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  1. Thank you for your post. I had of course, heard of Persimmons, but only just. I had never bought or eaten one, never heard of tea made from them, and never given them any thought at all. But what you posted is amazing and fascinating. I am guessing the medicinal strength of them is in their under ripe state when they are supposed to taste very astringent? I'm interested in all kinds of herbal remedies. So a huge thanks.
  2. I don't bear the Queen any ill will. She was just a woman. And then an old lady. I don't feel she was a reptile, or drank the blood of children. She was just some old lady who for some inexplicable reason had to wear this rather ridiculous head dress called a crown. And had to do things in robotic protocol kind of ways (which would drive me nuts) She couldn't even go to Tesco's. It makes no sensible kind of sense, but there you go. Much of life here doesn't. Where she's gone, she'd just a Soul. Like us all. For better or worse. Not a Queen any more, just a Soul on its journey. The sum total of what she has learned while in life here, what she's given to others, and what was in her heart etc. Next life she might live as a checkout assistant in Chicago, might tend cows in India, might be some Inuit person, a schoolteacher, a grocery owner....whatever. Just like us all, my friends. But the monarchy....well are they necessary? And they do spend a lot of our money now don't they? Bugger. That's not sensible either.
  3. No I haven't read those, but thank you for mentioning them. I'll take a look and see if I can find those books. Perfect for the long winter nights to come :)
  4. https://vernoncoleman.org/articles/if-you-are-over-50-your-government-wants-you-dead It's happening here, mate. Very sad.
  5. I think this happened in 2009, but I can't remember which year. It could have been the year before or something. It was summer time and still fairly light about 9.30 at night. A mate of mine had been to visit that evening. He left about that time to go to his car, parked about 100 yards away, to go home. My front door was open. I live in countryside with the nearest neighbour a quarter of a mile away. Outside my house is just a lane. There'a a farm gate past a stand of big trees, about 300yards to my left, and that's more or less it. Hardly ever any passers-by Anyway, he left, walked out to the right to go to his car. I was just sitting in the room. looking outside, not thinking any thing much, Then I saw some figure walk briskly past my house. I wondered if it was him. It was unlikely to be anyone else. My front door was still open and it takes about 10 steps to get outside onto the lane. I went out immediately, thinking "what the heck? He must have forgotten something, but why did he walk past?." I looked to my left. Going out must have taken me max. 10 seconds, probably less. There was no one there. It would literally have been impossible for anyone even walking fairly briskly to have walked past all the trees and got to the farm gate. There were no other turn offs or places any walker could go off the straight lane but that. I looked to the right and my mate's car wasn't there, and no sign of it, like he'd obviously already driven away. There was absolutely NO person at all in view. But I definitely saw someone. Old-ish and slightly stooped, but agile enough to walk at that pace. Wearing brown-ish jacket. Pretty thin. Grey hair. I checked all the trees. No way through there. No way off the lane to the right -thick hedge. I am convinced I must have seen some kind of ghost. I haven't seen anything like that since. I have seen a number of inexplicable things where I live over the years. A "ghost car"....a ghost (?) taps on my door at 3 in the morning and no one there....massive explosive flames on the horizon with no explanation.....a huge flare of brilliant white light which lasted at least 20 seconds, lit up the whole house, and wan't lightning, in the middle of the night All of them while I was in normal consciousness. wide awake and sober.
  6. His Highness's Royal Doctor's advice: "Unwillingness to use your muscles for simple everyday tasks is likely to result in complete dysfunction of the muscles, which would make you a very floppy bendy kind of King who couldn't stand up for himself or even sit up straight on the throne. Even moving a tray of pens is a small amount of anaerobic exercise, your Highness!" Camilla: "If I were you, do it Charlie babes. Or you'll have the body language experts tweeting about it. Not a good look." The King's reply: "Oh....right....sod it. I'll move the next one. One imagines that will be organically sustainable for one's little finger. When are we going home....and when's lunch?"
  7. England is so much better since the reign of Queen Elizabeth 2. I have proof. In the reign of Queen Liz the first all our lot would have been hung drawn and quartered for treason. That would make a heck of a lot of dog food for the corgis.
  8. Right....long time ago, in about 1992 or something (?) I was walking down a country lane with a mate of mine at 1 o clock in the morning. No, we weren't pissed, we were walking with his Jack Russell. Normal night time things going on, i.e. not much in the dark. I can't remember if we had a torch or not but that's pretty irrelevant to what happened next. All of a sudden there was a massive flare towards the east, brilliant fiery light, the colour of flames that lit up the sky in the east. Following it, there was an explosion sound which wasn't just one shot, but lingered for a bit. Nope, NOT thunder. This happened twice in the space of about 5 minutes. We just stood there nonplussed, then went back to my house. My mate called the police, reported it, asked if they could check out what it might be. It was massive, whatever it was. Really massive. Not just some farmer with insomnia, having a bonfire and blowing up an old gas can. It lit the whole east sky. The police were pretty good actually in that they did call us back after about an hour or something. No, they hadn't had any reports of any explosion. My mate bless him, called the MOD next. Nothing. They were polite and also called us back but nothing, I mean....what the fuck was that??? And nobody knew about it, no reports, no calls, not a squeak from anyone?
