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  1. The Daily Mail say that the new variant will make the vaccine at least 40% less effective. Having spent the evening looking into PHE/ONS data, I think this will be the excuse behind rising vaccinated hospitalisation and death rates per 100,000 - which is already happening. 


    When I saw an article about some Botswana variant with ten cases and hearing Sajid Javid say we won't have to lock down, I predicted this would be the case - which was what led me to look at the official data sheets tonight. 


    What strikes me is how basic much of this conditioning is. Many of us will be able to read through it, but it plays out over time and people are so entwined with it all, it's ridiculous. A lot has happened the last 2-3 weeks, I commented the other day having seen more supermarket staff wearing masks. I wonder where those orders came from.


    I wonder if they'll stop Christmas...

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  2. 1 minute ago, Athenry04 said:


    i always use the large stores as a way of reading where things are going. If you see staff in large conglomerate owned stores suddenly don masks en masse, it means shit is in the pipeline. I expect shenanigans a plenty before Xmas.


    I've been doing the same, I note an increase in other large retailers too including EE/Argos and Home Bargains. I swear they must be told from above. Glad I'm not alone looking at them to see how things are heading. QR codes to get into Sainsburys? 

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  3. 3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

    include in that all the fast food workers preparing all the food

    I've noticed in the last couple of weeks a reintroduction of masks in supermarkets and large retailers close to me. Almost all members of staff at Asda were wearing masks this evening. 

  4. I've been watching videos on Twitter from Rotterdam for the last couple of hours and this is your totalitarian state. I have a feeling with Austria, Germany, Netherlands bringing in measures, this will all come to a head. 


    Always felt at the back of my mind we'd see civil war. I do hope so. 

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  5. Was watching the news this evening about COP. Think it was ITV/Peston live report. Ended with a line along the lines of "China and India are the New World Order". Bare in your face comments about what we're heading towards with all this green/Covid BS. 

  6. We're literally moving into a totalitarian state now. They're cracking down on the Official Secrets Act now, as well as rights to protest. 


    Why can't the face nappy double jabbed see any of this in plain sight? When did it become the norm to trust the Government? 

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  7. Vallance earlier.. 


    "60% of hospitalisations are double jabbed" 


    To then change his mind 


    "60% are unvaxxed" 


    Not sure where I read it but for the last week or two I've been telling people 60% are double jabbed 

  8. 19 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    In the last couple of days i've had an internal monologue going on regarding 'awake' people and i've come to the conclusion that the vast majority who say they are awake are no where near fucking awake,i've 

    Edit. Delete. Damn phone. 

  9. 13 hours ago, Mr H said:

    Out of all the suffering I have endured throughout this crisis, one of a few positives I can cite for me has come about from the attempted enforcement of masks.


    I was a bit of a pussy I have to admit before this I wouldn't even say boo to a ghost or kill a fly. But I decided to not wear a mask whilst going shopping and the feeling was so strong that I thought I would just have to take the consequences. 


    I've been challenged by security guards, harrasssed by the police and the public for doing so. And at first I thought I was gonna die when I was confronted by these people. Then over time, something in me just hardened and now I don't care at all and this has filtered into other aspects of my life and it has shown to me very clearly, that deep down inside I am not a pussy and I know who the real pussies are! Those who stand for nothing, those without principles, those that don't care about the welfare of their friends, wives and children.


    You didn't conform. Kudos. Takes a brave person when 95% or whatever wear masks. One thing I'll miss IS the odd fleeting glimpse of another non-conformer and definitely the defiance in saying "I'm exempt". I'd like to think I'm amongst the most caring people you'd meet, so doing stuff out of respect or care is how I was brought up, but masks are a no-no. If there was a deadly sweeping virus killing swathes of people and masks had any effect, you'd probably find me wearing one, but neither are true. 

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  10. Ooh, also. Schools. Kids putting the PCR in orange juice to get time off school. Rest of class self isolates. Same kid at DD school tested positive three times in six weeks! 


    Adds to the growing cases, though, so suits the agenda. 

