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  1. 14 minutes ago, Snail said:

    in September 2019 both me and a family member had an absolutely wretched cold. Way worse than a regular cold but imo not as bad as a flu. And it came suddenly. There was none of the usual "I think I'm coming down with something" feelings. I went from feeling great, to whacked with this thing instantly. The main difference was the difficulty breathing. I couldn't even walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without hanging onto the walls and gasping for air. I treated it like a normal cold/flu and inhaled hit steam to help with the breathing. The first two days were the worst, by the third day I managed to sit outside and I started to feel better. Then it cleared up completely. Although it did leave me feeling fatigued for a few weeks, I kept dozing off lol.

    The suddenness and the breathing/moving about issue sounds  like my symptoms. But I couldn't liken what happened to any cold I'd ever had in  my life. There were zero cold symptoms, no sore throat, no runny nose, blocked head etc.


    I agree with you that whatever this is/was, it has been a way to terrify the world, to exploit humanity grossly, to make money out of fear, to exert massive control over every citizen of this planet (which I think has only just begun), to  distribute blatant lies and make people believe them,  to make everyone so happy to receive dubious stuff injected into their veins, and even smile about the terrible effects it gives them, and to not even care about long term consequences.

    An one awful thing -to make everyone so happy to have freedom and even law destroyed.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Snail said:

    I just can't understand how this is being sold as a unique symptom.

    No, neither can I.


    After what I experienced I think some sort of real infection happens. I have no idea what it is, how it's activated, what sort of skullduggerry is afoot. My suspicion is that it's a deliberate release of some engineered virus from the Wuhan lab, subsidised by evil in government and dreamed up by those shady characters we know want to reduce world population, or make us see sickPharma and mad scientists as world saviours.....and make billions in the bargain.


    Just too in-your-face-obvious to my way of thinking, that the Wuhan lab is -what....about a mile away from that wet market in Wuhan? Where some people tried to blame bats?  Evil in plain sight. They didn't even bother to disguise it.

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  3. I lost taste and smell many times in the past with regular bad colds (which are often "coronaviruses".)


    With the really weird thing, whatever it's called I got last April I never did lose that. But the symptoms were massive. Guts all over the place, heart rhythm all over the place, felt like I was being choked, like a really bad asthma thing or an elephant sitting on my chest. From less than 35C temperature and feeling very very cold at 3pm to a raging fever of 38.8 by 6pm. Almost unable to walk or go upstairs. In only a few days my body weight dropped so much I was skeletal.

    I've had many "flu's" over the years and some humdingers, but never anything as sudden and dramatic as that.

  4. Now they are constantly managing to sneak in praise and worship for the "Covid vaccine rollout" into the talk spaces on Classic FM. The nice lady with the always smiley voice who does the smooth classics show 10pm -1am has just been singing its praises in between Vaughn Williams and Elgar.
    They are told to do that of course. Sickening.

  5. 4 hours ago, GSM said:

    There's a massive chance people on here are part of them. If you look carefully at peoples posts your start noticing a few of them. I'm not talking off topic issue posts but certain ones that are covid related, there is a pattern on there posts. And to that some new people speak in the exact language as existing people so I think they have multi profiles to help there effect. They take what is effective anti vax/covid messaging then go out there way to ridicule it and come up with ways to get more sheep's to the flock

    Could I be one of them?

    I think I've said a couple of times on here that I think Covid is real. Because last April I got some horrible infection that was weirder than your average flu.

    I'm not a flu expert, but Ive had the 1957 dose, and a few others since, and the one I got last April was much stranger. It went really quickly but left me with IBS which I've been  struggling with for a year.


    I've wondered from time to time if people here think I'm a shill,  because I think and said  Covid is an actual illness. So  no, I'm not 100% into the "Covid is bs and not real" camp.


    What I really think is it was released from the Wuhan lab where they were experimenting with bio-weapons (subsidised by Trump and probably his predecessor.)

    I think it is all a part of reducing the population. It's a dark place we are in, sure, but this follows a pattern which was planned ages ago. From the 60's so I heard.

    I don't trust any "authorities",  any government of any country. I don't trust what we are being herded into. I don't trust the "vaccine", the obvious propaganda, the herd instinct, the worm  filled masks, the fear agenda, the slow erosion of our freedoms.....etc.

    I will never have the vaccine because I feel it's meant to weaken and even kill us.

    I'd rather die in God's good time.

    I have a heck of a time ducking the anti-vax name calling because I keep my head low and don't discuss it with neighbours and friends who are all "pro-vax".


    I have been followed by a mod from the beginning. I know why. I used to be a mod. myself (not here -elsewhere) I know I am suspected probably of being a shill.


    I am a person who until the last year or two stupidly imagined all was well and governments were trying their best. Suddenly, I don't  because of what I've seen this past year and what I've learned.


    If I don't fit here, that doesn't surprise me. I don't fit anywhere because I'm an old codger who lives in the middle of nowhere and makes up their own mind and their own decisions, many of which are not popular on one side or the other.


