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  1. So the arrogant claim here is that the problem is not understood. The problem, we have learned thru the work of Karl Mollison at GetWisdom[dot]com, is that the earth is plagued by dark spirit meddlers and these same disincarnate beings have infected ancient races of ET's who have been running earth since and long before recorded history. There are 4 of these races and these races are the Annunaki, the Reptilians, the Arcturians and the Arcturian creation the soul-less robotic DNA based Greys. They manipulate the humans from behind the scenes and use humans as playthings, energy sources, food and to satisfy other curiosities and dark doings. The Greys in particular are interested in human DNA and reincarnation, but they are all sociopathic and apex-atheists and are planing to annihilate humans for the second time. The Reptilians use humans as slaves and as food. The Arcturians who are often mistaken as Nordics have interacted with humans and may serve the role as the 'good ET's' once disclosure hits the world's stage. The Annunaki are the first on the scene and claim earth as their own. It is an ugly and shocking diorama that defies belief and cause most to discount these claims quickly. Thanks to apathy and, often extreme levels of mind control, the secret keeps itself. Here are a series of short articles that get into various aspects of what is claimed above. They are short and have links so you can look into things further if you want to. 1. The Negative Extraterrestrial Alliance and Agenda https://vk.com/@577990260-the-negative-extraterrestrial-alliance-and-agenda 2. The Mercenary Army Program A.K.A. Secret Space Program https://getwisdom-posts.tumblr.com/post/612858600579383296/the-mercenary-army-program-aka-secret-space 3. Conspiracies: Facts or just Theories? https://getwisdom-posts.tumblr.com/post/613041634992635904/conspiracies-facts-or-just-theories 4. Are You a MAP Abductee? https://wakelet.com/wake/qHn7OVGU6tJ791ZP53ytr 5. ET Is Getting Tired of You https://getwisdom-posts.tumblr.com/post/617843477050425344/et-is-tired-of-you 6. Why I don’t Meditate https://wakelet.com/wake/cbmfdo1WXN71EC0i30eg6 7. A Divine Partnership https://vk.com/@dennywitt-a-divine-partnership The solution involves the genesis of humans, their birthright as God's creation, their purpose in relation to evil in the free will galaxy we call the Milky Way and their potential and powerful partnership with the Divine Realm and Source Creator. I am attempting to distill 3 years + of research and writing into this brief post so it is practically impossible to do so, but maybe this is a good start. Thanks for reading all of this and thank you especially if you took the time to read the articles and check out the links. Thank you, Denny - - Victory to the Divine Human - -
  2. Many if not all of the objections have been addressed in either the channeling series or in the database at GetWisdom.com. The main thing I can say about all of the comments here is that the respect for free will from the Divine Ream and Creator towards us humans goes to what I still think are ridiculous extremes. (Who cares what I think - it is either necessary or it isn't) The Divine Realm will NEVER prove itself to the dedicated, or even the half-hearted, skeptics for that would defeat the whole purpose of why we are here. That is the main thing. The Divine Realm WILL NOT lead or give a trail of obvious bread crumbs to prove the veracity to the many doubters and fence sitters. The other thing I can tell you is that the notion that anyone at Get Wisdom, at least up to this point anyway, is making money, or making money off the gullible is drinking too much kool-aide. I can assure you. If you want to make money, what is happening at GetWisdom.com so far IS NOT the way to do it. Actually, it is pretty easy to see that the three of us would not mind making some money from this enterprise, it is FAR FAR FAR away from the reason any of us are doing this. Either Karl is channeling GOD or he isn't. If you come to the conclusion that he isn't, then a comment is not even worth the time spending leaving one here. If you come the conclusion that he is, then friends, you have hit the goldmine and you can get serious about doing something meaningful in response to, excuse my French, this shitshow going on on Earth. The other thing we learned is that this is the beginning of a planned annihilation of ALL humans. The ultimate act appears to be a Hail Mary from the sky after things get so bad that we welcome the ETs with open arms to solve the problems that most humans will think are their own fault. It is also known as the Disclosure Trojan Horse psy-op. A variation on that will be that the evil Reptilians have been working with the Cabal (or whatever you want to call the ruling elite) and the savior ETs come to rid us of those negative ETs along with their human counterparts. There are plenty of narratives already parroting this general theme. Once humans say "Yes" then it is game over, and you can confidently say that the Divine Human Free Will Experiment is over. Your call.
  3. Just should be 'present' for this post since on the first page or so the getwisdom.com site was kindly noted by @oz93666 I am one of the owners there and started out as a very naive one in the rabbit hole finding Karl Mollison in late 2015. What a ride it has been. If there is a question I will come back in.
  4. Great grand daughter not daughter. https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=9U99AMBOGUG7 I had no idea until Vidya Frazier came along. The ID is deductive and speculative. A good reasoned guess and not much more.
  5. 39 pages of information just on COVID019 https://www.getwisdom.com/dwqa-question_category/coronavirus-covid-19/
  6. "Quality Karl Mollison threads" (this should and needs to be qualified as channelings of Light Beings and/or channelings of Creator) are thankfully easy to come by and easy to repeat. If it is that important (and it is IMO) then we probably don't have to wait long for another one.
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