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  1. Yes I did mine too. I can't afford to lose £1000. It's way too intrusive. The old censuses I am sure weren't like that. I checked a really old one once for record of my Nana and where she lived as a girl. Just her familys' names, their address, how many in the household, and what relation to each other, plus occupations I think. Now they want to know your sexuality., your religion, your colour. I always imagined one's sexuality was one's own business. What fucking right have they to make a database of who we fuck and who we worship? Or the colour of our skin?....then whether we have central heating or not....a car..... Way too intrusive. Apt (?) or ominous don't you think, that they are collecting all this stuff right now?
  2. I'm alone and I say NO. But keep that to myself among people I know. I am even ready to tell porkies if strictly necessary!
  3. I feel for you. I can also completely understand her. I wouldn't go near it with a barge pole, but I can't help thinking we are all responsible for our own choices. We can never hope to control another person's freedom of choice even when we love them dearly. From a balanced point of view, there is a chance she will be okay in the long term. Not everyone is going to be the same with this. Infertility may not happen to her. You never know. Just be there for her, love and support her. You have presented the options, the risks, and the reasons against. You have done your best. Remember -fear is the thing they want to rule us by. Love is a billion times bigger than fear. Don't let this erode your love for each other. That's where we always win against the matrix. Two family members of mine have had the jab already (1st dose) I keep my cards close to my chest. Don't want to lie to them but keep quiet about my choice NOT to have it.....we'll see where that gets us in time to come. Fortunately I've no desire to travel anywhere I can't get to on foot. But for any journeys needed further than that, I have my own car, and am an oldie so no worries about "career". But it must be tough for younger people in this modern world. That said, I sense that the whole "vaccine certificate" concept could spread its tendrils into places we haven't thought of yet.....like visiting the dentist? And certainly any emergency A&E medical stuff...., most likely other necessary things.....which gives me the heebie jeebies about how this is going to pan out.
  4. Poor girl. I am indeed sorry for your loss. My girl was doing pretty well too even aged over 14, chasing frisbee, racing about in the fields. The Spring before she died she leapt a 3ft fence, just because she could. The only one thing that didn't titer well was Lepto. When the vet suggested a single shot of that I agreed. She was possibly exposed to Lepto with our lifestyle. (Muddy water, rodents, squirrels etc) Within 2 months she developed hemangiosarcoma. Okay, she was nearly 15. She might have had a genetic tendency (Lab/Vizsla in her), it might have happened anyway. But my instincts felt that her old girl immune system, doing a good job on its own, was finally shot by the Lepto jab.
  5. I know that, you know that, most of us here know and anyone who has investigated vaccines knows that. True. I'm looking at it from the "mainstream thinking" point of view for a minute, and from that way of thinking, if the vaccine is supposed to be our saviour (as most of the population have been brainwashed to believe) -then what I'm saying is, from their viewpoint the magic vaccine is there to protect them (greatly if not 100%) So why should they be scared of being with someone who wasn't vaccinated? I just don't get why the vaccinated should have any worries about all those who hadn't had the jab. Coming from that brainwashed mainstream thinking point of view, then the whole "Refuseniks are endangering me and my family by refusing the vaccine" makes no sense to me. Yes, and on that note, re dogs: I had a dog who survived Parvo. A certain vet clinic treated her (before I rescued her) They had medical records on that dog. She was naturally immune. (were they so dumb they didn't know how immunity works?) They vaccinated her for Parvo . It made her seriously ill within about 12 hours and she was ill for 4 days. I thought she was going to die. A fit athletic happy healthy dog one day ....vaccinated....desperately ill within hours. The vet denied her illness had anything to do with the vaccine but it was obviously related. I assumed they knew she had natural immunity but nope. She did recover very well. I got titer testing for her from then on. Titers on Distemper, Parvo, Hepatitis all sound for the rest of her life! The bastards would have given her boosters every year, all unnecessarily. Evil if you ask me. Fortunately I wised up, and she was a strong girl.
