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  1. property of Sky News , ... makes you wonder how come something going on on british nation property and soil can be property of Sky News , .. but in the end did they also inform people that british nation is on someone elses private property and land .... , ...... mafia just keeps people informed , its a great idea neverending private business brand ....
  2. .... you understand this stuff well , Jikwan ... it is like that , you are so right , ..... been there , had romantic venetian affair with roman ceasars daughter ..... their imperial holygarchy game of thrones nazi kingdom power got scared when later seen that same working class kid becoming opposition military leader , ..... before i even had any idea of whats going on , they already knew i was chosen by people to take the throne , .. i never even thought of that on my own ... .... they tried to kill me and it all went international deepstate military fireparty too far ..... ordinary people never heard the truth of what was served in that imperial adriatic jesuitic nazi oligarchy holy vaticanish bar ......
  3. so you dont see Marilyn Manson as abused kid by your traditional private satisfaction values , his art is actually final product of those so called your traditional values founded on slavery , genocide over Native Indians and plenty others , pharaonic robbery of working class , imperial warcrimes , .. and traditional pedophilia in jesuitic nazi Vatican dracula cathedrals with naked nuns and priests where children must suck priests dicks when kids have to open mouth to confess and pray on their knees ,..... your traditional values raping young girls and advertising that as Holy Work of Sexorcism . ,.... or traditional values of Weinsteins Lollywood and epsteins Solomanic Orgy Temples or maybe your traditional values of islamic sex slavery harems ... we could even talk about traditon of genetically prior nazi oligachy monetary printing Fuckingthem palaces and traditional values by savilian order of BBC News . ,....... after all , Marilyn Manson is very intelligent kid , creative man and thinker , maybe he knew something you dont know and in your blindness you never will , but industry needed to toxicate him so he got caught in spiders web as plenty other stars , big private business agency takes care that all stars loose their minds , its a intel pentagonium imperial business tradition of mind control , ... ... all slaves and plantation workers were systematically made to be on drugs so they dont fight back , its a big private mathematical value business of your so called tradition .... but that could be a cult , ... a sect , .... your traditional values is a sect that you represent and protect . maybe Marilyn Manson is just a yesterdays kid who screams because he is abused by your traditional values of dropping nuclear and uranuim bombs on innocent children and people ,.... now when empire got caught at epsteins Virgin Islands Orgy Party and International Monetary Printing Fraud .... now they are trying to silence loud people screaming like Marilyn Manson ,... .... didnt you notice , no freeespeech , imperial Lolypope tradition of your weinsteins lolywood vaccinated Michael Jackson ,..... after all that what you call cultural marxist means revolutionary , and organized aromansolomanic caesarian sharian harem empire mafia oligarchy tradition as Aroman Vampire fears of revolutionaries and working class intellectuals like Marx , ..... Marx like Che Guevara and black and white slaves and working class fight eternal wars against psychopatic energy vampire tradition of your Evil Empire ..... and sure your tradition doesnt like to be exposed and hit back with same amount in return ... , ... your traditional value killed journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange ,..... after all , ... that tradition that you here represent have killed the Christ , ... and you dont like that to be exposed by Marx or young people art screaming and shouting at you like Marilyn Mansons art do . ... working class knows United Slaveowners traditional empire value lifestyle far , ...... even Prince wrote on his face The Slave ,.... but how could you know , you never been a lolywood star .
