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  1. Covid is indeed a killer, it's killed curiosity, imagination and the soul. Brutal.
  2. That's what I've found strange, the complete and utter lack of anger in those who've double jabbed. They've risked their lives in an experiment to enable what they perceived was hassle free travel abroad, but it was a scam, they've been sold a false promise! This psyop has cleverly shrunk their worldview and seemingly removed many people's desire to experience the new, explore different lands, undertake an adventure, meet beautiful people from different cultures. People have become boring. Covid is boredom.
  3. The psyop has effectively killed the proles desire, hope and longing. It has made them rather animalistic in that they seem to be solely based in the present with a reduced capacity to look back and forward into time, many are just existing in the now. I get the feeling that there's no desire for anything anymore, certainly no desire to wake up. In fact waking up now (if you've been vaxed) is going to cause you a shed load of psychological problems. I think the opposite is occuring in that more and more people are retreating into a deeper form of sleep because it's safer....being awake now is risky, frustrating and only seems to offer a frightening future.
  4. It is 2+2=5. The contradiction is obvious, and one which a tiny bit of logical thought can smash to pieces. The massive hurdle is trying to get a vaxed person to think logically about that they have done, to realise that the Vax has not made them stronger but in fact weaker. If that can be achieved then they will be on our side. My hope is that those sort of doubts are bouncing around their heads at the moment and something will happen to allow logic to overcome emotion.
  5. https://whoosh.com/blogs/blog/5-common-species-of-bacteria-on-phones-what-to-do-about-them I don't recall SAGE advising us to discontinue using our smartphones as they could spread disease?....in fact they want us to use them more often with relentless apps and codes. Come on SAGE it's obvious, Johnson needs to be fed a new slogan.... Smash your phone & stop the spread.
  6. According to the MSN the jabbed words on their death bed will more likely be 'if only the government had fast tracked the booster program I would have been ok...' 'weekly maybe even daily injections are the only way we can beat this terrible disease'
  7. Indeed Bad Science, surely they are proud of their miraculous invention and would want to get the results out in public asap...there's a Nobel prize at stake surely? Trust the science! But do the scientists have true faith in their creation?
  8. Hope that police officer had sanitised her hands before touching those French citizen's phones....she looks like becoming a Parisian super spreader. Does look a lovely way to spend an afternoon in Paris, nice cup of coffee and a crosant while masked police wander around checking your digital papers are in order.
  9. The age group percentages are in our favour though, death by natural causes will typically be in older age groups (with a very high percentage of vaccinated people) the younger population (with less risk of natural cause death) who it appears are holding out against the Vax in significant numbers therefore will continue to live healthily and unaffected by the virus. Perhaps that explains why they are desperate for the younger people to get jabbed....too many healthy, unvaxed young people functioning normally will mess with the agenda and expose the lies. The unvaxed have to be excluded from this sick society because their obvious lack of illness is a big problem.
  10. Think he was referring to the shop rather than the country, but I may have misunderstood.
  11. I have a vain hope that if unvaxed people continue to be healthy even with a new variant that the vaxed reflect and perhaps realise that the Vax has been detrimental to their immune system. Logic must be restored to their minds at some point surely? The fear I do have is at that stage the unvaxed will be isolated from society so that the truth will be hidden from the vaxed population....unvaxed healthy people will not be good for the propaganda.
  12. Who will deprogram them though, certainly won't be done by any government agency. That task is ours, day after day we must continue to resist and live so that our operating system becomes the meaningful and desirable one.
  13. It is odd how the 2 jabbed still feel paranoid and scared of the virus. Logically if they bought the propaganda those 2 jabs should have made them feel strong and carefree, it should have mentally freed them. They should be strutting around maskless with a new found lust for life! Deep down do they really trust the science? I don't think they do.
  14. https://www.verywellhealth.com/freestyle-libre-a-glucose-meter-without-a-finger-prick-4154266 Apologies if slightly off topic but have seen some people walking about with a strange white disc stuck to their arms, thought it was some advanced jab plaster but in fact it's an implant to monitor blood sugar levels for diabetics. Rather unsettling....
  15. Probably get Ian Wright and Alan Shearer to pull some names out of a velvet bag.....live on prime time BBC.
  16. I agree, we are still in the thick of the worldwide psyop and you only have to look at the way people are being treated in Australia and France to appreciate what happens if you don't comply with their demands. If you regard each nation as individual prisoners then at the moment the UK inmate is being given special treatment for compliance. The French and Aussie inmates are being psychologically tortured for not obeying. The msm is certainly highlighting the French protests because it helps to reinforce the narrative that non compliance results in loss of freedoms.
  17. He cares more about badgers than his fellow man. Never trust a man who wears a wig....
  18. In effect those citizens that that have declined the Vax are most in tune with nature. Our belief in natural immunity is positive for the planet. We have not purchased millions of masks that take decades to degrade, we have not taken part in a Vax program that uses billions of plastic syringes and manufactures millions of litres of unnecessary chemicals. Manufacture and distribution of the vaccines will have required vast amounts of energy and resources potentially leaching harmful chemicals into the ecosystem. Anti vax is a false label, we are more correctly Pro Nature. Could be an effective argument in declining the Vax as it plays into the new green agenda....I have declined the Vax because I am actively trying to reduce my carbon footprint and save the planet.
  19. Another expert who needs to go back to primary school and start over again....nature is always superior to artificial.
  20. Since yesterday feels like I've lost my voice, become fragmented and alienated.
  21. It is bemusing, but I think it reveals they have a deep seated paranoia about their fellow humans. Maybe it was always there and this covid bullshit has brought it out into the open. Will a current mask wearer ever feel comfortable shaking a stranger's hand ever again? Have they become cold and untouchable, have they lost the warmth and friendliness that is a big part of being human?
  22. It's a common theme that all the agenda pushers are so damn ugly.
  23. The problem is that once vaxed they are committed totally to the belief in covid. The covid narrative is flowing through their bloodstream, and is now a permanent feature of their personalities. They've gone 'all in' and there's no way back. I often try to imagine what a double vaxed person makes of this neverending saga, I suspect many thought soon as they got the Vax everything would click back into place as it was before, it hasn't so they bury their heads even deeper into the sand. The truth will seriously mess with their heads so it's much less painful to continue believing the lies.
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