lands , gold  and occupying oilfields  and same thing were doing SS nazis  and the all that stolen gold ended up in Switzerland Bank of Roman Empire  ,

    it was all designed to attack and destabilize  working class intellectuals and independence of  working class  economy , its all designed by imperialists as roman empire perverted dream to attack humans and enslave the planet .

    And now you also know why those  viruses , terrorists and nazis killed journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange and why saudi caesar criminal monarchy can go on running sex slavery harem just like prince Savile in Britain .

    But if you look prince Savile also was making nice and cool friendly photos with kids and appeared as good guy running philantropy and doing all humanitarian work just to get close to his next victim .

    It seems like that Hitler and Savile , Epstein , Weinstein and prince Andrew were getting some hidden personal satisfaction out of it . It all looked good and victims just had to shut up .

    I think that all those imperial oligarchy psychos got in their heads idea that they are for some reason somehow genetically prior  and that working class should be their castle servants and working class children should be imperial  Fuckingthem Palace sex slaves .



    i think that this video link describes it pretty well that Virus Corona is same roman empire oligarchy apetite product and design as Nazis and Terrorists , Hitler and nazi terror psychos  are made for united slaveowners  union capitalist empire purpose to attack slaves , working class and design crises , and of course than crises  create cheap labour and cheap prices  , and that way united slaveowners empire gets everything very cheap and while united slaveowners provide postwarcredits and by criminally printing money they privatize the all planet while slaves and working class do all the work .



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