  4. Dawn ,... thanks for your interesting share , .... before people learned to speak and write letters , symbolism was used , .... .... i wouldnt go at moment judging exact source as good or bad and its meaning of advertising that message , ... but i understand the message and real source of that message is someone elses wider agenda ( like hidden message in Saudi Ceasar Solomon Suleiman enslaving Yemen , or Aroman Empire killing Native Indians or brusselian caesar habsburger Leopold enslaving Congo and Europe , so here we are today again and again looping Back to the Past eternally dealing with United Slaveowners Union , genetic discrimination and criminal oligarchy class prioritism ) , .... theres are same old hidden wars eternally going on like hidden language symbolisms ...... and i will be talking about it . ..... i read this easy as people read ordinary alhabet , ... time is about 6 : 23 ... just before 6:30 ,...... but time is about time , and there is story around time .. can read and understand every detail of it at subatomic level , and you would be surprised what i could tell you about it , but i have to let Them guessing how is possible that others found out and know across limits of their unknown and then even more they could ever know. through your comments i can tell that your instinct is guessing properly and sensing some shapes on message surface and few elements in meaning , you are on right track to decode and hack the message but its still incomplete ... , i guess thats why you share this with us to find some idea and suggestion more . .. from my point i am maybe bit surprised that you were not able to decode meaning completely or you are maybe just testing other peoples metaphysical intelligence , but on other side also i xompletely do understand all complicated history side of it and know very well that it is hidden in a predesigned labyrinth without Exit , .. i found your thread and suggestion guessing pretty honestminded and intelligent . .. i really dont like that they use children in these kind of messaging because all children are generally innocent and then manipulated to become part of it ( its like they use Greta for the bankers business Climate , and she is related to their business ) so they make children part of it , all picture is message , child is just part of message composition wider hidden agenda meaning . symbolism in there is a coded message typical for people who have hidden personal agendas and intentions and have something to hide , like gaslighters . like fallen empire dream desire to control ,dictate and rule , ... out of this picture meaning you have to also understand message that top of Capitol Hill building represents emperors military hat . and we are talking about falling empire hidden operating system , .... you have to understand that Statue of Freedom symbolism is not what you think it is , its not about peoples Freedom , its about someone elses genetic priority discrimination dream as Freedom to Enslave Humanity , .. hidden symbolism of Statue of Freedom is Hail to the Caesars Fallen Pharaonic Babyloanic Empire , Solomanic Suleimanic Harem Vampire . .. in this picture you provided as hidden symbolic message you can see operating system infrastructure , its how some group of peoples distorted intelligence entertain themselves thinking others dont understand what they been up to last 1000 years .. .. and its like ancient thing like distorted intel ring , some people are still suffering in intelligence olympics thinking that by hidden communication they are chosen to be genetically prior and dominate and rule , and others wouldnt know the name of game ........ story very old , intel distorted ancient all the same . but i think its good that they in their hidden illusions dont comprehend and have no idea how much others actually know and how those others actually went beyond their hidden operating system and communication . there is similar hidden message in composition of Epsteins orgy Solomonic Temple at Virgin Islands .... or there is similar style hidden message when selfdeclared genetically prior savilian imperial castle royality prince William horserides on the backs of slaves at Solomons Islands , those slaves are used as horses and bulls , and Hidden Empire is Energy Vampire , by Solomon Islands message those slaves are used and seen as animals . they think that people dont know whats going on and whats time , they think people dont know who designs racists , nazis , terrorists and viruses to attack and punish the slaves and working class and to keep humanity enslaved . they think people dont understand one common truth and hidden message of all wars . remember the Egypt , .... Pharao was Emperor and Slaveowner who thought that he was God , just like International Monetary Printing Fraud , ... its a fallen empire wild animal dream ,.... sweet talking by capital of the horny beast , they want slaves to be faithful , bow and pray on their knees , .... as pyramid of united slaveowners team , prefixed mafia casino royale , nobel selfawarded toilet cream . ... i think there is no unknown in hidden advertising of what do they want , what do they do and what do they mean .
