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  1. Re: More confirmation the world is insane: Professor Sarah Gilbert... I''m almost more upset about there being a Barbie doll that looks like her than I am about the suicidal crowd.
  2. Has anybody else noticed that evil people do not age well? They look like they could bite you, they don't look like your grandparents. Klaus Schwab looks exactly like the Pale Man from the movie Pan's Labyrinth. < I'm not going to say what Bill Gates looks like since he isn't that old yet, and I don't want to insult Kermit the frog.
  3. My real point was simply that I can understand why somebody who has never worked in a hazardous environment for a living would fall for this mask wearing hoax. Doctors and nurses have no excuse.
  4. Exactly! I used to work in a hospital in the U.S. and had to be quite familiar with Standard Precautions. (What kind of protective clothing or disinfecting procedures should I use in this area? Etc.) In a health care setting, there are only two reasons to wear these ridiculous procedure masks that most people are running around in: Don't spit into someone's wound while performing surgery and don't get bodily fluids splashed onto your mouth. Even if there actually was something in the air that you didn't wish to inhale, the size of the holes in the mask don't matter unless you've got an airtight seal between the mask and your face. And good luck standing behind one of those useless Plexiglass shields that everyone is putting up all over the place.
  5. I could have called this "Get off your knees!" If you've seen the movie, you know what I mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMKp8OaA-l0
  6. Yeah, most humans (if they're not too busy playing video games) may make statements which are just a repetition of information they've heard elsewhere. But few ask questions.
  7. If I had realized that people were this easy to manipulate, I probably just would have started a cult or something years ago. :( At least my needs would be taken care of.
  8. Sort of off topic to my post: I am from the United States and can totally relate to a similar story that Gareth Icke related in a video. I was walking down the street here and was approaching a young man who was carrying his 5 year old child. This man didn't even look where he was going. (As a child I was given the usual common sense advice to look both ways before crossing a street.) This individual didn't even look where he was going, he just took one look at me and was so afraid that he stepped a good 12 feet away from me and stepped out into the street with his child!
  9. I am new to this forum and am probably just repeating yet again what somebody else said.
  10. I keep hearing (or seeing) these words repeated: "The vaccine (so-called) is safe and effective." Really? Safe? When was the last time that a human was genetically modified? Effective? Has anyone tried it yet? Not to mention that there is no virus, but why do so many "medical professionals" think that this as a good idea? BTW: When was the last time you saw anybody jumping up and down with joy because they got a vaccine?
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