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  1. .... babe looks so familiar , ... optical illusion
  2. ... its true all , ..... its a organized robbery as sveet talking organismzation ,.. foundation of united slaveowners and their later generations of energy vampires , roman-solomanic temples and cathdrals as saud caliphatornia fuckingthem palace harem empires. its a sveet talking criminal organization working on the international business globalization , Eurabia by leopoldian caligulus brusellian habsburger unionization thats a todays wealthy mafia as oligarchy and static office sitting political elite , harvardian savilian pedophilian epsteinian imperial apetite college , suit , tie and VIP suite . they dont have to be elected , and you will never get that job because you are not recommended and preselected . its a sveet talking money printing criminal organization , coca-colonial national occupation , fake governments and every nation exploitation , its a modern slavery for all human population , ..... and it works only as long such system victims can be blackmailed or maintained to be brainwashingtoned and very faithful and have no idea about such operating system works , .... but that operating system is hacked ,... so now there is corona media spin for public focus manipulation ,... and now there is no free speech , its organized global digitalization for better media corruption and ultimate moneypulation ... for more sveet talking business inauguration ....., its a genetically prior reptilian vision ancient fairytale idealization . ... now when people start to expose things more and more , we have total dictatorial orwelian control and censorship . Such criminal political aristocratic system cannot last long and they are afraid of slaves and working class awaking , protesting and destroying colonial imperial statues of united slaveowners royal pyramidal symbolism ,...... , and thats why united slaveowners are financing nazis, terrorists and viruses to attack and keep enslaved working class and rape working class children , .. and its a united slaveowners nazi-terrorist organization NATO who must protect clintonian pedophiles Epstein , Weinstein , Jimmy Savile , Petry Nygard , genetically prior prince Andy Dick Solomanic Harem Temple and plenty more . i was just reading in California they are realeasing 80.000 psychopats prisoners, and many of them were lifetime prisoners , what do you think why they are doing that ? .. and why Europe is overflooded with ISIS sharia oil fighters masked as immigration , ..... Because global operating system is runned by sveet talking criminals and now they have to boost growth of criminal environment to protect their criminal operating sveet talking system .
  3. Billy Gate Microsmooth is divorcing , ... look what we found Virgin This & Virgin That https://expressdigest.com/sex-cult-nxivm-partied-on-richard-bransons-private-island-twice/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9065103/Inside-Peter-Nygards-private-jet-turned-mile-high-strip-club.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Kosovo https://vultureofcritique.wordpress.com/2019/04/10/bankers-wife-is-key-to-clinton-foundation-corruption-nunes-is-attacked-by-pornhub-with-accusations-of-yacht-orgies-cocaine-and-prostitutes/
  4. 8-7 = 1 1+8 = 9 7-4= 3 3+8 = 4+7 = 11 911 911 + World Trade International Airport = 911 + Bomer = Bomer 911 = Bomer Festival = Barack Bomer Osama Bomer Festival , Mount Meron Vinery De Rothschild Mount Meron = MM = Marilyn Monroe = Moe & Moe = Moses Moschammad = Marilyn Manson = Berlin Mason = BM = BW = Brian Warner = Warner Bros = Warner Bros 911
  5. Pharao King Solomon Suleiman Salman Harem Academy & United Slaveowners Imperial College Monetary Printing System Fuckingthem Palace Genetically Prior Nazi Fairytale Desire Aroman Caesar Saud Caliphatornia with Holy Lolypope Vatican Sharia Terror Fire Venetian Oligarchy Private Business Sales Party Masks of Same Old New World Corona Empire meanwhile at Solomon Islands
  6. .... like a Saud Caliphatornia Crown Harem Gasoline Station or savilian Fuckingthem Palace of Royal Rape United Kingdom Foundation , imperial leftovers , Dicknights of Malta, Aroman Empire Vatican Caesar Knightclub Cathedral Jesuit Priests riding on naked nuns and Children Sexorcization ... .... its the United Slaveowners Pedophilian Virus Corona Empire Genetically Prior Oligarchy Nazi Union Terrorist Security Rapist NATO Corporation , swiss gangsters internazionale , godfather mafia cardinale , criminal bankers, moneyprinting and political power which moneypulates and creates fake religion cults , sex cults to brainwash kids, its a political party implementation of organized slavery as global prostitution institution , selling the kids , training kids to be sex slaves . united slaveowners fuckingthem palaces while working class economy destabilized and working class poor living like a monkeys in a caves , Its the savilian caligulian , clintonian , saud solomonian suleimanian habsburgerian , epsteinian , brusellian eurabian leopoldian , virgin islandian , weinsteinian aryan lolypope lollywood International Justice Tribunal and Court fucking , raping and bombing the innocent . https://timeline.com/children-of-god-5245a45f6a2a https://expressdigest.com/sex-cult-nxivm-partied-on-richard-bransons-private-island-twice/ Clinton Global Initiative