  5. director of danish medical agency Tania Erichsen collapsed after announcing of stop selling AstraZeneca vaccines , dont even ask about who ordered and paid for those vaccines and who made milions of billions with those super designed demanding sales , its like designing national debts and then collecting private interest rates . but later then maybe she had to actually take a real shot after forcing it on citizens and children . fake medical experts recommended by genetically prior savilian castle society , they gonna give us Covid ID passports provided by Dr Mengele
  6. .... 3rd world war started long time ago , and its going on first they killed Native Indians and now they came for you , its Empire Corona you just didnt know
  7. ... was going to shop and then when i looked around i have seen this , .... it was not movie , ....... am knowing that all story from a start to the end , ..... was there right from the start , and when you are there you know there is no other truth , ..... it was written in old scripts that Grand Major knew more than Grand Masters , creators people wanted me to wear the crown but i decided not to be King of Samartia , ... i like people , but not kingdom , ........ dont need a crown , my name is Infinity of Cosmic Space as Freedom , ....... people are programmed not to see , .. theres no need to be castle clown , crown has a horns . primitive Pharao Solomon Suleiman & Roman Empire fears me , they know whats future , .. their criminal empire will fall with no return , ........ and there is one more thing ,.. . found it in invisible places , across those predesigned limits , and have it for some time already , The Force , Holy Grail ,.... and that one thing they dont know ,.... they are still searching for it in Large Hadron Collider ,... United Slaveowners is savilian party Virgin Islands orgy criminal organismzation ,... United Slaveowners are now panicing because slaves and enslaved working class were protesting and destroying statues and symbols of imperialism , colonialism and slavery . .......... United Slaveowners are designing nazis , terrorists and viruses to attack , control and keep enslaved working class , its not strange to me to know whats the time because i know how to create time , understood the all thing from beginning .... .... Windows Virus was designed by Microsmooth and Dirty Billy is making extra money by selling Antivirus products ,.... they killed Jesus and Elvis and then its same them making extra money by selling books about Jesus and Elvis ... but lets get back to beginning of the story ,..... was going to shop and then when i looked around i have seen this ,
  8. its all carefully planned and designed , United Slaveowners want to save their private business criminal empire from fall , united slaveowners are criminal mafia family organization who think they are high business class genetically prior , united slaveowners empire agents want to wear the golden pharaonic ceasar crown , rape working class children and privatize Planet Earth to control all peoples Climate and Environment and they are doing that by media manipulation and political tricking that Climate and Environments are governments projects for interest of humanity , while actually its all about imprisoning and enslaving humanity ( with help of extraterrestrial imperial artificial intelligence which used Internet to scan and steal all human intelligence ) governments are moneyprinters servants and not really elected by people , governments and political infrastructures are having forever jobs while creating national debts and minuses and working against nations . its big theatre because its governments who are corrupting your job oportunity and job places , governments are defending themselves by creating criminal laws so working class kids can never have real permanent job or ever get to their political function positions . Its a political oligarchy dictature and corruption just like Nazis or todays Corona Fascism Corporation . you see , today you need another and another special Corona permission and Corona passport issued by government if you wanna go to pub. its a same laws in most criminal prisons . Innocent humanity is in Corona Prison designed by criminals . . Climate and Environment projects are just another carrots for the donkeys . they want to control peoples Climate and Environment , so they can destabilize any other peoples economy and development whenever they want and have humanity forever enslaved . ... you have to understand the operating systems of humanity enslavement , its a industrial standard and design . Imperial system , united slaveowners as criminal oligarchy unions are who finance nazis and terrorists to attack and enslave working class , united slaveowners think they are genetically prior to print money and robb working class Carrot is well advertised to a donkey so while donkey is running after carrot , united slaveowners can use donkeys energy , its a same with any other advertised product , Facebook is another carrot , Global Digitalization & all Internet is stealing and privatizing other peoples energy and information just like carrot is advertised to manipulate donkey , ... spiders web & fishermans net is designed to catch humanity as a fish , .... just like nazism and terrorism , ... 9/11 AND CORONA VIRUS are designed to further limit , mute , destabilize working class economy , imprison and enslave humanity . United Slaveowners want to own this planet and control Climate and Environment . so all this Climate and Corona Business Projects are fake just like previous business project War on Terror (they actually created and financed nazis and terorists ), today , its all designed and advertised as carrot for a donkey . So while running after carrot , donkey do all the work and then United Slaveowners collect the profit . ... bordered space full of nation is State of Lambnation as a place where wolfstreet wolfs collect their lambs for later sacrifice and barbecue meat , every border is a prison to enslave you and disconnect you from your natural identity genetics every border is designed to have every human and nation in a bordered cage like a bunch of slaves , its all designed by those few whos business dont have any borders and no any limits , they dont oblige to any law ...... but they design all borders and limits to enslave humanity , ....... every information , law and border is designed to limit your mind senses , to destabilize your economic oportunity and disconnect you from your natural senses of belonging to Universe and they want to disconnect you from your natural oportunity access to Cosmic Creation , Infinite Time and Space , Breath of Air . Media and schools are designed by united slaveowners industrial standard to teach donkey to follow the carrot , in the end donkey gets used and screwed like every working class bordered as sheep for lambnation.
