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  1. 8 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    I think it takes 3-4 weeks for the vaccine to take over and do what it does(apparently), and even more so after the second jab. 

    She had two vaccinations now, a while apart but she's had two. I keep my mouth shut, keep my head below the battlements. I just smile and say "Isn't it a lovely Spring day?"

    Personally I don 't mind if I die. But I am not intending to do that by being shot in the arm by Big Pharma with their consciousness-and-DNA-altering stuff.

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  2. 5 hours ago, DarianF said:

    Do people actually get fined, or is it just a threat to make you think they will fine you?

    I don't know to be honest. It probably is real...one of those "law" things. As far as I was concerned, it was the least of a thousand possible worries. They already know who I am, where I am, what I surf online, when I use my phone etc. My age, d.o.b. and all the rest, and have done for years. What was the point of giving them £1000 as well plus a stupid court appearance (and still most likely having to do it.) Nothing we do is private. There are virtual dossiers compiled about us in detail. The census was almost irrelevant.

    The only thing they can't reach is my Soul, the nature of my love,  and when I disappear in the woods.

    They already know what I eat for dinner (re: onine grocery orders)....who I talk to, and what we talk about. They know my ethnic background, how old I am, what car I drive, how much electricity I use, what my spending habits are, and what I buy.

    And that's even without "smart" technology.

  3. I'm on day 8 @old-timer and no signs of Covid.


    Both the (vaccinated) neighbour and I didn't wear masks in the car. So if she's shedding I got a shed-load. Just to let you know I'll update now and again


    I love my dear old immune system, but I'm the kind of person that if someone sat next to me for 40 minutes and they had -say -a cold, I would catch it for sure

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  4. On 4/8/2021 at 10:18 PM, TFH said:

    That's how the nocebo effect works. You'll get actual physical symptoms identical to those that you believe you'll get from the real thing.


    On 4/8/2021 at 10:18 PM, TFH said:

    It can produce exactly the same physical symptoms as the real thing. That's why they use the placebo effect to test new drug efficacy.

    Oh dear @TFH.....you're not one of those "it's all in  your head" people, are you?
    Raging fever =nocebo
    and further down the line of possibilities....
    Leg half severed =nocebo
    Shot =nocebo
    Poisoned with hemlock =nocebo
    Heart attack =all in your head mate, sorry.
    just my sense of humour being a dickhead. Couldn't resist. 🤣

  5. 29 minutes ago, Martin1234 said:

    This way you get to avoid the vaccine, avoid the tests, and you get a "clean" record on your vaccine passport

    Vaccine passport = vaccine btw.....
    I can't see how getting a negative test result has any connection to vaccine status. Am I missing something you said before?
    I do miss stuff sometimes.


    The only possible way I can think of to get a vaxx status is to have one hacked  by someone who knows what they are doing with this shit.


    As for testing, I am not getting any idiot shoving sticks either down my throat or up my nose. If ever I have to do one I shall spit on it and that's all they're getting. My spit consists of nicotine, chocolate, some garlic, coffee, bits of blueberries. They should have fun with that.


    AND nothing could induce me to get a "smart" anything.

    I have already happily accepted my almost 100% exclusion from this "society" and no longer hanker after any of the things it contains. Get your booze from Tesco home deliveries. Who needs a pub?
    Trackable, sadly but so far, no vaxx passports involved.

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  6. I don't think it's a " nocebo". I've had the thing. It wasn't scary for me personally and not as bad in some ways as some flus I've had, and it was over quicker but it was pretty weird like nothing I ever had in my life. So sudden too like someone switched it on. Nocebo can't spike a high fever. I know when I'm sick.


    So whether that's "Covid" or a weird flu variant, I can't say but there was for sure something nasty.

  7. 16 hours ago, Artmuzz said:

    It’s the lies and fear mongering from the government and MSM that has caused mental health problems not a virus. They will do and say anything to get what they want.

    Yes and the social isolation. Most people cannot live like that. It goes against human nature.  Young people may be locked in with families they don't get along with. Can't visit grandparents or boyfriends/girlfriends ....old people locked up and if they're alone, they've been alone totally for over a year now except for fleeting and distant visits from neighbours to deliver shopping. It's inhuman.

    16 hours ago, alexa said:

    I foresaw the High Streets closing when they started to put up all these Ind estates for out of town shopping, but I would never have imagined all this crap we are seeing now. 

    It all fits with the plan of getting us all centralised, trackable,  cards not cash. Cash will die.


