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  1. So im going to use your format on your first post. Jesus’ message to Mankind is simple, have 100% goodwill for your enemies, pray for those who are killing you. If you do this then you will be like me and have happiness and joy in eternal life. Jesus’ message to El was simple as well, “forgive the most wicked generation Father, for they and all humans, do not know what they are doing in this life” He then proceeded to go to the underworld and bridge the gap between the pit and paradise and showed everyone to the new earth- in other words time had no hold on his work. The ending of a life is an illusion, the actual death is life without goodwill towards all things. Hell is an Augustinian idea, and the first Caesar(Augustus) was the Christ of Rome, while Jesus was the Christ of Heaven Thus, he has judge mankind, and the verdict is ‘forgiven and freed’ His name was most likely Joshuah of Nazareth, and it could have been a religious order, but I doubt it. It is through the eye of the needle, which is a place. Mistranslated on purpose. ‘Judge not’ is more complicated than a non-saint would be able to understand. The church is the people of God, all humans are the church. The saints are committed to furthering the Kingdom in this world, and they are what people should be thinking of when they say traditional Christian church. I love your comment on selling in the church building- but we are the building, there is no “dwelling of gods” besides our bodies. ha satan [the accuser of the saints] is a serious threat to this day for the walk of a Christian. He is not the devil, nor the serpent. All different beings. The closest being which is assumed to be all of these was Ba’al, a.k.a. Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, and several other names. He is what people are thinking of when they think devil, him and the nature god pan, another superiorly evil being, literally the creator of panic, anxiety, and fear. magic… ah magic… I love the stuff, keeps the lights on at night hexes[pronunciations of doom on a person], curses[violent hopes for another], swearing[taking a vow, promising], speaking/writing [spelling, verbally or physically], praying[petitioning for help], blessings[ petitioning to help others], miracles[providing proof of sainthood and the power of El] all of those are magic. Constant connection to El through the Holy Breath is done in many forms. I will only go into this if asked, and I have a lot of views on the subject. I love you for your view on animals!!! Omg this is making me so frickin exited for the future. Jesus did not have to go anywhere to find info from monks or the druids, they all came to Jerusalem for trade and to worship El and teach. The world was very connected back then, and information flowed at a steady pace around the earth at a slow wave from on side to the other. The last thing anyone needs is a literal, faithful, translation of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic- they are so foreign that unless you are trained for years in them it doesn’t matter what syntax you use, you will never understand its meaning. When I realized I was raised up reading Greek and Hebrew with English words, I was furious, cause it meant I was literally speaking Greek to my teachers, friends, family, and community, while they all spoke English. I was so angry but it helped me figure out how to TRANSLITERATE my language into theirs. Examples: what's your name? Translates literally and faithfully to You the name? while it transliterates to what is your name? And Please? Translates literally and faithfully to For favor? While it transliterates to Please? Completely different language using the English vocabulary and Spanish syntax and saying gibberish to anyone in either language. It’s the same when I speak, I speak Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew syntax using the English vocabulary. Everyone thinks im crazy but im just speaking a foreign language :-\
  2. OK i think I am unneeded here so I will take my leave of you all. I have a lot to say about those pics you shared but its not going to give food to starving children in africa so why should I bother?
  3. if you keep on refusing to reply to my comments in full pete, im going to have to discover the block user function on here, because you are not having a conversation nor a discussion, your simply being an idiot who wants to demoralize and lower all of our vibrations and I for one, do not need you to lower me an further than my demons already do.
  4. BECAUSE THEY all are wrong... and right... One Creator, many gods were in the Jewish belief system and (honestly) all beliefs in Jesus time. Christianity? Islam? Hinduism? Sky Spirit of first nations? all the same CREATOR. each of those religions are parts of a single religion that is at war with itself, in other words they are differences in doctrine, not whom they worship. Buddhism is actually a Moshi story, almost the same story even. He simply wanted to get away from the creator, to go to a quiet, peaceful place of harmony, I hope he finds it, though I think he prefers the underworld with God available to discuss things with… Taoism is confusing to me. most other religions spawn from these 4 main denominations. I know that Christ Joshua of Nazareth is God, so I follow his teachings on the matter. how do I know? why do you care? if you wish to follow him, suspend your actin, and chew the cud with the rest of us, otherwise, have fun and frolic. We are all lambs to him, if you ever saw one, you would know how he feels about you by how you feel about the little guy chewing on your pants. You hate, I love. I read the Greek and Hebrew as well, and I know the evil translation of Gods words. You should transliterate text, not translate it, everyone who understands how languares work knows that!
  5. let me clarify: we are allowed to do the right thing even when doing the right thing is illegal, punishable, or considered evil by the empire we live under.
  6. this is the only way to see the law of God! you said it well. I would suggest that the law is only for non-christians, and that the followers of the Way are enlightened enough to do some of the more questionable acts ONLY if it benifits the kingdom, which it rarely, but not never, does. so i put the whole thing here paul we can: 1) do things that are unlawful in the empire we reside for example we can heal another person without medical treatment, which only a trained doctor is legally allowed to do. 2) we can be in open, yet complely peaceful rebellion to the empire, and create our own communities, have our own traditions. 3) it boils down to the fact that if I have a blanket, and you are a jew in germany in the 30s, i am allowed to give it to you, even though it may kill me, and you might not stay warm cause some d*ck nazi taakes it from you in the middle of the night.