    If I still had a dog I would walk off with her into the woods and build a bender and keep away from the whole lot of it.  I have wilderness survival skills.

    That is me, you people. You don't have to trust me.



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  6. 8 hours ago, jack121 said:

    According to the government's figures about 65% have had their first jab. Does that mean 35% are awake and know what is really happening?

    What do you think. If true it means a sizeable amount of people for the resistance. Not sure if i can believe much of what the government says. Do you guys have an opinion.

    It's announced today that now the over 42's are getting the jab (in UK) So maybe that's what the percentage is all about. There are a lot of people under 42.

  7. It's a pity dogs haven't got a "woke" thing going or a "Me too" or whatever....because they have got some unfair discrimination against them for religious reasons. Just merely being a dog should be enough.


    Oh and. has anyone noticed how dogs don't give a flying fart about whether another dog is black, white, yellow,  worships Allah or Jesus or is atheist?

  8. Remember in the 2nd world war when British people were encouraged to put their dogs and cats to sleep "for the war effort"?

    That was not mandatory, but many thousands of dogs and cats were killed "humanely".

    Because people believed it was the best thing to do.



    My grandparents by the way kept their cats (they were cat people, unlike me, but bless them anyway! ) The cats lived happily through the war fed on table scraps and mice.


    People throwing their dogs and cats from high rise blocks in China just at the start of this pandemic...because they were told animals can carry/transmit Covid.


    Because they were told or heard from others about some illusory situation....because they thought it was the right thing to do.  Remember they were not mandated to do so, they chose to do so owing to fear or a wish to do as they were told or advised, or to do what others did.

    This all shows me there is something deeply dangerous  about the mind-set of many humans. 

  9. More update (though I respect the above post @perpetual)


    Three weeks after travelling in a car with my neighbour (both unmasked and she's had the vaccine both doses) I did not get any Covid-like symptoms, and haven't apparently passed anything to anyone as I had a visitor 3 times in the last 2 weeks.


    I did, however get food poisoning -twice -from eating Morrisons frozen cod. The second time was my own fault because I decided to "experiment" with it....blahhh......

    Better now for anyone who is bothered. ūüėĀ

  10. 19 hours ago, Saved said:

    What I do know is that the fearful will always follow the safety in numbers mantra. If the government exaggerate the numbers (and they have done so at every step of this deception) then people will get spiked once a good 30 million have gone before them.


    It's safer for them.

    Yep....it's the "baaaa!" herd instinct.

    To be like everybody else.

    To have something to tell our friends who will look at us in a weird way if we don't do what they do.

    To fit in at all costs. Social norm.

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  11. It's designed to take away our Souls and heart-felt connections. Don't listen.


    I had two nasty flu bugs when I had my dog. We slept together, she licked my face. She never caught anything off me. I can vouch for it. She had me playing frisbee in -10C with a temperature of 102  because she was so healthy and desperate to get outside!
    Ah....happy memories. I'd do it all again in a blink.


    Once she got nasty gastro-enteritis. Still slept with me, still close contact. I didn't catch a thing.

    I'd rather have been licked by her on the face than touch a door handle in any doctor's surgery.


    People in China were throwing pets out of high-rise block windows when Covid first started....remember? They thought it was "zoonotic".

    Sad people. Sad dogs and cats. They really weren't loved that much were they? Fear (of what??) was much more powerful.


    Bollocks to this whole load of crap. Whoever dreamed this up wants to divorce us from a source of power: unconditional Love.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, epsom said:




    Oh I surely am.  I keep it close to my chest whether or not I've had the "vaccine".

    I've already had someone go silent for a few seconds and follow that with "Er...why not ??" when they asked me if I'd had it, and I said "Not yet, no."


    To my way of thinking, that is akin to asking what party you voted for. It should be essentially private.


    But I am already prepared to lie just so that they'll say "nice" and pass me by. And I generally hate lying. But that might be the best plan perhaps. Telling them why not won't compute with them. I just know that, knowing the people I do. There is only one who thinks like I do about it all. She says to keep your head below the parapet. Good advice I think.

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  13. 6 hours ago, Mikheil said:

    It's the same with Africans. Quite a few years ago, an Indian shopkeeper in South Africa, stabbed a Zulu for complaining about a dud radio the crooked Indian shopkeeper had sold him. A few hours later, the entire Zulu nation came to the Indian Township. They killed everyone, burned down the entire township and toasted Indian babies in the flames on the end of their assegais.


    Many events never make it to the newspapers. In one of the Zulu vs Xhosa confrontations, just before they let Mandela out. The media reported that around twenty five people had been killed. The truth was that 16 truck loads of bodies were brought into a hangar at an Air Force base!


    I wonder if the Zulus still have the balls to revolt against mandatory vaccines or has plastics and brainwashing chemically castrated them.

    With Zulus in the family, who needs Archangels?

  14. That doctor needs to be very careful now. She will be debunked, laughed at, or possibly the next thing we'll hear is she's been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. And those are the better outcomes. A case of David and Goliath.

