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  1. 14 hours ago, Enlil said:
    Bitcoin Was Hijacked!
    Bitcoin and other major digital crypto tokens have been hijacked. They have allowed free trade on official exchanges for fiat currencies, and accepted transactions with financial institutions/banks. The moment it happened, they were doomed. They were transformed from private and independent storages of value into an inflated nothingness.
    You see, the governments/central bankers can print fiat currencies at their will, from the thin air, by a push of a button, just adding zeros to a digital account. What they do now: they pouring fiat currencies (fake money) into chained tokens and diluting them, creating financial bubbles (artificial, not real prices). The digital coins are going up, the bankers promoting its on all media channels.
    It attracts average people (greed/fear to miss a chance/mania) and they starting to buy crypto more and more too, but not with “fake” currencies (because the retailors cannot just print it, it called counterfeiting and they will be in jail), instead with the equity that they have earned by day-to-day hard work, from selling their assets, houses, cars, jewelry, etc...
    Why do bankers do that? It gives them the power to do whatever they want to do with those cryptos. When enough retailers are involved, the central bankers pull out the funds streams (going short). It creates a panic selling of the retailers (because most retailer will never have enough margins to sustain the selloff) and they losing their real savings, livelihoods, assets, while the central banks/governments losing nothing, because they invested nothing in this scheme.
    Moreover, because they are shorting the market, they redistributing the profits to their insiders like Clintons, Bushes, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanly, Wells Fargo, City Group, BlackRock, etc…
    Central bankers have been doing the same thing over and over again for centuries with all assets and derivatives (stocks, etfs, indexes, futures, swaps, bonds, treasures, real estates, commodities, etc…). Now they doing it with the crypto coins. That is how they control the slaves.
    When will they pull the trigger? Who knows… Just be aware what is going on and make your financial decisions wisely.
    Read more about our reality and join us here:



    .... thats it , thanks ! .... artificial product is their name ,.... in short words very well explained  . . ,   

    world is politically runned by mafia ,... mafia sitts in offices and prints Casino Coins

    mafia  runs plenty Casino Royale   

    and casinos screw the working class , casinos screw the world . 

    with no freespeech allowed  and no democracy 

    on a cover of the magazine , casino royale  hypocracy

     screwing working class , mafia as aristocracy .

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  2. On 2/17/2021 at 8:01 AM, Truthspoon said:


    I'll trust my own judgement in this case. There are a few red flags... but I won't go over it here. Suffice it to say I've seen it all before. Several times over.


    freespeech and democracy , ... you can imagine how many times it was politically promised and sold ,...   

    kind of business very old , ...

    all corrupted after all .....

  3. On 3/26/2021 at 9:29 PM, northern star said:


    Interesting the Pimlico Plumblers bloke is all over Twitter saying people shouldnt be allowed out in the street without a vaccine

    All part of the final goal - with Bill Gates controlling the food supply, it will be a synthetic food source they will bring in, helped by synthetic people/demons





    you can see he is outdated addict  junkie  , he hopes he will get free vaccine drugs and synthetic acid food from Bill Gates & Rothschild , they will hire him and promote him for next minister of public drug supply  ,   .. am telling you this Corona is mafia business ,united slaveowners empire is hiring psychos like Greta , Mengele and Hitler and they are hiring  narcodealers , imperialists wanna keep slaves on drugs so they are now vaccinating everybody with heroin in those vaccines  , and then they wanna keep selling their product , mafia banks  owns governments and blackmails and controls them through pedophila .

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  4. if you wanna know what is going on and how it works ,.....

    just look at the sky .... deep space , theres are  no walls , no border , no limits ,  so energy will never conflict with anything

    its a miracle of infinitely pure capacity adn thats Scientific Creation Maximum  

    there is no any  limit and there is no any border . Pure Freedom , and have been singing about freedom few thousands of years 


    as Cosmic Space Universum  is naturally created as  unlimited source of cosmic  intelligence , time, space and energy ,

    on the other side you have politically organized genetically prior mafia family

    united slaveowners empire business

    they are organizing  Cosmic Infinity Capacity Corruption , its a Profitable Business Corporation

    mafia will sell you theiur solutions through latest business project by  Non Government Organization 

    politically and holyloly private idea command organized  Corruption Corporation is  limiting your access to natural cosmic capacity 

    it is interupting and corrupting your cosmic development

    and corrupting your access to cosmic  information that you need for your proper education ,

    plus no freespeech allowed 

    they interrupted , destabilized , and bordered all humanity , they have  enslaved every human

    its a private business trip , all humanity senses interrupted , limited and bordered   like a bunch of sheep .

