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  1. Do you think it's possible they give us a minor issue and get everyone looking at the debate, so that they can SATURATE us with propaganda such as "benefits outweigh the risks" / "000000000.1% chance of a clot" / "still tested and approved as safe for use" / "anti-vax conspiracy theorists causing people to fear the jab" etc etc? Then repeating those words everywhere so we see them / think about them thousands of times a day. Over and over. Basically a layered psyop.
  2. After 25yrs of researching a myriad of material about the elites, it is inconceivable to me that they're not all a satanic cult, working together to control the world stage, and in doing controlling mass perception. It's inconceivable to me given the well documented, close associations between these elites and what were/are well known child traffickers and pedos, that they didn't either know or take part themselves. Thus they're all child rapists or child rape enablers. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DENYING THIS How can anyone who's been paying attention argue with a straight face that ANY of them are innocent? With the absolute weight of readily available evidence in existence that they're a cabal of satanic pedos and psychopaths.. I believe the burden of proof lays not on us but on those who claim that none of that evidence exists and that reality = we have a really nice bunch of perfectly nice people running the world. It's laughable to believe that they deserve any respect!
  3. I don't know. But I know that any 18yr old adult sniffing around my 13yr old child would get a very bloody nose.
  4. Same as the cover story of "oh, whoopsie, we didn't realise we were knighting SO many pedos who apparently everyone else knew were pedos".
  5. Or is that just the cover story?
  6. Looks bloody real to me, too. When I saw people on SM claiming it was a fake I got the strong feeling that claiming real vids as fakes is the perfect way to discredit them as many people love believing 'factcheckers' are infallible. I've not seen special effects that good in a £200m Hollyweird flick!
  7. Wasnt that vid claimed as a deepfake?
  8. @skitzorat OOLs.. but thanks a lot for posting a small amount of the massive amount of reasons Philip doesn't deserve our humility and respect upon his death. I simply don't have the energy to go through all this with people who don't want to see it.
  9. I can't yet say why I don't believe they'd tell us if he had a positive test, but something inside tells me they wouldn't tell us.
  10. Agree! 100% agree. Let's not forget the only reason royals are royals is because they raped, murdered, pillaged and stole from everyone else before giving themselves titles. Why should anyone expect that family tradition to have changed, when we can see with our own eyes their mentality isn't the same as ours?
  11. I've administrated & moderated various Internet fora for long enough to know a) sealioning and b) goalpost shifting and c) dodging when I see it. If you wade in and demand evidence you need to be prepared to answer questions about what you accept as evidence. Clearly, as your posts have shown, you're not doing that. So I'm done with you. Bye.
  12. I LOVE Revelations, but I much prefer the live version from Live After Death. Been a massive Maiden fan all my life. I only listen to them now when I want to remember my childhood. Edit: fucking HELL I just got goosebumps listening to that!
  13. If it isn't in a MSM news report some people simply won't want to accept it's happening, and unless the evidence is provided from a MSM news report they won't accept it as evidence.
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