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  1. 1 hour ago, jack121 said:

    India is not playing ball with the nwo, so the nwo has released the real virus on them to teach them a lesson, don't fuck with the nwo or else. Buy into the lies, get into the reset and circulate it amongst the population or we will fuck you up.

    Same as when all this first started they released the real virus on iran syria lebanon and all the other nwo opposing countries. Now anyone who continues to oppose the nwo gets the same, presidents being assassinated, people disappearing. There is a massive push to get rid of all polititians and anyone in any kind of office who cares about the people and replace them with boris johnson types and joe biden types - all at the command of israel who wants to destroy the entire world, leaving israel untouched ofcourse to rule over us, then they can say:  Look at all these governments squabbling amongst themselves they've ruined the world- If we had a one world government which decides everything there would be no more squabbling.

    Oh and look at all these wars, if we had a one world army then it will end all wars.

    The sales pitch is make it look like they are doing us a favour.

    This will be over right? When Trump eradicates the deep state?

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