  15. 43 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:

    More shite in coming. - now being talked about, coronavirus tablets if you are exposed to or test positive for CV. That is not good.


    COVID-19: Britons who test positive for coronavirus could be sent antiviral tablets to take at home

    So we went all year with no "antiviral" drugs. Apparently antivirals didn't work. Now there is one miraculously created? and with no prior announcement of that "fact"??
    Yeah right....unless I'm proved wrong.

    sent antiviral tablets to take at home doesn't mean we have to literally take them though.

    39 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

    More effing pharmicide.

    Just what we need.

    Hear hear.

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  16. My guess is severe reaction or anaphylactic response to a vaccine in the past. I am guessing it's probably mandatory for this to be on medical records. i.e it will have had to be reported to a doctor at the time. It probably also will have to fit in one of the "boxes" they put these reports in.


    I had a rotten reaction to a 3 month tetanus course in 1991. I caught everything going for the next year, even things I didn't normally catch. But I had a much lowered consciousness level in those days,  just soldiered on, and had no idea I should have reported it.


    There are probably other criteria as well which might work as an exemption. Maybe religious reasons? Ethical reasons? Some intolerance of vaccine adjuvants?

  17. "Mattresses that monitor your dreams"?


    Okay let's not be scared of that either. Dreams are mostly just brain-processing stuff that happened in life or fears and worries.


    They can have fun with that if they like in my own opinion anyway. Last night I dreamed it was bucketing down with rain  and I had to shift piles of wet leaves.


    Way beyond dreams are our Hearts and Souls. That's where the dearest things live and it's a pretty inviolable level.. Earth bound crap basically hasn't a hope of reaching that level, because that is all about the immortal, and Love. Heavy dark stuff can't get there.

    They can't get you on that level folks.


    The more we focus on those things the more we shine. I don't know....meditation?, gratitude? Love of course (for anything or anyone you can think of) God  for those who are into that.
    Remember we don't stay in this vale of wet leaves and utter bullshit crap for long. Then we go home.


    Fuck mattresses that monitor your dreams. They can have mine. Here you go Boris....a wet pile of leaves and some stupid building somewhere in the lower Astral.


    I feel sorry for Boris. He's been manipulated.

  18. Remember even if we catch it. many of us will recover even if we are sick for a week or so. It is not worth the terror.


    The vaccines are going to show they are defunct, and jolly old new ones will be miraculously devised, like rabbits out of hats.

    I mean....it was a bit of a miraculous conception that "vaccines" were developed (for the original Covid) in MONTHS anyway. That's hitherto unknown.


    I find it strangely bizarre that *something* wishes to keep us constantly off-balance. Fear is a great manipulator and the lowest form of existence for any of us.


    I wasn't afraid of Covid. Then I caught it. I wasn't afraid even when I had it. I wrote my will to be on the safe side, but I actually felt peaceful. I (oddly) have some happy memories of my 7-10 days nursing Covid. Life became gentle, peaceful, surreal.  I slept like a baby, drank brandy, listened to good music and took herbal medicine.
    Let's not be trapped by these forces in a web of terror!


    And SOD Bill Gates!


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  19. Well, I'm really really late on the intro. because I didn't see this bit before and have been posting for a number of weeks (my bad)


    My username is not just because I'm an old Crow, and believe me, I am, but in respect to a friend of mine....an actual Crow who made friends with me in 2016 and visits every day for a beak-clicking chat as well as a bit of salmon paste sandwich.

    The day I joined I saw him  standing in the snow in my garden and it all went from there....


    Okay this is how I feel. I feel Covid is a real thing; a nasty variant of the ordinary cornoaviruses our immune systems are used to facing. This one is a bit different.


    I've had the damn thing and it was the weirdest thing I ever caught, but strangely even though it was dramatic  -much more than any flu (and I had the 1957 nasty bugger)....it was over very quickly.


    I am sure the statistics are hiked beyond belief.

    I know there is an agenda (probably to get rid of as many old folks as possible) Billions saved in pensions and NHS care.

    I instinctively know the vaccines are very bad news. Especially as they are not actually "vaccines".

    The amount of propaganda is glaringly obvious. I just don't get why Joe Public isn't seeing through it. Some of it is hilarious.

    It was the obvious propaganda that first got my bs antenna twitching and which eventually led me here.

    Okay no more soap box. I could yack on for hours.

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  20. On 4/12/2021 at 7:08 AM, Mikheil said:

    They don't have to be anything. If someone drops dead whilst playing soccer, the doctor can certify him as a Covid death.


    If he falls downstairs, it's a Covid death. You don't need a test and you don't need symptoms. Doctors are getting a fee for putting Covid on everything. 


    There are hardly any doctors left, they are just DRUG DEALERS for big pharma and if they want to keep their doctor's license they must toe the Government line which is the Pharma line

    True. AND they are being paid for every silly sod who gets vaccinated. They still haven't stopped texting me. haha I ignore them. That is just spamming me. Zero tolerance for spammers.

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