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  1. It's a common theme that all the agenda pushers are so damn ugly.
  2. The problem is that once vaxed they are committed totally to the belief in covid. The covid narrative is flowing through their bloodstream, and is now a permanent feature of their personalities. They've gone 'all in' and there's no way back. I often try to imagine what a double vaxed person makes of this neverending saga, I suspect many thought soon as they got the Vax everything would click back into place as it was before, it hasn't so they bury their heads even deeper into the sand. The truth will seriously mess with their heads so it's much less painful to continue believing the lies.
  3. Thought the restrictions and lockdowns were to prevent us killing grandma....these German 'police' seem to be attempting to give the elderly brain damage by pushing them onto a concrete floor. Don't want a clot from our miraculous vax?...Have a cracked skull induced one instead.
  4. When they put down horses they at least give them some dignity by doing it behind a screen.
  5. The invitation to have a Vax at one of their establishments will morph into them gatecrashing your house bringing with them some unpleasant drugs. I suspect the one shot Johnson brand is reserved for people like us.
  6. I fear the answer will be not very tolerant at all. Think it was Biden who used the ominous phrase 'no one will be left behind' Communities living off grid will inevitably become hunted prey, much like the film Predator, body heat will make it very difficult to stay hidden.
  7. I would never trust anyone who has had sex with our alleged PM.
  8. Very suspicious character, all part of the overall psyop. She's painting Johnson as some weak controlled puppet so that the proles start to lose confidence in him and his government. All by design.
  9. If it's a giant game, then people like us are more interesting, challenging opponents, those that meekly succumbed to the Vax are boring, easily caught up in the giant dragnet. Those that haven't fallen for it are the prize fish, the strong interesting opponents that make the game worth playing.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/28/new-zealand-rated-best-place-to-survive-global-societal-collapse The Guardian seems to be going full throttle with its predictions for the future. Utterly blatant.
  11. Seven years of silent inquiry are needful for a man to learn the truth, but fourteen in order to learn how to make it known to his fellowmen. —Plato
  12. Our greatest weapon might well be our intelligence.
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/28/cdc-director-new-mask-guidance-vaccinated-spreading-delta-variant Is this the msm confirming in a roundabout way that shedding is a thing? Rochelle Walensky said “new science” observed in recent days demonstrated that new variants of the coronavirus were transmissible by people who have been fully vaccinated in some cases. The new variants of the coronavirus are those that have been artificially created in a lab and then injected into millions of people. By reinforcing masks on these people the virus is being trapped within the body, the body's normal method of expelling the viral particles (coughing and sneezing) is being restricted and denied.
  14. Michael Gove has given the strongest hint yet that domestic Covid passports will be needed for fans attending Premier League matches, as he branded those who refuse to get jabbed “selfish” But Mike is it not a selfish action to consume cocaine? Consuming a drug that funds drug cartels that cause death, torture and misery across South America? Last night the boss of the Tory backbencher anti-lockdown Covid Recovery Group hammered Mr Gove's comments, accusing him for forcing mandatory jabs through the back door. I swear I've seen most people get the injection in their arms, must be a new technique.
  15. It has the feel of a radio 1 roadshow from the 90's....was Bruno Brookes there?
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