  9. people dont understands what is United Slaveowners Union nazi eumpire holy lolipope pedophilia sharia terror and class discriminate , genetically prior Kingdom , Horny State aroman ceasar Savile Caligula , Saudi Weinstein Harem and prince Andy Dick Epstein Great satanic private interest rate its a confidental business secret people dont understand what is State just as people dont understand what is digitalization really for and what is Internet its a politically organized robbery as commercial product , atractive carrot for the donkeys . banksters vaccine gangster corporation nanochip remote controlled plastic banana for brainwashingtoned monkeys package , bordered space made and advertised by wolfs from wolfstreet vampire empire need to have a lot of humans as a bordered sheep to enslave , rape children and sacrifice them all and to robb working class , destabilize economy , steal scientific research and intellectual property , snake poison beast to bite the Planet Apple , its a INTEL business goal and of course for habsburgers genetically prior Macdonald Imperial Castle on barbecue have ready meat all humanity caught in reptilian spiders imperial extraterrestrial web and net artificial monetary printing devils power seat with journalist Khashoggy and Asange silenced every human with a mask , like a Jesus on a cross grilling on Sun heat
  10. Babyloanic empire , leaded by aroman vampire , by capital evil political savilian society private interest its a carefully designed labyrinth for rest of humanity and now its even digitalized so wherever human and humanity go by savilian digital button there comes another limit and another wall , another bomb , and its advertised as law gangsta private business infrastructure show prefixed mafia casino royale , Godfather banksta loyale United Slaveowners & all humanity robbery internazionale , sexslavery by Lolita Express , Virgin Islands harem orgy unioniale plus brain microchip commercial advertisers , criminal monetary printing monetizers Thiscoin & Thatcoin , lot of printing business going humanity caught in spiders web and net all humanity intelligence stolen by the internet artificial intel extraterrestrial this & That and there is no way out inside labyrinth humanity scream and shout children raped and sexually vaccinated by genetically prior fairytail , unelected horny solomanic crown psychocreep very holy Knightclub of The Lolypopes as saudi sharia harem priests with a private sexorcism strip & trip . they need to increase private security and control The Climate and Environment to have orwelian control and satisfaction , while Khashoggy , Jesus and Asange must wear the mask and shut up , so Fuckingthem Palace can get erection.
  11. .. people dont think like you , and real question is if you think at all , do you think its legal if jimmy saviles friend Tony Bliar is suggesting rape and murder of Iraq or Libyan or Syrian nation ? i think Enlil just said it scientifically perfectly legal and academically correct , absolutely human right way , he is promoting better world and peaceful justice solution . He is not agressive and creating war out of nothing like you do . Rideforever , you should know that your agression is illegal .
