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  1. So I've been invloved in my baby been taken at birth attracted with god knows how many lies of me being about to see her and I havent seen Iher for a year nearly. The abusive behaviour was awful from social servics. They think i was stupid, big mistake. I managed to read up about John smith and hopefully will get my child back with common law. If this works them all families can use it. . Its bullshit that they are just companies and my baby been given brain damage due to idiots being everywhere and profit. they gave her the dtap although I pointed out little girls are 10 times mor
  2. Right so Bill Gates has bough farm land. Well then hes going to kill the animals off. He will either fail the crop or kill the animals with poisoned food and statue its covid and it has mutated to animals and we have to vaccinate them all. I have a counter. I think I'm going to get quite the payout and I will use it to buy up farmland throughout the world to help local community to stop the famine and hopefully in the same swing I will stop young children's and babies being vaccinated ( long story) Bill Gates is creating a vaccine environment so our cells die and mutate. The new vaccine
  3. Thanks. I've got lots of idea so cant wait to discuss with people.
  4. Hello I'm new, names Francesca and I like to think. So one I've worked out viruses are a by product of a cell and it's as such a mindless zombie cell that just basically goes by programming and reproduction. So basically ear wax or spit or whatever to us. A cell would never let earwax take over unless the cells was nearly dead. Bill Gates is making an environment where your cells are so ill virus that already in your body kills you. That what a vaccine is, an environment that kills your cells eg. Starve the cells which Bill Gates just bought lots of farm land, put antibiotics in th
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