  11. Is anybody else seeing the increasing hostility towards the unvaxxed by the nappy munching brigade? 


    March 2020 - nobody really believed the BS


    November 2020 - I saw a change in attitudes. More people "knew" someone who'd got a bit poorly sick or died of a fall/old age/Alzheimers/car crash, otherwise rebranded *Covid*


    Now, every other conversation "have you had your jab?" like a badge of bloody honour. People going on about the date of their second vax. 


    But do they not wonder why cases are apparently up and they're "getting Covid" and getting sick from it? 


    Whole thing, people's blindness, irritates the life out of me. 

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  12. 26 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    This from bbc comments:



    56Tories lie all the time
    People who peddle disinformation, misinformation, half-truths and mistruths about vaccines, facemasks, the risks from diseases and other pseudoscientific bs about health, should be treated for what they are....

    A clear and present danger to public health

    They shouldn't just be treated with the contempt they deserve, but the most vocal and repetitive posters on line should face criminal charges


    A lot of poop about the above peddled the other way too. 

  13. I got my text today inviting me to book my jab. 31, no pre-existing conditions. I followed the link, no option to opt out, nothing to say I don't have to receive it. Gosh, they're putting this across as mandatory. 


    Decided to phone the hotline, asked them to remove my details from their system as I won't be taking their experimental jab and that the whole thing is a load of 💩. The man on the other end said "well that's your opinion, you'll have to speak with your GP. 


    Never got chance to speak to my GP, what shall I tell them? I don't want constant harassment. 

  14. 27 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



    The contrast of those masks with the surroundings suggests to me they were airbrushed on. Dude looks like a guy being driven to the set of a zombie picture 😁


    Definitely looks like he'll fall shy of another 28 days. Something about that image and I have good senses. 

  15. 5 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    The over weight security guard at Sainsbury asking if i am exempt looked like leather face today. Where do they find these unhealthy goons. 


    Our local Covid Marshalls/out of work bouncers have high viz vests with the 2m message... Doesn't stop them standing/walking too close to folk. 


    And you'd think they'd have to wear a mask, all things considered.. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:




    In the midst of what the coven-19 hoaxsters describe as a crazy deadly disease that mutates faster than a strobelight is it normal to see so many people risking travel? If I believed the narrative I might retreat to a hole in the ground and never be informed when its over 🤣 But here instread you have swarms just itching to resume what they consider a normal sane lifestyle like before. Are those people saying they are complying reluctantly?


    Point very well made 

  17. Has anybody else seen a disturbing attitude change towards this vaccine rollout over the last three months or so? 


    I seem to be left with one friend on Faceache against having the vaccine, when probably November time there were around 10 against it. 


    There are some really intellectual theorists in this group, but I've tried to rack it over in my brain - all this shutdown of freedom of opinion, commonly known as 'Fact Check' these days, and an almost rehearsed and pitch-perfect timeline and entire MSM cohesion on the big propaganda wheel has led more and more to fancying the idea of a vaccine. Terribly, it strikes me as brainwashing to the highest degree. 


    Passports was something else a lot were against - and I even question Boris's flippant change, but few outside groups like this seem to bat an eyelid. The Government are 'against' passports one week, and the very next 'looking into it' - if none of this is rehearsed and there's no negative end game down the road, they're writing policy on back of fag packet ideas on a whim. But Joe Public fails to see this. 

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  18. 16 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities




    Sorry if already posted. I hope this nursing home scandal unravels as it could destroy Boris and team and the US governors involved in the murder of old people through their policies. 


    A lot of this sort of policy seems to be "how far will they let us go without civil war?" 


    No real bat of the eyelid from the sheep. Whatever next? 

  19. Morning all, I was on the old forum for a short while, pseudonym 'tptb' (I began the MH370 thread). Promised myself I wouldn't sign up here until I'd read and caught up with every post in this thread. It's been a gruelling few months, loving the conversation going. 


    One thing which I've been wishing to add, which was mentioned a long while back but seems completely ignored by our MSM which are well and truly in fifth gear now - ventilators. I'm no medic, but months on end ago I was convinced these were the cause of a lot of deaths within hospital settings. A couple of months ago an old friend (40s) died having been on one, and just a couple of nights ago I was reading about somebody else locally who died having been on one aged 40. 


    Apart from that, can I say this has been an enthralling read and I've been with you all the way - times are changing. Really pleased to have caught up and be on board. 

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