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  1. UK - Tory party conference ends on the 6th October, so I would expect the fun to start after that - can't let convid get in the way of their drinking, sn*rting & sh*gging hard work.
  2. No doubt. Leaving the EU paves the way for the Army to be used, it's illegal for EU countries to use the Army against its citizens - however I would expect that to be ignored when required.
  3. Australia started out as a penal colony, the "elites" there may still regard themselves as the prison managers, the police/army as the prison wardens and everyone else as the inmates.
  4. There seems to be something in the back of the minds of the vaxxed, some deep fear that the vax will fail them??
  5. Thanks. Ups the odds that the vax got him. Of course the government "controlled" him, shame he couldn't see.
  6. Where does the July 16 post come from? I'm not on FB, but can see the "Fully Vaccinated" picture on there anyway. Can someone verify it's real?
  7. So the Sheeple walk into their own enslavement to booster shots, flu shots and g*d-knows what other experimental cr*p they want to try out. How easy it was.
  8. From what I've seen, it's >90% mask less outdoors, around 20-25% mask less in supermarkets. Went to Morrisons late one night, all shelf stackers mask less, till workers wearing masks
  9. Then why mention it? As for voting, depends who you vote for - liblabcon aren't the only choices.
  10. Exactly, the only winners are the "elites/NWO/Cabal", call them what you will, everyone else is meant to lose.
  11. There have been been plenty of opportunities to stop this (called elections in case you're wondering), but it never was. If you didn't vote against it, then you were deemed to support it. Like taking the jab is taken as implicit support for what's coming.
  12. When they need endless covid boosters, flu jabs and any new experimental vaccine big pharma wants to try out, then the penny may start to drop, for some at least.
  13. https://inews.co.uk/news/michael-gove-covid-vaccine-people-refuse-selfish-barred-football-matches-gigs-1123286?ITO=newsnow He looks like the kid at school everyone just ignored, and he knows it. Now on a power trip to make up for it.
  14. Wonder what this means.... 56% of people in hospital for it catching it in hospital? surely not!! More than half of Covid hospital admissions are patients who only tested positive later, the Daily Telegraph reported, citing leaked data. The newspaper said the leaked data for English NHS trusts showed that as of Thursday, just 44% of patients classed as being in hospital with Covid had tested positive when they were admitted. https://www.independent.ie/world-news/coronavirus/covid-cases-drop-in-uk-for-sixth-day-in-a-row-as-hospital-admissions-rise-in-england-40693176.html
  15. At the start of the vaccinations people could be forgiven for thinking vaccines would quickly result in normality being returned. Now it should be clear to almost everyone that vaccine passports are the aim, and are basically virtual gulags - concentration camps of the mind. They need to be rejected, by everyone. They harbour booster jabs, flu jabs, forced vaccinations, "new viruses" requiring "new experimental jabs". Or become an outcast (as we surely will). I'm fully expecting us to be banned from international travel from Sept/Oct - go now while you still can. Reject their control and leave the clown to rage in his bunker.
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