  12. @rideforever, .... first of all , someone has to tell you ,. its you who is agressive and attacking Enlil while Enlil has beautiful modernistic intelligent scientific research peaceful thought as solution to make better world , .. and you dont have such idea or solution proposition . and your agreesion and attack is first step into war and murder , people naturally have to selfdefend and they might consider to return your agression back by same level amount or even higher , and of course you might not like it and then you might cry and call criminal oligarchy nazi organization Nato to attack and murder working class and secure your agression against humanity . all you have is negative energy and criticism and if you were expert then your criticism could be considered ... but you are tripping between saying how everything is good and then on other side you are criticizing everything and dont even expose certain amount of knowledge or evidence that you actually understand what is going on or what we are here talking about . dont you see yourself ,...... you dont even need a mirror ,...... you are defending those biggest worldwide criminals who already have murdered and robbed everybody and should be stopped and hold responsible and be arrested for imperial crimes against humanity , and that includes act of proper law and justice and then confiscation of their improper political status and criminal wealth accumulated by worldwide imperial crimes against humanity ,... ..... but you see yourself , you are focusing your disorder manipulative story and concentrating your manipulative energy on me and i just discuss and didnt kill anybody yet and you cannot even have any evidence against me , you dont even know me ..., but i can say to you , i already gave chance to my enemies and they sold the Christ again and again . it seems that your problem today actually is that there is more and more growing chinese working class having modern yachts waving with communist flags ... and they achieved their wealth by own hard work and not robbing and killing other people like western parasitic oligarchy empire ,...... and now western empire bankers pedophilian yachts are having Virgin Islands climate problem and are going bankrupt , now its their business climate Fuckingthem Palace crises , they dont like the climate change , banksters monetary printing frauds are designing nazis , terrorists and viruses to dictate , kill and keep humanity enslaved . western bankers are now again robbing working class and selling crises vaccines to fix bankers private Virgin Islands business climate . .... and then you are also preaching savilian fairtytale to me how i shouldnt kill criminals , nazis and terrorists who are actually raping working class children and killing millions of families around the world , maybe those imperialist criminals raped and killed somebody innocent i know who was close to me .... now it seems it all makes you nervous because people hold their right to kill criminals back in selfdefence , ..... for some reason you dont like that idea , but dont you see in that case you are proposing corruption , rape , murder and crime to be let in peace to grow and that means you are letting criminals do their murderous work and having more and more people to be raped and murdered . despite that i think that you are actually giving lot of selfcontradictory comments and statements and that shows disorder of your mind . , i can see lot of unsecurity in your comments which tries to manipulate story away from important truth and out of concentration focus . you are trying to blame milions of murdered innocent children and victims , and you wanna maintain nonprosecution , United Slaveowners dominance and diplomatic immunity for rapes , commited murders and imperial warcrimes against humanity . its easy to understand your mathematics , its like you are double agent here , seems you own the favor to criminals . and that theoretically can be only because of some reason that you are connected by some kind of guilt and criminally achieved wealth to those worldwide murders and imperial crimes against humanity that all people today are fighting against . maybe you are afraid to stay without your privileges , yacht , castle and servants because your wealth is not proportional to your personal human energy achievement ability , and its not proportional to physical amount of your work and income. So it must be your private slaves who did all the work for you , and now slaves are complaining about class discrimination and your genetic priority , and you dont like it , because you feel change is coming and now you gonna be in different status and position to stay without your horny crown and do all the work by yourself as other people and have regular minimal salary which is traditionally unusual to imperial oligarchy mentality type as you are promoting .
  13. ... its a academic discussion , and good discussion is fundamental element to make things better for all people and children in this world , .... we have seen it , people had it enough , Khashoggy and Jesus were working class and innocent people , and Asange is arrested by criminal organization . .. have you seen how people were destroying all those symbols and statues of imperialism , slavery and colonialism . even Eurabian Habsburg Nazi Union is unelected caesars roman empire organization leaded by brusellian Leopold The Warcriminal against humanity . ... and then also people realize by now and start to wonder who defines what is legal and what is not ? ... Jimmy Savile and Friends ? ..
