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  1. On 5/7/2021 at 7:47 PM, theanonymousbear said:

    I don't know Crow...I think that would be pretty cool! LOL

    You know, it would. Can you imagine going to get half a dozen eggs and a four-pack of lager in  Tesco's dressed like that?

  2. There is nothing like constant  fear (of health, livelihood. family welfare) and severe social restrictions, to have an effect on emotional and mental wellbeing.


    Humans need hope, need hugs, to visit friends, to freely visit "vulnerable" older family members, care for them, need to wake up in the morning without a dark cloud hanging over them (however subliminal that cloud may be.)


    Without that sense of well-being, it's hard to focus and be most creative and productive, and use more brain functions. There is always some form of ominious distraction humming away in the background which cripples the  natural mind, and even spreads into dreams.


    Even though daily walks were never restricted during Lockdown, many people didn't take them, and stayed cooped up inside instead for months.


    I know a lady in her 80's who has not stepped outside her front door since March 2020 "because she was ordered not to". She believed it was forbidden for over 70's and toed the line 100%.
    I told her she could go out, Over 70's here do. At least to go out in her garden....but nope. Sadly, she thought she'd be arrested if she went out....and now not going out has become the norm. So she has rapidly become housebound, and I don't think she will ever come back from that now.
    She has also started getting slightly confused, and she had the sharpest mind before this
    I can't imagine what her vitamin D levels must be. That's another thing that doesn't help anyone.

    Lack of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, are bound to affect brain function.

    I don't listen to any of that crap, never did, and do my own thing come rain or shine. I walk where I like when I like.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Scogan said:

    One more thing for thought.   You ever notice how physically weak scientists are?  I mean physically weak.

    Possibly it's because they live in their heads all the time and don't give their bodies  enough attention, or get grounded often enough. Most of them wear glasses too.

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  4. On 5/5/2021 at 5:08 PM, Mikheil said:

    Lack of oxygen is called Hypoxia and causes the death of brain cells due to oxygen deprivation. Every time you wear your mask /muzzle, you are effectively killing your brain. So you should be singing "Welcome dementia", because that is EXACTLY what is going to happen.


    Even if you survive "The Jab" and wear your face diaper like a good little sheeple. You will be able to join millions of others, just wandering around helplessly, not remembering WHAT they are, let alone WHO they are

    So true. Any time we cut down our oxygen intake has to be detrimental to us, and the brain will suffer.


    I went to the little village shop to buy eggs. Face diapers necessary, or NO eggs. Okay, not a big deal. I put on my silly blue mask, got my eggs, and got out of there, dumped my mask in the car and took off for a walk in fields by the river.

    (The horrible thing about masks is no one can tell if you're smiling any more.....)


    So I think the best thing we can do, even if having worn a mask for a few minutes, is get out for a good walk in the fresh air, deep breathe. Forget the crap. Earth ourselves, smell the flowers, cow shit or whatever. Get real again.

  5. I have no idea what number my IQ is. I once (10 years or more ago) did a test at 6am when I'd only had 3 hrs of sleep and was told I had a "low average IQ".

    I never bothered to do it again. I didn't even understand the questions and what they wanted from me.

    So I am probably dumb to start with.


    But yes, I have noticed a self preservation/survival instinct coming to the fore in the past year, and whatever isn't essential for that, goes out the window. Particularly relating to emotional. and integrity survival, as I instinctively feel those are under threat, and without those two things we are automatically toast.


    Yet at the same time I have been learning so much so quickly, and researching like never before.

  6. https://leohohmann.com/2021/04/30/highly-cited-covid-doctor-comes-to-stunning-conclusion-govt-scrubbing-unprecedented-numbers-of-injection-related-deaths/

    VIDEO ! (2nd on the above page)
    A Canadian doctor, Dr. Charles Hoffe, recently broke his silence and went public in defiance of a gag order, blowing the whistle on how “Moderna shots killed, disabled patients.”


    And WHY were the first recipents in BC First Nation People??
    Not a kindness, I am sure.

  7. I definitely agree that people have an amazing ability to adapt quickly, which is not always in their favour. Delusional leaders, Kings, politicians etc, could easily sway the people to accept the unacceptable and no longer question the delusions.....simply because those had become accepted behaviour.

  8. 4 hours ago, Scogan said:

    They never had annual problems with flu in the 1700s and 1800s.  That is quite remarkable during a period when medical treatment for influenza was almost non-existent.  Since 1918 there have been four flu pandemics.  

    Thst's very interesting @Scogan I had never thought to take a look at those statistics.

    I have never had a flu vaccine either.


    Plus....has anyone noticed that over the years, colds are different, and some of them linger a long time, and can feel more like a mild flu? I remember an old fashioned cold which wasn't more than a few shivers with sneezes and runny nose, and gone in a few days.

