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  1. But if these people place absolute trust in complete strangers in gov and media instead of listening to members of their own families then something has gone wrong. I agree that it's not ideal to brand them stupid but I'm afraid they have been mentally lazy. They had so much time to work this out before the injections began...all that was needed was to turn off EastEnders for 1 night and just spend that 30mins quietly thinking.
  2. “The prime minister will set out more detail on the national policy on some of those restrictions in the coming days. But there will be things we all definitely need to do – it will be essential that every adult gets fully vaccinated. Quote from minister Robert Jenrick in today's Guardian.
  3. I'm pretty sure all they need is your name and D O.B and you will be logged onto their system. Pretty sure they aren't just injecting random people walking into these places. It may seem casual and less formal now but they for sure know who is getting what. This is a scientific experiment so accurate records must be kept. In fact our names and date of birth now seem like our usernames and passwords. Once we hand that information over they can access our entire medical history.
  4. Why this now? Thought the vaccination campaign was drawing to a close? Do they really believe that vax refuseniks (their term not mine) would be influenced watching this junk? Embarrassing to think people like us would be influenced by David Walliams...
  5. It all appears to be a primeval power struggle, they want to be top dog, the alpha male. It's a real world version of monopoly when the one left over at the end with the most fake money is declared the winner.
  6. Agree, and lots of Christians it would appear are blind to the true nature of those that lead their faith. What use is faith when it doesn't give you the ability to see the true nature of things? At the start of this pantomime I paid a visit to my local church (first time in many years) because I yearned for some vague feeling of spirituality. Upon entering I was asked to wear a mask and when I said I was exempt the reaction told me all I needed to know about organised religion. Unfortunately it closed an avenue of hope that I was looking for.
  7. Unfortunately (and with respect to your beliefs) God has never intervened in anything in my opinion. If he exists he is quite content to watch rather than act....if this is a terrible game, he is sat in the directors box impassively watching us trying to fathom out the rules.
  8. Something deeply disturbing about Walliams, together with his mate Cowell.
  9. Terrible slogan isn't it? Just grab it, don't question, reflect, consider or think.
  10. Could be his 'way out' fake his death and then off to Israel to live out his life in obscurity. I'm sure that's where Jo Cox is residing.
  11. Pamela Anderson has certainly changed!
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/jul/01/covid-perfect-storm-as-more-patients-hit-by-fungal-infections Covid ‘perfect storm’ as more patients hit by fungal infections Reading through the article and not a single mention or suggestion that wearing a mask for long periods (particularly in warmer weather) might have a link. If they search for images of mucormycosis, the maskoids might have second thoughts about wearing a mask loaded with bacteria and fungal spores, especially if they have lowered immunity....but it's ok the vaccine has done wonders for their immune systems?! Article should read...'unscientific and harmful response to a fake virus a perfect storm for fungal infections'
  13. Clapping has now become an obvious public display of groupthink. If you don't clap then you don't belong, communist and fascist states have always used this technique to reinforce the agenda.
  14. The problem is the warnings were always there in obvious black and white print. You take the Vax and the only person you can blame is yourself. You can't expect to play Russian roulette and moan in the afterlife that no one told you one of the chamber's was loaded.
  15. They could also be using large amounts of placebo injections and introduce and increase the dangerous ones over time. I would suggest every single measure introduced to fight covid has a detrimental effect on the human body. The measures may reduce health by very small percentages initially (so hard to define and notice) but over a sustained period they chip away and undermine the well being of everyone. Feels like we are living in an age of slow decay on many fronts.
  16. As they increase the number of injections it also normalises the process so that people accept it as just a fact of life. It becomes a routine, just like wearing a mask has become. Multiple injections also make it difficult to pinpoint them as the cause of illness and death. I don't think they want to scare the herd from the theory of vaccination so they are perhaps using a slow cumulative effect, gradually building the amount of toxins in the human body. Same kind of process is occuring with the swab testing, by making it a regular occurrence once again toxins can slowly be placed inside the body to gradually cause illness. Maybe there won't be a sudden explosion in people dying but a more subtle decline that will be difficult to pinpoint on any particular cause.
  17. It's become part of them now, I think they would need a long period of readjustment to be able to feel comfortable not wearing the mask. Really don't think they can suddenly snap out of it, it's now an embedded mental problem.
  18. Also from the Guardian, Malta to ban unvaccinated British visitors in attempt to stem Delta spread Malta will introduce tighter Covid-19 rules, banning British visitors who are not fully vaccinated in an effort to prevent the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the health ministry said. Unvaccinated children under 12 can enter with an adult, but the move will effectively prevent British families with teenagers from holidaying in one of the few destinations on Britain’s “green list” for quarantine-free travel, Reuters reports. Malta has recorded just one case of the Delta variant, first identified in India, but fears this number will rise after Britain put it on the green list last week. Britain has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but has nevertheless faced a surge this month in cases caused by the Delta variant, mainly affecting under-40s who have only recently been eligible for vaccines or have yet to receive a second dose. It has not offered vaccines to those under 18. Britain is the biggest source market for tourists to Malta, accounting for more than a third of arrivals, and the green list announcement by London was welcomed by Maltese hoteliers. Tourists from most other countries arriving in Malta will have to produce only a negative test result taken 72 hours before their arrival.
  19. It's terrible, the Sun claims its distressing but the only distressing aspect is the low budget and shamefully bad acting on display.
  20. All Pro sports now appear corrupt and are riddled with this agenda. People like Djokovic who has stated he's anti vax in the past should grow some balls and refuse to take part, but no he's still happy to collect his massive pay cheques.
  21. I always wonder how they define the 'better' element of the phrase. It's very vague and non specific. Better in what way? How can they decide and think they can judge what is better? I think bacon tastes better than Quorn but I wouldn't presume that everyone else feels the same.
  22. She wore masks, gloves, and kept her family and friends at a distance to stay safe. She refused to attend family events and even spent holidays alone. Looks like she did everything her gov told her to do, maybe her family should direct their anger towards them. Gov advice obviously wasn't very effective. In striving to stay safe she helped to hasten her own demise.
  23. Or fully integrated with the new normal. Conforming to all those rules probably made them feel like special citizens.
  24. Quite frightening really seeing the power of group think, I wonder if anyone dared not to clap? A new temple to the covid religion absurdly is a tennis court, the covidian's present dimly unaware of the yellow card.
  25. It's like their on comission to try and squeeze that damn phrase in at every opportunity.
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