  14. @rideforever,.... somehow i have feeling that you are afraid of Stalin for some reason , people didnt like Che Guevara either and he was nice guy . you are getting nervous because you know that Stalin and fascists are two opposite political parties ,..... seems you are afraid of neccessary establishment for working class justice system intelligence and proportional human power and energy rebalance . theres are two types of climates , but real justice is only proper climate , and its not gonna be how tavistock oil company puppet psycho Greta says at United Nations of the Gasoline Stations , you can see that even epsteins royal pimp Ghislaine Maxwell got very high bill budgets while she was representing very important environment ocean projects at United Nations pedophilan sex orgy royal party . and its politically well arranged that working class is paying all the party debts and bills . i can see you are defending mafia organization fuckingthem palace fascist oligarchy monetary printing fraud which is raping working class children ,...... i can see you are defending United Slaveowners genetic priority system and class discrimination ... and you are blaming slaves and working class to be guilty because they didnt enslave other people and they didnt steal nobodys land . You must be thinking that Johnny Jesus & Native Indians are stupid and you are smart . unfortunately real justice must have say and rule the world ,... and its criminals like jimmy saviles friend Tony Bliar who raped Iraq and many other countries , just like Billy Clintoris raped Monica . its Saudi Caesar Solomon who raped people of Yemen , even Billyhilly Syphilis Cinton raped many woman at Virgin Islands together with Epstein and prince Andy Dick. and all those savilians and rapists are bombing other countries for many years and there is lot of kids homeless . and working class kids are watching lolywood movies made by King Solomon Weinstein of Lollywood while kids are raped in cathedrals and spiritually guided by group sexcorcism of Aroman Lolypope . now its time for change and we are the change . i mean we cannot anymore kill iinnocent people like Khashoggy , Jesus or Asange because of other people sins , now its right time to arrest those real sinners and masskillers like criminal oligarchy nazi military organization Nato , Tony Bliar and Madeleine Albright and kill them because they created nazis , terrorists and viruses to dictate , attack and kill slaves and working class , its all like saudi sexslavery harem of Vatican , they been raping working class kids at Virgin Islands Solomons Temple . Its all over the news . .... we the people have to do something and send good message for better world . how could othervise even people believe in God if there is no good things happening. we the people have to make it happen.
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5649997/Sex-cult-Nxivm-partied-Richard-Bransons-private-island-twice.html
  16. .. now you are talking as you should in first place ... , .... we are getting somewhere ,.. i can tell you secret now .. , ....... did you notice that Abraham and Ibrahim are same man ,... just like Moe & Moe are Mooses & Moosammad/Muhammad ,.... you had good point with a DJ thing .., just check the clintonian Jeffrey Savile with plenty Monicas , or Saudi Solomon Suleiman Salman of Saud Haremia , horny prince Andy Dick , naked kids in Aromatic White Vatican Sexorcism & Lollywood DJ Weinstein . its like scandinavian horny king with emperors hat caught in crime while having sex slaves in knightclubs runned by heavy criminals , ... and then suddenly comes Breivik and kills all kids at Virgin Islands , so now there are no witnesses left to witness against horny king , ..... did you notice there was Solomons Temple at epsteins Virgin Islands while Ghislaine Maxwell gave a speech at United Nations and got 100 billions for her ocean project GHISLAINE LOVES OCEAN .... just like GRETA LOVES CLIMATE ,..... and it turned out its all about genetically prior sexual climax . Clintonian Foundation Global Initiative with prepaid pornstars in Monaco with princ Albert taking care of lifestyle climate . Working class as slaves will hard work and pay whatever needed , its all politically arranged by a billys holy windows book , its a kind of automatrix . and did you notice that QOPAH & TOPAH are same names of same book , ....... and that name is appearing everytime before Mohammad name ,...... ... i also met few nice muslim girls who told me that Mohamm was actually mad and that he was rapist and criminal , but he didnt want to go to face the justice and jail so he accused innocent man , so then innocent man went to prison while actually Moham-mad was guilty of crime and rape . did you notice that all those books are like Billys Windows Programs programming people to listen daily advertisers by automatic windows operating system configuration commands and orders including all of updates that you never voted for but you only had to presss computer mouseclick to sign a contract and confirm their final election as it was your choice or othervise they will cut your internet access if you complain , no right for freespeech , you have to bow to slaveowners , kiss their ass , pray on your knees and wear Corona Mask and be silent like journalist Khashoggy or Asange . its a private business operating system , they are programming people to be slaves and sacrifices because of other peoples sins , so those other sinful people who are criminals can have pyramids and fuckingthem palaces ,......... did you notice that those crucified is all of us , its all people , Yes Us or Yesus .... Yes its Us , we are crucified ,... , .. i mean you can even notice that in Vatican caesar harem knightclub empire there is virgin islands orgy party law of HOLY MARIAH ... and in Saudi Caesar harem knightclub empire there is virgin islands orgy party of HOLY SHARIAH ,....... its just like nazi SS & terror ISIS , .. same oligarchy business it is ,.... its a all someone elses all the time same private business but with different masks so people doesnt realize . Its very simple criminal mathematics but you have to know the numbers .
