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  1. Sorry @Itsa I misunderstood. No worries.
  2. Yes but there's an inviolable part of you, a place no one can reach. Whatever you do, don't ever sabotage it. The only person who can damage that is one's Self. All this other crap is just crap. Medieval people had crap too with their nasty feudal system. Anyone who dealt with bastard Roman invaders had it. 2nd world war had it.....Native Americans got a big dose of it from arrogant greedy white guys who came to take over their lands. Yes I believe we should revolt. We should know when to say no and make a stand. But some of it is just the old "death and taxes" bollocks and fo
  3. Yes flu has completely disappeared. So have colds. So doctors are putting Covid down on death certificates "based on clinical findings" and NOT Covid positive tests. When there are so many various reasons for clinical findings of pneumonia. Total rubbish isn't it just? Basically it's a case of if someone had a cough or a fever before they died, it's got to be Covid. Thus we get Covid death figures which are hiked right up. Smell a whole nest of rats anyone??
  4. I'm not actually. I was giving a bit of an update for Old timer.
  5. She had two vaccinations now, a while apart but she's had two. I keep my mouth shut, keep my head below the battlements. I just smile and say "Isn't it a lovely Spring day?" Personally I don 't mind if I die. But I am not intending to do that by being shot in the arm by Big Pharma with their consciousness-and-DNA-altering stuff.
  6. That's well strange, what your Dad and Mom saw, @wideawake It might be some military exercise going on, or something out of this world? If it was military it will always be a mystery because they'll never say. I asked neighbours when I saw that brilliant light, but people I asked had no idea because they are all asleep at that time.
  7. I don't know to be honest. It probably is real...one of those "law" things. As far as I was concerned, it was the least of a thousand possible worries. They already know who I am, where I am, what I surf online, when I use my phone etc. My age, d.o.b. and all the rest, and have done for years. What was the point of giving them £1000 as well plus a stupid court appearance (and still most likely having to do it.) Nothing we do is private. There are virtual dossiers compiled about us in detail. The census was almost irrelevant. The only thing they can't reach is my Soul, the nature of my lov
  8. I'm on day 8 @old-timer and no signs of Covid. Both the (vaccinated) neighbour and I didn't wear masks in the car. So if she's shedding I got a shed-load. Just to let you know I'll update now and again I love my dear old immune system, but I'm the kind of person that if someone sat next to me for 40 minutes and they had -say -a cold, I would catch it for sure
  9. Oh dear @TFH.....you're not one of those "it's all in your head" people, are you? Raging fever =nocebo and further down the line of possibilities.... Leg half severed =nocebo Shot =nocebo Poisoned with hemlock =nocebo Heart attack =all in your head mate, sorry. just my sense of humour being a dickhead. Couldn't resist.
  10. Martin1234 Vaccine passport = vaccine btw..... I can't see how getting a negative test result has any connection to vaccine status. Am I missing something you said before? I do miss stuff sometimes. The only possible way I can think of to get a vaxx status is to have one hacked by someone who knows what they are doing with this shit. As for testing, I am not getting any idiot shoving sticks either down my throat or up my nose. If ever I have to do one I shall spit on it and that's all they're getting. My spit consists of nicotine, chocolate, some garlic, coffee,
  11. Re: "viral shedding" idea. I am a walking experiment because I went for a drive on Saturday with a neighbour who'd had the vaccine. I thought what the heck. So, day 5-6 now, and no covid. I'll post back if anything happens.
  12. Thanks @writer I only just spotted this post of yours. It speaks volumes, doesn't it?
  13. I don't think it's a " nocebo". I've had the thing. It wasn't scary for me personally and not as bad in some ways as some flus I've had, and it was over quicker but it was pretty weird like nothing I ever had in my life. So sudden too like someone switched it on. Nocebo can't spike a high fever. I know when I'm sick. So whether that's "Covid" or a weird flu variant, I can't say but there was for sure something nasty.
  14. Yes and the social isolation. Most people cannot live like that. It goes against human nature. Young people may be locked in with families they don't get along with. Can't visit grandparents or boyfriends/girlfriends ....old people locked up and if they're alone, they've been alone totally for over a year now except for fleeting and distant visits from neighbours to deliver shopping. It's inhuman. It all fits with the plan of getting us all centralised, trackable, cards not cash. Cash will die.
  15. It's been cold here. I live in south UK. There's been a bitter cold north wind, and a bit of snow yesterday, like icy particles blowing on the wind. They didn't settle much on the ground though. Yes, it was a polar vortex coming down over UK, winds from arctic regions. It's a bit harsh for 1st week of April but not unknown. Way back...may have been 80s or something, it snowed in early May once. This depopulation thing has been in the pipeline for a VERY long time, at the very least since the 60s, so who knows what re: weather, if it's there naturally, or there by design?
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