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  1. I have noticed that Tesco's have many veg. items unavailable, and piddly little green beans were limited to one pack per order, with no other fresh options. That was this week.

    Meanwhile my own crops are failing due to the miserable summer and lack of light, and over enthusiasm of slugs.

  2. 21 hours ago, Dizza said:

    So contracts put out to tender in scotland, the north, east, west and the south of the uk; this info was even put on my little facebook page.


    So come whats in store no it alls?   (know)


    It sounds like a lot of people are going to get murdered (sorry....typo...I meant "Covided"/vaxxed....)

    Two hundred deaths a day at the moment, expected to rise to 1000 a day when the UK opens everything up soon. That's the line we are fed anyway.

    Okay, it makes no sense does it?  Isn't the vaccine meant to protect against serious infection/death? Make us to a large percentage safe? (rhetorical question.)

  3. I remember this. Back in the late 70's I bought "aura goggles" from some techy shop in the Blackfriars/Fleet St area. They cost me a whopping £4 I recall, which was a LOT in those days.


    I was sure I'd see auras as soon as I put them on. What happened was I saw a murky darkness, which slowly started to fog up. I took the glasses off and they were steamed up. Put them back on again, and steamed up again in about 2 minutes. Nope, I didn't see any auras. I've forgotten what happened to them....probably gave them to a charity shop. Waste of £4. 🙄

  4. (quoted from the Gov.UK website)

    https://www.find-tender.service.gov.uk/Notice/013120-2021#II. Object-0


    ".... 32 London boroughs and the City of London, led by Westminster City Council. The framework agreement will appoint a single provider and will be for a period of 4 years. This will be a contingency contract, only called upon in the event that an excess deaths situation arises in the future and existing local body storage capacity needs to be augmented.

    The over-arching aim of this tender is to provide a single framework supplier that will be able to provide temporary body storage facilities to house deceased in the event of an excess deaths situation....."


  5. 1 hour ago, TwopackShugar said:

    I suggest you check out https://odysee.com/@iceagefarmer:42 he covers all this importing and exporting better then any one else, he mentioned in videos a little back something along the line of shipping container problems. 

    I heard tonight from a friend, that there is some issue with truck drivers because of Brexit.  Not Covid-related. Hope it's not the thin end of a supply wedge.

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  6. 1 hour ago, shadowmoon said:

    Has anyone noticed food shortages/empty shelves yet in supermarkets?

    I have heard it discussed, but I only try to go once a month now as is so annoying.

    I shop online and get delivery because I am a lazy bastard 😆

    On the Tesco's website there are lots of items not in stock. Those aren't just seasonal produce, but toothpaste etc. Meanwhile Morrisons has them, but is missing other stuff Tesco's stock. So it's hard to tell if there are shortages or not as I haven't been in a store for a very long time, not just because of Covid but....because I am a lazy bastard.

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  7. On 6/22/2021 at 3:09 AM, New_Change said:

    Our story:

    My daughter is 30yrs old, her father who lived with us, got the 1st jab..... 

    He was 60yrs old & was dealing with advanced colon cancer with spread to the liver.

    he received the Astrazeneca [Oxford]


    my daughter's next menstrual cycle was early, not her usual or 'normal' for her. 

    Her next period was also early.... 


    Her father passed on 16th June from his metastasized cancer

    I am in my menopausal phase... no obvious different changes for me during this time


    Non of us felt any obvious 'cold/ flu' type symptoms 


    We all live/d in the same home, bungalow


    Hope this adds to the data pool, to help us all understand how these experimental 'death' jabs are effecting our lives.


    Life & death decisions happening.



    My deepest condolences for your recent loss. He really is in a better place now. That is not just a turn of phrase.

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  8. Thanks for this.


    Yes, I have in some people, noticed a strangeness, like they don't communicate with me like they used to. It has been weeks since my friend communicated with me and we used to chat every week. They have been vaxxed. I haven't, but they don't know that.


    I think as time goes by, as observers,  we will start to see the differences between the vaxxed and unvaxxed. There are definitely some changes. I can't be sure what yet.


    For the past 3 years I have sensed some influence trying to shut down my connection with Heart and Soul. Since 2018, and it began very abruptly and suddenly.
    I can't blame 5G because that doesn't operate in my area. It might be EMFs. I don't know. But my EMF detector was only registering pulses from router, electricity lines, AC adaptor, and laptop. Nothing else all over my property. (without which technology we don't get online.) Remember this was way before this Covid thing. But it all started from  an illness which felt flu-like.


    I actually felt what was happening wasn't electro-magnetic so much as "etheric". (Just outside this world's vibrations on a low density of the Astral. Yet not in the world of Spirit.)


    Of course, I have put 2 fingers up at it, and whenever I can, I open those connections with Soul in  myself again. There are  times when the pressure's off and concentration/focus  is possible. I take advantage of them. Then, it's a question of just letting go and letting Truth happen naturally, rather than forcing anything.