  7. its united slaveowners unions who thought to be genetically prior , reptilian pharaonic business class adore ...... , like a mafia building borders around their crimi business store . slaveowners build borders around their slaves , and slaves even used to have the chain around the necks and still now slaves around their neck must have the tie , and all the politically predesigned debts to be enslaved working class until day die .... but you have to also understand why Jimmy Savile , prince Andrew and Epstein or Weinstein first design borders and make sure that theres are borders around their victims , and because of borders victims cannot runaway , and children parents cannot help their children because ancient reptilian psychos have builded walls and borders around those Fuckingthem Palaces , Harems , Silicon Tits Valleys , Vatican Knightclub Pedo-Orgy Cathedrals and Virgin Islands Rape Cult Solomanic Temples , ... so children parents cannot get in over those walls and borders to help own children and get criminals . .... walls and borders were in hitlers concentration camps , walls and borders are around Khashoggy and Julian Asange , walls and borders are around Native Indians , humanity freespeech limited inside walls and borders by microsoft orwelians . There is plenty walls and borders around innocent humanity , and as wolfs are bordering the sheeps , its innocent humanity walled and bordered in a prison , thats how criminals protect themselves and keep live in unbordered world season because of walls , limits and the borders . working class cannot do any business and you cannot even see , its criminals who conduct your world , and while you are limited and bordered its criminals who do quick business , make all profits and walk free
  8. ISIS = 1515 = SS = 55 Ra = Sol = Sun SS = ISIS = Corona Empire = Crown Horns Pharao Ra = Sun God = Sungod = Sundog Moondog = Moongod Sunmoon = Star Superstar = Solmoon = Solomon = Solarman = Superman = Sperman = √úbermensch by Nietzsche Solomon = Soleiman = Suleiman = Soleus Pyramidus Empiricus = Caligulus Cactus Oligarcicus Soleus Caesar Hail = Prince Andrew Savile Dick = Saud Caliphatornia Pharao Harem Kingdom Babyloan = Lolita Express Intergalactic = Vatican Sexorcism = Virgin Mary = Virgin Islands = Solomon Temple
  9. .. your statements are so naive intellectually and scientifically , but that belongs to your shortsighted level of understanding of where you are and whats going on , your view comes from closed product package perspective in which you fear God creation , ... while birds are free to fly , just look at the sky , ... are you afraid because sky doesnt have a border .... , or because of birds dont divide and have a nation you should believe in your nearest wall & border and intellectually bordered business , aromatic ceasar vampire empire and united saudi gasoline station you seem so smart and God is stupid scientist because he didnt create border , or you would like to have people you love to live in closed and bordered rising vacuum known as nuclear bomb , ready to explode every second for someone elses private business , ........ bordered space like swiss banksters Large Hadron Collider crashing humanity particles it is , ..... and then highly recommended energy vampires surfing on the bordered conflicts , .... at list its your great oportunity to sell guns and make private profits . ... and yes , according to your promotive intelligence we can see for sure you created so much with borders , and God created so liitle without borders, .... and logically you know better whats right and whats wrong , you know better than Creator ,..... it must be your unfinished education or some kind of such corporation why you should have more when you can have less ... we all know your mathematics , you dont have to try to confess ..... ,... should every criminal , idiot and virus around conduct arrangement of your life environment , and then you can live in fear and build that structure and believe in it , give it name and call that patriotism , .... just go and ask some asshole to provide you connection and give you permission for your mobilism . ..... its your questionable intellectually limited intelligence prison .. you will obey and adore scientific stupidity and never understand the place and reason . while people around you will not wonder how come you dont understand your statements intellectual idiotism , . , ....