  8. It's been cold here. I live in south UK. There's been a bitter cold north wind, and a bit of snow yesterday, like icy particles blowing on the wind. They didn't settle much on the ground though.

    Yes, it was a polar vortex coming down over UK, winds from arctic regions. It's a bit harsh for 1st week of April but not unknown. Way back...may have been 80s or something, it snowed in early May once.


    This depopulation thing has been in the pipeline for a VERY long time, at the very least since the 60s, so who knows what re: weather, if it's there naturally, or there by design?


    At least it made good use of those bloody useless floppy Tesco Tray Liners.
    Save the World Plastic Manifesto from new age supermarkets....
    "We are reducing plastic bags, so your shopping won't come in plastic carrier bags (which could be re-used at least a hundred times), it will come in those bloody useless massive plastic tray liners which can't be re-used so usually end up in the rubbish bins and if the recyclers can't be arsed to grab the stupid things properly they blow up into trees, etc etc."


    But that's a whole nother story. I suspect they won't let us have plastic bags any more in case we commit suicide with them. 😬

    I use them to cover my little vegetable seedlings to protect against frost.

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  9. It's all about the vaccine and social control I think. How else could anyone propose getting (whatever is in the vaccines) into the whole world's population? No one would be interested enough unless....something akin to the Plague descended on our world.

    So they found/created? an unusual highly contagious coronavirus (like many colds only with a bit more of an edge) and ramped up the fear.


    I feel something has to be going on beyond "fighting a pandemic", and the reason I come to that conclusion is because of the utter base stupidity of governments in their approach to this "health threat". I honestly could not believe what I was hearing re: their management strategies in 2020.


    Bearing in mind these numbskulls called politicians had to be taking advice from scientists, I honestly couldn't believe the utter stupidity of the scientific advice either (or which parts of it were released to the media anyway) It all sounded like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.


    That's when I became suspicious of some agenda. How could they all be this dumb....??

  10. @Curious cookie

    I am sure also that there is a virus. But....wait for it. It's a coronavirus, right?
    And there must be hundreds of coronaviruses. Many of them cause colds. We are so used to coronaviruses.

    We are used to flu viruses too.


    I think the immune system in most people could cope with it -just left to nature.
    I caught the damn thing and it was unusual, yes, but  not even as bad as some flus I've had. It was stranger in a way, but my immune system did its job. So what? Big deal.


    No help from anything. No pharma meds, just the usual hot drinks and rest, and breathing steam. And good old nature.


    Sure it will kill people. People can also die from colds, and definitely from flu. The flu death statistics are much much higher for each past flu season than any from coronavirus in 2020. Mostly old people, those with co-morbid illness, weak immune systems, etc.


    The whole mass fear agenda, and deep psy-ops manipulation are the things we have to look at. And all the crap ensuing from that over a....coronavirus?

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  11. 1 hour ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

    Two lateral flow tests per week?

    They can get fucked.

    My thoughts exactly. Can you imagine the state of the British peoples' sinuses in a matter of only....two months or so?

    I'd be quite happy to cough up some phlegm for them though  🤩

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  12. @SimonTV That does not surprise me.


    FROM: America’s Frontline Doctors White Paper On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19



    Known Complications.
    One  of  the  known  complications  of  vaccines  is  something  called immune  enhancement.
    One type of immune enhancement is known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).
    This  is  a  process  where  a  virus  leverages  antibodies  to  aid  infection.  In  short,  the  anti-COVID antibodies,  stimulated  by  a  vaccine, amplify the  infection  rather  than  prevent  its damage.
    This  paradoxical  reaction  has  been  seen  repeatedly  in  other  vaccines  and  animal development trials especially with coronavirus vaccine trials....."

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  13. 1 hour ago, FrankVitali said:

    After watching that video [https://rumble.com/vf9zz3-are-vaccine-passports-the-end-of-america.html] the future is really bleak mate. I am ever hopeful but I think the minute these covid passports come out we're fucked.

    No we're not.

    There are such skilled people as hackers and conterfeiters who will of course however, not do it for free. We may have to employ them. Start saving your pennies. 

    I have that concept as my plan B anyway.

  14. I think we are going to have to put our trust in deeper and finer vibe things, beyond this dense existence, and hold onto them with our hearts, and never -ever -be afraid  of transitioning from this world. Because this world is a fleeting thing compared to our Souls and their journeys.

    Nothing can take that away from us.

