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  1. Hope so but many of these people are 'go with the flow' type characters and when the gov starts weilding the big stick they will crumble under the pressure. They constantly use the phrase ''vaccine hesitant' as apposed to vaccine refusers, because it implies they need a little bit more pressure applied before they make the inevitable decision.
  2. Bill will be remembered for many things, including a taste for mischief. Indeed.
  3. Yep by this stage you'd know. Unfortunately seems that those currently sitting on the fence ending up falling off on the wrong side.
  4. Oh I'm clinging on to it right until the end. I'm still very much a human being and won't stop being one.
  5. I'm afraid I feel we have gone past the point of no return...the battle lines have been drawn and those dividing lines are very clear and defined. Its very simple to me now...those that have taken the Vax for whatever reason are on one side. Those that stubbornly refuse are on the other. Those that have willingly consented to be masked and vaxed have agreed to live in the new world order (many without realising it). It's been a referendum but without ballot boxes and voting slips....this has been done with needles and mysterious liquids.
  6. They don't offer solutions (just like Orwell's 1984) because I believe they are designed to mock, to reveal what's coming (statements of intent) and show people like us that resistance is futile.
  7. What concerns me about these films is their professionalism. They are shot in very high quality and much of it in areas that would have to be closed off (tube trains and stations) they don't feel natural to me. They seem like trailers for the forthcoming society rather than a rebellion and warning against it.
  8. You have actually had both doses?
  9. When you add that up it's a full scale assault, but it says a lot about our character, nature and spirit in that it hasn't worked on us.
  10. Yep she's definitely the handler. I believe she's a key player along with Cummings. Johnson and Hancock are the public facing puppets with Whitty and Cummings controlling every move they make.
  11. Looks ominous. Can't imagine your average soldier is too impressed with cold calling on British citizens.
  12. The government is to launch nine trailblazing pilots in England to test new, creative ways to help ensure people stick to self-isolation rules in areas with higher prevalence of infection including from new variants. In partnership with local authorities, the government is backing the pilots with £12m which will be used for a range of initiatives including providing alternative accommodation for people in overcrowded households, social care support such as increasing existing social care support for vulnerable adults and providing ‘buddying’ services for people whose mental health has been affected by lockdown and the variant outbreaks, and language communications support for individuals where English isn’t their first language. These pilots are designed to encourage people most at risk of catching and transmitting Covid-19 to come forward for testing and to self-isolate successfully if they test positive. From today's The Guardian.
  13. You're right, the Indian variant was 'made up' (Hancock's own words and I believe he intended to say them...it wasn't a slip of the tongue) to provide the cover story for the Vax death and illness. I may be wrong but I think this next stage will move very fast and be very real (everything else about covid 19 has been unreal). If it happens very soon it will also be effective in knocking people off guard and unprepared.
  14. I think we are now at a pivotal moment, I think the Vax push will be ramped up to a new level to try and capture as many of the under 40s as they can before mid June, when people from the under 60's start getting ill and maybe dying then the herd will get spooked. The Indian variant is now the key to the next stage....has the Indian variant sufficiently scared enough younger people into getting the vax? I've a feeling that within 2 weeks we will be back under severe lockdown with the vax being the key to release.
  15. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/kate-garraway-says-derek-draper-24167250 If Derek Draper is still battling the world's worst recorded case of covid 19 surely he would be highly infectious? Why is he allowed home to infect his family? Kate Garroway should be permanently PPE'd up and not allowed anywhere near a TV studio?
  16. They all seem to have links to that bloody awful This Morning programme. Daytime ITV is a descent in to hell and should be avoided at all costs.
  17. Think he keeps her locked away in the attic.
  18. The express claims Britain's best loved TV couple...haha....
  19. Cummings is a key actor in this theatre, his disappearance from gov was all fake and planned....he is about to return to the stage to carry out the next act. A planned collapse of the government...the bunkers are all ready and prepped for the main players to retreat to.
  20. I will certainly be going back now the ice has been broken and in the knowledge that there is some sanity remaining in my local pub! I'm trying not to be judgemental but it feels like you have been programmed into the new normal in a subtle way and you don't seem to disturbed or troubled by it. I suppose we all have to live and tolerate it to a degree otherwise we'd starve to death. Its just that my soul screams at me to reject, reject reject at every opportunity. I can't imagine being comfortable and at ease in the environment you describe.
  21. I think the opposite, the sex instinct is being killed off, the anti sex league is in full control...they don't wear sashes but masks instead. Maybe the Vax will banish the orgasm? Without the orgasm which is the driver of life, reproduction will seem futile.
  22. You're absolutely right, by actively participating in the fucked up new normal we are solidifying it in our lives. The opening of pubs for me has been extremely depressing....it has shown acceptance and compliance when it should have been a perfect opportunity & chance to reject. If the proles desperate for their gin fix had enmasse sat outside pubs and drank their own gin it would have given me some hope. The proles will never wake up, they have no self discipline, no awareness and will tolerate anything for a meaningless pint of piss down the pub. Life sold cheaply forever
  23. If the dog can detect covid then surely it's at a very high risk of being infected itself? Also if the dog has covid itself then it's sense of smell will have been affected and any results it gives would be meaningless.
  24. Totally agree, masked humans bodies are functioning at a lower level than unmasked humans bodies. By now their bodies have adapted and coped with it but their bodies aren't working as efficiently as they should be.
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