  10. ... i think , Frank Zappa was no reptilian , ..... but somehow he was related to the system , at list through his work , arent we all ? ...... just as David Icke , he probably got into personal conflict situation with reptilians , ... as a kid i also had unexpected surprise personal conflict with black nobility venetian oligarchy reptilian system too , and then later i researched and found a lot lot lot more , and its freaking unbelievable what has happened to my country and to my people and its still hapenning on this planet everyday . Today all humanity is captured by reptilian spiders network and extraterrestrial attack artifical intelligence . I dont wanna go now deep into all story but you can see it already around you , today humanity is not allowed to get out of their homes . And you should know that it is slaves and prisoners who were not allowed to move without permission . it is slaves who were punished by slaveowners Pharao Emperor if slaves dont bow on their knees and obey harem orders of prince Andy Dick Savile Horny Crown Pharao , ... when punishing slaves Pharao use to let out his snakes, lions, racists, nazis , terrorist , viruses and artifically inteligent robotized killers as digital extraterrestrials to attack humanity , .... its a Pharaonic Solomanic United Slaveowners Criminal Aroma Empire which killed Jesus , journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange . Frank Zappa knew all of this very early already and he started to politically activate and fight against that kind of operating system , John Lennon was talking same , Michael Jackson was talking same , princess Diana was talking about it , Jim Morrison was talking about it , many others knew and tried to talk about it ,... but hei , freespeech not allowed . ... artist known as Prince wrote on his face : THE SLAVE .... to send you message about whats going on but maybe you didnt get it yet . ... i can give you little tip and tell you only that everything is upside down of what they tech you in schools and you should know that borders around you are not there for your benefit , ... united slaveowners and their criminal moneyprinting integrate into good things and just advertise things as good for you to actually implement and legalize public robbery and more corruption against you and all humanity , ....... even your sound of your instrument is limited , bordered, destabilized and corrupted but you just still dont get it . borders around you are there to limit you , to interrupt and limit your senses , instinct and inteligence and slow down your development and economy and have you pay to the masters more and more . Pharao and slaveowners empire used to border slaves as wolfs border the sheep , while priest as prepaid shepherds teach sheeps to be good and peaceful , well trained to follow carrots like a donkeys , ready to be sacrificed like Jesus because of other peoples sins , and those other people who sacrifice innocent are the criminals of course , and criminals are free . You are bordered by Epstein Savile , Prince Andy Dick, Weinstein , soros-clintonian pedohpilian society , genetic prioritees of roman empire moneyprinters Rothshcilds & Fuckingthem Palaces . Zappa was just intelligent working class man sensing organized moneypulation and corruption across those limits of human senses and across all those laws and borders provided to system consumer sector , ..... through his music trip as artistic science work he found out that humans are not free and there was no free speech allowed , and its politically organized corruption in every dimension of human life development . Zappa was kind of hippie youth generation , of course all hippies were systematically drugged by criminal government , Zappa was musician with scientific mind and if you are intelligent to understand then music is really and actual a scientific entrance into really deep foundation of science , because in the beginning there was a word and word was sound , and sound was frequency .... and then there became the light . Zappas music was based on environment fusion and improvisation to make order out of chaos , ... i think also Miles Davis musically made point with that right note . Zappas instincts sensed the name of corrupted game , .... he was part of reptilian business industry , another slave like Jackson , Prince ,, Lennon , and then all those people suddenly were taken out of game ....., they were kids drugged by united slaveowners system , they knew too much . remember Jackson knew something and started his last tour named THEY Dont Care About Us , and then just before