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  1. Has anyone seen weird changes in people they know since those people had the vaccine? A mate of mine....we used to chat by phone every weekend for years, have a chat, a laugh. There was no bad feeling between us. Now for weeks, nothing. I left voicemail a couple of times, and he left me one so I know he's not ill or dead. But it's like he's forgotten to call....or something. He doesn't have a clue I haven't had the vax. A couple of other people too....suddenly "strange" (nothing definite, just that I can tell they're different in some way. Not as friendly.) Has anyone noticed anything?
  2. Bastard Romans. All I can hope for is their piss was 90% recycled wine. Hate the bastards. The only good thing about them was the wine.
  3. So sorry @Mikey13 about your Mum. It seems the vaccine can cause varied side effects, and you can bet your life when someone with one of those goes to the doctor (if they're lucky enough to get to see one!), the doc will say "I can't understand that....no it won't be the vaccine....must be something else". They (and vets) always say that . Poor lady with enough to bear, and now this also. Kind thoughts to her from me. I hope she finds something to help with the swelling on her face. Tell her to try Witch Hazel on cotton wool pads, really cold ( maybe, if she feels like it?)
  4. I actually believe there is a Covid virus (yes, I know, many here will strongly disagree with me, but that's okay.) I am certain I had t. Something came for me Spring last year which was like a very very weird flu but a tad worse, did its stuff, then left I also believe it's probably on average no more dangerous to a properly functioning immune system than a flu virus. Many deaths take place from flu plus complicatons each year. Most of those are sadly, people who have other big health problems or who are weak , elderly etc. I'm getting on a bit in years, but my immune system did a grand job I think. I have felt one or two health changes in the year since that infection, but can carry on through them and they are not too bad. Some of them might just be "getting old" symptoms anyway. What I don't believe, are the lies, the hype, the fear mongering, the authoritarian control and bzarre changes of law that have taken place, the vaccines, the vaccine "passports", the ominous stuff surrounding it. I sense that it was deliberately released, and the hype was meant to make us quake in our boots and do anything we were told to do. I am not afraid of any of it and won't play the game I'm afraid. But I watch what's going on.
  5. My Aunt, age 88 has a hip joint that is basically falling apart. It has caused her extreme pain and inability to move much. She was promised an op on it winter 2019-20. Then the dramatic pandemic came, shoving her aside. She was confined to the house and in great pain with serious mobility problems since March 2020. She tried to ring the doc. but got referred to the website. She doesn't have a smartphone or computer and wouldn't know how to use one if she had. She takes a paracetamol if it gets too bad. Makes me cringe. Now, she gets a call to go for pre-med. But the thing is they didn't give two hoots about her for 15 months. Then wowzers!! They sent someone round to give her....guess what? The Astra Zenica! Both doses. She actually thinks they are being kind.
  6. Or you could get some pet leeches.....aww! Sweet little things. Don't bark, don't tear up the furniture...
  7. They're getting paid for each vaxx sucker. Not much per jab per person (I think £12.50 each jab) But if they have a lot of patients that ends up being good money. Meanwhile...try to get a doctor's appointment. Nope. There's nobody there except robotic receptionists who send you round in ever decreasing circles, which if you feel ill with anything, is the last thing you need. Doctors appear to have all scarpered. Where to? What do they do all day? Oh if patients need pharma toxins on repeat prescription, they have an "app" for that. Super smart. Latch onto that and poisons are happily delivered to your door! Meanwhile no docs. I have a friend who has a cardiac left chamber problem. She went a bit downhill lately, needed a chat with the doctor. Nope. Not there. Referred to "the website". I 100% believe they want to kill people. Esp. over 60's.
  8. Many households already have magnets anyway. I know I've got a whole stack of neodymium earth ones. But this is very telling isn't it? Kids swallowing magnets....yeah what next? Why ban them now? If kids swallow them (sometimes, probably rarely, then they've been doing that for decades since those little ones were invented. Anyway it's easy to shit out a little magnet. Bit of castor oil and a big wad of bread. Job done.
  9. Interesting... But wouldn't a Faraday cage have to eliminate ALL holes or gaps? The ceiling would have to be covered in the wallpaper too. And the floor would have to have some mesh underlay below the carpet. Not sure how they'd deal with doors and windows. The seal would have to be extremely tight-fitting or any slight gap would cancel the effect of the "cage" (re: doors) Plus, don't know if they have fireplaces in said rooms. Old buildings like that often have them.
  10. i just ran out of "likes" @Kirito but ....yes we do.
  11. The Covid thing isn't technically a "vaccine" It's something else. I had a tetanus 3-month course of a regular "vaccine" in 1991. My immune system was fucked for about a year. I was strong then and body fought back and things balanced out again, But sheesh.... However I don't remember feeling any reaction at the time of being jabbed. When I was a kid I got vaccines. The "nasty and very dangerous " Polio one, the TB one, and a couple I was too young to remember the names of. No conscious awareness of how they affected me though but I probably shook it off. My dog was really ill once after a combo shot for Parvo/distemper. canine hepatitis/Lepto. No more of that after I saw what it did to her. Vet denied it of course. They are all in bed with big Pharma. But the main thing is this Covid vaccine isn't a vaccine at all. Yep, everyone is willing to suffer reactions because they are brainwashed by all the fear porn going around since about Feb 2020. They are damn relieved to feel really horrible!! Talk about cognitive dissonance....