  9. I can't analyse what it's about but yes, I used to get that kind of thing happening in dreams. When my dog was alive. I'd more or less every night dream that we were on walks or adventures in familiar places. Except that those places were only ones I knew in dreams. They were nothing like the Earth life reality we knew. The dreams were recurring, i.e. we would go for a circular walk in a woods many times, except that woods was a dream reality, not physical. There were roads and lanes we went down repeatedly. There was a vegetable garden with large trees at the top and a shed at the bottom with pathways with bark mulch between the vegetable growing areas. I even did weeding and digging there. There was a rocky hill or small mountain with lots of white rock, we often climbed up. Lots of people walked that route too. It seemed like a popular walking route. We went there about once a week (Earth week!) There were so many familiar places, repeated in recurring dreams every night. A place with waterways like an inlet or shallow fjord, which spread out leaving little islands. All sorts of scenes and places. I can clearly remember them. Some still turn up regularly now, but some of them don't. I actually wonder...were some of them my dog's reality? And I was just sharing in them? Are they Astral worlds? Parallel realities? Memories from another life? I have no idea but they are as 'real' as what I do here.
  10. Usually the philosophy "follow the money" helps in sniffing out new age fake gurus/shamans/"my grandmother was an Apache" and now we do sweat lodges at £500 for a weekend.....whatever. There's a lot of it about. Sad. And people actually come away from those things feeling full of some kind of bullshit which makes them feel super special and happy. Sadder really. Then there are some who write books supposedly inspirational or based on their "initiation" which is on the "Path of this....or the Path of that...." And one I discovered which has massive chunks of the narrative and dialogue plagiarised word for word from a classic author! They get a following from these books, workshops, make a handsome living from their acolytes, but are usually quite arrogant. Smiley and fawning to anyone with lots of dosh who will keep returning to their workshops, but pretty nasty to anyone who dares to question them.
  11. Yet another nasty virus. May be engineered, maybe not. Most likely survivable and almost definitely treatable with the correct herbal medicines. But omygosh, the fear porn is having a field day! If it's not 2 years of Covid, it;s the threat of nuclear war. then the "Monkeypox" (just as Covid stops being headlines....weird, that) Now I hear people are being advised to "cull" their pets because that's what the fear porn merchants advised....and they're experts after all....yeah right.... Microsoft won't even let me post it as a comment...haha big surprise. If anyone hasn't twigged about all this drama by now they need a brain transplant. It so in-your-face.
  12. It seems to be a question about "the Elephant in the room". Ever heard that one? You know, there's this thought "don't think about the Elephant in the room". Then guess what? All we can think about is that Elephant, even when we're trying with all our might NOT to think about it -there it is in full splendour. So with dark forces the main thing is not to think about NOT thinking about them. Not to think about "fighting" them, outwitting them, being subdugated by fear concerning them, exorcising them etc etc. Because every thought like that -even a protection prayer -has that presence at its core, The unwanted presence has power over us even as we're calling out to Jesus or Archangel Michael or whomever. These beings and their minions are lower Astral beings. They can only affect us through our own lower Astral connections with them. The more we reinforce that, the worse it gets. The only thing to do is change the subject. With a real interest and full commitment to whatever subject it is, so it envelops our energy-field to the exclusion of the other thing. So make it something else in the room (metaphorically) and the Elephant will disappear as if it never was. It is also possible to slip sideways on ghosts and suchlike. So they are in a whole different Astral sphere to the one you are in, and never the twain shall meet.
  13. Under pretty normal circumstances of internet usage, the internet is already doing that. In fact, I have noticed some unusual and potentially "creepy" stuff going on, such as ads popping up while I have been on You tube on my laptop, and phoned a family member on my (very un-smart) mobile phone, and she had discussed a certain topic, that I didn't even speak any "keywords" for. Only she did, at her end. All I said was "yes....oh dear....I can imagine".....etc (hard to get one word in edgewise with that person.) She was also speaking on a landline. She has no "smart" anythings in her possession, and no internet connection. As soon as I got off the phone and re-activated YouTube, the ads came in for that exact thing she had mentioned. By the way I keep microphone and camera disabled, and have a tiny piece of duct tape over my camera lense on the laptop. And riddle me this: One morning (no laptop or wi-fi on, and phone switched OFF) I took a look at some very small brownish pink blotches on my face at the mirror in the window, wondering how to get rid of them, though they are very small. That doesn't bother me a lot. It was a one-off wondering. Switched the laptop on hours later, and there's immediately an ad, for "removing dark skin tone patches on facial skin". I mean...what?? There have been quite a number of similar well-timed examples of things I have merely thought about, popping up in ads the same day. Things which I have ONLY thought about, not spoken about, nor texted to anyone, or emailed to anyone, or put through a search engine. Rationally, I can't figure that sort of thing out. But it is happening with increasing frequency.
  14. Anything which drags one's vibrations down and keeps them there can leave us open to spirit influence from denser areas of the Astral. I think the whole Covid fear-fest has that intention at its core. Plus subdugation, for instance doing what we're told, having those suggestions constantly in place to get through to our minds 24-7, on the radio, on TV, in the news feed etc. So we gradually forget our own minds and are programmable. I actually think some world "leaders" and politicians haven't a clue. I don't think Boris has, for example. I feel kind of sorry for him. He's under influence too. Something VERY wrong there indeed. Nothing wrong with perhaps a little anxiety over what's going on. That would be normal. But we are in charge of our own frequencies. Stick to what's true within, what means the most. Heart and Soul stuff. The most precious thing we've got. Most powerful protection ever. Don't let it ever be eroded. And be aware.
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