opening the concert Jackson was killed by vaccine ... , now THEY are vacinnating all humanity THEY made movies about Jackson how he was pedophile , .. but who made was movies about Jackson ? ... , it was Weinstein , Epstein , Charles Savilian Society Prince Andrew Dick of Fuckingthem Palace , clintonian pedophilian society at Virgin Islands Solomanic Temple Harem , Vaticanish Sexorcism with naked nuns and kids in cathedrals. ....... you should know operating system by now , .... all humanity is enslaved but thats not allowed information for public knowledge , every electronic device you use is designed to be corrupted and its working against you more and more , you dont even have control of your own computer and you are signing digital contracts with the devil everyday , you are not even reading what is written in those devils contracts and if you read , they made already sure its multiple interpretations youll never understand . ...... even 90 percents of all electronic and music instruments you use are corrupted and working against you , . and probably you have no idea about it still , ... and thats how reptilians make business and make sure that other people dont . But who are really those reptilians ? .... thats another long story of Secret Pharaonic United Slaveowners Union Empire with reptilian brain mentality of the Vampire ... ... reptilians are humans as bunch of criminals thinking to be genetically prior , bankers surfing on human blood , they are designing and financing racists, nazis, terrorists, viruses and orwelian artificial intelligence , their system depends on class discrimination , they have distorted intelligence which is in chronical psychopatic oligarchy condition , their united slaveowners wealth is achieved by thousand years criminal operating system of exploiting slaves and sacrificing humanity , corrupting, attacking and destabilizing working class economy , they are moneypulating humanity through media , education and psychology . United Slaveowners Union operating system source code is moneyprinting , their thinking is based on reptilian brain thinking, here is good link for you to start understand reptilian secret operating system concept : https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/
  11. and what do i mean , .... here is effort , wisdom , education, leadership and so on :
  12. @rideforever absolut nonsense statement , .... have you ever looked at the sky and thought what do you see , was it difficult to understand whats there and whats here ? .... even i can find sometime some good reasonable points in your comments worth of bit thinking but then right afterwards you absolutely contradict and conflict with your own statements and make it half stupid , ....... and then another thing with that kind of half intel promo publishing , .... better slowdown before you crash and calculate quantum mathematics better ,... on some things you are lets say half right but another half is totally on a wrong road , ..... but its easy to understand why its like that because present political environment is making huge profits by spreading disinformation as false education , confusing and destabilizing human intelligence and senses and having humanity on wrong road ,........ you shouldnt even let yourself so easy to talk about understanding science , marxism or democracy , because it seems there is scientifically more to it then you comprehend at this moment , ....... for start , try to Imagine as John Lennon said , and remember that anything you imagine is already there before you thought about it . .......... good things are not problem , ... problem are bad things as politically, economically , scientifically and religiously organized crime and criminal private interest thinking that integrates into good things ,...... and then it corrupts good things and conducts criminal multidimensional environment . like united slaveowners moneyprinting and their criminal wolfstreet government program unions building extraterrestrial empires by surfing on human blood and energy , and thats the only employment program freedom that genetically advertised lower class as slaves , castle servants and working class people can ever get by highly recommended educated vampire empire leadership of horny satanic capital cult ritual sacrificing the friendly lambs and innocent . ,........ but maybe its true as you said that some peoples thinking like yours needs education to see proper view perspective and understand physics of universe and natural infinity of cosmic space creation as freedom capacity there before human was created , ...
