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  1. Called for jury duty today. How weird. I've lived 68 years and never been called before. Now....in the midst of strict lockdown (what??) My health isn't up to this situation. Discomforts and difficulties, too numerous and boring to mention. Not sure I could cope with that onslaught. What does that mean? It means, for an exemption, I would have to go to the doctor, describe a whole litany of events which I have managed on my own with herbs the last 2 years to avoid horrendous invasive tests, and IF he was willing, get a medical exemption letter. I doubt it though. The doctor hardly knows me because I keep away. What else does that mean? It means vaccination as a logical outcome of putting my head above the ramparts. All by law. By order of the Court. Not doing it? £1000 fine, criminal record, and even possibly "contempt of court". Warrant for my arrest. Possibly even a jail sentence depending on the judge....but likely not that. All the former -certainly. Doing it and just soldiering on? Pain . (Sounds like the more sensible option, sadly.) Of course....collapse under all this, and guess what? Taken to hospital, given the vaccine, sticks poked down my throat first, and most likely "hospital acquired infection" (i.e.Covid again) Better not that then. Shoot me now.
  2. Isn't it just? It's a case of the boiling frog. The water is getting hotter around us.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. Our dear Boris, I presume? Now the "vaccine passports" are an interesting development. I can understand that (technically) for travel to other countries. But did I hear the word "shopping" in the 5 o' clock news?? Not that I go "shopping". The worst I do is Tesco (etc) click and collect. Any other non-food items delivered by Amazon. But this sounds like the thin end of a wedge.....doesn't it rather? What next? Vaccine passport to go to the dentist? Most likely. Certainly one will need a "vaccine passport" to have a heart attack and receive any care....never mind that while you're in there a hospital acquired infection of Covid is almost mandatory.
  4. Another good thing to add to my list :)
  5. Brilliant solution, @Ziggy Sawdust Is that your own copyright, or do you mind if I write that out to do the same ?
  6. That's nasty indeed. I'm glad your family recovered. I got a "thing" in Spring 2018 which kept coming back to one degree or another and I still get effects from it now. No 5G in my area though.....yet.
  7. Aha! Now this is what I see in The Times (February 5 2021.): Nadhim Zahawi: Coronavirus vaccine refuseniks face visit from the persuaders https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/nadhim-zahawi-coronavirus-vaccine-refuseniks-face-visit-from-the-persuaders-p3stfkfh0 "People who have not accepted vaccination offers could get knocks on the door from council staff in an attempt to convince sceptics “home by home”, the vaccines minister has suggested. Nadhim Zahawi said the NHS was already trying to “identify to individual level the people that we need to reach” to ensure that all over-70s had a chance to get a jab by February 15. He told MPs that he wanted to then use councils to seek out those who had refused offers and see what might convince them, after local authorities successfully deployed door-to-door contact tracers to find people whom national services struggled to reach." (Chis Smyth Whitehall Editor and Kat Lat Health Editor.) Unfortunately in order to read the rest of the article, a subscription seems to be necessary.
  8. UK gov't Stockpiling body bags Sept 2019 (using Brexit as an excuse/reason) https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/brexit-news/government-stockpiling-body-bags-says-yellowhammer-doctor-54732 Operation Yellowhammer, the government's secret no-deal Brexit planning documents. ______________________________________________________________ Welsh Gov't "The Welsh Government confirmed it has spent a "significant amount of money" stockpiling a range of medical supplies. Money, which is said, "could have been used elsewhere in our NHS". "This includes additional stocks of body bags", it added. "Only last week, the outgoing Chief Medical Officer for England warned that lives would be put at risk as a result of medical shortages following a no deal Brexit." (again quoting a no-deal Brexit!) "ITV Wales were given access to a "secret warehouse" in April where £4m worth of NHS supplies were being stockpiled. It contains crates of medical gloves, swabs for x-rays to baked beans and tinned tomatoes." https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2019-10-16/welsh-government-says-it-is-stockpiling-body-bags-in-event-of-no-deal-brexit _______________________________________________________________ That was in 2019. That "April", was April 2019 I believe.
  9. Covid is real. I had it last April, and it was like nothing I'd ever had before. It hit like a truck, very suddenly. Quite dramatic, but short lived. Weak legs for a bit for a couple of weeks, and short of breath on hill walks but seemed to get over it quite well. Now I'm being hassled to "get the vaccine" by my health clinic. They are bombarding me with texts, letters, follow up letters which are almost scolding....But my instinct says NO!!! So I'm doing my usual thing of ignoring the whole thing. No point phoning them and telling them what I feel. I will get propaganda and I guess, some form of social emotional blackmail. No I don't want to be experimented on or have some substance in my veins which changes my DNA no matter how the science says it's safe and good. Let's face it -we are all being used as lab rats (poor sods.) I can't have confidence in a vaccine that was produced in nine months either. No, I don't want to get side effects. I don't usually repond well to the stuff doctors do, and prescribe. The general attitude is you can expect those....after all, they're only terrible headaches, fever, nausea, upset gut, aches all over your body, exhaustion.....what are we grumbling about? Just get over it and soldier on. But "they" really have NO CLUE what any long term side effects might be, have they? Meanwhile my health centre refused me an antibody test (just to check if my immune "memory" still has natural defences before deciding.) Nope. They want me to have the vaccine instead. No questions asked, and no further investigation needed. And I should get it NOW! Somehow I don't like that. It's just not right. All neighbours, friends, extol this vaccine like it's the saviour of the world, and dissenters will be treated like super spreaders. So to them, I either lie, or hold a placard. My choice.....not decided yet. So yeah....while I have to admit Covid is real and is a freaking weird horrible virus, that's as far as I'm willing to go. I am old. I am not 100% to start with and have some chronic problems for 3 years (managed better with herbal medicines than with stuff the doctors could come up with.) I was lucky to have got through Covid. I don't want any more interference or any ideas to make me worse. Okay so I let that go. Fine. What repercussions can be expected do we think? Now I live in the middle of nowhere, have no travel ambitions, live simply, cut my own firewood etc. Use my own herbal brews. But I have a sneaking feeling this agenda doesn't stop there. Somewhere, somehow there will be restrictions I hadn't quite accounted for....I am sure of it. New here, and there is a heck of a lot I'm wising up to. What do you all think? About what to expect etc?
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