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  1. Arena has an appropriate name I suppose, I would have thought out of all nations the German people would have been the most suspicious of this 'vaccine program'.
  2. It appears we are flattening the curve.
  3. From the Daily Fail... He added: 'With nearly three quarters of people in their 40s having already received their first jab, the NHS is opening up to people aged 38 and 39 from tomorrow. The 40 to 49 age group population is approx 8.5m, nearly 3/4 is probably 70% which suggests to me that 2.5m in that age group haven't been vaxed...this is after quite an intensive TV propaganda campaign.
  4. Eddie Izzard worries the 21st Century could be the end of humanity (msn.com) Seeing things like this is making me lose the will to live....perhaps that's the intention? Going for bonus points with a double 666 gesture.
  5. Covid vaccine: Andy Burnham urges authorities to give jab to all over-16s amid India variant surge (msn.com) The norths favorite actor is back on stage once again....Commissioner Burnham has issued a decree to the proles of Bolton. Mr Burnham, who was re-elected as the region's Labour mayor last week, said: “The way to mitigate the risk is to accelerate vaccination, particularly in the communities most affected by the Indian variant. “It is the Indian variant that is largely responsible for the increase that we’re seeing in Bolton.” Not onl
  6. More of the same is inevitable but this time there will be a noticeable increase in the perceived threat otherwise it won't have much effect. They could start showing real death to get the masses to start panicking again.
  7. Looks like our scientists have been given a super jumbo pack of felt pens to play with again.
  8. True, it's fake, subversive and so blatantly forced but many young people do seem to buy into it.... piercings, face tattoos, women that look like men, men dressed as women, multicoloured hair....it deserves wholesale rejection and ridicule, but it seems to have seeped into our culture and taken hold.
  9. Good point but if they could show that the vaccine was having noticeable effect on reducing deaths then its good for PR. The vaccine has to have an effect on the figures and it has to be obvious. If the vax after being used for 6 months had no effect on bringing deaths down then the proles would simply say pointless having it, it's crap and clearly doesn't work.
  10. Probably too late now to start trying to fly under the radar....as truth seekers we would have been identified during the psy op tests of the past 20 years....
  11. I hope there is some rejection but so far from what I've noticed if an individual wears a mask then they will be vaxed. They will use the following on the young; social media influencers, free data, a new phone, famous people, young royals, free beer, pop stars, free coffee, electric scooters, Greta, rainbows....and I'm afraid it will work. After all the covid budget is endless! Offer everyone in their 20s or 30s a brand new phone and free data for life, no problem.
  12. Or the vax contains something, a chemical tag or a marker that amplifies the EMF effects?
  13. If a single member of a household of 4 people gets the vax and has side effects why wouldn't the other 3 people get similar side effects if it's caused by the smart meter?
  14. Our leader has declared that children no longer have to wear masks in class... If masks are effective against cv19 then why are they putting kids at risk of the disease by telling them to remove the mask? If they have decided that masks are not effective then why do they insist the adult population continue to wear them in shops? If they have decided that masks are harmful then why are they forcing adult humans to wear them still? If masks are not harmful then why have they told kids to stop wearing them? Why can kids take masks off in class but still have to wear on
  15. It's second nature to most now, no different than putting on your pants in the morning, or brushing your teeth. Strange why the young humans have been told they can remove them but the older humans must remain covered....even the 2 jab gang (who have achieved the absolute pinnacle of safety) must remain masked.....junk logic
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