  6. The argument that those who are unvaccinated are a danger to those who HAVE been vaccinated is the biggest load of tosh ever. Billions of people want to have it. They think they'll be safe if they get vaxxed. Otherwise there'd be no point to it at all, right? So why the heck are they so scared of anyone who hasn't been vaccinated? It makes absolutely zero logical sense. That's what the measles vaccine idea is based on: it means if you come up against measles virus,. don 't worry, you won't catch it because you had the vaccine! Same with any other vaccine. Why would this be any different? I have never HEARD anyone talk like that before re: vaccines There has to be something more going on with all that emotional pressure in families, among friends, etc
  7. My dog was naturally immune for Parvo, because she survived it just before I rescued her (2001) The clinic where she had received medical care obviously had her records. It was to that same clinic I took her for her yearly health check and *vaccinations*!!! I was pretty ignorant then. I believed the vets knew what they were doing, but I always had this sneaking concern about "should she be vaccinated for Parvo when she had lifelong immunity?" But they kept shooting her up with it every year. The vet assured me it was fine and she was being protected in the best possible way. Then one day (I think 2006?) she had a severe systemic reaction immediately following the combo. vaccination. She was so sick for three days and went off her legs, couldn't eat, I was syringing teaspoonfuls of water in her mouth every hour etc. The vet absolutely denied it couldd have had anything to do with the vaccine. But I suddenly woke up, did a lot of research, and refused any more vaccines -ever. I had her "titers" taken yearly instead. And guess what? She was immune to Distemper too, and another thing in that combo. And still was five years later (I presume from previous vaccinations.) Yes it cost me three times as much. I asked the vet why he didn't let people know about that option! He said no-one had ever asked for that Yes, it was all about sheeples and baaaaaa!!!! We do what we're told by "authorities" and don't THINK. And if the vet says it's fine, it's fine. I honestly think they don't care, just like you said. She lived, super fit and well right up till her last 6 days, when she was aged 15. Jumping fences at nearly 15! Chasing frisbee. One good dog.
  8. Tammy, I had it too last year. I've had many "bugs" before, and a few types of flu in 68 years, (the bad ones in late 50s and in the 60s and some nasty unnamed ones in later years.) but as soon as it hit I knew it wasn't like any flu I'd had -ever. There was something very very weird about it. Anyway I got over it, on my own, by the fire, using simple traditional herbal remedies and breathing eucalyptus in steam, getting plenty of sleep. And it went on its way though gave me wobbly legs for 2-3 weeks, and I lost so much weight rapidly, I looked scary to behold. (The weight came back to normal after a couple of weeks though) Believe in "convalescence" with this, because you will need to convalesce. I would say for a good three weeks. Rest, don't push yourself and do only what you have to do. If you don't need to work -don't. The bed and the sofa are going to be your best friends. But when your fever's down and stays down, if you have a garden etc, try to get some fresh air and gently move about. I believe the virus is real having experienced it. I believe it is a deliberately engineered virus that has nothing to do with that wet market in Wuhan, wildlife, bats or whatever the cover story is. And I feel this virus was unleashed in order for people to be willingly (indeed, pushed to the point where they would PRAY for) ....ta da!!....the VACCINE!! And this taking place from Antarctica to Greenland. The whole world. I believe a tremendous level of fear like the whole world hasn't known before has been ramped up quite deliberately, the darkest lies have been and still are being told . So yeah, I believe it's a real illness, and it is way weirder than seasonal flu. Though I accept that some will disagree with that. It's OK I don't mind. However....it didn't last as long as flu with me. I have been more ill with other things. I can imagine some wouldn't fare well with it, if they had underlying serious problems, but many people would be able to fight it if their immune systems are working well. Yes it's nasty. But I hope you and your family are feeling better soon. Take care and REST.
  9. People out exercising are "highly likely to have coronavirus" ?? I believe I had it. What I got was sudden, dramatic, nothing like any flu I ever had in my life, knocked me to my knees, but was quickly gone. I'm no youngster, and not exactly an ad for a perfect lifestyle too. It's nasty but not worth the fear mongering. I have had flu worse than that in the past. But....one thing I could not do was go happily jogging around. Stairs were enough, and transplanting a few seedlings. Felt like I'd gone up Everest without any O2.....for about a week or 10 days. It took me 2 weeks to do two laps of the back field (2 acres) The only ones you'd see exercising with it are dog walkers. Because you have to. Dogs don't "get" house arrest.
  10. There is a radio ad that they are still putting out (I paraphrase): They were also running that ad during the well-below-freezing temperatures a couple of weeks ago. Completely bloody stupid. Of course no mention of air currents, wind directions, through-draughts (to where? A little corner of the dining room where all the Covid particles are having a mass convention) who's standing where in said air currents, occupants' hypothermia thresholds, or granny sitting in the far corner sucking up all the lovely germs blowing her way, while shouting "Shut that sodding door! Were you born in a freaking barn?" Who dreams this stuff up? I admit I have had nefarious fun with many announcements and radio ads since early March last year. They have entertained my mostly locked-down imagination and prevented insanity.
  11. I don't know, @Fluke I live in the middle of nowhere, have been too old for a job for a few years, and am massively out of touch with the "real" world. I wonder if the job centre or recruitment agency might be able to tell you? But I do have the most perfect hidey-hole just off my land just in case some government twerps come round with bright ideas about poking ME down the throat with sticks. They will just not find me at home. The only problem being that having a smoke in it would be a dead giveaway, sniffer dogs would find me in max. 3 minutes and it's pretty freezing at night, plus it's only 3ft high, 5ft long and....well, say no more.