  13. .... maybe once upon a time when he was young he was innocent entertaining person , but his nowdays behaviour its such systematic program intelligence and tells that his humour and privilege is most likely that he is dealing Jp Morgans cocaine to the rich and of course also to the poor , narcodealership to the elite is door key to his success and then he becomes their entertaining party clown to spread narcotic sale advertising and surf on peoples problems and suck energy out of working class people and kids , even slaveowners were drugging their slaves too so they could use them easily , ... and in such status the problem with every narcodealer is that they want to manipulate and control others , they become chronical narcisoid egomaniacs thinking that they are smarter than others and thinking they have superpower to rule by dealing drugs but actually they are addicted to drugging and manipulating their victims , that is the key to their status and power , its a psychotic condition . Russel Brand is kind of twisted personality and you cannot trust that , you see how he so in hurry when he speaks (and Jimmy Savile had same speaking style signs ) and thats sign that he doesnt care and he is in hurry to sell Christ and best friendship for a bit of drug , atenttion and fame , its for dealers breakfast , like a scorpion , it feeds their ego to actually destroy others . Everything about him seems like a show act , he knows exactly what people wanna hear and he would say anything people wanna hear just to get what he wants , i think he is acting childish but its just strategy to hide other side , he should get out of his lollywood dream to save his soul . narcodealers and other criminal agendas will sweet talk just to integrate into anything good where they can use others , deal drugs and blow their ego , its like fake humanitarianism and fake socialism or fake green legalism , its all about using other peoples problems to make elite laugh and make private profits , but actually they dont care about other human beings , their goal is to spread narcotics and then use others , thats what criminal elite do , its all about destroying other peoples economy . they are drugging kids and youth and then enslave them , exploit and and rape them . Even his image is kind of egotrip , and basically its also disgrace to christianity , ... his hidden addicted egomania is representing Jesus Christ as narcoman and criminal elite will applaud as funny while ordinary people just dont get it , you can imagine who is behind that type of thinking metaphysics . But in the end they gonna drop him too , he is just another party clown , and if you look carefully you would find lot of same signs and similarity in way funny talks and between his behaviour and behaviour of Jimmy Savile . They are all usually at first very likeable , sweet talking , entertaining and flirty but later there is always hidden private interest unsatisfied psycho agenda linked behind that . All lollywood show business is like that , and there is even littlebit more about that but will not talk about that now , .. just think of Epstein , Ghislaine Maxwell and Weinstein , and there is plenty others united slaveowners lollywod show business is advertising and dealing drugs to their slaves and other plantation sugar stars . Russell seems kind of having trip like Jimmy Savile , very concerned to help other people . ....... or maybe having lollywood trip like Jim Carey , once upon a time good normal guy but went to far and then crashed when he realized that all that world around him was all fake and he was fake with it too .
  14. ... there is plenty criminal elite connected evidence about human trafficking and child pedophila , but nobody is doing nothing about it , Pedophiles and criminals have sex slaves in harems and solomons temples , Virgin Islands , naked nuns in Holy Cathedrals and Fuckingthem Palaces , and then people ask who finance such criminal network , its a politically organized criminal organization , , why dont people ask who finance bankers while bankers actually dont do nothing ever in their life , its slaveowners business network union , they are dealing clintons narcotics and exploiting kids in weinstein lollywood . . those criminals have killed journalist Khashoggy and arrested Asange because they exposed their criminal network . https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jan/13/kings-of-cocaine-albanian-mafia-uk-drugs-crime https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ship-seized-in-1-3-billion-cocaine-bust-is-owned-by-jp-morgan-chase/ https://senatus.net/article/bill-clinton-statue-kosovo/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Kosovo https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a32824007/jeffrey-epstein-wealth/ https://www.insider.com/epstein-riyadh-saudi-arabia-private-jet-2019-9 http://gvnet.com/humantrafficking/SaudiArabia.htm
