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  1. Those daytime ITV studios are vipers nests....
  2. The real truth is what we all want on MSM, not their fake plastic truth. Until that time (never) then I consider everything produced by the msm and everyone involved with it to be fake and phoney, agenda pushers but using different angles of attack. If she would go on these crappy shows and shake her fellow guests hands, sit next to them at pre covid distance, and boldy claim the truth about Covid then I would trust her. (Unfortunately that can never be allowed to happen)
  3. Because all those shows believe in it 100% and spend hours upon hours drumming it into the proles that covid is real. By turning up at the studio all you do is reinforce the false belief that we have been experiencing a pandemic. She clearly believes in covid as a thing but argues that the rules have been too strict.
  4. The Turner will turn in the end, they all do I'm afraid. If you're truly against the agenda the last place you go is This Morning, GMB or Talk Radio.
  5. And they look so smug whilst doing it.... they're not thick so are fully aware and comfortable in propagandising to the proles.
  6. As a propaganda exercise I feel it unfortunately will be very effective, I don't think the gov would risk giving the real Vax on this highly publisised event. If they did give the real one and a lot of immediate adverse reactions occurred it would seriously spook the young proles and their friends. Much easier to give them a salty celeb shot for now and maybe the real one on the second round? Or maybe not at all, perhaps this is the age group they want to preserve as future slaves? Judging by the volume of people in the queue the gov already fully own their minds and bodies 100%.
  7. Really quite chilling seeing so many teenagers there, hope it was a pro vax propaganda shoot and they only got saline.
  8. Think she's a loud mouth like Morgan whose role is to get headlines and then to polarise groups and divide people. I've now learnt to ignore everyone connected with modern mainstream media, ignorance is strength in this particular arena.
  9. Haha, us normal people....haha
  10. March 2020 presented a fork in the road, it's quite disturbing how far apart we have travelled since that time. What is also worrying is the roads we were travelling on have been destroyed behind us. To become a unified human species we need to go back to pre covid times... but the sat nav is broke, the lights have been turned off and the roads have been bombed. Is there a way back?
  11. I suppose to our eyes the language is absurdly sinister, but I have to try and look at it from a covidian's point of view and maybe to them it makes everything seem more serious, important and deadly. Maybe the proles don't really notice the language used or think about it, but it sublimely seeps into their mindset.
  12. It should be 'administer an effective treatment' but they won't use that phrase because we all know the Vax has 0% effect against a nothing virus...(eating strawberry ice cream or wearing a blue t shirt are as effective against cv19 as any of these vaxes). Still don't get why the dozy proles just don't smell a rat when the war related phrases keep popping up. Even the most devout covidian must know that this doesn't feel like a war and so war like language and terms is totally inappropriate.
  13. That's the big one which I don't think I'll ever be able to understand.
  14. Can't understand though why it doesn't scare the shit out of them when the language blatantly implies the vaccine is a form of weapon? Maybe the proles don't care about use of language, words, symbolism, meaning, culture, history.......perhaps to them its just some bald bloke on the telly saying stuff, yawn.
  15. arsenal noun [ C ] UK /ˈɑː.sən.əl/ US /ˈɑːr.sən.əl/ a building where weapons and military equipment are stored: The army planned to attack enemy arsenals. a collection of weapons: The country has agreed to reduce its nuclear arsenal. In a real pandemic surely the emphasis would be on more caring phrases and words such as treatment, health, recovery. Most people don't go to a chemist and ask to be shown his arsenal of products to treat hayfever.
  16. This one's for show so that the proles don't get too angry when the unvaxed are carted off. The real re-education camps are probably far from pleasant.
  17. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/inside-uks-new-privately-run-24207907 I wonder what the true purpose of this complex really is?
  18. I don't think he's hurt in the slightest, instead he's just another puppet his role is to attack from a different angle...I suppose I have to give him a smidgen of credit 8 hours of consistent lying must have taken huge amounts of preparation. His fellow thespians Hancock and Bodger must have watched on in awe. Yesterday's events together with the media coverage have now laid the ground for the public to accept the really harsh incoming lockdowns. It's also now set in stone the new truth that lockdowns work, masks work and vaccines work.
  19. Bet they all got together for drinks at number 10 afterwards to have a celebratory drink...8 hours of lockdown propaganda and the media loved it.
  20. Bet they all got together for drinks at number 10 afterwards to have a celebratory drink...8 hours of lockdown propaganda and the media loved it.
  21. That slogan is very non specific and it always makes me think whose lives are they trying to save? Its certainly not human lives.
  22. Today might spell the end of Bodger's rein of terror. I think the actor Cummings will give the illusion of throwing Bodger (and maybe Hancock) under the bus. He's the smokescreen to allow them to exit the stage before it gets messy. The next stage of the agenda is perhaps going to be very unpleasant and they need a new leading actor to take the helm. Gove maybe?
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