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  1. you know when they declared war on terrorism , it was just to collect working class tax money and then actully design and finance terrorism ,.... its all part of design , and those criminals and attackers doesnt have to be foreigners at all ,.... they are just bunch of foreign or local criminals psychoegoists and maniacs who commit crime and then fingerpoint to other side and do everything politically to escape justice and that is suitable to Deep State because deep state governments are criminal organizations corporations , and criminals are politically strong , censoring truth , attack
  2. the electromagnetic manipulation thats why they need global digitalization secret industrial design standard corporation consumers of donkey carrot advertising get your updates into electronix orwel windows installation electromagnetic place , invisible case elephant is in the matchbox by hunters of the fox , with oligarchy cognac on the rocks they are distorting reality and corrupting human time, energy and space long time that is their business book & face interrupting unlimited capacity of cosmic field and destabilizin
  3. i think understanding slaveowner Pharao private business swisspatent is the key to understanding what is going on , its Pharao who thinks that he is God and he is always elected no matter what is outcome of elections , slaveowner Pharao has his own private army of slaves and Pharao lives in great magnificent architecture castles and thinks that he is God while other people are there to be his servants , this is by his order already predestined by his birth , all religions are actually different operating systems teaching people to obey Pharao , so all religions in their concept te
  4. humanity limit and the border product package engineered by new world order its been on top of charts for a long time every morning on magazine cover , i just couldnt miss the rhyme yep , moving there from time to time someone said , at our best we shouldnt let the evil order rest we shouldnt let them getaway with a crime @Basket Case thanx for moving it to right place
  5. by the order of new world order , .. working class will get the vaccines and pay for vaccines because of great corona threats .... just like governments are making money by organizing always extra debts .... plus someone elses interest rates .... , ... worldwide sales and who will share the profits , lets try to guess who will get the money ..... , politically hedonistic lifestyles by climate section , project mafias & honey honey ,...... Panama Beach & Virgin Islands , Lichtenstein Cayman Luxemburg Tax Heaven , 007 ,....... banksters paradise it is , .... global crises
  6. ... thank you for this comment , ... in some of your previous comments i can find disagreements ,.. but this is the different and its the proper comment , .... am religious and through scientific research i believe in Gods Creation , my church is open sky without limits and without borders ,.... but i also find some controversial facts in mainstream religious stories as they are today presented to masses ,........ you know , through history of church there was also dark age of church corruption and church was not always on side of people and poor people suffered , .. even today i b
  7. Hello to all , i found some common and interesting subjects that David Icke talks about so decided to support and share opinions . When it comes about Covid , 911 and Vaccines , i think that stories are not at all as they are told and presented by mainstream media .
  8. @Basket Case .. if i understood properly , your comment was about you or maybe people you know being annoyed because some people using fireworks whenever wherever they want and there is no law control over that or governement is not doing enough to have better order over that , and its something that i think also that fireworks can be annoying and it is bothering other people because without proper law timing act and without control it appears more and more to be agressive , loud and dangerous especially for children and old people , and in that video link provided in
  9. ... some friends told me that at beginning of year 1990 , it was muslim mafia who started agression and attacked peaceful citizens and serbian children peace in Bosnia / Yugoslavia , and then it was british government who helped muslim mafia criminals and british government bombed Yugoslavia and killed serbian children , and then muslim mafia was allowed in middle of Europe to form first islamic extremist independent sharia ISIS state of Bosnia ruled by turkish empire and Saudi Arabia . After that with help of NATO muslim extremist mafias started to attack , rape and kill people and ch
  10. @rideforever i agree about what you say that Jimmy Savile was sick person and psycho related to his childhood environment where he grown up in , but that is envronment where you say that law and life is good so how come Jimmy Savile became what he is , there is major media BBC in it and Savile seems like quite primitive uneducated person who thinks raping kids is cool and somebody powerful allowed him to think that way and do what he did , still Savile & masss rapist Weinstein got Royal Knighthood Award and then there is Epstein and prince Andrew , and despite brit
  11. you think you whos life is good is right and you know what you are talking about and all those who were attacked by Jimmy Savile monarchy pedophilian oily banksters empire , or all those millions of raped , attacked and tortured victims are not right and they dont know what they talk about and they shouldnt have right of free speech and Asange should be arrested it really doesnt matter all the evidence he provided which expose crimes against humanity commited by those who you defend , because by your claim its all those raped kids and attacked victims who have a problem and they des
  12. @rideforever i know people whos life was good until Jimmy Savile monarchy dropped rothschilds factory uranium bombs on those peoples children , Jimmy Savile monarchy was never prosecuted for its crimes against humanity .
  13. ... Rideforever , you say you are 50 years old and law and life was just fine until saudi monarch Solomon Epstein & The Holy Harem of the Lolypopes , Jimmy Savile and Prince Andrew got caught raping working class children . And now problem is such operating system digitalization globalisation and internet censorship which doesnt allow raped victims to have right of free speech . You say life is good , while Julian Asange is in prison crucified like a Jesus for exposing crimes of your genetically prior class discirimination business neighbourhood .
  14. people from other dimensions , Jimmy Savile &the oligarchy Friends from dimension with no limit and no border , they do it all the time and they really like working class children just like aroman lolypope likes naked nuns , while inside naturaly infinite universe enslaved humanity is captured into prisons known as states and theres are plenty predesigned limits and the borders , its all about limiting and bordering humanity as the slaves , each limit and the border is dimension.
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