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  1. I rarely remember dreams now so remembering every detail of a particularly vivid one is unusual. But a couple of weeks ago I had a "vaccine dream". I was in this room, and a young pretty brunette nurse said "Ah...you haven't had the vaccine. We will give it to you now. " When I said no thanks, she insisted and said it was mandatory. A security guy was called, but that was just a symbol I think because I didn't actually see him. Just aware of the guy's presence. I was about to be held down and forcibly injected. I had to think fast. Decided I mustn't put arms neck or face near this young lady, because she would just swipe me with the syringe. So kick-boxed her hand instead, and the syringe fell out. I was wearing black bikers boots and thought it would be much harder for her to get the needle through those. Then I legged it to the double doors, went through, and tried to lock them in there, but the lock mechanism was jutting out stopping the doors closing properly together. I got away anyway. Then suddenly was sitting at a table with two other people. Again one of them was a woman, young-ish, pretty, slim. No make up. But as I looked at her there was a kind of weird vibrational oscillation (best way I can describe it) So strange, destabilising, I "heard" inside me to not look her in the eyes no matter what I did, and I would be OK. Dream ended but haunted me all the next day. This was just before all the dramas kicked off in Europe. I dreamed these two Thursday November 4th.
  2. Believe it, they can twist the "law" any way they like, any time they like. The Law as we used to know it is crap now. Don't we know...these are "unprecedented circumstances"?
  3. Disclaimer..... this is just my own personal opinion, and I respect other opinions here. But in my own view, something did indeed come out of that Laboratory in Wuhan. By whom it was released, I don't know. Who backed it? I don't know. It was deliberately (I believe, though it is JUST possible...accidentally?) released on the world. While numbers of cases found were rising in Wuhan China, on a world real-time flights tracker, I noticed planes flying constantly in and out of that area. No curbs. Even when alarms were ringing there, that something contagious was spreading fast. There were thousands of planes, in and out. Why weren't those stopped in an obvious emergency situation as cases of a severe illness continued to rise in that area of China? The "economy"? Or something else? That is when I started to prep. with supplies. But that's another story. I feel that the deliberate unleashing of this man-made virus was meant to instil the highest level of fear in the world, make citizens malleable. low vibrational, and influenced, and lead the way to toxic bio- technology in the name of "vaccines". I don't feel that the "vaccine IS the virus" exactly, but I feel that the vaccine is step two of whatever dark plan is afflicting this world, our freedoms, our Souls, our vibrational frequencies, and our health.
  4. Stupid "Science" These guys are going to get a shock when they die and lots of astral egg on their faces. Then they'll go "duhhh"...whatever..... And...What's with Cock's immortal look nowadays? Apart from the spray-on grey streaks that is? Is this cock a hologram we ask?
  5. Yes, that is likely. There is always, certainly, that kind of shopaholic twerp around
  6. I think those who can, or who have the energy for it should. As much as we can we have to make our voices heard one way or another and not go silently to this slaughter. I wish I had it in me to make more political noise.
  7. Yes, that is worrying. It seems that probably many countries in Europe will follow suit, so I don't think the UK will hold back on that idea for very long. There is another safer vaccine. But I suspect it will be suppressed.
  8. DNA harvesting on a very big scale. Don't underestimate the ones who are happy to work on this. 23 and me is nothing in comparison. The agenda is huge.
  9. ...Germany hours off the same... I'm sure the rest of the EU are hours or days behind. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/world-news/austria-lockdown-vaccine-mandatory-law-22211740 So this is coming to us in UK, very soon. I am certain. Mayhem and madness. Unvaxxed are on the brink of becoming criminals. Not everyone will be able to afford fines and court appearances.
  10. I know what's coming or at least I think I do. Unvaxxed may be totally prevented from entering stores. Not happening yet but just wait. Online deliveries are necessary for anyone who can't go to a store. Cut out millions of people from accessing these services, and they are thrown into either HAVING to go to some kind of shop/store, or getting another card. What does the former mean? In many cases it might mean being pushed into getting vaccinated? Very soon ve vill haf to show our PAPERS for anything ve may do! Inch by inch folks. Thank goodness I don't have a Visa credit card. Whatever people might feel about Amazon, they are bloody useful for anyone who just wants something and doesn't want to, or can't go to the shops. I feel the net is tightening around us all in so many different ways.
  11. So now they're having to admit that being vaccinated is no protection against Covid. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/why-the-covid-19-vaccines-do-not-stop-the-virus-from-circulating/ar-AAQTBQ7?cvid=f9c0812e7a8749028a2ca02393a5005c&ocid=winp1taskbar What a load of bloody rubbish! WTF... It's like the mad hatter's tea party. Completely nuts. As if we didn't know this all along. That is one of the main reasons I haven't bothered getting vaxxed. It's crap.