    and now  they are selling you cosmic time , space and energy as their private Secret Company proftable  business

    in a small commercial packages and in a small doses  with limited quality and time ,

    you will have to be their slave and pay them every daim 

    they criminally print money in unlimited amounts

     and you will have to build them private pyramid surrounds 

    criminals  need you to bow and pray on your knees ,

    they think they are God , their name is  International Monetary Fraud 

    like a Aroman Caesar Pharao very holy ,  they want your children to believe in their Lolypope Loly  

    so they can get their Fuckingthem Palace satisfaction 

    and they want working class economy destabilization  ,

    and  every time you need cosmic time ,space and energy 

    united slaveowners empire will be  genetically prior like a vampire

    you will  have to be the slave , bleed blood and  pay them for your donkey  carrot freedom  

    and united  vampires empire will provide you commands so they can  get erection  

    and still you will have to be the slave and pay  for all of that

    mafia  wants you to pay for the cosmic air and water  , you have to pay to get your cosmic connection .

  5. 18 hours ago, Poul Nelb said:



    "...in recent years scientists have begun to experiment with primitive forms of the technology, even going as far as helping a quadriplegic control an exoskeleton using tiny electrode sensors implanted in his brain.

    Perhaps the most well-known recent investigation into brain-machine interfaces has come from Elon Musk’s Neuralink, which is attempting to develop a tiny, easily implantable device that can instantly read and relay neural activity."



    .... i was thinking that global digital spiders web and internet is actually extraterrestrial empire weapon technology which surrounded and occupied Planet Earth and now is  scanning and sucking all human brain  intelligence and then extraterrestrial imperialists  will use all that informations as weapon   against humans ,

    extraterrestrial united slaveowners union  with their secret genetic priority imperial program  Operation Pharao wanna enslave all humanity .   

    They are already testing it on monkeys , 

    after that extraterrestrials will with wireless remote controller control all humanity ,

    Artificially intelligent robots will secure global slavery operating system and be extraterrestrial united slavowners private army 




  6. 12 hours ago, Mr KLaaTu said:

    Surface level? And you know this how exactly? Because I do not believe what you believe? 


    You know what's funny? I bought this apartment years ago. Yeah, I left. But, it was number 19. I was living there when these Muslims tried to kill me on the street, because I had gotten into an argument with a Muslim guy, who asked me if I wanted to invest my money in his trailer full of weed plants. Which is illegal. Apparently discussing things in a civilized manner was beyond their capabilities. Violence seemed to be their tool of choice. Let me ask you something: Do you support sharia law?

    ... you are lucky ,  because NATO is protecting drug dealers and terrorists , and those holy  saudi oil sharia laws are very holy religious just like holy vatican nazis.  Its all same criminal empire business company  packed in different package , attacking people  , stealing other peoples properties and occupying other peoples lands .

    And after those violent muslim narcodealers and terrorists  attacked you  and if you tried to protect yourself or if you try to protect your children , then  NATO would drop uranium bombs on you and say that you started agression against muslims and then NATO and international Nato allies will accuse you for genocide against Muslims , .. and then plenty George Soros-Rothschild  nongovernment organizations will see there their idiotic career business oportunity running multibilion budget nongovernment peace humanitarian projects by office siting and  acussing you of genocide .

    and by Pentagon order hollywod producer Harvey Weinstein will make war movies presenting you as warcriminal ,

    and police and army which tried to protect you will end up in lifetime prison as guilty , while those muslim narcodealers who attacked you will form ISIS Narco State and have their own private military raping european children  in middle of Europe .

     You wiill be guilty because NATO criminal empire will make you look as bad guy while  actually you were attacked by muslims and you are victim .

    Do you remember how in american movies Native Indians are criminals  ... and drunk cowbays with guns shooting around  are good guys .

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    On 3/26/2021 at 5:29 PM, Kais_1 said:

    i am talking about mind programming...are you referring to the same?