  12. Pity you deleted it. I have in the back of my mind a thought that one day there may be a super hacker who will be able (for a price no doubt) to produce "vaccine cards and data" for those who may find they need it..... Something like that could be adapted or used as a template?
  13. Because they're either idiots or horrible experimenters on humankind? We are being used as lab rats. One reason I'm not interested in the jabs. They are still running experiments.
  14. As far as I could make out it was the vaccination roll-out in India that started the current problems there. Somewhere (here I think?) I have seen a graph of that. My memory isn't what it should be, so I can't locate the link. But you should see the steep sudden curve after the introduction of vaccinations!
  15. Thus far I have been in contact with vaccinated people. Some fairly close (ish) contact. While I haven't felt too great myself, I didn't get any sudden virus-like symptoms. I haven't felt too great for ages, but that's an old thing. It made me wonder. I had what I believe was Covid in April 2020. Nasty and worse than any flu I've known but over fairly quickly. I wonder if perhaps those with natural immunity won't get affected by the vaccinated?? No real idea, but that's the best thought I had about it just now.
  16. @wazaap....intriguing. I can't help liking that. I'll get my Meghan Markle drama side out and work it and am willing to try that. :D
  17. 'Faucet' says Americans will need booster shots within a year or so. ....and then some....and then some.... I presume. Just as I thought. They will never let us go. Where America makes statements Boris et al won't be far behind. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/19/fauci-us-americans-covid-vaccine-boosters Pity them chained to the medical system and to "phone apps" for the rest of their symptom-and-fear-filled lives. Even when many of them were fit and well before, and probably would remain so without this interference. Er.....has no-one heard of T-cell immunity (after infection anyway)? Apparently not. Covid after all is a lot worse and uncontrollable than we estimated, and a lot more scary than anything the world has ever seen (rhetorical statement) No, we need those clever people who will tell our bodies what to do, and put whatever they like into them, meanwhile making billions. "Science" knows best . What is it about Fauci? Why does he have this "Dr Mengele" look in his cold eyes? Oops sorry mods, hope that isn't "defamation of character". Let me know if it is, and I will re-phrase.
  18. I've never understood why mutilating a child's body part has any benefits. Or what that has to do with "God and our relationship with Him." God would be baffled. Except for medical reasons, which can happen sometimes. And female circumcison is sheer diabolical. Its goal is to make sure the woman gets no pleasure from sex. Whoever dreamed this stuff up??
  19. Absolutely. But wherever did we get the notion that governments actually care about the people?? They are not our mamas and daddys. Show me the money!!! That should be their manifesto. They haven't managed to get my pension....yet. Yippee! And I already had this "Covid" and made it back to tell the tale. But anything can happen and probably will. Meanwhile I am spending it.
  20. This guy is driving by in his van and stops to chat . I know him a bit. Ask "how's the wife?" all that usual stuff. He starts about vaccines. Had his...."have you had yours?" "Uh-huh" I said. "Both shots?" "Oh yeah." It's so easy. Subject over. A nod, and subject changed immediately. Do I need to grow a pair? Or is it easier this way? I don't usually tell lies. "Does my bum look fat in this?" "Nope. You look great"....that's as far as I usually go. Go on -hit me with it. I need to grow a pair.....
  21. It's interesting what Prometheus says. There aren't any minerals in distilled water. I don 't know about tap water's analysis, and yes it also contains crap, but genuine Spring water contains some electrolytes. Drinking distilled can actually flush out electrolytes from the body which can cause ill-effects over a period of time.
  22. Interesting because I am about to try colloidal silver "Mesosilver" (true colloid, not ionic silver) For a tooth root giving me a slight issue right now. My first ever experiment with it and I remain positively hopeful and curious. (it hasn't arrived yet. NEVER bother getting Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery! Waste of spondoolicks) The "Blue Man" story (argyria where the skin turns blue) has been taken out of context about what actually happened, and has been circulated as a warning about the "dangers" of colloidal silver. Total rubbish. That man was not taking colloidal silver, but IONIC silver in large doses (totally different things). But of course the Pharma guys loved that, put the word around about its side effects and many people have been put off using it owing to lack of knowledge and education. Yes, I have heard anecdotal accounts of Colloidal Silver's Covid-fighting abilities.
  23. I have had spiritual lessons from my dog who has passed across to new territory now, in Spirit. That dog showed me stuff after her "death" which removed my fear of death and which was love and pure joy. She also taught me emotional discipline while she lived. In a very graceful gentle sensible way. Forget gurus, and religious doctrine. Get a good dog and attune to what they have in their Souls. Good post!
  24. I think I only started waking up about two years ago, Then really woke up last year when all the crazy stuff began to make no sense at all!
  25. This is exactly what I was thinking. Law means nothing. Even the Constitution can be changed by a whim and a fancy any time anyone likes. It's all completely meaningless. In Britain law is the same. All it needs is a bill in the Houses of Parliament and a majority vote, and bob's your uncle, law changed to whatever they want it to be at any time they like. And a "crisis" ....something like Covid....pandemic....well, they make new gov't departments for that, and new rules any time. They have an excuse. It's a "crisis", after all. Even well established really old laws can be changed when there's a Crisis situation Without a public vote (us) The first we hear of it, it's already been passed and we get it on the news. It's happening everywhere. Law means basically nothing. Lord, I am sick of this place. Happy to leave, any time.
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