  17. ... do you remember how important and big international business was ENRON ,.. and when it turned that it is criminal organization and they got caught in robbing the world , suddenly there was 911 planes hitting WTC , and everybody started talking about terrorists instead of ENRON criminals . ENRON was big suckcessfull business just like Jimmy Savile BBC , or like just like Jefrey Epstein & Prince Dick at Virgin Islands Solomanic Temple Orgy International , ... and then when Epstein and Prince Dick got caught in organized crime , suddenly everybody started to talk about Corona instead of talking about Fuckingthem Palace virus attacking humanity . meanwhile ENRON screwed working class for 900 billion budget for Virgin Islands Ocean Harem Climate Project , Greta needs it and then ENRON Germany and ENRON France screwed europeans for 1800 billions . then ENRON sold corona vaccines to everybody , its a big business . and working class will pay another 900 billions arranged by governments because governments usually designing national debts and thats how politicians make private profits. and now ENRON Company CEO Billy Gates will dim the sun and working class will pay another 2000 billions . i mean, ENRON is big business. You remember the Greek Crises packages , it all went to Goldman Sachs accounts and with that money ENRON startedt to pay slaves to build them private oil companies and pyramids in Iraq and Libya , but they had to kick all iraqis and libyans or syrians out of their homes so now we have lot of immigration created by ENRON Oil corporation ,.... ENRON is huge just like politically organized International Monetary Fraud . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc-l9J6WiMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdqNds9pNuI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KyjTGMVTkA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzL5ev0vjbw
  18. .... it doesnt change anything , because by simple scientific fact every human on this planet is born without name , without identity and without intelligence .... and that is only first and original identity of every human ...., everything else is artificial intelligence provided by artificially intelligent education programming dictate order system ...... there were no first setllers named This & That or Jedish , Judish , Budish , Isish , Musish , Muhish , Anunish ,Jehish , Jesish or Whatever Solomanic Star Wars by Crowned Banana Monkeystores and intellectually limited and bordered Superstars coming from ancient distant fars . ,,.... there were no first setllers because every human is born without knowledge , without name and without identity .... and every living being is sent by Creator and every living being is Child of Creator , only identity of every living being and every human is Cosmic Identity ... and Cosmic Identity is given by Cosmic Creator , ..... and another scientific fact is that through journey of becoming intelligently developed , .. ancient genetic heritage of first born as a settlers would be that they were most stupid and most primitive ... unless they came from another planet but then they are not humans from planet Earth , in that case they are extraterrestrials and they hide truth and they manipulate humanity into unknown and that is a crime against humanity .., no name and no identity is how every human is born as first settler ,... first setllers of humans on this planet can be only Creators Creation of every human as living humanity , .....