    .. i am reffering to same , ... i can assume  that you feel there is certain surround  environment pressure applied on your mind and your mind gets affected by such operating system radiation ,

    almost all nowdays operating systems are  blackmailing human mind ,

    and actually blackmailing is invented by gangsta business .

    Its a criminal organization  business implementation through global digitalization ,

    its a product like carrot for a donkey , product is  in very atractive and  excellent package operating microsoftly and very microsmooth . It gets the donkey to do all the work . 

    but before they wrote all the todays digital codes  and stories on digital discs  to provide  commands and orders to a robot , ...

    before such appearance of digital medium  all those codes used to be written in a books  ,

    and robots were getting all commands and orders from the books ,  ... and generally most robots are programmed to be slaves  and sacrifices  while  some think they are here  to live in Pyramid and surf on great slavery operating system and exploitation of working class labour  ,

    some think they are here to be United Slavowners in Fuckingthem Palaces , very important higher class criminal oligarchy genetically prior which will give commands and orders to others , and all others are here to be their castle servants and sex slaves .

    .. Ofcourse  someone else who wrote that program would make private profit out of it  while all programmed  robots will be screwed . 

    And then there will be only making profits those few who wrote such programming , and then them few will be owning  this planet , this planet will become their private property  and all humanity will become robots and be enslaved as robots needed to be  slaves  to follow someone elses orders and commands  , i mean all humans will become  marionettes ( because it was written and ordered by Someones Elses Private Windows Matrix Book )  .

    its like automatic windows configuration with prepaid political interpretation ,

    , and  your mind starts to have to do things not related to things you wanna and can do , .....  

      i also  understand and know  that behind every programming there is  certain programming language and  program purpose  as  concept to achieve  as someones elses private interest target and   strategy  .

    Its a commercial product , well advertised and designed to screw the customer and gain someone elses private interest  , 

    do you feel you are product or becoming product too ?  .. or are you looking for way out of Matrix  ?






    On 3/25/2021 at 6:45 PM, Gabriel Huber said:

    And why is all the media referring to it as the "Evergiven" ? They don't think that we are stupid do they? It's printed in huge (I mean gigantic) letters it is EVERGREEN


    Maybe they don't want people to link it to Hillary?

    ...  just like clowns Al Gore & Greta Bloomberg Climate project billion robbery ,  and Green & Evergreen is  Rothschilds & Rockefellers projects too  ,

    guess who is bombing and commiting warcrimes in other countries and runs the oil business , Nato criminals are swissbanksters private  nazi army .

    fallen roman empire venetian oligarchy  habsburgerians , vatican kinghts of malta jesuit bankers  , pedophilians and criminal moneyprinters ,

    Epstein Bill and Weinstein Hillary  are their clowns .

    They wanna control environment ,

    but they got caught in worldwide  organized crime , now its not same epsteins financial time 

    they all hide behind mask as  very Green & Evergreen  ,

    what about  Monica Green 

    they are Green and Evegreen  , but   they keep forget to mention environment of epsteins victim  clintonian orgy party teen .

    Now they are censoring freespeech , financing nazis and terrorists , injecting viruses , designing crises  

    destabilizing working class economies and blocking all other peoples business .

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  9. our society is artificially intelligent , politically leaded by fake intelligence ,

    recommended and provided by highly  prestigious fake education ,

    and there was lot of investment into idiotic system and now you cannot remove the idiots , it became tradition 

    they like to looklike they are doing something while they are doing nothing

    its a class discrimination implementation , political cocktail partyzation 

    and by designing national debts  they are really  well paid , its a good business

    great orgy monarchization , 

    Jimmy Savile philantropist humanitarian work sitting in his office , giving instructions to working class children

    plus political lobbies  like the quick pocket  interest rates 

    providing very Microsoftly Virgin Islands extra vaccinations by Epstein and Bill Gates  

    its a great united slaveowners union empire  as private business  corporation , all they need is exploitation 

    pharaonic idea pyramidization , solomanic solomonization crown coronation 

    Godfather family business mafia organization , Vatican as Lollywood by Weinsteinization 

    genetic prioritization by royal  Mengele  medication 

    plus goebbelsian media information 

    Savilian pedophilian nazi  NATO terror and world occupation  

    nobel selfawards  advertising for great saudi haremization  , 

  10. ... i think  Epstein , Clinton , Weinstein ,  Tonic Bliar  , prince Charles Andrew and royal knight Jimmy Savile were raping somebodys  kids in World Trade Center , ... and then  parents of was kids hijacked the aeroplane and hit the building . 