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  9. 21 hours ago, Ethel said:

    Faith has to come into the equation sooner or later; faith in God, the human body, the mind. Our bodies are miracles of nature, they can overcome quite a lot. 


    We don't need apartheid, we don't need more division, we don't need to avoid people, and avoid hugging the people in our lives. I come from a very cold and unloving family and I can tell you that lack of closeness does not a pleasant life maketh. 

    It's true. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and know what to do to preserve life and heal naturally. Sometimes that means "symptoms" which is no fun while it's happening, but of we don 't freak out, and support the process with soothing herbs, sleep, hydration, rest etc, we come through okay.

    It's when we get overloaded with substances/Pharma drugs that the natural balance is lost or distorted.


    Whatever this thing is....Covid or bad flu, I don't know, that is what I did when I had it.  It wasn't even such a terrifying experience. A little bit scary a couple of times, I admit but that's just because I'm a wuss. The body did the job. And my body isn't even tip-top, and I'm old.


    I am sorry you knew such coldness from your family. Kindest thoughts sent to you.  That must have hurt badly.

    My family were not so bad. Most have died now. But I knew a lot of emotional coldness from elsewhere.

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  10. 21 hours ago, Ethel said:

    This idea I have encountered a few times, the idea of 'shedding', and that those who have had this Covid vaccine are 'dangerous':


    This seems fear-based, in the same way that the vaccinated people's beliefs are fear-based. If the idea is that we, the unvaccinated should "stay away" from them, or they might 'infect' us with something, then I'm sure you see the problem.



    I honestly don 't know if this is relevant or not, but I have been in pretty close contact with someone who was fully vaccinated a few weeks ago, neither of us wore masks, and I didn't catch anything that I am aware of. I have  my own health issues, but there has been nothing Covid-like.

    I think it's all about an added dimension to the whole fear thing. Keep us afraid and we will welcome all sorts.


    However.....I don't trust either the vaccine, or what might happen yet as a result of it,

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  11. 1 hour ago, Mr H said:

    More nonsense...... people admitted into hospital with covid after having a jab to stop them from getting covid. Couldn't make this shit up....sorry you probably can!



    The whole thing makes no sense whatsoever. As far as I know, this didn't happen with the smallpox vaccination (?)

    The Covid vaccine is a complete farce.

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  12. 1 hour ago, chud said:

    Ozone (O₃) is a colorless to blue gas with a pungent odor. Exposure to ozone may cause headaches, coughing, dry throat, shortness of breath, a heavy feeling in chest,  and fluid in the lungs. Higher levels of exposure can lead to more severe symptoms. Chronic exposure may lead to asthma.

    That's interesting because it describes the symptoms I had which came on suddenly (i.e. I was fine in the morning and even collected firewood on a 2 mile walk. By 3pm I got all the above like being hit by a truck,  and by 6pm I thought I might be leaving this world.)

    But I didn't smell anything unusual that day, as the smell of ozone is described. (thinking possible chemtrails.)

  13. On 5/2/2021 at 12:32 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    This is the thing, prior to this 'pandemic', I never heard of anyone being 'tested' for the flu.

    No, neither have I.

  14. From the above...
    "When that happens, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, barbers, airlines and Ubers should require proof of vaccination before providing their services."


    "Businesses should make vaccination a requirement for employment."


    "People should require friends to be vaccinated to attend the barbecues and birthday parties they host. Friends don’t let friends spread the coronavirus."


    What people with these numbskull ideas seem to have forgotten is even the vaccinated can spread Covid. A vaccination does not prevent Covid infection  (according to the jargon anyway)
    Their vaccines are only a percentage effective. What's the average? I think between 65 and 80%? None are 100%.

    They call those who don't want the vax "unscientific" har bloody har.

    Numerous accounts of people who got Covid even though they got vaxxed

    Oh wait....was that Covid? Or was it body freaking out about DNA alteration in the "vaccine"?

    I see an apartheid on its way.

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  15. I honestly didn't get anything from being in fairly close contact with someone who'd had the vaccine either. I kind of expected to, but no.

    Like I said once, I'm the sort of person who will definitely catch a cold for instance, if I'm near someone for a while who has it.


    That doesn't mean there would be nothing -for everyone -from the vaxxed, however, just my own experience recently.


  16. 14 minutes ago, Snail said:

    in September 2019 both me and a family member had an absolutely wretched cold. Way worse than a regular cold but imo not as bad as a flu. And it came suddenly. There was none of the usual "I think I'm coming down with something" feelings. I went from feeling great, to whacked with this thing instantly. The main difference was the difficulty breathing. I couldn't even walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without hanging onto the walls and gasping for air. I treated it like a normal cold/flu and inhaled hit steam to help with the breathing. The first two days were the worst, by the third day I managed to sit outside and I started to feel better. Then it cleared up completely. Although it did leave me feeling fatigued for a few weeks, I kept dozing off lol.

