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  1. That's an interesting thought. I sense a political death wish in him too. What got to me was that long speech he made fairly recently about Peppa Pig World. There could be a deep cognitive dissonance between what he is programmed to do/be, and his own vestiges of self. Maybe his handlers see him as beginning to malfunction or something. I actually feel sorry for him. Yes, odd though that might sound.
  2. The most bizarre thing is....did we see any photos of her being pregnant? No. Just a sudden overnight immaculate conception?Hmmm? WTF!
  3. I definitely hear you @Grumpy Owl Huge rip-off going on. Nasty. I was lucky. I got mine on a free prescription. I guess maybe because I'm ancient. And wonder of wonders, something....either that or divine intervention suddenly made my ears pop one morning, some wax came out naturally, and there's been no problem ever since. It did take close on 3 weeks but I am a patient old sod in many ways. I get vertigo if I get my ears flushed, so am grateful I didn't have to go there, especially with having to drive home afterwards.
  4. My family (not much left of them now)always thought I was too peculiar because I always insisted on my own independent thought about most things. I was a "rum 'un" in the family (northern expression for a feckin' weirdo with no hope.) and often gently laughed at. Gently...but with an unmistakable dismay that I would never toe any official line without asking myself first about the rightness of it. I remember that from childhood. I guess it was a sacrilege to be your own authentic self. Awful to be "ghosted" isn't it?
  5. I met 2 friends who had both had the vax today. Triple vaxxed. Hadn't seen them for a while. They both looked fine, and no issues! But as I think I mentioned on the forum sometime months ago, another friend had it and is a complete mess now...stroke, dementia, doesn't know his arse from his elbow. Doesn't know how his phone works. Sad. That happened suddenly. Old family member (nearly 90) sidelined for surgery which would relieve her daily pain.... triple vaxxed....leg swelling, doc says she might lose her foot. This didn't happen before. Would it have happened anyway? Or because of the vax? No idea. Seems like she has got worse very very recently. Most people I know (all vaxxed and happy about it) seem okay to be honest. For how long? Who knows. I dislike this separation of people into two "camps". The nutters (i.e.us who are stupid, uninformed, risk takers, a threat to others) and the holy of holy people who are good, obedient, care about the NHS, socially responsible....and yet who catch the damn Covid anyway (neighbour triple vaxxed, really ill with it.) And the odd ones....those who feel they are now wearing a suit of armour against this bug because they're vaxxed. Crap. NEVER have I seen any vaccination that was as fecking useless as this "roll out"!) Something else obviously going on of course.
  6. Of people I know....99%. In fact I only know one other person except myself who hasn't been jabbed. There are a lot of middle aged and older people in my rather remote area who live in retirement, and they have happily had the vax and think it's great.
  7. This figures. It's just what I always felt; that Faucet is a reincarnated Nazi "doctor". Poor little Souls. Someone needs to be put down a.s.a.p. and not the poor monkeys.
  8. For a purely physical option, migraine "auras" can be splendid and interesting visual displays, can look rather like that unseen being in the movie "Predator", or geometric shapes, sparkles, scintillations with rainbow colours, orbs, lights, zig-zag patterns etc. Migraine is as far as I know, not necessarily noted on a CT scan at least when it's not at that moment happening. But a good description is usually enough for a neurologist. Some migraines don't even create actual headaches. (or at least not much of a headache.) There is such a thing as a silent migraine. But, having had OBE's myself I can relate to these phenomena possibly being contacts with another dimension. By the way, there is no "death". Only a continuation of consciousness in another finer dimension, The outworn body dies. You don't. You graduate. And go on from there.
  9. Puffballs are nice but way out of season now I think, in most parts of the UK. They have to be picked when really white in the middle. Don't eat them if not pure milky white. Then no, they are not so scrumptious on their own. But sliced and fried in something nice like coconut or sesame oil, with a bit of crushed garlic and maybe a sprinkle or two of Tamari....delicious
  10. Best thing you can do is just look after yourself, and let them do what they will. If Mr BJ told them what you're telling them, they would sit up and listen, but not from anyone else. Nothing you can do to alter that mindset, mate. They are the ones who are brainwashed, sadly.
  11. Watch this space. It's only just begun. Laws are being changed, manipulated, twisted and ignored all the time recently. The Covid pandemic control is the last word. Ancient laws even are being changed on a whim and a fancy. Since when could a person have a medical procedure enforced on them? Apart from in Nazi concentration camps, then yep....recently. It is an inviolable rule that the patient/person has a choice regarding any medical procedure. They even have the right to say no, when they are being prepped for surgery and on the actual table for their op. They can say no to chemo, radiation, antibiotics, cough medicine and whatever else. But they can't say no to being vaccinated. Actually I don't know about people who are sectioned under the Mental Health Act. They may lose their rights to say no to medication enforcement. If anyone knows, please say. I am a little concerned about where this is leading
  12. Quite ridiculous. The vaccine is NOT stopping people getting and spreading the virus. The narrative is that "boosters" will. Oh yeah? Really? Don't think so. Vaccines protect? If they really protected why would the unvaxxed have to worry about those who didn't have a vax? Remember TB vaccinations? Those who'd had it could sit right next to someone with TB and not catch it. This is all pure obvious bullshit.