  12. Yes, so I hear. That's on the Aliens' repertoire too. How interesting There's a joke somewhere here about Uranus, but I just can't capture it
  13. All about fear and body-invasion. Who needs Aliens?
  14. I thought the same thing early last year. All you'd need to do is hack something interesting up from the back of your throat and spit it into a cup. Then I read somewhere (sorry I can't recall where now.) that can indeed be done. But that disappeared and I couldn't find it again. Meanwhile all the images we were getting were health officials dressed up like space walkers, poking sticks down peoples' throats. Haha....I bet they had to evolve to the nasal test! However, equally torturous in its own exquisite way. Being poked with a stick down the throat and the gag reflex don't go together very well. Especially soon after breakfast..... I couldn't work out if they were really that stupid? I came to the conclusion they probably were, based on the stupidity of "news" items I kept hearing. In my opinion there seems to be no need for sticks poked anywhere. But what do I know? Medics would come up with a "scientific reason" you bet.
  15. I just stumbled across this today, but the article is dated 19th Feb 2021 https://healingoracle.ch/2021/02/19/dnr-learning-disabilities/ UK Government Orders 'Do Not Resuscitate' Notice for People With Learning Disabilites. "The Guardian recently put to light a disparaging act by England’s healthcare authorities. People with learning disabilities have been given ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ or DNR orders without their or their family’s consent. The issue came to light when Mencap, a charity, told the press about healthcare providers acting on DNR and telling people with learning disabilities (like Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, etc.) that they won’t be resuscitated if they got infected with COVID19......" This has to more than slightly remind us of Nazi Germany ....?
  16. I'm not sure David comes in here But thank you for the above Anja. I will certainly watch it in a few hours.
  17. I don't want the jab for a few reasons. So far I've had a couple of letters "reminding me". One from the local cottage hospital to arrange an appointment. Two....or possibly three phone texts, and one voicemail. I ignored every single one of them. They haven't melted me down yet That form is just a waste of paper, but part of the pedantic methods they use in the government-target-framework they've all been told to adhere to. Bollox. Set fire to it .
  18. That poor young woman. Bless her Soul where she has gone, and may she be in a lovely place.
  19. Weird....I wonder if they make yellow peppers wear those stickers. (The ultimate camouflage.) Some bananas might be exempt too.
  20. Called for jury duty today. How weird. I've lived 68 years and never been called before. Now....in the midst of strict lockdown (what??) My health isn't up to this situation. Discomforts and difficulties, too numerous and boring to mention. Not sure I could cope with that onslaught. What does that mean? It means, for an exemption, I would have to go to the doctor, describe a whole litany of events which I have managed on my own with herbs the last 2 years to avoid horrendous invasive tests, and IF he was willing, get a medical exemption letter. I doubt it though. The doctor hardly knows me because I keep away. What else does that mean? It means vaccination as a logical outcome of putting my head above the ramparts. All by law. By order of the Court. Not doing it? £1000 fine, criminal record, and even possibly "contempt of court". Warrant for my arrest. Possibly even a jail sentence depending on the judge....but likely not that. All the former -certainly. Doing it and just soldiering on? Pain . (Sounds like the more sensible option, sadly.) Of course....collapse under all this, and guess what? Taken to hospital, given the vaccine, sticks poked down my throat first, and most likely "hospital acquired infection" (i.e.Covid again) Better not that then. Shoot me now.
  21. Isn't it just? It's a case of the boiling frog. The water is getting hotter around us.
  22. Exactly what I was thinking. Our dear Boris, I presume? Now the "vaccine passports" are an interesting development. I can understand that (technically) for travel to other countries. But did I hear the word "shopping" in the 5 o' clock news?? Not that I go "shopping". The worst I do is Tesco (etc) click and collect. Any other non-food items delivered by Amazon. But this sounds like the thin end of a wedge.....doesn't it rather? What next? Vaccine passport to go to the dentist? Most likely. Certainly one will need a "vaccine passport" to have a heart attack and receive any care....never mind that while you're in there a hospital acquired infection of Covid is almost mandatory.
  23. Another good thing to add to my list :)
  24. Brilliant solution, @Ziggy Sawdust Is that your own copyright, or do you mind if I write that out to do the same ?
  25. That's nasty indeed. I'm glad your family recovered. I got a "thing" in Spring 2018 which kept coming back to one degree or another and I still get effects from it now. No 5G in my area though.....yet.
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