  15. it shouldnt be difficult to guess : https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/pop-culture-news/bill-clinton-poses-porn-stars-monaco-gala-flna793188 https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2541955/nxivm-sex-slave-cult-held-wild-parties-and-seminars-on-sir-richard-bransons-private-island-necker/ https://www.artvoice.com/2019/07/09/richard-bransons-endorsement-of-nxivm-appeared-online-for-10-years/ https://gaikokumaniakku.wordpress.com/2020/10/21/from-2019-bankers-wife-is-key-to-clinton-foundation-corruption-nunes-is-attacked-by-pornhub-with-accusations-of-yacht-orgies-cocaine-and-prostitutes/
  16. there is serious damage and distortion in development of human brain to disrespect life formation , destruct own environment and think to be genetically prior to dictate and kill friendly helpless animals , its a psychopat capital , religiously faithful like a saud caliphatornia terror and important like prince Andy Dick in virgin islands sex slavery solomanic temple harem or vatican pedophiles sexorcism knightclub by serious brain error . we are inside psychopat oligarchy mafia family capital kingdom , killing innocent and helpless animals and killing innocent people just as killing helpless rabbit with a maschine gun . its a aroman empire of pharao vampire , its olympic psycho competition fun . recommended fake education with no no intelligence and no brain ringdome , its a life corruption culture , great idolatry as psychopatic adore structure its all about criminals making business by killing innocent , its a horny crown kingdom , destabilizing working class economy and stealing other peoples lands and blingdom , genetic priority is foundation of united slaveowners saudi brusellian eurabia private business as royal nazi ideology thingdom just as united slaveowners union , energy vampires criminal aristocracy , i think killers imperial college psychopats should be taken care once for all by peoples final act of democracy . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33b_PAJBSk8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPHjdBuOIGg&list=PLrpzf-gdm3sdQYOEJOrw0woClMVJ1Cb3e https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1HyfOYjJZk https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/
  17. .... in this cosmic hole , there is plenty different paints , trees and flowers , can you imagine if according to your very questionable adress intelligence where there is lot of things that you dont understand why ,.. could you imagine if every paint , tree and flower was fighting war against another paint , tree or flower because of even sky is different colour ,... and then those shapes reflecting on soap bubble flying ball would be reflection of surround environment , .... just like on half planet would be day and another half of planet would be night ... and between those two ..... there will be lot of colour spectrum tones and shadows darker or maybe more bright and its scientific fact that instead of reading and understanding what is written in the sky as only message ever written by Creator , people are all the time by someone elses private business commercial institution provided to read wrong books and stay disinformed and then there will be lot of things people or sheeps wouldnt understand or know why . .. but as time goes by ,..... once upon a time in Saud Caliphatornia Wolf Pharaonia Sex Harem United Slaveowners Empire and Wolf is secret 007 agent of Aroman Holy Vampire , and for business growth ritual there was lot of enslaved caged and bordered sheeps and even different trees ,... all slaves had to obey orders and commands written in united slaveowners latest holy business book as commercial matrix , ... all slaves had to kiss ass to the masters , ... all slaves had to obey , bow and pray on their knees ,... operating system forever matrix like a Billys Windows automatic configuration digital customees , and as long people or sheeps are very commercially spiritually holy-sharia Windows-maintained to be wolfs faithful sheeps waiting to become grill meat for venetian oligarchy style red uniformed wolfstreetparty painted Coca-Colonola sponsored clintonian-weinstein-epsteinian bankers lolywood Mcdonalds prince Andy Dick barbecue , and of course in meantime be feeded by genetically prior important business fairytales where all other people on planet are presented as lower class , castle servants an slaves, and those lower class children are there to be raped by Aroman Empire Saudi Harem Fuckingthem Palaces ,...... slaves must reading wrong books so those sheeps or people will stay disinformed , uneducated and basically forever intellectually undeveloped and stupid , .. and from private business point that is profitable and suitable to those oligarchy empires of wolfs criminals who wants to have sheeps faithful , defenceless and forever stupid so Wolfs Empire of Aroman Holy Vampire can always get easy friendly fresh meat and blood as drink , its a kind of private pharaonic empire vampire business ritual that keeps wolfstreet business going on sucking blood and energy out of sheeps , slaves , castle servants and working class , .... thats how Aroman Vampire Business Empire is getting rich and more powerful . ... it seems like you were reading Arkon book and you found there your name and adress and now you are amazingly hypnotized and automatically connected by few phone company numbers to holy satanic desire to create conflict between sheeps of different colour so you can get fresh blood and energy drink .
