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  1. Why does David Icke say he's not a holocaust denier? He should be shouting out loud that he is absolutely a denier if he truly wants to reveal the Jewish Crime Syndicate behind all the worlds big lies. Covid is clearly part of the Jewish Crime Syndicates plans to genocide the Gentiles and the holocaust lie props up their ability to push their agenda on an unwitting propagandised populace. This lie, together with the truth about Israel doing 9/11, once exposed should shake the American and worlds peoples into the action needed to stop this Jewish Bolshevik world takeover.
  2. Why does David go on and on about Fascism and Nazi's? This is without doubt a Jewish Bolshevik Communist world coup. Germany was trying to defend itself from this very same enemy we are facing now. This is making him look very much like a shill instead of exposing the real culprits.
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