     Because in American and Britain  there is corruption and no justice , rapists are controlling American and British politics and system  ,

    its a United Slaveowners system .

    now again epsteins-weinsteins clintonian paedophilian friend Biden is  president of America .

    you see  that saudi sex harem  slaveowner have killed journalist Khashoggy ,

    fuckingthem palace savilian paedophilians have arrested Asange because Asange exposed  evidence and was speaking truth .

    I think they moneypulate news and hide something about 911 .

     just look how many kids was raped by Vatican Slaveowners Imperial Oligarchy Paedophilian Church  and  then Vatican Slaveowners  Imperial Oligarchy  Paedophilian  Church created nazis to secure Vatican paedophilia and to kill those poor children parents .

    Can you  Imagine what they doing to naked nuns in catrhedrals and  young boys and girls with vatican holy orgy projects of group sexorcism .

    Maybe it was raped kids parents which also burned Notre Dame cathedral in Paris . 

    French movie production made lot of movies with young lolitas  , and then there was  Lolita Express at Virgin Islands .

    And why now  we should talk about 911 planes and not talk about  prince Jimmy Andrew Savile Epstein  and Lolita Express aeroplanes.

    It is obvious that international united slaveowners oligarchy royal paedophilian society is the virus which is attacking humanity .


  11. 14 hours ago, Kais_1 said:

    i am aware that this is the MATRIX....

    My parents created ISLAM for me to follow.

    .. it  could be the  reason why there is your adress , 

    ..... did you ask your parents  ? ....

    ... and even your  grandparents could know what was before that .


    ...  since i found about Matrix ,  it came impossible to follow because of microwindows updates  and too many advertisers   ,...  am  thinking  that it  cannot go on anymore ..  because  it is doing same thing all the time , ... like a digital  printing bank program disc in broken dj-cdplayer  owned by foreign extraterrestrial  corporation ,..... people are nowdays  protesting against agent Smiths ,.... its time to get out of script  , ..    we have to change it .   

    Morpheus  was right about it 

    agent James Blond will eventually stay without diesel oil 

    Neo will be New Leader  




  12. On 12/19/2020 at 7:26 AM, JerusalemAngel said:

    Sometimes I think these people deserve what's coming but at the same time they are under complete mind-control and don't realize it. 

    .. its a crazy place ,...

     since i was kid  i close study that lunatic case with  imperial caesars face 

    then at some point  realized that in this  madly pyramidal business 

    something wrong with education science definitely it is

    those criminals and psychos bombed my home and destroyed my people   

    imperial  goal is to make people argue and fight with each other 

    divide and conquer is for them engineering so usual and  just another 

    as people getting more and more distanced , ununited , weaker , separated , 

    other side is getting stronger global United Slaveowners Business  Incorporated 

    intellectually outdated nobility astronomy , with vampire economy 

    its a crazy place , shiny crown mafia in grace 

    virgin islands private  orgy harem space 

    stolen lands , gold , oil , diamonds ,

    imperial pharaonix solomanix  aroman caesars face

    and the global  goal is to make people argue and fight with each other 

    divide and conquer is for them engineering  usual and  just another 

    and programmed people never realized,

    everybody against each other because its everybody hypnotized .





    ...  i remember this movie scene as a kid ,  and now its happenning everywhere ,... its a crazy place ..  :







  13. On 9/7/2020 at 10:49 PM, Sheyla said:

    I'm a former member of Boney M and still doing my own international shows featuring the popular tunes but soon to feature own works on imminent fusion reggae album titled Justify. I also design and make some of mine and bands outfits. Also have a book published called "Women are like cats and men like dogs or are they".  So I'ts pretty much full on though I've lost motivation cos of this convid nightmare 😫 


    .. hi , Sheyla ... nice to meet you ,.....    thanks for sharing your great  singing voice  with the world and  making music of my childhood even more musical , fun  and inspirative .... Lot of Love and Regards !!! .... gonna have to listen some good vibes of Boney M right now  .. :)

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