  18. no , .. because as you say if you dont understand what is it or why and you dont remember nothing then dont you think those symptoms are clear that you are not reincarnation , ... i meant maybe you are somehow connected to that adress because there was someone else living there before you , like some kind of house ghost or something , ....... could be also that your parents gave you someone elses name , .. since there is lot of people on this planet , ... it could be that same day there was someone elses birthday , ..... it happens often and people usually dont know nothing about it or why ...
  19. .. have you ever thought that those kind of things could be something personally connected to you ... , ... still it makes me wonder how did they know your name and adress in first place ..... , maybe someone was following you .. . i mean Koran was written long time ago and in that time not many people knew how to write ,.. and today we have lot of books written on Internet , ... it all becomes very strange because on Internet you could find your own phone number ... and then theres are things behind those numbers
  20. .. its conscious , ..... and secretly planned ,.... by wolfs most of humanity is captured and taught to be good loving lambs in bordered space , to bow and pray on their knees and obey the wolfs private interest commands and orders ,....... . and then those wolfs are some people who are taught to think they are genetically prior to be smarter and robb other peoples homework , land and energy , suck working class blood , steal intellectual property , robb other peoples research and then dominate , dictate , rule , control , enslave and exploit others , ....... steal all humanity knowledge and intelligence through spiders internet web ,....... corrupt real education and corrupt proper oportunity development stability employment ,....... have complete environment in automatic digitalized corruption ,........ no real education and no truth information ,..... only artificial intelligence conduction ,....... design of racists , nazis , terrorists and viruses to attack working class children and destabilize working class economies ,....... then censor freespech ,....... and with time their power , identity and status become addictive to that type of system configuration and becomes kind of psychopatic condition .... then them slaveowners union empire of energy vampire criminals need to increase their private business security with NATO nazi terrorist military organization to keep torturing and robbing the world ,.... it comes from slaveowners criminal oligarchy tradition and class discrimination society , .... just like gangsters , todays banksters , monetary printing fraud oligarchy empires gained their wealth by sucking energy out of slaves , servants and working class , ... its international political gaslighting arrangement running on International Monetary Printing Fraud ..... https://www.bitchute.com/video/b8ENC72IGIz5/
  21. i think Brian is too much cheesy and unbalancely selfpromoted into narcisoid trip , banksters boy , double player , looklike smelling cocaine and private profit , surfing on working class energy , like energy vampire he is surfing on peoples troubles and using David Icke too , i mean Rose was banksters runboy , .. and banksters just look how to find new oportunity to keep sitting in office , selling books about murdered Jesus Khashoggy Asange and be innovative with surfing on working class troubles and energy , ... banksters just look where is free gasoline to fill own few private pockets ,..... you can see he still have that system puppet and slave good boy performance , ... like delivery boy ,.. you can see his suit & tie is just a same operating system uniform , ... Rose is advertising his banksters tie just like Savile was advertising his dick , .. its a some kind of complex and psychological disorder . ... freedom loving working class doesnt give a fuck about his suit and tie , tie is so epsteinian , weinsteinian and savilian club class symbol ,........ tie is chain around his neck and its well known that its slaveowners who demanded for slaves to be chained around their neck ... , it comes from traditon of slavetrade , ... good slaves got special jobs to manage other slaves ... , good slaves got uniform suit & tie as slaveowners chain around their neck , ...
  22. ... venetian oligarchy monetary printing party with a masks .....
  23. property of Sky News , ... makes you wonder how come something going on on british nation property and soil can be property of Sky News , .. but in the end did they also inform people that british nation is on someone elses private property and land .... , ...... mafia just keeps people informed , its a great idea neverending private business brand ....
  24. .... you understand this stuff well , Jikwan ... it is like that , you are so right , ..... been there , had romantic venetian affair with roman ceasars daughter ..... their imperial holygarchy game of thrones nazi kingdom power got scared when later seen that same working class kid becoming opposition military leader , ..... before i even had any idea of whats going on , they already knew i was chosen by people to take the throne , .. i never even thought of that on my own ... .... they tried to kill me and it all went international deepstate military fireparty too far ..... ordinary people never heard the truth of what was served in that imperial adriatic jesuitic nazi oligarchy holy vaticanish bar ......
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