    The suddenness and the breathing/moving about issue sounds  like my symptoms. But I couldn't liken what happened to any cold I'd ever had in  my life. There were zero cold symptoms, no sore throat, no runny nose, blocked head etc.


    I agree with you that whatever this is/was, it has been a way to terrify the world, to exploit humanity grossly, to make money out of fear, to exert massive control over every citizen of this planet (which I think has only just begun), to  distribute blatant lies and make people believe them,  to make everyone so happy to receive dubious stuff injected into their veins, and even smile about the terrible effects it gives them, and to not even care about long term consequences.

    An one awful thing -to make everyone so happy to have freedom and even law destroyed.

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  17. 1 minute ago, Snail said:

    I just can't understand how this is being sold as a unique symptom.

    No, neither can I.


    After what I experienced I think some sort of real infection happens. I have no idea what it is, how it's activated, what sort of skullduggerry is afoot. My suspicion is that it's a deliberate release of some engineered virus from the Wuhan lab, subsidised by evil in government and dreamed up by those shady characters we know want to reduce world population, or make us see sickPharma and mad scientists as world saviours.....and make billions in the bargain.


    Just too in-your-face-obvious to my way of thinking, that the Wuhan lab is -what....about a mile away from that wet market in Wuhan? Where some people tried to blame bats?  Evil in plain sight. They didn't even bother to disguise it.

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  18. I lost taste and smell many times in the past with regular bad colds (which are often "coronaviruses".)


    With the really weird thing, whatever it's called I got last April I never did lose that. But the symptoms were massive. Guts all over the place, heart rhythm all over the place, felt like I was being choked, like a really bad asthma thing or an elephant sitting on my chest. From less than 35C temperature and feeling very very cold at 3pm to a raging fever of 38.8 by 6pm. Almost unable to walk or go upstairs. In only a few days my body weight dropped so much I was skeletal.

    I've had many "flu's" over the years and some humdingers, but never anything as sudden and dramatic as that.

  19. Now they are constantly managing to sneak in praise and worship for the "Covid vaccine rollout" into the talk spaces on Classic FM. The nice lady with the always smiley voice who does the smooth classics show 10pm -1am has just been singing its praises in between Vaughn Williams and Elgar.
    They are told to do that of course. Sickening.

  20. 4 hours ago, GSM said:

    There's a massive chance people on here are part of them. If you look carefully at peoples posts your start noticing a few of them. I'm not talking off topic issue posts but certain ones that are covid related, there is a pattern on there posts. And to that some new people speak in the exact language as existing people so I think they have multi profiles to help there effect. They take what is effective anti vax/covid messaging then go out there way to ridicule it and come up with ways to get more sheep's to the flock

    Could I be one of them?

    I think I've said a couple of times on here that I think Covid is real. Because last April I got some horrible infection that was weirder than your average flu.

    I'm not a flu expert, but Ive had the 1957 dose, and a few others since, and the one I got last April was much stranger. It went really quickly but left me with IBS which I've been  struggling with for a year.


    I've wondered from time to time if people here think I'm a shill,  because I think and said  Covid is an actual illness. So  no, I'm not 100% into the "Covid is bs and not real" camp.


    What I really think is it was released from the Wuhan lab where they were experimenting with bio-weapons (subsidised by Trump and probably his predecessor.)

    I think it is all a part of reducing the population. It's a dark place we are in, sure, but this follows a pattern which was planned ages ago. From the 60's so I heard.

    I don't trust any "authorities",  any government of any country. I don't trust what we are being herded into. I don't trust the "vaccine", the obvious propaganda, the herd instinct, the worm  filled masks, the fear agenda, the slow erosion of our freedoms.....etc.

    I will never have the vaccine because I feel it's meant to weaken and even kill us.

    I'd rather die in God's good time.

    I have a heck of a time ducking the anti-vax name calling because I keep my head low and don't discuss it with neighbours and friends who are all "pro-vax".


    I have been followed by a mod from the beginning. I know why. I used to be a mod. myself (not here -elsewhere) I know I am suspected probably of being a shill.


    I am a person who until the last year or two stupidly imagined all was well and governments were trying their best. Suddenly, I don't  because of what I've seen this past year and what I've learned.


    If I don't fit here, that doesn't surprise me. I don't fit anywhere because I'm an old codger who lives in the middle of nowhere and makes up their own mind and their own decisions, many of which are not popular on one side or the other.


    If I still had a dog I would walk off with her into the woods and build a bender and keep away from the whole lot of it.  I have wilderness survival skills.

    That is me, you people. You don't have to trust me.



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