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  1. This has to be dependent on either a) a phone that does "apps"....or b) a laptop or similar that does "apps". If so, it has to have a camera in order to record the person's face/microphone for voice. Not all laptop/phone owners have these things and some elderly or not very computer au-fait people know how to operate them. So what? You are kaput with the online bank? And have to go back to traipsing into a town (at exactly the wrong time and day ....when they are shut, as they always seem to be?) That is, if you're lucky enough to find an actual bank in a town. So, I just got used to the card reader thingy, now we have to do this space age crap? I bet this announcement is decorated with lovely happy-smiley pictures of models pretending to be couples looking at laptops and laughing as if it's supposed to be fun and a great relief They will all have gorgeous Hollywood teeth even if they are supposed to be 70....oh and they will be racially diverse of course. Fucking bollox. Sometimes I hate this stuff....most of the time actually.
  2. Human rights and what is legal have been destroyed in less than 2 years. You find a hidey hole or fight them mate.
  3. Neither have I. I have no intention of doing so either.
  4. Getting rid of a million pensioners in the UK would save the gov't around 155 million a week!
  5. Covid tests are deliberate and premeditated torture of one degree or another . Saliva tests work. They are proven to work, done properly. So why does no-one do them?? Why do I read that saliva tests are valid but they are not used in the UK?? And what about all that plastic waste created by billions of trashed swabs? Utter rubbish, designed to make us scared, designed to hurt us, and not even that good. I refuse to participate.
  6. My double-jabbed friend who I was talking about in the OP has now been diagnosed with Alzheimer's as well. He was fine before. Another double-jabbed friend was suddenly struck down with abdominal pains and such bad fatigue she couldn't get out of bed much for days. For no reason she could work out. I don't know if it's connected with the vaccine or not. I can't prove that it is. But it's very coincidental. Now we're not only being "offered" a Pfizer third jab, we are being made to feel anxious about whether we might qualify for it or not. "When can I get one?" the ads say.... A third jab is supposed to be the way the truth and the light. So where's the fourth?And the fifth?ad infinitum? They gotcha in an endless vaccination program. Meanwhile I went to a rock and roll party with seven unvaxxed last week. No masks. Hugs everywhere. We had a good time and some good food.
  7. Buzzards are songbird predators. I don't know how they compare to cats, but I've seen many songbird fledglings carried off screaming before my very eyes, by a swooping Buzzard. Yet they don't get any lockdown restrictions. I am not really a cat person. I like dogs best. But I knew a cat, fed her for a number of years, and she killed more mice than birds. In 7 years, she killed 2 birds. She even took 4 rabbits.
  8. You lucky b***er. My kale looks like something from a concentration camp. Spuds....we'll see. May be lucky. Spinach all raggedy too. Lockdown year 2020, and my kale was splendid, and kept going for months. This year it started to even go to seed in June! I had to order kale from Tesco's.....oops.....not avaliable! Pulled off the website. Various other things like lettuce shockingly not provided either. Refunded of course, but how do you tell your stomach "sorry no veggies, but we were refunded"? I am now picking nettles.
  9. Well, they stopped texting me. I consider what they are doing as spamming me. I mark communications as spam. Believe it, they are in it for the money. £27...ish? for a double-jabbed patient. Quite a lot of money if a GP has lots of patients....say 2000? Okay so today I got another postal reminder. A brightly coloured single leaflet reminding me of the virtues of the "vaccine" and telling me how protected I would be if I got it. And that they had no record of my response to earlier callings for it. Bollocks!! Why are the Covid numbers soaring, hospital admissions soaring, deaths soaring, if the "vaccine" prevented infection to a large percentage, staved off the likelihood of serious illness, and almost definitely the threat of death? It's all a lot of deliberately confusing rubbish.
  10. Looks like she's got early dementia then....
  11. So this was retracted ? Ooops. somebody got a bollocking for speaking out truthfully. If Mr Putin had been in charge, that would be a mysterious heart attack instead or some poison on their door handle.
  12. I have noticed that Tesco's have many veg. items unavailable, and piddly little green beans were limited to one pack per order, with no other fresh options. That was this week. Meanwhile my own crops are failing due to the miserable summer and lack of light, and over enthusiasm of slugs.
  13. Okay, try to tell a cat it's locked down. No hope Streak of furry lightning through any briefly opened door or window.....
  14. Er....this guy has to have a death wish. This is one of the wackiest Covid freaks I have ever heard of.
  15. Thank you @metak88 I just read it. This seems like yet more fuel for the Fear machine. Oops....people will say -better get vaccinated, and when we are encouraged to get boosters to protect us against the new variants let's go for it right away!
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