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  1. That's weird @Saved In 2018 from being always generally super fit and healthy for my mid 60s I suddenly (I can remember the exact time) went down with some queer bug-like thing (Yet no research came up with any bug which equaled the symptoms). It caused all sorts of symptoms that lasted 10 weeks, went away briefly, came back again and went on, and on with some small remissions. I went to the doc. and he ran checks & tests. NOTHING found. I was referred to a neurologist. Nothing found there either. Result? The neuro said possibly "migraine" . I'd never had migraine in my life, never had headaches. Wasn't a headache person. Wasn't a sick person either, I was strong, bounced back from anything quickly. A good healthy immune system and a splendid diet. But I was putting myself about a bit online, in various rebellious ways, against the mainstream, and not hiding behind anonymity either..... Made me wonder.... It never really 100% went away. It even had me crawling about outside with an EMF detector and finding nothing; paranoid enough to wonder if someone/something had spiked my Tesco grocery order or my water supply! (n.b. no history of mental illness, so this was an "in extremis" response I finally accepted it might be a kind of mild-ish ME/CFS. It's still not 100% gone. Compared to that, the two, three weeks of Covid last year was a breeze. I truly feel whatever that thing was in 2018 it affected the brainstem and possibly the vagus nerve.
  2. Ditto. It's one of my favourite pieces of music too. Thanks to Chopin reminding me I do indeed have a Soul, I stayed sane this last year.
  3. Yep, I am getting text after text. Funny how they didn't give two hoots about my blood test results some time ago and I had to go through a dragon receptionist to get the email, then it was crypto'd to the hilt! I had to prove I was ME! Funny how they don't care about checking up on really old people who have been imprisoned in their homes for yonks, and whose regular health checks/blood tests etc appear to have been abandoned (that's before we get to endless pain from operations that have disappeared.) But when it comes to the vax, they are constantly on at you and are eager to shoot you up. I ignore them and delete the texts. Maybe they'll think I'm dead.... It's all about that mindless thing called Government Targets.
  4. I have a Dell Inspiron waiting in my Amazon "save for later" list (i.e. save for when I don't have bills) But what is it with HP? I had a great HP laptop once. It was stolen in 2011. I kind of liked it. So the stuff I'm hearing about "at least 8Gb memory" for music making is a load of tosh? I have a lot to learn....
  5. It couldn't be plainer. Well, a fat lot of use that is then -eh? The vax can kill you. It can make you ill in varying degrees, but it CANNOT protect you! Total nuts.
  6. Thanks very much for all that info @Mikheil ! I am not there yet ...I need to square up to buying a new laptop yet, but I have kept all this info you gave me. Appreciated.
  7. I only have 2 members of family left on this Earth. Both have dutifully taken the vaccine. One of them is very old and a "worrier" so I haven't told her I am not getting it. Leave the old lady alone, and say a prayer for her as she might be on the "culled" list for all I know. The other one I have told, and why. I have numerous reasons, one of them being innate T-cell immunity from having Covid about a year ago. Although he's polite, the impression I get is that he basically thinks I am incapable of doing decent research, and am probably a little bit nuts. He's had his first jab and wasn't too well on it. He thinks vaccines save the world.
  8. That is something I would like to do and was researching what DAW was a good one. I can't yet though -not until I get a new laptop. This one is a dinosaur. I need to get off my butt!
  9. I'm sure you will @Shining-one Bodies/immune systems are very very clever if they don't get too much to overwhelm them. I also got waves of fatigue the last couple of days and an unusual reaction to my one cup of morning coffee -a mild roast not even made strong. No idea why. I have been nowehere near anyone who's been vaccinated....yet.
  10. Thanks for this thread @Basket Case and other contributors. I am catching up with this guy, Dr Mike Yeadon. I watched the Delingpole interview today. Definitely someone to listen to. I like his style. At last -some common sense.
  11. I live an unusual kind of life for starters. Pretty much a hermit for years in the countryside. I like that life. But during both lockdowns I've had even more social interactions with people. I've got to know more locals. We stop for a chat. More people were on work from home since last March and walk their dogs etc. then there are more joggers who often stop to talk to me too either over the garden hedge or on the lane. One youngish woman from the village a couple of miles away was very kind and gave me her phone number (I should be so lucky -hey?) in case I ever needed any help shopping etc. I wouldn't trouble her. I get online orders....but still, that was kind and sweet of her. I have a couple of very good friends here, and we stay in touch regularly, either by phone or email, or sometimes socially distanced visits. Life has actually been more friendly recently. The only way it afects me is I used to go to Tesco or Morrison's but I never do that any more. I get online deliveries. The delivery people are always chatty too. (through the window.)
  12. Brilliant, phosphorescent white light circa 2002. I got up for a pee in the middle of the night. I didn't turn a light on, as there's usually enough ambient light in my bathroom from the farm lights over the back field. Did that, then started to go back to bed. There are two bedrooms facing south. Both doors were open to the landing. I was on the landing (upstairs hall for those who speak USA?) When a brilliant pure phosphorescent white light absoultely filled the rooms, hallway, everything. It lasted about 2 minutes then died away. (much longer than a lightning flash!) After that I couldn't sleep. I got a coffee and watched the sky until dawn, but no more light. Obviously not a strange lightning storm. WTF was that? I never saw it again and am often up in the night.
  13. Good doctor! That sounds very similar to my Covid-buster taken again out of sheer desperation but which worked a treat. Only mine was Cognac. Garlic, and some herbal things with raw honey, salty soups. More or less the same. That and some good music got me through. Yikes! Yes....better off not there then!