  19. .. dont have anything against any religion , but there is big difference between book written in a skies and book that some sinful sick human psycho mind wrote to manipulate humanity for his private interests , .... just check latest book and preaching of Religion Corona business and how it discriminates and uses people and turning people against each other . i mean we could do business now and establish Corona Church with very nice book asking people to pay to our bankers bank account , and that would be expanded private business in format of religion like Islam, Chrisitanity or Judaism . people who understood creator and found God cannot have religious identity or religion name , because every living being identity can be only Cosmic. ... and its a true Cosmic Creator as God over all others who gave me brain and told me to tell you and write this truth .... and here it is : probably you not gonna like this story but somebody has to say truth and truth is more important than what you might believe or think ,..... , and its by plenty of evidence shown that islam is religion runned by imperialists and criminals who got rich by running slavery business like criminal oligarchic system Saudi Harem Caesar of Arabia ,..... Islam is like Windows Program by Bill Gates , its all bullshit made to screw people in the end , ... religion or God will never have a throne because God doesnt need throne , ........ imperial entertainment for brainless people with no real thinking and no education , ... throne discriminates people , throne is criminal system . islam or throne or whatever religion , they talk one thing to get trust while their other hand is in other peoples pocket stealing jewelry , lands and wallets , ...... and you can even put it this way ,.... there is lot of nice innocent animals , ... and just like hungry beasts todays muslims like innocent friendly good animals because friendly innocent animals are easiest to catch and muslims like to grill them on barbecue to have private satisfaction , .. its a same with a good friendship ... of course there is lot of good muslims people ,... but they are used as slaves by Islam .... ..... islam doesnt care of gods creation and animal innocence ,. ... so even islam is teaching muslims to be good slaves , obey orders and be innocent lambs like those good animals on barbecue ... its beacause islam is invented by Pharao Ra and his private empire agency of slaveowners , Pharao thought that he is Sun God and its teaching people to be his slaves just like religion is teaching muslims to be slaves and then using muslims by enslaving them in every possible way to build pyramids to Saudi Caesar Solomon Pharao , ... muslim people are enslaved and have psychological problems and then they are commiting suicides and killing themselves for benefit of their slaveowners , ... Islamic Quran is imperial book written by nonmuslims and criminals with goal to enslave muslim people and steal peoples energy ,... muslims are glorifying criminals , in islam criminals are upper class while working class are lower class , you can see how muslims are materialistically hypnotized to like gold and money , its all materialistic , its not spiritual . Quran is same imperial book just like Bible is imperial book written by nonchristians and criminals with a goal to enslave christian people and steal peoples energy ,. .... and its same with Judaism , judaism is teaching people to dictate and discriminate each other on basis of peoples wealth , status , class and genetics , its a nonhuman religion . ... Religion is pharaonic imperial slavery oligarchic system training people to obey dictate orders and be good slaves to their slaveowners , .... just like Pharao had his dictate book to enslave the world or just like roman empire european and american colonialists were enslaving africans and europeans . .. Its a code programming into slavery operating system . .. Sure , its criminal minds and mostly psychos who are using disinformed uneducated people by telling them always some kind of fairytales , .. its like Jimmy Savile writing Holy Book to get closer to his victims and then Holy Saudi Harem Prince Dick will come and Holy Vatican imperial oligarchy can have sex orgy with sexslave kids and naked nuns at Virgin Islands Solomons Temple Harem , Saudi Harem or Vatican Oligarchy Knightclub Cathedral . After all you find organized pedophilia in Islam , Christianity and Judaism . And thats a private busines of world dictate slaveowners empire that all working class people are today fighting against . https://www.bitchute.com/video/8X6A4aVbrjxB/
  20. ... symbolism is secret language of deep state dictatorial oligarchy foundation founded on slavery and international warcrimes ,....... statue of freedom has a monarchistic empire crown and it has hand up like a sign of hitlers Sieg Heil which is actually salute to roman caesar known as Ave Caesar , and then we have british monarchy queen saluting Heil Hitler or Ave Caesar . ........ plus i think there is some connection between Capital Hill building architecture and Kaiser Wilhelms imperial military hat .... and there is more of course ... connection betweeen Weimar cross and Jesuitic Cross and Malta Cross ... ,those roman empire military symbols you find on Hitler and on British Monarchy just as well on every other monarchy and monarchy is based on class discrimination and genetic prioritism and that is same operating system as nazis . ,....... those all are same imperial military dictate symbols of roman empire and military symbols of every roman-solomanic monarchistic system which was financing hitlers nazis. So you find same imperial military symbols with SS nazis and if you look carefully youll understand that behind financing ISIS holy terrorists is again same roman imperial sexslavery harem agency of Saudi Solomon Caesar of Arabia ... just lake very holy sexslavery harem cathedral of roman empire agency of Vatican . However here is Capitol Hill building and then german Kaiser Wilhelm imperial military hat and then you find that same hat in swedish monarchy military guard or in any other monarchy i am sure we would find it in imperial SWISS Bank military guard ,
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