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  1. have you noticed how banksters gangsters got everybody caught into spiders global digitalization digital net , they privatized your privacy and intellectual property , vampires are sucking blood and oil from entire planet criminals wanna have human life digitally dependent , no more independence , only corporation services addicted now they already interrupting and manipulating everybody , they present you their decision and their vote and you have to confirm as it was your choice while there is no any choice , no free speech , you have to shutup and wear th
  2. .... babe looks so familiar , ... optical illusion
  3. ... its true all , ..... its a organized robbery as sveet talking organismzation ,.. foundation of united slaveowners and their later generations of energy vampires , roman-solomanic temples and cathdrals as saud caliphatornia fuckingthem palace harem empires. its a sveet talking criminal organization working on the international business globalization , Eurabia by leopoldian caligulus brusellian habsburger unionization thats a todays wealthy mafia as oligarchy and static office sitting political elite , harvardian savilian pedophilian epsteinian imperial apet
  4. Billy Gate Microsmooth is divorcing , ... look what we found Virgin This & Virgin That https://expressdigest.com/sex-cult-nxivm-partied-on-richard-bransons-private-island-twice/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9065103/Inside-Peter-Nygards-private-jet-turned-mile-high-strip-club.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_Kosovo https://vultureofcriti
  5. forget the state and independence , state and independence are digitally controlled and politically moneypulated by private mobile gangsta digitalization corporation , Iceland was right about banksters , orwelian gangsters . its a savilian pedophilian Virgin Islands Saudi Harem Fuckingthem Palace Corona Bussines solomanic temple jesuitic sexorcism monarchism quick cash accumulation by robbing slaves, robbing working class and every nation , money printing creative association . genetically prior class hedonistic ticket to paradise and then getting rid of victim
  6. 8-7 = 1 1+8 = 9 7-4= 3 3+8 = 4+7 = 11 911 911 + World Trade International Airport = 911 + Bomer = Bomer 911 = Bomer Festival = Barack Bomer Osama Bomer Festival , Mount Meron Vinery De Rothschild Mount Meron = MM = Marilyn Monroe = Moe & Moe = Moses Moschammad = Marilyn Manson = Berlin Mason = BM = BW = Brian Warner = Warner Bros = Warner Bros 911
  7. Pharao King Solomon Suleiman Salman Harem Academy & United Slaveowners Imperial College Monetary Printing System Fuckingthem Palace Genetically Prior Nazi Fairytale Desire Aroman Caesar Saud Caliphatornia with Holy Lolypope Vatican Sharia Terror Fire Venetian Oligarchy Private Business Sales Party Masks of Same Old New World Corona Empire meanwhile at Solomon Islands
  8. .... like a Saud Caliphatornia Crown Harem Gasoline Station or savilian Fuckingthem Palace of Royal Rape United Kingdom Foundation , imperial leftovers , Dicknights of Malta, Aroman Empire Vatican Caesar Knightclub Cathedral Jesuit Priests riding on naked nuns and Children Sexorcization ... .... its the United Slaveowners Pedophilian Virus Corona Empire Genetically Prior Oligarchy Nazi Union Terrorist Security Rapist NATO Corporation , swiss gangsters internazionale , godfather mafia cardinale , criminal bankers, moneyprinting and political power wh
  9. its united slaveowners unions who thought to be genetically prior , reptilian pharaonic business class adore ...... , like a mafia building borders around their crimi business store . slaveowners build borders around their slaves , and slaves even used to have the chain around the necks and still now slaves around their neck must have the tie , and all the politically predesigned debts to be enslaved working class until day die .... but you have to also understand why Jimmy Savile , prince Andrew and Epstein or Weinstein first design borders and make sure that
  10. ISIS = 1515 = SS = 55 Ra = Sol = Sun SS = ISIS = Corona Empire = Crown Horns Pharao Ra = Sun God = Sungod = Sundog Moondog = Moongod Sunmoon = Star Superstar = Solmoon = Solomon = Solarman = Superman = Sperman = √úbermensch by Nietzsche Solomon = Soleiman = Suleiman = Soleus Pyramidus Empiricus = Caligulus Cactus Oligarcicus Soleus Caesar Hail = Prince Andrew Savile Dick = Saud Caliphatornia Pharao Harem Kingdom Babyloan = Lolita Express Intergalactic = Vatican Sexorcism = Virgin Mary = Virgin Islands = Solomon Temple
  11. .. your statements are so naive intellectually and scientifically , but that belongs to your shortsighted level of understanding of where you are and whats going on , your view comes from closed product package perspective in which you fear God creation , ... while birds are free to fly , just look at the sky , ... are you afraid because sky doesnt have a border .... , or because of birds dont divide and have a nation you should believe in your nearest wall & border and intellectually bordered business , aromatic ceasar vampire empire and united s
  12. ... i think , Frank Zappa was no reptilian , ..... but somehow he was related to the system , at list through his work , arent we all ? ...... just as David Icke , he probably got into personal conflict situation with reptilians , ... as a kid i also had unexpected surprise personal conflict with black nobility venetian oligarchy reptilian system too , and then later i researched and found a lot lot lot more , and its freaking unbelievable what has happened to my country and to my people and its still hapenning on this planet everyday . Today all humanity is ca
  13. and what do i mean , .... here is effort , wisdom , education, leadership and so on :
  14. @rideforever absolut nonsense statement , .... have you ever looked at the sky and thought what do you see , was it difficult to understand whats there and whats here ? .... even i can find sometime some good reasonable points in your comments worth of bit thinking but then right afterwards you absolutely contradict and conflict with your own statements and make it half stupid , ....... and then another thing with that kind of half intel promo publishing , .... better slowdown before you crash and calculate quantum mathematics better ,... on some thi
  15. .... maybe once upon a time when he was young he was innocent entertaining person , but his nowdays behaviour its such systematic program intelligence and tells that his humour and privilege is most likely that he is dealing Jp Morgans cocaine to the rich and of course also to the poor , narcodealership to the elite is door key to his success and then he becomes their entertaining party clown to spread narcotic sale advertising and surf on peoples problems and suck energy out of working class people and kids , even slaveowners were drugging their slaves too so th
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