  7. this needs more love, so i am tagging it for my reference.
  8. Father is the supreme creator, Love itsself (He could be put at the bottom as well because he is the foundation of all things, I desided up top to show his supremacy in the list) he communicates with all the lower levels only thruough his son (who I believe to be named Joshua of Nazarath so i spelt his name in old english) Ioshua only communicates his will with the church through the Holy Spirit (a.k.a. The Breath of life, or as love to call him, 'The Wind that wispers to me in the quiet') the church is at the bottom of the Quadidity tower because she is less important than all of the other parts of the tower, and yet she is the reason for it as well. there will be no rapture, I am a firm believer that if it where to happen it should have been done within the past 4 years. I believe also that jesus return is gong to be 2026-2032 based upon the dome of the rock building period and the vagueness of whether the prophecy was calling the 'setting up' to be the start, or finishing of the building of the decrepet thing... ok i think i covered most of it. '===' is the same as ' equal to'
  9. after 6000 years trying to delete our patterns from the buffer, not even the serpent can say nice things to a human. use judgement there. this was the beginning, and he was only doing what he had already done to himself and many others, but it was the beginning of the Created-Life Age the sepent was likely an evolutionary being that had lives an extremely long time, and had planned on destroying created kind the moment God started the garden in the middle of the world (the middle east touches every other conenent other than america, and ausy which took 5500 years for humanity to reach, but we did.) we also need to realize that ha satan, the serpent, the devil, and ba'al are all different beings. some used to sweet talk humans, now they let us sweet talk eachother into their grimy claws and then tear our bodies to shreds and our minds toward terror. they hate us, they lost at the cross and they all know it. it is no more "how can I make you love me" its now "come here, freek, so I can gouge your eyes out and feed on your life force until you die or become more corrupt than even I am" they already tried the carrot, now they are just trying to burn it all down... literally, metephroically, and spiritually, just corrupt the program, so (they think) God will reset the whole thing from scratch. throwing this out here too: we are supposed to have a jubalee, it was not only a jewish law. it resets the land and monitary systems so everyone has a chance to enjoy this world (whats left of it)
  10. Michi, im stalking your amazing posts, please dont be upset, its actually a honor to hae found someone who can spark such amazing conversations
  11. this is the only way to see the law of God! you said it well. I would suggest that the law is only for non-christians, and that the followers of the Way are enlightened enough to do some of the more questionable acts ONLY if it benifits the kingdom, which it rarely, but not never, does. i know my biology, this sounds ligit... thanks for putting it so eliquently... i dont approve of Science as Religion so I cant say i like your worldview (i believe it is corrupted like a bad disk file) but if you can do a level 3 diaGnostic i think you will find the frequencies are aligned in such a way as to make electrical energy into resonance, not the other way around. this is 3 law, 3 demintional world Space: (Height, Width, Length) Time: (Past, Present, Future) Entanglment: (Origin, Vibration, Connection) So yes, there is a construct built around us, and bodies that are nothing more than organic carbon constructs that we are sewn into the construct with, then have 120 years to sumble arount trying to make since of everything while choosing a side to fight for: Chaos or Order. the joy of being a believer is I know the end-game: Every Human will eventually choose Order and abandon Chaos. Love is Order Apathy is Chaos this proves my point on how everyone chooses order eventually. Also, we don\t have a time limit on salvation into eternity. it happens whether we go happily into it or not. some will view the new order as torment and disaster for a time, others will view the exact same thing as pure joy and jubilation. in my graphic above, I explain that it is not a trinity, it is a quadity. If a man and woman are one, then how can Christ and the Church not also become one? we are the 4th part of God. that’s what’s so important about us: we are the created creators. No created thing in all the realms can create what has not been created before except humanity. We can also sow destruction upon every realm... Prime example: the tower of Babylon, had Father allowed it to be built, would have been able to get humans to heaven, at which point a corruptible/d human would have taken the throne from Father, because he is Love, and Love cannot murder, hate, control, or manipulate. why else would God “open what we open, and close what we close” if we are just as limited as a mountain or ant, or fungi? Even they have life and know God. So here is my final point: we are spirit(vibrational beings) that are completely connected to an organic robot (animal body) which give us perception which forms how we interact with other vibrations. we are a sacred vibration: The Spoken, formed by the creator of all good things. important clarification: Free will is real and absolute, if a human came to dethrone God he would not get in their way. The Father of us all is extra-vibrational. He creates vibrations he is not one. He created a human avatar in order to bring us back to spiritual wellness, not to control us. He came to heal, help, and restore humanity…. Oh that we had accepted his offer, and not that of the Christ of Rome. well i got into a lot of stuff there... hope i get some amazing insights from everyone.
  12. you should look into the locus, and the things spoken about them thruout the bible 100% about 1st-3rd crusades in other words you found good stuff in that book, however I wish you had commented on my image.
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