    I am reminded always, that  it's a very "temporal" thing and such things do not exist in  the true home of the Soul to which we will naturally  go when we pass from this world.

    I also appreciate and honour Nature and the Earth every day, because this is a very beautiful world basically.

    But nothing is going to cut us off from our Souls, unless we let it. Sometimes we just have to put a little more energy into doing what used to happen normally and easily.


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  9. On 6/9/2021 at 2:42 AM, Anti Facts Sir said:

    It's strange how so many people have a total blindspot when it comes to these "vaccines". The most potentially damaging and lethal of all the things thrown at us since Feb 2020, and sure to change whoever has them, and yet there's this ambivalence towards having it.

    They're conditioned by the belief vaccines protect us; that they make us immune to something deadly. (as they seemed to do in the past -re: smallpox etc) We eradicated smallpox by vaccinating.


    What they aren't getting is that this isn't a "vaccine" at all, plus if it were it would be bloody miraculous to have been produced on-cue in a wondrous few months. That's not possible for a vaccine.

    It is experimental, hasn't been fully tested, and has a huge number of bad reactions and even deaths. They are going off what vaccines did for us in the past....and peer pressure....and restrictions for unvaccinated....and guilt if the don't have it....and fear for themselves and their families if they don't have it.

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  10. Today I heard about someone I know who lives on the Ilse of Wight, who is no longer being offered in-surgery doctor appointments, but only phone (or video) consultations because they refuse the experimental Covid vaccine.

    That's the first I've heard of that restriction. I don 't think it applies in other parts of the UK? Does it?

    But what is going on in the Isle of Wight could easily influence other areas of the UK very soon, if not currently

    That means no blood tests, no "hands-on" examination, and goodness knows whether it also includes any A&E emergencies??


    Two fingers up to them if you don't need that kind of hands-on doctor appointment, but you're on your own if you do, if you're unvaxxed apparently.

    This is disgusting. Another example of healthcare and probably even law, being shifted and changed unless one toes the "official" line....

    Never happened with any other potentially killer disease vaccine (Polio, Tetanus, TB, etc)

    I searched for a source link, to show this but it seems to have been whitewashed. Or I didn't put the right phrases in the DDGo search.

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  11. I used to like David Attenborough. Had great respect for him and his highlighting issues on the planet that we need to pay attention to.


    But he is a proponent of depopulation. Now even I agreed there were too many people about and numbers rising all the time and all the stuff that goes with that. But what creeps me out are the METHODS of depopulation. And that made me re-think the whole agenda. Bloody evil. So if he's into that ....well..... not just a case of a timely condom, is it?

  12. I think it's b/s that magnets stick to arms "anyway".

    They don't.

    I have some pretty strong little neodymium earth magnets, and tested them on various areas of my skin.

    Gravity won every time within a millisecond. I really pushed them hard against my skin. Nope. Gravity won.

    I put sun protection lotion on (very greasy stuff) then tried. Gravity won.


    So if magnets are sticking to peoples' body parts it's because they have some magnetic attraction going on. My opinion anyway.

  13. The "law" itself has suddenly become a travesty, if it can be twisted and shifted about and upended at a whim and a fancy.
    And indeed, that we have seen as a result of this "Covid" stuff. Laws being changed. And when that happens it sets a precedent unfortunately.
    And even infiltrates across the Pond.

    Firing someone for refusing medical treatment used to be illegal.
    Just over a year ago.

    So when are these judges going to start saying ....yep it's fine to break into someone's house and steal , it's fine to rape their wives, abduct their children? We can twist and change the law whenever we like....sheesh.


    All because of what? -a vaccine?? This did not happen re: the smallpox vaccine, the TB vaccine, the measles vaccine, the malaria vaccine....et al. (all killer diseases!)

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  14. I don't want the vax. I don't trust the vax. I don't trust a heck of a lot about this scamdemic.
    But I want to even out some fear vibe may be going on here.

    I have been in contact with vaxxed people. I saw my neighbour many times, I gave her a hug. We didn't bother social distancing.

    What did I catch? Zilch.


    Now there have been a few people I know who seemed to have changed kind of emotionally after the vaccine. Behaved diferently. But one or two didn't.


    I now wonder if it was all about fear in the first place. They've been living in fear. They buy into the whole thing. I don't know. They probably had a horrible time since Feb 2020.


    In fact I have felt better recently from my old creaky back-achey gut-upset self. I was doing tree surgery and enjoying it. Liking the summer.

    I have given up with all this scared of the vaxxed people stuff. No, I'm not going to do it but that's my choice. It's my body. I have noticed no ill efects from coming in contact with vaxxed people so far.

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  15. 17 hours ago, Niknik said:

    You could almost see a Carnival Barker calling out "Roll up,roll up,folks! Take your shot and win a Darwin Award to go with your doughnut and fries!"

    This is happening in the States. Some states are running a lottery for a million dollar prize or split into a number of prizes for taking the jabs.

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