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  1. It's the natural response, it proves you are truly human. People who aren't bothered by it are insane.
  2. Agree you have choice in how you engage with this world but unfortunately none of us have control in what form we are born and in what era we are born in. We have to play the best hand with the cards we are dealt. You are absolutely correct in that it is essential to stay outside of their game as much as possible...
  3. I was born into the world as it is, didn't have much choice in the matter. Maybe if I was born as a gorilla in a jungle then life would have made more sense. Just trying to make the point that our advanced brains have enabled us to create and invent but it has also brought us much sorrow and pain.
  4. Don't give them ideas, they'll have a doctor on board to vaccinate the vaccum packed dissenters while they sleep.
  5. I'm more of the level where I will cut turnips and get paid with hair.
  6. They are part of the transition team, pretty sure they will be discarded once the destination is reached. After all they know too much.
  7. From Jean Claude earlier.... Van-Tam said the data “gives us those first glimpses of how, if we are patient, and we give this vaccine programme time to have its full effect, it is going to hopefully take us into a very different world in the next few months”.
  8. Was our evolution a curse? I agree modern life is shit, but maybe all human existence since we started walking on 2 legs has been a horror show. Perhaps we should have never evolved past our ape brothers...life would have been a lot less complicated.
  9. I think the vast majority will....and then a few days later...the boring old story will move to its next inevitable chapter.
  10. In a roundabout way that's what your saying too with your earlier quote... unfortunately it will be to late for 80% of humanity. futures looks bright for the survivors thou :) I might have got the wrong impression but you seem to be looking forward to a world with a lot less human inhabitants.
  11. Would you be content with that life though? Maybe it a flaw in the human condition to always strive for more...whether it's knowledge or experiences, money, sex or power. We have long gone past the pure animal state of just existing and being content with life's basics, food water and shelter.
  12. Would you really want to live in a world where 80% of humanity were tricked into suiciding themselves? I wouldn't feel comfortable living in such a sick future utopia.
  13. That's a great analogy, it's also tough because you feel like you should be out in society, maskless as an act of rebellion. But society is so fixed and hostile that it inevitably makes you want to hide away to protect your own mind.
  14. I'm also getting deep feelings of sadness when I see young children in masks...strange but it actually hurts and makes me feel ill seeing it. I suppose it's a primal thing, as an adult I should be protecting the younger members of our tribe, but I don't say anything.
  15. I dread the day when, or if it gets taken down. This forum is I suspect for many of us our only link to sane people.
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