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  1. There's a sting in the tail after every pandemic, because social distancing will have reduced exposure, particularly of pregnant women and their newborn babies, they will have not been exposed to the usual endemic respiratory viruses So professor, social distancing is a useless method of controlling a virus? Many non experts could have taught you that in March 2020. You need to go back to school and resit your GCSE Biology.
  2. Makes sense why they have targeted the over 40s to get the Oxford and those under (the breeding age range) get the mRNA.
  3. Hope so too but I fear they have disabled the bulk of the population as a fighting force. They view us as the enemy and have attacked many of us from within, disabled our natural physical and mental defense systems. As a general population we do look very exposed, vulnerable and weak at the moment. Without the vax our overwhelming numbers and strength would have been too much for them to cope with.
  4. Why would the government kill the majority of the population? This is the bit I'm not following surely they need us to finance them....... If you view the world as a cold hearted business model it makes perfect sense...take for instance a car plant, 30 years ago you would need a large amount of manual labour to produce the product, now the same plant can be run more efficiently using a fraction of the labour. All you need is technical staff to maintain the robotic machinery. Technology across all sectors is making us redundant.
  5. Ah that explains why some people wear them in their cars.
  6. I think they use modern, glamorous sports stadiums to also entice the younger generation. This group will naturally associate the grounds with success, wealth and popularity....the obvious large crowds also help to reassure them that it's all safe and the right thing to do. Heavy NHS app propaganda to brainwash the young proles as they queue aswell in the picture of the west ham ground.
  7. Perhaps the no gloves is a blatant piece of symbology. It's a mocking gesture, look we aren't wearing gloves because we aren't actually penetrating the skin.
  8. Once again the information was put out there but the proles didn't see it on the msm so it didn't exist as far as they were concerned. This scam should have taught people to actively search for information, to be curious and questioning but many are far too happy to be spoon fed.
  9. What really worries me is how we as a country have treated the middle Eastern countries over the past 30 years....if you import refugees from those countries it wont take much brainwashing to instill in them a deep hatred of the British people. Let them loose and they can get their revenge for what we have done to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. We stole their country's and now they can take ours as retribution. I dread to think what is actually going on in those refugee holding camps.
  10. Definitely took everyone by surprise, for many it was a knockout blow and they have been aimlessly wandering around punch drunk and brain damaged by the blow.
  11. But if they keep the population numbers intact they will run the risk of a huge fightback from the indigenous people. Much easier to disable a massive chunk of the population and then those left over will be much easier to deal with using foreign troops.
  12. Depopulation of the native British and then replace them with cheap subservient labour from abroad. They aren't too fussed about vaxing the poorer areas of the world because they need them fit and healthy to run what's left of the country.
  13. Those that work in that type of field, psychologists, criminal profilers, investigators...those who have an advanced understanding of the human mind should never have been fooled by this. In fact, business owners, economists, financial controllers, accountants etc must know that this emergency response by world gov is unsustainable even for 1 day! We've had 15 months of restricted economic activity, the big crash is inevitable and imminent.
  14. Every new disappointment just seems to make them more resigned and despondent, many seem mentally defeated and emotionally numb.
  15. Could be many things, the possibilities are endless now. I would hazard a guess at a big economic shock...whatever it is, it will definitely be shitty.
  16. Maybe it all boils down to economics. The 'bosses' have been running a huge factory complex that uses lots of expensive resources to operate, labour, power, lighting & heating. Advancements in tech now mean they can still produce a profitable product but they can do it on a much smaller site and with a drastically reduced labour force. Perhaps we as a human resource have been deemed to be an expensive overhead.
  17. Yep and who knows if he is actually a real flesh and blood human being? He always seems to act and behave in a very unatural way. Always very calm, relaxed and emotionless.
  18. They are an obvious target but perhaps their actions have made them too obvious?
  19. He's definitely preparing us for something big, something dramatic and I think something REAL. A big pile of shit and a very big fan....they are getting ready to throw it.
  20. Can fathom out why a journalist would wear a BBC lanyard and wander aimlessly in amongst an alleged lockdown protest. To me this is an obvious false flag....
  21. Something ‘unprecedented’ would have to happen for 19 July lifting to be delayed 08:40 , Chiara Giordano Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove said something “unprecedented and remarkable” would have to happen for the 19 July date to be extended further. He told Sky News: “It would require an unprecedented and remarkable alteration in the progress of the disease.”
  22. The pandemic narrative is firmly embedded now....it has become an iffrefutable fact....minute by minute, day by day the massive lie has been reinforced, strengthened. Even though it was unreal all along gov and people's behaviour this past year have made it real and tangible. The one hope is that in years to come it will be viewed as a pandemic of psychosis and a group of people bravely retained their sanity, and didn't give in.
  23. They all look odd and out of synch with our current reality. Strange people.
  24. Is this symbolic? Keep your eyes on the sky for the next chapter. Maybe red arrows display also a nod to chem trailing? The G7 meeting has been bizarre, it's like they are celebrating something, smiling, drinking and BBQ's on the beach. Aren't we supposed to be in the depths of an ongoing pandemic, thousands dead, society broken, economies ruined, why are the leaders so happy?
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