  14. Right. There are enough dark humans in this NWO to create a billion demons whether there's a Satan or not. This human blood in shoes business etc just glorifies the worst aspects of humankind and draws them into that whole mind manipulation energy. And sadly, they think it's cool. Because youth is immortal and has superpowers -right??
  15. Remember, she's an oldie. A generation behind me (and I'm old), and maybe two or three behind many people here. Those generations lived and breathed the "wonders of modern medicine" just after the war. My mother was like that. What the doctor said or what poisons he gave her might as well have been from God. Obeying the doctor's every word was a given, no matter how it made you feel. The NHS was a newborn saviour and glorified. Vaccines saved the world as far as they were concerned....look no more smallpox!....that's what they all used to say. Penicillin the amazing life saving drug (not necessarily so as the years went by and we found out the dangers of them), but it was all new. Science was beautiful.....etc Now it's strange but those people hardly ever said they had side effects. In my old mum's case she obviously didn't. What would have me in screaming heebie jeebies had her smiling "I feel better now!" And weirdly she did get better. Avoid a vaccination?? NEVER!! So to be fair, I wonder if that has a part in it? Plus, every single real oldie I've spoken to who's had it never felt a thing or had side effects. God knows what will happen to them in x months but they all carry their little jab cards and are proud of them.... On that note, I was happily paraded about after having that dodgy polio sugar-cube vaccine late 1950s. "Look -no more polio!" I should be dead now.
  16. Bloody silly! My dog was a red head. So was my Nan. Anyone having a go at red heads can come through me first.
  17. I find this too with snow. Obviously the tiny ice particles will magnify any possible ambient light, and maybe the many billions of them do just that. It's like a subtle light in itself even without a moon. I could see clearly enough to go for a walk in it. If the moon happens to be hidden behind a lot of cloud, that is still some light, and the snow will magnify it.
  18. Ghost car. I am driving along my lane one day (this was in the early 2000's some time), in bright daylight. There are a few little bends on the mile-long lane, but no other lanes or tracks intersecting. The only possible drive-off place is an open farmyard in which any vehicle is clearly visible. So, I'm coming back from town and driving that lane to get to my house. Traffic is sparse there, and not many cars a day use it. Ahead of me I see an ordinary blue car (can't remember what type or reg. no. , but it certainly wasn't vintage or classic) It was going about the same speed as me, so no problem. I drove behind it at a decent distance so as not to tailgate it but not too far behind. There was one slight bend in the road, the blue car took it and I followed. The car was still in front of me. The second slight bend came up. The blue car took it and I followed.... ...To find NO blue car ahead of me. The next section of lane was straight, so it couldn't have suddenly speeded up and got out of sight around another bend. It had just disappeared. And as I mentioned, there were no turn-off places (we had already passed the farm anyway.)
  19. Sleep paralysis is when you are stuck momentarily between one consciousness (or plane) and another. Doing something dynamic to launch out of body will break it. Also, doing something dynamic to return to full physical consciousness will break it. Yes it feels weird, and feels like something is "being forcefully done" to you but in my experience, it is instantly gone when a firm decision is made to go either...that way....or the other way. Impressions, dream like events, sounds etc that happen during it, in my opinion can be ignored. For anyone stuck like this the one thing that starts running out of control is fear. Being aware of that while it's happening is very helpful and puts it into perspectve. The best way to deal with it is to focus on either getting out (calmly and determinedly) or focus on the little finger of one hand, and without panic, try to move that in even the slightest way. As SOON as that finger even twitches, never mind wriggles, the paralysis is broken. Worry not.
  20. Young people trying to be badass. They haven't a clue what they are messing with. I've seen a lot of this "embrace the darkness to be authentic" stuff about over the last few years.
  21. I heard this on the news today. Over 70s and "vulnerable" groups can look forward to having their Covid boosters as early as September this year. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/27/covid-booster-shots-could-go-to-at-risk-groups-in-september-uk-vaccines-minister Oh right. That means in a few weeks we'll be hearing of the many millions of Joe Public who will be able to have their boosters in October....November...whatever. It's beginning to look like once they get their mitts on us they are never going to let us go. This stuff will most likely need to be injected every 6 months. I thought this was going to happen.
  22. Sorry Claire, I know....it never ends nowadays. There's always something else which involves some sort of invasion of self. Then a new thing is thought up....etc. And to think I used to feel sorry for dogs who got a thermometer stuck up their ass on a yearly "health check"! I am lucky enough to be old (retired) so don't have to go through these types of medical invasion in a workplace. But I surely empathise with you for what it's worth. Most people have to keep their jobs = most people are trapped in the mandate and have to endure having these things "done to them" in essence against their will, just so they can stay in their jobs. If it's any help. I had the TB thing done at school (at least 55 years ago) it hurt, yes but no real damage done then, and I've had no lasting damage from it (weakened immune system etc.) But who knows what that's made of now? But what about the Covid vaccine? Is there any avoiding that?
  23. This is fascinating. Thank you OP. I hadn't heard of this work before....that's my weekend gone then, as I delve into it......
  24. Even in the best of all possible vaccination worlds, no one should be going for any vaccination while they have or are still recovering from an infection. So the idiots are recommending you do just that. Yep, they do not care about treating you. In fact they are saying you should now happily and willingly do something that is detrimental to your health. Government targets. That's what it's all about. They don't give a flying fart about you as a patient, so long as the targets are met and x million number of people are vaccinated willy-nilly and/or accounted for. That's why I have worked on my own with herbal medicines since the 80s. I'm not qualified or stuff, I just used them on myself.
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