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  1. It's almost as if he was so over the top with his act to try and arouse some anger and indignation amongst the proles. 'Look people I'm together with Johnson without doubt the most corrupt politician you will ever encounter! But for some unfathomable reason you trust me and do everything I tell you!' Unbelievable
  2. https://bongbongs.co.uk/home-delivery From the website... YOUR FEAST IS NOW READY! GET IT IN YOUR FACE!
  3. Very interesting revelation, would be interesting to have copies of the invoices/receipts to analyse how they achieved that massive bill.
  4. Maybe we need an ironic campaign to get Hancock reinstated. True love is not a crime!
  5. I think the Hancock pantomime is a very clever psyop in that it's training people to believe that a consensual love affair between 2 adults is now a crime in this new covid world. If you kiss another human being you will pay a price. It's very subtle programming that most proles won't grasp. They get angry he has broken social distancing rules without realising those rules are absurd and unnatural.
  6. Didn't see that one coming, I found it strange when he resigned as chancellor, I felt he knew what was coming and wanted to get out before shit hit the fan. Now he's jumped back in at the deep end.
  7. Do you think Johnson will be the next actor to be hooked? I'm surprised he's still in place to be honest...Cummings, Hancock have been airlifted out of the danger zone. Bodger looks isolated and the next in line to be rescued by some bullshit scandal. His bumbling moron act just won't play right with the next stage. I think Raab, Gove, Patel, Zahawi and Sunak have all acted as extras up until now. They haven't been prominent characters but now maybe they will come into the limelight.
  8. I don't think it's an unfortunate mistake by the cabal (this fake leaked photo is all by design) but an intentional occurrence to provoke some anger. I really do think they want to get tough with us now...the feminine pink tie and little boy's NHS badge has come off and will be replaced by jack boots and a knuckle duster.
  9. Ironic isn't it how this love affair scandal emerges just as the invitational Vax program draws to a close. Hancock was playing a jokey gameshow host type character. The forthcoming switch to a nastier more aggressive health minister needs a new actor, Hancock would not be credible in that role.
  10. Very telling end to his letter stating how he and Johnson have worked together to overcome this awful disease. By that he obviously means us. He has fulfilled his mission, the compliant adult proles have been vaxed and for the next stage a new darker character will emerge to deal with the problem of the unvaxed... possibly Mr Zahawi is my thinking.
  11. Apologies if slightly off topic but while searching for Rosie Millard images found this one of Samantha Cameron, clearly a man's body. The deception has run for years and it runs deep.
  12. Reminds me of the scary Dr Sarah Jarvis
  13. If Covid is a bioweapon, it’s a rubbish one. Equally as crap as that deadly Novichok chemical that was being chucked around Salisbury...that on reflection was a clear psyop to prepare the public for the invisible enemy....a fancy dress rehearsal.
  14. Yep I know lemsip is an overpriced con but if our generous Gov gave a free box to everyone suffering covid (flu) symptoms that would be an infinitely more effective form of treatment than all the other dangerous junk they are forcing upon us.
  15. Interesting in the clip she argues against the black guy's point by saying he's not a doctor. She's not a doctor either so therefore her argument is equally invalid. She used that tired old seat belt analogy aswell as if placing a piece of material around your body in a car is comparable to injecting a mysterious chemical into your bloodstream. Rosie is another who needs to return to school and relearn the basics. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8163979/BBC-Children-Need-boss-Rosie-Millard-54-leaves-husband-four-children-66-year-old.html That was a nice Christmas present for her kids, her new chap runs publishing company that prints everyone's favourite newspaper The Guardian. What a surprise!
  16. I would suggest there is no cure and never will be one, but products that can help with symptoms like this one. They have been very clever and picked an illness that can't be cured to trap us in a catch 22 situation where the war will never end.
  17. The PTB must chuckle to themselves whenever Ivermectin gets mentioned as a treatment for their fake disease.
  18. No way can I imagine Van Tam just strolls around London unguarded, and in no way can I imagine a member of the public can just stroll into the Ministry of Defence reception.
  19. If its so important and horrific it needs to be released instantly.
  20. This perfectly sums up our current absurd situation. Johnson and his henchmen constantly urge caution and patience with regards to lockdown easing. Contrast that with the vax program and its no holds bar recklessness. Not fully tested vax, Mass Vax, multiple vax, change the interval between doses, test the young, mix and max vax. In a few months time a booster vax plus a flu vax to add to the giant mixing pot. He and this program are insane. He needs to be sectioned immediately.
  21. From Sky News. The prime minister has said it is "looking good" for 19 July to be the "terminus point" for England's coronavirus restrictions - but did not rule out the prospect of further lockdowns in the winter. "You can never exclude that there will be some new disease, some new horror that we simply haven't budgeted for or accounted for," Boris Johnson said when asked if he could discount the possibility of reimposing COVID-19 measures later this year. I think this is the biggest signal so far from them that the vax will cause a lot of death and illness this Autumn /Winter. What type of Prime Minister would make that statement? It's a blatant threat that something horrific will occur, in the video clip of this interview he also clearly smirks when saying the word horror.
  22. It appears not, if he's wise enough to speak out against the Vax he should be on the same page with the test. He knows the test is bullshit but is quite comfortable making money from them. There can be no half measures with this, you have to be against all of it 100%. It now seems if your face appears on a screen you are a player in this game.
  23. Interesting development, looks like they are moving onto the next stage with Pat Vallance at the helm....he's a busy boy. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/20/sir-patrick-vallance-national-technology-adviser
  24. I think it's intentional, we can see it a mile off as it's so obvious but the others have tuned out and pay no attention or really don't care.
  25. The general public have collectively willed this fake pandemic into being a reality. It's a giant worldwide structure that only those that created it can dismantle. I often feel like we're trying to demolish a 40 storey building using a rubber mallet. The lack of impact wears me down as everyday the building gets taller and wider. We really do need to find a weak spot to target our energies against.
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