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  1. So many aswell, 911, 7/7, Lee Rigby beheading, truck attacks in Nice and Germany, London bridge, Boston marathon, Paris attacks, Madeline McCann, Manchester arena.....all events now on reflection to make people look and question things. If you didn't care and accepted things at face value then it was inevitable you would fail the great covid intelligence test.
  2. I don't think it's us that's being 'had' on the contrary we can see the actors, the drama, the flimsy scenes for what they are. It's the bulk of humanity that have fallen hook line and sinker!
  3. Perplexing isn't it? What if something dramatic is about to happen to the world? Some unavoidable catastrophe that can't be prevented? Maybe this whole thing was designed to identify and filter the world's population, into those who could see and those that can't?
  4. Quite agree but I'll freely admit I'm nothing special, I'm no great intellectual heavyweight. Why is this obvious to me and you but not to our 'normal' friends and family. The longer it goes on it does feel like an endurance test, a game. Who can avoid making themselves ill by refusing masks, invasive harmful tests, vaccines, mental breakdown. Is this a form of natural selection, to separate people like us from the rest? Are we being selected for a good end or a painful demise? Has this process gone on for many years? False flags throughout recent history, was the true reason for these staged events to flush out people who could SEE and THINK? Are we the targets of all this?
  5. I've found that too, a lot of what I said to people last year seems to have ended up in their own personal memory hole. The ideas haven't built inside their minds, why are they so unwilling to piece together the pieces and build their own answer?And so a year later we are in the same place, doesn't feel like we have budged an inch.
  6. Don't you think that the mask introduction slap bang in the middle of summer was a key point though? If people complied (which they did) they would transform people into walking, mumbling propaganda pieces during the hot weather when there was no flu virus to be scared of. If they had turned around at that point and said hold on this is shit! it's 30c I'm not walking around with a bloody mask on then momentum may have built and people would have trusted their own natural instincts again.
  7. Last year I also had a lot of energy and passion to try and inform people, pass on information i had found, I had hope. But I'm in the same boat as them now, I failed my mission, and am left demoralised myself...I have little optimism of turning this ship around anymore.
  8. Unfortunately they are shot to pieces mentally, and that's quite sad really. I think last year there was a small window for them to escape and it needed to be done there and then, probably around June or July I'd say. During that hot summer weather people's natural desire to be outdoors and having fun with other people should have overwhelmed the fear of the supposed virus. That's when the mask mandate came in and people should have stood up at that stage and refused. Now I just see demoralised,defeated people everywhere....craving a drug to free them from this boring, lifeless existence. Collectively we lost our chance last year.
  9. They frustrate me rather than inspire hate. Just can't understand the lack of curiosity they have, just weird.
  10. True, very true. Hope doesn't lie with the proles because they were too busy watching Coronation Street night after night....
  11. At the end of this whenever or whatever that is our glorious leaders will say 'everything you did, you did to yourselves' the history books will say in 2019 the world went mad over a standard flu virus and many lives were lost because of the stupidity and panic reaction of the mob.
  12. The whole thing is a pantomime, a masquerade, an extended episode of Brass Eye 'Science' . Actors everywhere playing their part following the scripts. Men dressed as women (numerous examples) the Joker centre stage. How any right thinking person can take Johnson seriously beggars belief, pretend baby, faked near death experience! Joke science, absurd rules,Chinamen eating bats, it goes on and on. Much as I hate to admit it we have a lot in common with those in charge....they are laughing their heads off at how stupid people have become rather like we do.
  13. Dead cat strategy Or as Boris Johnson’s second most sinister strategist (after Dominic Cummings of course) Lynton Crosby used to call it: “throwing a dead cat on the dining room table” to distract everyone. That's exactly why they used William Shakespeare as the first male vax recipient and the reason Hancock was laughing his head off, ahem, I mean crying so sincerely on breakfast telly with his fellow thespians Peter Marsden and Suzy Reed. If people at that stage couldn't smell a rat then there was no hope of them ever waking up. Hancock metaphorically strangled the cat live on air and then threw it at people as they ate their cornflakes. The sleepy heads still didn't get it!
  14. Agree, and imagine a scenario where a devoutly religious person ends up in a care home suffering from dementia, and without any choice is given the vaccine...ends up in hell. They'd feel a little cheated by God.
  15. Risky strategy though be I wish that too, that's why it is torturing me so much, it's a Kafkaesque nightmare. They have our heads in a vice and every minute they seem to tighten it a little more. This is a test to see who can withstand the pressure.
  16. Why do you think the house of commons is always so empty? This is arguably the biggest crisis in our history and all you see is a handful of masked MPs sat in there looking rather bored. Where is the passion and urgency from our representatives? This is their opportunity to lead, debate and steer us out of this mess. Another thing I can't fathom is during this crisis why haven't they used an empty arena so that every single MP could be present on a daily basis to discuss, argue and debate in a purpose built covid secure environment. I would consider them to be the most essential workers. I suppose I know the answers to my own questions and it is impossible to get 600 people to blindly follow a set agenda. A full, passionate debating chamber would not allow this torture to continue.
  17. Surprised it wasn't 66. Still the sticking point remains is that those 63 MPs believe that vaccination will set us free, I'd be more encouraged if they had rather said this vaccination programme is far too rushed and risky and we must stop it, unlock and get back to our 'normal' lives.
  18. How could it be so widespread though? Take the house of commons how is it possible that every single person in there has not got a shred of empathy? They aren't stupid people and I can't believe that there isn't at least a small group of people in there who feel this is wrong, so so wrong.
  19. I've learnt to see through him and regard him as But if God isn't fair, kind and welcoming, then surely he is no different from Satan. How can an individual be redeemed if he is forcibly held down and injected against his will. Why can't God recognise he had no choice and it happened against the individual will. Surely if the world is cruel (which it is) then the creator must also be cruel for designing it that way?
  20. But aren't they intelligent themselves? Surely they would have an affinity with similarly intelligent people?
  21. But that's a very cruel, harsh God, surely if people have been tricked or don't have the mental capacity to comprehend what is happening they can't be condemned forever?
  22. We shall abolish the orgasm. O'Brien 1984. After all the orgasm is the driver of all life, nature's way of ensuring the continuation of the species.
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