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  1. Totally agree, there's no spontanaity, it's all so well planned and organised, which is the opposite of what it should be.
  2. Logic and reasoning flew out the window a long long time ago. Logic for the majority has become an outdated concept since 2020.
  3. That's the problem, people have forgotten how to behave normally and seem much more comfortable obeying instructions and diktats rather than thinking for themselves.
  4. Haha, its from the Sport so its just a funny piss taking, made up article. Its probably along with Viz one of the few publications that takes the piss out of Covid, Woke and bullshit celebrities.
  5. It's another cheap trick designed to capture the younger generation into the vax net. It's pretty obvious clubs are gone anyway...they may be open now but they have no future and will be finished totally by the next lockdown. Best to regard clubs now as a thing of the past and their current open status as just an illusion.
  6. Jackboot Johnson and his fellow prison guards are about to give the keys to the asylum doors to our fellow inmates, It's going to be interesting to see just how deeply the Stockholm syndrome has affected them.
  7. What are those blokes doing with each other? I suspect some close personal manly contact is going on between them.
  8. We as individuals have put in immense amounts of time researching and thinking. It is possible that the efforts we have made will be of some use as the future unfolds. I hope what we have done has some greater meaning and significance.
  9. What are these politicians, royals & celebs getting up to? They certainly can't be following the rules as they are still getting infected. Remember Javid, hands, face space, and together we can beat this virus. I feel sorry for our newly crowned and beloved health minister, he won't be able to celebrate his boss's triumphant freedom day with the rest of us!
  10. Lots of people in this weather now wearing sunglasses and masks which is even more disturbing. There's nothing left of them, just a weird sort of blankness. The mind and face has disappeared....
  11. They have sort of done it indirectly as many football grounds have been used to host mass Vax events. Football is a big circus within the wider covid pantomime and perhaps the footballer clowns role is to push the BLM groupthink.
  12. Her argument is meaningless and amounts to saying that only rich famous people's voices and opinions matter. He has bigger balls and a far superior intellect than the combined collection of knee bending shills that now identify as professional sportsmen / women. Professional footballers now have the same significance and meaning as an Xbox character in FIFA 21, they are simply pixels on a screen.
  13. I thought to register as a case you would need to have the main PCR test after testing positive with the lateral flow and become part of the recording system? After all its pretty easy to fudge a positive with the lateral one but if you do how do you then become part of the so called daily cases?
  14. I never realised Terry had such a big family.
  15. They are seriously unwell, it's hot, humid, nearly 30c in some parts of UK. It's uncomfortable conditions for a normal human, God knows what it's like wearing those things for even 5 mins. They may aswell put on a woolly hat to enhance the masochism.
  16. I'm so tired of being surrounded by wierdo's like this everyday, maybe the hot weather is making me more irritable but the maskoids are really getting me down.
  17. Agree, and so the challenge to make those people unfake is practically impossible. Maybe they have been fake since adolescense and to make them real again would take years and years of intensive 'therapy'. It just cannot be done in the time frame facing us
  18. With so much fakery it's become incredibly difficult to determine what is actually real anymore.
  19. 2 years ago it would cost £2,000 for an importer to bring a 40ft container of products into this country. Today it costs £18,000, that simple fact alone is enough to illustrate we are being forced to commit economic suicide.
  20. Can a jabbed person ever wake up? If their vaccination numbers are correct and a jabbed person is impossible to wake then I'm at a loss to figure out a way through this.
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2021/jul/16/uk-covid-live-hospitalisation-numbers-chris-whitty-coronavirus-latest-updates Clearly bullshit, the PCR test centres are emptier than ever, to get that high a figure you would need a steady stream of people going to those centres for the PCR. It just isn't happening. Where are the queues? Those test centres should be overwhelmed with people to get these kind of numbers...but even though the test centres are placed in prominent public areas the proles walk around with their eyes closed! You could forgive their ignorance maybe in the early stages but now it's too much, they simply do not want to see.
  22. I really can't comprehend how during the hottest period of the year with UV levels so high so many people think a respiratory virus is still floating around. Its utterly frustrating and plain to see now that the increasing covid death rate is all down to Vax deaths....kept hidden for so long but now those deaths will be used to bolster the narrative.
  23. Are we now at the stage between 6 and 7? Feels like it.
  24. “It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at a briefing in Geneva. She said her comment, which reiterates the group’s previous position on so-called asymptomatic cases, was based on detailed reports of contact tracing from various countries. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/12/devastating-who-scientist-condemns-euro-2020-final More double think from Van Kerkove.
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