  13. Worse than wet lettuces. More like the mad hatter's tea party. They are telling us how fast "omicron" is spreading, and to quake in our boots...and at the same time some peculiar person there has said "kiss whomever you like" at Christmas parties. I mean , like wtf? Make your mind up time. Nothing makes any logical sense at all that comes out of Whitehall. Sorry you bunch of terminal twerps but I will make up my own mind who and when to kiss, and don't give a flying fart about your obvious mental retardation.
  14. Weird. I have a blocked ear too right now. No apparent infection, just wax. I am using medical grade olive oil drops. Bit already making their way out but I warn you it's a slow process. I've been at it 10 days, and doc. said it could take 3 weeks doing it that way. But ear popped tonight and I could hear the ticking clock! Then went a bit blahhh again. Not sure if you have an outer ear infection that oil is best though. I think you can also buy OTC eardrops for swimmer's ear. Check at the chemist's. Pharmacist might be able to advise? I've heard colloidal silver can help an ear infection but haven't tried it for that, and not sure if that would work with the wax in there?
  15. Out of reactions, Mr H. But that's fine. I hope you feel a bit better now. Bereavement hurts.
  16. Okay this is funny. It gave me a laugh. But this is our Prime Minister.... https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/voices-peppa-pig-and-prolonged-pauses-it-is-i-think-time-to-start-worrying-about-the-prime-minister/ar-AAR071i?ocid=winp1taskbar During this speech he appears to be totally obsessed with Peppa Pig World. Supposed to be "Glory to Britain" for creativity, but meanwhile I think Boris has just eaten too much bacon.... Scary, but funny. We either laugh or cry. I laughed because I don't put my trust in any of them.
  17. I dunno.... I had this weirdest bug I ever got in my life aka "Covid" or whatever. It started April 2nd 2020. I had some sudden problems I'd not had before, and they are on-going now to a much lesser extent but still not 100% lifted.
  18. Now Mr Javid is saying (or is reported to have said, according to my radio news today on Global Radio)...that "the UK will NEVER have mandatory vaccination." I would love to believe that. Show me the money Mr Javid.
  19. I think the basic simple things are good health protocols: trying to get at least 6+ hours of sleep a night, preferably more. Eating veggies and fruits if possible and if gut can take them. Going for at least one daily walk in all weathers and seasons in fresh air, in as green a space as you can find. Not forgetting to breathe properly. Drinking fluids. Making sure you poop properly. Every morning if possible. Letting digestion rest overnight (intermiittent fasting, which allows the gut to do it's "clean sweeps" ) Cultivating a decent vibrational energy in onesself re: thoughts and emotions. Holding onto heartfelt meaningful things. Enjoying a treat. Whether that be a few drinks or a pot of ice cream. No one can be too perfect. Enjoy!
  20. No, not a waste of time. But not overdosed either. Check out what foods you eat, daily requirements of vits/minerals too. Are you getting enough? If not, supplements are good to be at optimum levels. But- (yeah, I know they're expensive...) -try to get a fairly pure one, not too much crap in them. (Weird how we have to pay more for stuff taken OUT. ) And another weird fact....TEA contains manganese. Yep, just a cuppa.
  21. I rarely remember dreams now so remembering every detail of a particularly vivid one is unusual. But a couple of weeks ago I had a "vaccine dream". I was in this room, and a young pretty brunette nurse said "Ah...you haven't had the vaccine. We will give it to you now. " When I said no thanks, she insisted and said it was mandatory. A security guy was called, but that was just a symbol I think because I didn't actually see him. Just aware of the guy's presence. I was about to be held down and forcibly injected. I had to think fast. Decided I mustn't put arms neck or face near this young lady, because she would just swipe me with the syringe. So kick-boxed her hand instead, and the syringe fell out. I was wearing black bikers boots and thought it would be much harder for her to get the needle through those. Then I legged it to the double doors, went through, and tried to lock them in there, but the lock mechanism was jutting out stopping the doors closing properly together. I got away anyway. Then suddenly was sitting at a table with two other people. Again one of them was a woman, young-ish, pretty, slim. No make up. But as I looked at her there was a kind of weird vibrational oscillation (best way I can describe it) So strange, destabilising, I "heard" inside me to not look her in the eyes no matter what I did, and I would be OK. Dream ended but haunted me all the next day. This was just before all the dramas kicked off in Europe. I dreamed these two Thursday November 4th.
  22. Believe it, they can twist the "law" any way they like, any time they like. The Law as we used to know it is crap now. Don't we know...these are "unprecedented circumstances"?
  23. Disclaimer..... this is just my own personal opinion, and I respect other opinions here. But in my own view, something did indeed come out of that Laboratory in Wuhan. By whom it was released, I don't know. Who backed it? I don't know. It was deliberately (I believe, though it is JUST possible...accidentally?) released on the world. While numbers of cases found were rising in Wuhan China, on a world real-time flights tracker, I noticed planes flying constantly in and out of that area. No curbs. Even when alarms were ringing there, that something contagious was spreading fast. There were thousands of planes, in and out. Why weren't those stopped in an obvious emergency situation as cases of a severe illness continued to rise in that area of China? The "economy"? Or something else? That is when I started to prep. with supplies. But that's another story. I feel that the deliberate unleashing of this man-made virus was meant to instil the highest level of fear in the world, make citizens malleable. low vibrational, and influenced, and lead the way to toxic bio- technology in the name of "vaccines". I don't feel that the "vaccine IS the virus" exactly, but I feel that the vaccine is step two of whatever dark plan is afflicting this world, our freedoms, our Souls, our vibrational frequencies, and our health.
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