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  1. Unfortunately the brainwashed amongst the population would rather believe clots are caused by covid than by admitting the vax they took is the real cause.
  2. Dead eyes too....she is a media NPC.
  3. Puzzling as I presumed these media weirdos would be well aware of the true nature of the vax....Possibly thought she was getting saline but ended up with the real deal? Either that or maybe it's just more bullshit propaganda to continue the current focus on associating covid with blood clots. My guess is she isn't in hospital with a blood clot in much the same way the white toad johnson wasn't in hospital on deaths door with covid last April.
  4. Variety is the spice of life and I'm sure the body's immune system must get worn down by having to deal with the same bacteria day after day in such high concentrations.
  5. Coupled with the massive levels of bacteria swirling around their (still) masked faces. Vast numbers of people still wear them and it's inevitable that as this has dragged on their mask cleaning / changing regime will have got slack. People are lazy and will by now have got fed up of washing the mask everyday.
  6. They frustratingly are unable to make the obvious connection because too much time has passed. Unfortunately too many people have poor memory and short term attention spans. They view the vax like they would a dodgy curry....next day they get a bad case of the shits, but if they get the shits 3 months later it can't possibly be to blame.
  7. I've become highly skeptical of these MSM 'reaction to the jab stories', they just don't ring true and feel more like soft propaganda. They always contain no feelings of regret at getting the vaccine...which is abnormal. If something causes you illness or injury it's human nature to avoid that thing in the future. Get a serious bout of food poisoning at a restaurant and high probability is that you don't ever eat there again, let alone give it a positive review. I think these stories are designed to soothe and calm the vaxxed masses and to normalise and downplay the seriousness of the adverse reactions.
  8. If covid doesn't exist, then logically 'flu' does not exist. I think 'flu' is simply a catch all term for describing the human body dealing with too much environmental stress. Possibly the reason they keep using the term 'flu season' is because in countries such as the UK...it occurs in the months when the human body is subjected to constant, artificial and often dramatic variations in temperature. This alone must put huge amounts of stress on the body as it has to keep adjusting to indoor temps of 20c and then suddenly outside temps of maybe 4c or 5c...then back inside again.
  9. If the 'flu' disappeared last year, how have they been able to create a vaccine for this years version? What real world data have they used to decide which 'flu strain' will circulate this year. Is the 2021 flu vaccine formula just a guess, a shot in the dark? Interested to know what company created this vaccine and when it was created? I would be more inclined to believe that the so called flu shot is simply an injection of mixed toxins to further stress the human immune system.
  10. They could spin the inevitable adverse reactions that the 12-15 year olds suffer as a new variant of covid.....to scare and panic the parents of the younger age group children into getting them vaxxed. High likelihood is that the media will go full steam ahead with children getting covid stories over these next few weeks to ramp up the fear. They could also turn up/ turn on 5G in school settings to embolden the lie.
  11. It was from the Brass Eye episode on drugs.... F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D Free the United Kingdom from Drugs (Incorporating British Opposition to Metabolically Bisturbile Drugs) was a British anti-drug organisation. Campaign against Cake In 1997, F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D worked with Brass Eye to tackle the issue of Cake, a dangerous new legal drug. Their campaign saw success when MP David Amess, MP for Basildon, raised questions about Cake in the House of Commons.
  12. Sorry to hear about your relative, I would imagine most peoples real world experience of the NHS as it is now is very different to what they felt last March. It has become a deliberate Kafkaesque nightmare to try and access healthcare just at the time when many people are struggling with health issues (many vaxx induced ones) It explains why the NHS propaganda was so constant and overwhelming during 2020....it had to be, to build a trust, a bond so that when the vax rollout got under way so many people had no doubts about being injected. The perception had to be that everyone working in the NHS was angelic and saintly and were doing everything they could to protect and care for people. The UK's population has been programmed for years to worship and love the NHS through numerous TV shows such as Casualty, Holby City, GP's Behind Closed Doors and so on...now that the mask is off the organisation looks deeply ugly and and psychotic.
  13. vaccine efficacy is not as good as we would like for the Delta variant” Good and like isn't very convincing scientific terminology to come from the mouths of 'leading scientists'. How can we sceptics trust the sclience when it appears so dumbed down?
  14. Using such measures on the general population clearly demonstrates this is not about a virus or about protecting people's health....so you don't want our bioweapon in your arm? We will spray it in your face instead. Some of the potential effects of tear gas exposure include: Eye symptoms Immediately after exposure to tear gas, you can experience the following eye symptoms: tearing involuntary closing of eyelids itching burning temporary blindness blurry vision chemical burns Long-term exposure or exposure at a close range can lead to: blindness hemorrhages nerve damage cataracts corneal erosion Respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms Breathing in tear gas can cause irritation of your nose, throat, and lungs. People with preexisting respiratory conditions have a higher risk of developing severe symptoms such as respiratory failure. Respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms include: choking burning and itching of your nose and throat trouble breathing coughing salivating chest tightness nausea vomiting diarrhea respiratory failure In severe casesTrusted Source, exposure to high concentrations of tear gas or exposure in enclosed spaces or for a prolonged period of time can lead to death. Skin symptoms When tear gas comes into contact with exposed skin, it can lead to irritation and pain. The irritation can last for days in severe cases. Other symptoms include: itching redness blisters allergic dermatitis chemical burns Other tear gas symptoms According to Physicians for Human Rights, prolonged or repeated exposure to tear gas can cause symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tear gas exposure can lead to increased heart rate or blood pressure. In people with preexisting heart conditions, this can lead to cardiac arrest or death. Getting hit by a tear gas canister can lead to a traumatic injury. Some animal research suggests that exposure to CS gas may increase the risk of having a miscarriage or cause fetal abnormalities. However, there isn’t enough human research at this time to know how CS gas affects fetal development in humans.
  15. hmmm....interesting that this deep fake video was from November 2019...significant timing? Was it a warning that we should never trust the images on our screens?
  16. 202102_qanda_recommendation.pdf (who.int) The flu vaccine rollout is imminent, it's concerning and worrying me how it may react/interact with the covax.
  17. 44,500 I think....so 89,000 if the same number have both jabs...
  18. But just think of the implications if that is a deep fake creation! This announcement changed our society forever...was it made by an elected prime minister or by a sophisticated computer program?
  19. Watching a recent You Tube video of Javid being interviewed by Kay Burley and one of the comments claimed that it was a deep fake. Prompted me to look back at the first lockdown announcement from March 2020. The more I watch it the more convinced I am that it is a deep fake creation. His head is out of proportion to his body, his chin is parallel with his collarbone and his ears are in line with his shoulders. He also has no visible neck.
  20. Sorry, I may have quoted the wrong original post, the one that disturbed me was the one of the girl crying and being injected...I do however also have concerns about the boy being tested. Why would a dad film his son being tortured? Just looks compliant & very wrong.
  21. Feels strange, who on earth would be comfortable filming this?
  22. The think too much rebuke is the most irritating that I have encountered. It's as if thinking is a negative process. Thinking solves problems, creates solutions and helps us to avoid danger. The human ability to think deeply is what separates us from our fellow animals, if anyone accuses us of thinking too much they indirectly reveal that they don't think enough. Covid has been successful purely due to lack of thought in our fellow citizens.
  23. Haha, yep another false promise...when will they learn? We are all trapped, them and us in a hellish circle with seemingly no way out, round or through.
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