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  1. Yawn. It'd be great if you could really prove there is no virus, then Boris & co could go to jail easily. I'd also like the earth to be flat, because flying around on a giant ball is too scary (actually, it really would be great, funny as, but the flat earthers don't really provide the clinching evidence, like a lot of ghost hunters, physics and CTs, interesting though they are. I've been into this stuff for 40 years, just in case you want to rant on ). I spoke to a at a crematorium worker who said they'd had a big bulge in deaths in April 2020. Anyway, that could be down to closing the hospitals. They are a few reported "Covid-19 only" deaths when freedom of information requests are put in, but so few it's obvious that's the whole thing is overblown * 20-30. It makes no difference if it's a real virus or not, as if it is real it is no threat in itself. The lockdowns are the real threat, presently and to what they'll want to do in the future if we sit back and take it.
  2. I was thinking not so long ago that the British Police had become like the Spanish police, just driving around and hardly ever seen on foot any more.
  3. The "vaccines" are obviously "working".
  4. Nutters.... money grubbing scum https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-uk-travel-rules-quarantine-19801558
  5. Iraq, they didn't "pull it off", plenty of people knew they were lying, and many of the general public didn't buy into it. Plenty of protests etc. They just went ahead knowing that we knew they were lying. Dr Kelly was made an example of to keep others in the defence realm quiet. And Robin Cook, perhaps. 911 was just 3 planes. Not so hard for the CIA/FBI/NIA or whatever. tonkin - one incident? far side of the world, no one really cared about unless they were local or hard core anti-commie or a war monger. smoking - the big baddie, but eventually found out 2008 - At least Brown was given the boot, but replaced by Cameroon/Clegg, who were just as bad :-( fluroide - save your teeff, innit? Prefer water to be pure thanks. Autisim - don't know enough too say. looks bad though.
  6. I've read the lot thanks. Here and elsewhere, including official stats etc Sorry, real virus that's more deadly to 80+ than the flu, dumbed down populations spoon MSM headlines and unable or unwilling to look at the real data, which is published but in a way the dumbed down won't find it, hijacked to make money for whoever. Or whatever else they want.
  7. It's world wide for a start. Sweden isn't extreme, but still counts covid deaths. Belarus, Tanzania... any other doubters? I don't think you'd get enough people in the health services buying into it if it was totally faked. They're not stupid. Although massively closing down the hospitals would provide a good cover. It could be "compartmentalised" like defence projects are. Also went to a crematorium June last year and the chap working there said that cremations had peaked at 120 a week in April then suddenly dropped of cliff.
  8. We don't have to agree if the virus is real or not. What's going on is not in any way justified. That's what we've got to go against. I'm open to it not being real, but I think it'd to big a thing to pull off, even though health staff aren't the "Heroes" they're cracked up to be. A small grain of truth spun and spun, and given what I've seen, that's the most likely scenario we are currently in.
  9. I've never had the flu. Nvere had the flu vaccine. No way do I want to offer my body for their scam drug trial.
  10. for me a) I've thought for a long time now that the vaccine will be one of the biggest single transfers of wealth from poor to rich ever. Money, it's all about that.
  11. Yes, the reaction of the authorities is the real clue. It could just mean they're useless idiots (but that's a given what ever). Seen some stupid things (this is not in the UK). Like closing the children's playgrounds. Good stuff, but the kids just play next to them, and why oh why can the kids still play on the (paid for) bouncy castle at the shopping centre. Then the supermarkets shut an hour earlier, but all the late shoppers just go early.... makes no sense Then the city is closed off at the weekend, so everyone just walks around the city rather than heading off the for hills as they would normally do....
  12. Too much going on to be not real. But, having been in the NHS I can see how it could be done. The staff never questioned the Drs. Also, lots of psyhco bullies, find some ex-students and they'll tell you all about it. Also, seeing people who are going to die puts off empathic people, or they lose their empathy. Chuck in covering up mistakes (a department manager once told me this was very common).....
  13. We're deep into "Double Think" now 1) 400k a day being vaccinated to save humanity!! 2) Virus spreading out of control, lockdown, mask up, travel to imprison yourself and pay for the privilege This state can't last much longer. Even the most brainwashed of the sheeple must see that??? Surely?? My view, real virus, not very deadly really, turned into a Scamdemic to make the rich richer and depose Trump. The Nightingale hospitals were so predictable, and went exactly* as I said they would (not quite as I said the first patients would be moved in on the first Monday, when in fact they were moved in the next day). I was also right about the timing of the vaccine announcement.
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