  12. I have a theory about sleep paralysis, which is based on my own practical experiences. I believe sleep paralysis is caused by being in an "in-between" state between the Astral world and the physical world. While going out-of-body once it happened to me. Yes, it was a very unusual and not very pleasant feeling, but I lay there thinking about it. I came up with an idea. I had just felt the "vibrational state" which usually precedes an out-of-body experience, but had been unsure... not determined enough to launch myself out. And hadn't quite made up my mind to come back to the physical earthed state either. I decided to experiment, and make a firm definite decision. I decided to will myself to step right out of my body, and that's what happened. From that moment there was no sense of paralysis. The obe didn't last long. Just "walked" a few steps in my room while out of body, then came back. And made a firm decision to be physical, lock in to the physical state, and all was well...no more paralysis. Another time it happened and I just made the firm decision to be physical (minus the OBE) Same thing happened. The paralysis was aborted. I think it is quite a natural condition, While in theta wave state, the physical body is not capable of movement! If consciousness (awakeness) is present at such a time, then there is an awareness of physical "paralysis". From there, if we're not clear about it, fear can take over (which is also pretty natural. No creature who is used to the physical world is used to feeling trapped like that!) We can use clear thinking and direct the mind and intent. And decide where we want to be! And know it's not an unnatural state at all. It is quite logical under the unusual circumstances.
  13. Such an interesting question. Such an interesting thread. I only go from what I personally know, myself. I don't go off anything I read much in books, though books give us food for thought and I respect true experiences written in them, not doctrine. I have never had a near-death experience, but I have had many many out-of-body experiences while fully aware and brilliantly conscious.I know the Soul can easily exist without the body. We do not lose our sense of ourselves, and even have physical caracteristics. And then there's my dog.... She "died" (9 years ago) Nope, she didn't reincarnate yet because from time to time I still sense her visits. She had an actual "body" just like the one she left behind. Her character was the same but somehow finer and more elevated energetically. I met her -literally -while out of body. Still very much alive, vibrant, and herself, just in a dimension outside of our usual awareness spectrum. Make what you wish of that, but I know for 1000% certain what I experienced. If dogs do it, then we will. And no, not a Demon trying to trick me as the bible bashers try to make out. Just my lovely girlie. Being a dog in the happy land after Earth.
  14. It's emotionalism. Similar to the "hero" music that can send people happily into battle. Prayer and uplifting music and they are putty in the agenda's hands. Manipulation on an emotional level. I bet even their horrible side effects will be bravely suffered. My bet is even the Church people who are laying this on don't know what it's all about. They think they are serving their "flock". Funny word that..."flock"....it can't help reminding me of sheep......baaaa Yes, that is an ancient sacred site. Spiritual wickedness in high places.
  15. I will be interested to watch this. Thanks @Duewy Probably tomorrow as I am knackered at the mo. The video is 57 minutes long which makes for a good watch tomorrow evening.
  16. ".....Cignpost diagnostics, which has 71 walk-in locations across the UK, is reported to have delivered up to three million tests since June last year. The company charges between £35 and £120 for a PCR test and is estimated to have generated tens of millions of pounds from test fees alone...... ....The policy also says Cignpost may share customers’ DNA samples and other personal information with "collaborators" working with them or independently, including universities and private companies, and that it "may receive compensation" in return......" (quoted from the article below.) https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/covid-test-firm-to-sell-swabs-carrying-customers-dna/ar-AAQGXgs?ocidctx=hvs%3A1%2Cfdwt%3A1921%2Chb%3Afalse%2Ctb%3Afalse%2Cpb%3Afalse%2Ccvc%3A46&ocid=winp1taskbar
  17. I don't think so. "God" probably does love us in a strange kind of way...maybe. I have myself, received some unexpected gifts and Graces, unworthy though I am. However, I think our "God" is in the tough Love school of thought. A bit like parents with teenagers who let us free eventually to make our own way in the world, make our own mistakes, even if that means flunking out Uni exams, overdoing it with the Vodka, accidentally killing our best friend...oops....or getting pregnant. Or in this case, letting the schoolyard bullies hit us really badly until we decide to hit em back.
