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  1. It's damn tough holding on to hopeful thoughts though when the surrounding environment and society is so bleak.
  2. Since 911 the mind control has gone into overdrive....when you are living day to day it's difficult to perceive. But now looking back at the events of the last 20 years, they seem like bricks being laid in the construction of our current prison.
  3. 911 was without doubt the single biggest piece of propaganda in human history, it changed the majority of people's mindsets to allow covid 19 to be successfully implemented.
  4. And why haven't they resent the death counter? New year is surely time to start afresh, but then they'd lose the large numbers to propagandise with.
  5. Very true, it's also strange that when you offer people clear evidence that there is no virus to fear (during 2020 before the Vax) they don't want to accept it. They'd rather live fearing something rather than being able to forget about it and live freely. The bogeyman must exist otherwise they've been made to look a fool.
  6. https://hectordrummond.com/2020/05/22/the-bill-and-melinda-gates-foundations-sponsorship-of-the-guardian/
  7. With no shareholders or billionaire owner,
  8. As 2021 unfolds ... … we have a small favour to ask. You’ve read 1688 articles in the last year. And you’re not alone; through these turbulent and challenging times, millions rely on the Guardian for independent journalism that stands for truth and integrity. Readers chose to support us financially more than 1.5 million times in 2020, joining existing supporters in 180 countries. For 2021, we commit to another year of high-impact reporting that can counter misinformation and offer an authoritative, trustworthy source of news for everyone. With no shareholders or billionaire owner, we set our own agenda and provide truth-seeking journalism that’s free from commercial and political influence. When it’s never mattered more, we can investigate and challenge without fear or favour.
  9. I really thought that the Shakespeare / Hancock crying farce would have been the moment to make the believers choke on their cornflakes in sheer disbelief. Alas I was wrong, It barely registered with people.
  10. I've always been a loner, (and been happy with that) but have never felt as utterly lonely and detached as I do now. Quite difficult to lift yourself out of that dark place at the moment.
  11. I feel the same, as everyday goes by seems like I'm travelling a path in one direction whereas the great mass of people are heading in an opposite way...too much time and distance has passed for us to meet up again. The destination is the same for both groups however, but for me it won't be a shock.
  12. I agree, I think that's the only practical solution, strong immunity and built up by going outside, eating well and ignoring the gov advice handwashing, masks etc. It bemuses me after all this time why people aren't questioning the advice and thinking hold on, all these things your telling me to do are making me feel unwell and depressed. How is that helping?
  13. Watching that trailer of the Outbreak film posted a few pages back, got me thinking about this....the monkey connection? They have blatantly stated that Oxford one is a chimp adenovirus, and people are quite happily allowing that into their bodies. Those being vaccinated seem to have forgotten medias chapter 1....this was all caused by transfer from a bat. Now the science will solve it buy injecting you with a virus from a chimp. What could go wrong?
  14. That's the problem, one of many! It would be the ultimate inversion, us non believers would then appear foolish because an actual virus was now present in our environment. Cv19 didn't exist before December 2020, but maybe now it is a very real thing?
  15. They won't wake up, I've tried subtle suggestions, direct argument, quotes, newspaper articles, books, films, hours and hours of time and energy! But I've failed. I don't know if it's the propaganda (that can only have an affect for a short time surely?) Or the mask, I fear that the mask wearing is causing brain damage to parts of the brain that allow you to think deeply and have a natural curiosity. The more often it's worn, the more damage occurs....no way back. From despair to where?
  16. Not sure but I don't think it will be a positive change, many people have been zombified by a year of this....Vax is the next stage in our devolution as a species. Vax us back to the stone age....
  17. The Pfizer one is the DNA changer, I believe the Oxford one is a chimpanzee adenovirus and behaves more like a typical vaccine. I know of 3 people who have had this one and all of them have experienced flu like symptoms ie high temperature and aches for the following day or two.
  18. I'm becoming worried by the idea of viral shedding, the oxford vax seems to give flu like symptoms a day or so after being administered. As more people are injected and then circulate with the general population is there a risk that the jabbed will spread a lab created virus out into the environment? Is it wise to keep away from the vaccinated?
  19. Posted 2 minutes ago I really am struggling now to comprehend how people haven't woken up to this, Its just absurd. Modern people normally have such short attention spans! How has this dominated their lives for so long? If this was a film the audience would have walked out after 5 minutes...ridiculous script, crap ugly actors, junk special fx, cheap and nasty costumes and no sex scenes! The most boring film ever made - 0 stars.
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