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  1. There's certainly something in mental state/health affecting physical health, having some experience of it myself. But I don't know enough about it all to debate it, so won't be. Comparing the "positive people" I know I don't see any real difference in symptoms between the vaxxed up and unvaxxed, so the vaccine is just (dangerous) junk. The scariest thing about the whole scamdemic for me was the prospect of being railroaded into an NHS hospital for the nurse to stick a tube down your throat, then go off to watch the TV. In case anyone thinks they don't, I experienced this when I heard 2 nurses discussing that a 3rd was "missing", and he was later found to be watching the TV.
  2. I've got something that's given a positive test. It's like a light cold (I'm prone, or certainly was when younger, to bad colds that could last a week or more) with a slight sore throat (no where near the awful sore throats I have had), but left me knackered for a whole day after stopping me sleeping for the vast majority of a night - why I couldn't sleep I don't know. No lose of taste or smell. Paracetamol, sugary foods and drink and wrapping up warm help.
  3. off topic, but reminded of when a woman walked through the airport security metal scanner arch, nothing, but she had to go back out for some reason, nothing, then back through for the 3rd time, buzzzzzz, then searched. Even wearing the same clothes gives a buzz or no buzz. I now think it's just a random buzz. Not much more. They assume most people just fly a couple of times a year to go to the beach so won't notice. But I'm sure some frequent flyers have this sussed. When I flew a couple of weeks ago no one asked to see my negative test certificate, but a woman next to me was asked to show her vaxx certificate. Funny old world - or a back door for those in the know? :) lol
  4. While watching the latest series of "Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun" (for those of you who don't know, this chronicles the lives of the less well off ex-pat Brits living/working in Benidorm & Malaga in Spain, done with a lot of mocking, but not nasty, humour; taking the mick out of Brits living on caravan parks, or those that went for the "relaxed" lifestyle but ended up working for 12 hours a day for example) I noticed that they don't refer to the "Pandemic", but give it labels such as "The Quiet Period". Strange.
  5. Can't say I'm laughing, but I am laughing. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern tests positive for Covid-19 https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/467080/prime-minister-jacinda-ardern-tests-positive-for-covid-19
  6. Some much needed sanity from India Nobody Can Be Forced To Undergo COVID-19 Vaccinations: SC https://www.outlookindia.com/national/nobody-can-be-forced-to-undergo-covid-19-vaccinations-sc-news-194587
  7. Surely the only experts that count are the ones saying what Fauci says (even if he changes his mind from one day to the next), any other views are false information. Fauci said the pandemic was over in US, then backpedaled. What do experts say? https://www.stripes.com/covid/2022-04-30/fauci-pandemic-over-backpedaled-experts-weigh-in-5853577.html
  8. Bill Gates warns 'we've not seen the WORST of Covid': Microsoft billionaire says there is 'way above five percent' risk of pandemic generating more transmissive and 'even more fatal' Coronavirus variant https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10772223/Weve-not-seen-WORST-Covid-warns-Microsoft-billionaire-Bill-Gates.html
  9. At last... but way too late. 'Matt Hancock left thousands to die and he deserves corporate manslaughter charges' https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/matt-hancock-left-thousands-die-26841501
  10. BBC podcast, as you would expect Death by Conspiracy? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0014yxy
  11. No need, Fauci's changed his mind, or had it changed for him https://nypost.com/2022/04/27/dr-fauci-walks-back-comment-about-us-no-longer-in-pandemic-phase/
  12. I know, I've had the same. Trouble is they'll look at Bozo and just see someone breaking the rules. They can't progress to the next stage - the rules were pointless and Bozo knew it, so that's why they ignored them. So all the other things you mention, they can't see the reality of them either.
  13. Billy Bunter Bozo is being fined for partying while Granny died (or Hand-c*ck k*lled them?) If the Sheeple don't wake up now, they really never will.
  14. Here we go.... go to page 46. I don't think you'll be surprised. Triple vaxxed now the MAJORITY in English ICUs I'm sure that means the vaccine's working. https://www.icnarc.org/DataServices/Attachments/Download/d7890b82-5fb7-ec11-913d-00505601089b The percentage of paƟents admiƩed to criƟcal care with confirmed COVID-19 that were unvaccinated decreased from 74% in May 2021 to 27% in February 2022, compared with a reducƟon from 35% to 7% among the general populaƟon (Figure 27) No comment on the triple vaxxed though, they probably hope you're too thick to understand the graph.
  15. But a hollow "victory" as Djokovic was banned. So not the GOAT to us.
  16. About time, saves a lot of £ and not to mention the hassle & nose r*pes. Watching TV news somewhere in EU Land, I see they've managed to now shift the blame for the economic [**** up][plan] from the Con-vid lockdowns to the War. They owe Mr Putin a lot, which is why they won't intervene. Unless it's all part of the plan of course :-) This allows them to wheel the Con-vid back on stage a little bit with all the awkward questions gone.
  17. Spot on, but the "fear" contrived for this was intense, the strongest since the nuclear war fears of the 70's. Although this was far more personal, what with people caving in for holidays and restaurants of all things. They made it seem hopeless, the jab the only way out - although after 6 months of jabbing that was an obvious lie. The only way out was to refuse the jab, which growing numbers did - even if only the booster.
  18. The f**kers in Austria... have done a Savage Jab-it, pulled the mandate at the last minute. Hope those who took the jab because of the coercion can sue the **** out of those responsible. https://www.euronews.com/2022/03/09/austria-to-suspend-its-controversial-covid-vaccine-mandate
  19. Sure it's not Putin who did it? Corona is so yesterday... for good reason as they try to wriggle of the hook.... https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/living-standards-return-70s-household-152043818.html Russia’s invasion will push inflation above 8pc, the think tank estimated
  20. Yes, for now the war distracts from the Scamdemic fallout. It also allows them to roll back some restrictions without the Sheeple really noticing or asking the obvious questions. I've seen plenty of roll-back headlines on the news feeds all of a sudden. The Spanish PM, Pedro what's-his-name, has also just started to say that the war will cause hard times. Now, we know that it's really due to the Scamdemic, but the Sheeple will buy into it now the TV is full of war pictures and big bad Putin. There was a fan medical incident in the Man Ciy - Man Utd match today, don't know any details.
  21. Nando's. Only eaten there once, years ago. Awful. Don't think I'll be eating there again, or taking their advice on the vaxx. Thanks anyway. https://www.fastcompany.com/90727185/could-mocking-anti-vaxxers-increase-app-downloads-chicken-chain-nandos-is-betting-on-it
  22. For nearly 2 years Al-Beeb have pushed the "deaths within 28 days of a positive test". Now the data is going against them, they put this disclaimer below the tables. "Individuals in risk groups may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than because of COVID-19"
  23. I now know a triple-vaxxed who's got covid, not badly, just a light cold & aches really. Anyway, for those who think we're just nutters, etc, look up Gareth Jones, who tried to expose the Holodomor in the Ukraine in the 30's. He was "Fact Checked" by Stalin supporter Walter Duranty - who won a Pulitzer prize for it. https://www.winterwatch.net/2022/01/portrait-of-evil-walter-duranty-the-new-york-times-moscow-bureau-chief-who-deliberately-hid-soviet-imposed-famine-that-killed-millions-in-ukraine/ Couldn't happen now, could it?
  24. None, they just scanned the QR code, nothing more.
  25. They should have been at a certain UK airport at the weekend, packed to the rafters and 25-30% mask-less (the staff too). They may have had a heart attack. Thought I'd have to justify my travel, but no one asked - no vaxx certificate, okay then, show us your negative test. And off I went :-)
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