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  1. The old testament was created from 4 sources and the contradictions largely ironed out
  2. When you did say he sacrificed his son to god, I think thats the northern tradition. In the southern tradition he didnt. The OT we have now is basically a combination of various sources with contradictions removed or altered to make one book. I have linked that video to people many times as its excellent.
  3. Ba'al simply means Lord. TBH I can see why a sun god would be worshipped. Without the sun this planet would be a dead rock. The god of the bible is basically the sky god, El, in which the sun, moon and planets move, and which all things live beneath (from a geocentric view)
  4. Maybe because the longest day in the year occurs on the 21st June? if all were included it would be a circle, not an arch
  5. Im quite certain that your proposal wouldnt even be acceptable in this forum for many reasons.
  6. How about the Qanon logo? https://www.insider.com/qanon-influencer-said-dems-were-pedophiles-is-real-child-molester-2021-10
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