  18. ...And Austria. Lockdown now not for over 65s who haven't been vaxxed, but for anyone over the age of 12 (okay, slightly off topic) Austria to impose lockdown on all unvaccinated from midnight (msn.com) When will we get it? It's not the unvaccinated who are raising thse manipulated "numbers of infected/hospitalised/deaths" by the day, as we speak. So many have had the vaccine yet the numbers continue to soar, I actually read somewhere yesterday where it was admitted that the double-vaxxed are still spreading the virus, catching it etc. (or whatever is actually happening.) Sorry, can't re-find that link and it's now gone from my internet history, but it was interesting. We can't be far behind. Europe seems to be amassing forces. Actually I didn't mind Lockdown once I had recovered from whatever "virus" I caught. It made zero difference to the way I live (2 or 3 lovely country walks daily and peace all around). But not everyone is as fortunate as I. I would recommend as many online orders with free delivery as possible while they still last, and the unvaxxed aren't prohibited from buying those either, a serious amount of prepping and happily hunkering down....probably until the end of your lives folks.
  19. It's happening in France with the "Pass Sanitaire" ....from December 15. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/france-health-pass-booster-covid-expiry-b1956410.html Not just parties and restaurants but regional trains too.
  20. Yes, even though the numbers are still soaring despite the marvellous vaccines which were apparently supposed to "prevent serious infection, likelihood of hospitalisation and death) - the double-vaxxed are still catching it, still getting very very sick, and still the death numbers are going up. Not just here, but in Europe....Germany, the Netherlands.etc. I personally know two (very nice ) people, husband and wife, who got double vaxxed. They caught Covid or whatever-it's-called last week, and are really very unwell indeed and not getting better so far, one week in. Bed bound. And the so-called logic is "You needed a booster!!" Well if two shots don't cut it, what good is a booster, or even two or three? It's total B/S. Seems to me maybe the vaxxed are the ones who are coming down with "it". If this was the big protection it was announced to be a few months ago, wouldn't we have seen a decline in numbers? No, it's rather the opposite, isn't it? Whatever it is that they're shooting into people isn't any kind of protective vaccine, and that is pretty obvious by now, yet still sheeple are queuing up for their saviour "vaccines".
  21. DoTheScience, I am not sure I 100% agree. I eat a good diet too, but one thing I do look after is my teeth. No, mine are not whitened either. But they get a good scrub every night and morning. I use bicarb. of soda and also have a good herbal toothpowder which looks like mud and is pretty gritty but tastes good. NO FLUORIDE! I don't trust dentists any more than I trust doctors. As much as I possibly can, I take things into my own hands. Herbal medicines for any ailment, look after my own teeth. I had abscesses in the past and that meant their toxic antibotics which wreck the gut, therefore immune system etc. And when you're in that much pain even a nuclear bomb sounds like a good idea...
  22. Apparently, it doesn't. Case numbers soaring, hospitalisations rising, deaths rising. Among the "double vaccinated". What a load of crap. Yet we're still supposed to have those holy grail boosters?? They will save the day! Oh yes.
  23. Someone needs to put a sodding bomb under it. That Arab sounding guy Sajid Javid (yep, a classic Brit name, that) thinks it would a be a great idea if over 65's who haven't had the "booster shot" are barred from public places, including trains etc. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/entertainment/music/over-65s-without-covid-boosters-could-be-banned-from-public-spaces-suggests-sajid-javid/ar-AAQxlCf?ocid=winp1taskbar A suggestion, so far. An obvious thin end of a wedge most probably. This is completely nuts. First...the "vaccines" don't work. They obviously don't work because numbers apparently keep sky rocketing. Cases, hospitalisations, deaths. Among the double-vaxxed. And I heard that the vax uptake was about 70% in UK. So they raise their game. Now it's "boosters". AS IF that will make any difference. It seems no one can see that this vaccination thing is a complete waste of time, and is only lining someone's pockets by billions and is a complete scam. Then there's the "second booster" (which will no doubt be required in another 5 months)....followed by a third, fourth, fifth...ad infinitum. As time goes by will they be required weekly? "Science" is always discovering that "immunity from vaccination doesn't last quite as long as we thought." So basically every single person will be suffering from chronic side effects with no days off?? So where are we heading?
  24. I don't know if this will work for you but oddly, it can work for me 99% of the time. The acupressure points on the wrist. That is, an inch below the wrist-crease on the outside part of the wrist/lower forearm in between two tendons there. I lie in bed, and with the finger of my opposite hand, put a rhythmic pressure on that point, and I am not kidding you, I start to fade out in less than a minute. Drift off.... If by some odd reason it doesn't seem to work, I swap and do the other wrist, then try again. I have found that to be very effective. It will work even when I am sceptical about it. I like a pretty cold bedroom too. If the room/weather is too warm, I will have more disturbed sleep with micro-awakenings through the night. so switch off the heating. I have NEVER found that "blue light" before bed issue to have any effect at all on my sleep. Maybe I'm weird....
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