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  1. Macron goes into pole position in the totalitarian leadership race, will the yellow jackets make a timely reappearance? Temperatures are set to rise as the week goes on and I have a feeling inner city riots are just around the corner....just need a false flag event to light the touchpaper.
  2. Feels kind of symbolic, all the hype and hysteria and then it turns out to be a dismal failure. Perhaps it will mirror Johnson's freedom day. The whole Euro 2020 (even the year is out of sync) event has been an absurd sideshow and I think it has worked well to distract the masses with fake patriotism. It's debatable whether England exists as a country anymore, just feels like a surreal penal colony run by lunatics. Inevitable now that England reaching the final will be used to bolster the covid narrative and the proles fell for it hook line and sinker.
  3. It's a massive propaganda exercise, it's far, far removed from the true spirit of football....I will be ignoring this alleged football match as everything about the Euros has felt fake and contrived, particularly the media coverage. Best way I've learnt to counteract propaganda is to ignore it totally.
  4. Bloody awful dress sense too, that tie is a joke surely!
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jul/10/covid-how-to-watch-the-england-v-italy-euro-2020-final-safely A Uefa “what to bring” checklist reminds fans bringing their own hand sanitiser that the bottle shouldn’t be larger than 50ml. That's certainly risky advice, some people use litres of the stuff every couple of hours.
  6. The French poster campaign to promote vaccination: Beneath the slogan: “Yes, the vaccine can have desirable effects” the message adds: “With each vaccination, life starts again.”
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/07/haiti-president-jovenel-moise-reportedly-assassinated Article claims the attack involved foreign mercenaries. It would appear if you as a head of state do not tow the line your fate is sealed. Could also act as a stern warning to other world leaders who maybe are getting a bit twitchy?
  8. https://cyberpolygon.com/ It's a cyber attack planning exercise rather like event 201, which occurred 2 months before the real thing. Using that time frame there could possibly be a real life cyber attack around September. Maybe on the anniversary of 911?
  9. The more I see of Willoughby, I'm becoming convinced she is not what she seems.
  10. Those things you mentioned I would argue are what makes us human. The urge to experience new sensations, the adrenaline rush, escaping from the mundane. Taking the vax doesn't seem to me to offer that same thrill...it's a dangerous and risky undertaking but does it enhance you as a human being?
  11. Maybe to regain hope you have to readjust to this new normal and that's not something I'm happy doing. Overnight and without any chance of appeal we've been incarcerated on a prison island to serve a life sentence. We didn't even commit a crime to justify this treatment! Even a prisoner has hope that he can regain his freedom once his sentence has come to an end!
  12. Maybe so, but it didn't feel as suffocating as this current age. If it was an illusion there were some aspects of it I did quite enjoy. Could wake up one morning and on impulse book a flight to a European city, see different faces, sights sounds and culture. The feeling that you could escape the humdrum of daily existence in an instant. The monotony of life in HMP Britain weighs me down and now I just feel trapped with only memories to keep me from losing all hope.
  13. Endless warnings and instructions on an hourly basis it seems...these people are not normal or natural, they are obsessed to the point where I think many of them are utterly insane.
  14. The libertarian age is over. That's very true and the realisation that we have lost that in such a short time frame is really quite soul destroying.
  15. It's so surreal isn't it? These past months and months it has felt like society has been held in an artificially fixed position, it's felt like an Olympic 100m final, hyped up beyond belief, but when it comes around a ridiculous amount of false starts causes the crowd to become irritated and restless. Will this damn race ever start!
  16. I'm afraid he's a paid actor playing a role, he'll say anything for money. He's as fake as his tanned skin. They all seem odd to me now these characters on the screens, unreal people constructed with lies. They may aswell be CGI creations because their humanity has disappeared.
  17. Not sure if she was being ironic, and taking the piss out of vax junkies? Difficult to tell in these absurd times.
  18. Tricky Dicky Madeley is not to be trusted, he has a history of shaming those that choose not to be vaxed. He's simply a less chubby and fake tanned version of his predecessor Pierced Organ.
  19. This queen character has awful handwriting, can hardly make it out. Surely this fake adoration of the NHS has got to come to an end. I can't believe there's a person left in this country who thinks the NHS has looked after the UK population in a proper, dignified way the past 15 months.
  20. I often get dejected in that I haven't been able to directly wake up family and friends etc using information and logic. I do however think that indirectly I might have helped some people, maybe the simple act of not wearing a mask in a shop was enough to set the ball in motion for some random stranger?
  21. Absolutely agree, and I do the same myself because thinking and worrying about this as much as I do can leave you mentally exhausted. I've got to give my mind a break from it every now and then, otherwise it becomes a dangerous obsession.
  22. No problems, suppose I was just using it as an obvious example, clichéd I know, but the sheer volume of time people devote to those kind of programmes just feels like such a waste. Soaps saturate the early evening TV schedules and I suppose that's the case because vast numbers of people do have a habit of watching them religiously.
  23. I don't think I'm being arrogant with the soaps comment, but people could spend hundreds of hours over the course of a year watching soaps, and what do they gain by doing it? How does it enrich their lives, does it make them think, does it make them happy, does it give them an adrenaline rush? It just seems to add nothing....when they could spend 10 mins looking at a painting and gain so much more.
  24. I think we tried, day after day, hour upon hour to help those close to us to try and alert them to the danger. Many of us failed in that task and it's inevitable that it leaves you feeling angry and frustrated. The people we were trying to help just didn't want to listen.
  25. The people running this shit show placed thousands of clues, some small, some massive before the injections began. If just one of those points was questioned it would have started the process of waking up. Frustratingly it's too late in the day for many to wake up now.
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