    Or animals. They are Souls too. Sometimes better than many of us.

     Meanwhile we get through on our wits and common sense and as much love as we can shine.


    I heard people were sacrificing dogs and cats out of sheer fear, throwing them out of windows at the start of this in Wuhan? Am I wrong? Breaks your heart to think people could do that.

  15. On 3/20/2021 at 5:54 AM, Saved said:

    My symptoms were:


    No energy, headache and dizziness, muscle aches, persistent cough and profuse sweating - I was dripping with sweat despite being very cold. I went on to have the long version that at first caused me great discomfort. The long symptoms began just a few days into the sickness. I struggled to get up the stairs, had no chance of leaving the house for two weeks and even lifting my legs off the sofa was a struggle as I simply had no muscle strength.


    I then developed ME like symptoms for six months and experienced a general physical malaise of low energy and myalgia like symptoms in my hands, arms and legs that gradually subsided over that six months.


    I'm just grateful that this wasn't Covid-19 or Long Covid because it happened in the summer of 2018. Had it been in the last year I'd have been held up as a beacon to the wonders of masks and lockdowns.

    That's weird @Saved
    In 2018 from being always generally super fit and healthy for my mid 60s I suddenly (I can remember the exact time) went down with some queer bug-like thing (Yet no research came up with any bug which equaled the symptoms).
    It caused all sorts of symptoms that lasted 10 weeks, went away briefly, came back again and went on, and on with some small remissions.
    I went to the doc. and he ran checks & tests. NOTHING found.

    I was referred to a neurologist. Nothing found there either.

    Result? The neuro said possibly "migraine" . I'd never had migraine in  my life, never had headaches. Wasn't a headache person.

    Wasn't a sick person either, I was strong, bounced back from anything quickly. A good healthy immune system and a splendid diet.

    But I was putting myself about a bit online, in various rebellious ways, against the mainstream, and not hiding behind anonymity either.....


    Made me wonder....


    It never really 100% went away. It even had me crawling about outside with an EMF detector and finding nothing; paranoid enough to wonder if someone/something had spiked my Tesco grocery order or my water supply!
    (n.b. no history of mental illness, so this was an "in extremis" response

    I finally accepted it might be a kind of mild-ish ME/CFS. It's still not 100% gone. Compared to that, the two, three weeks of Covid last year was a breeze.

    I truly feel whatever that thing was in 2018 it affected the  brainstem and possibly the vagus nerve.

  16. 6 hours ago, ItsTheTruthThough said:

    My mum is nearly 60 and classed as vulnerable because sadly she has a brain tumour. She’s only had one call which she said no to and they just said if she changes her mind then call them back. No more contact since then not even a letter. She is very feisty though so I suspect they know better than to pester her 😂

    Kindest thoughts for your Mum @ItsTheTruthThough

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  17. On 3/28/2021 at 12:19 AM, Ethel said:

    I will never forget the scene in which Adrien Brody plays Chopin's 'Ballad No. 1 In G Minor'. It's my favorite piece of music ever. God was working directly through Chopin when he composed that. I could spend eternity describing how I feel about the magnificence of that piece of music:

    Ditto. It's one of my favourite pieces of music too. Thanks to Chopin reminding me I do indeed have a Soul, I stayed sane this last year.

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  18. Yep, I am getting text after text. Funny how they didn't give two hoots about my blood test results some time ago and I had to go through a dragon receptionist to get the email, then it was crypto'd to the hilt! I had to prove I was ME!

    Funny how they don't care about checking up on really old people who have been imprisoned in their homes for yonks, and whose regular health checks/blood tests etc appear to have been abandoned (that's before we get to endless pain from operations that have disappeared.)


    But when it comes to the vax, they are constantly on at you and are eager to shoot you up.


    I ignore them and delete the texts. Maybe they'll think I'm dead....


    It's all about that mindless thing called Government Targets.

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  19. On 4/1/2021 at 8:30 AM, Mikheil said:

    When you buy a new Laptop, beware. Stay clear of HP and make sure that iy has plenty of memory (even if it's by upgrade). Anything less that 16GB is a waste of money. Wjen you are ready, feel free to contact me

    I have a Dell Inspiron waiting in my Amazon "save for later" list (i.e. save for when I don't have bills) 😁

    But what is it with HP? I had a great HP laptop once. It was stolen in 2011. I kind of liked it.


    So the stuff I'm hearing about "at least 8Gb memory" for music making  is  a load of tosh? I have a lot to learn....

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